Wiksteria Lane

It was easy for Susan to feel smug with a daughter like Julie; She brought home straight As; she was helpful around the house; she was bright, affectionate and considerate of others. To her mother's way of thinking, Julie was the perfect child. Unfortunately, Susan was about to discover that no such creature existed.
Mary Alice Young

Julie Alexandra Mayer is the eldest child of Susan Delfino and Karl Mayer. Growing up, Julie was the perfect child for Susan; she was often seen as the mother in their relationship as she cooked, cleaned and even gave her mother dating advice. She seemed to be a happy child to others, but secretly her childhood had damaged her significantly, causing her to lose control in later life. She got involved with a “bad boy”, dropped out of medical school, slept with a married man, and accidentally became pregnant from a one-night stand with a friend.


Early life[]

When Julie was young, her, her mother and her father moved to Wisteria Lane into their new home. Karl arrives on a separate truck so Susan and Julie are there alone as Susan begins to unpack, however, Susan accidentally gets herself locked in the moving van and yells for Julie to help her, Julie, only being a toddler, doesn't respond but their new neighbor, Mary Alice, comes to the rescue. ("Remember, Part 1")

Many years later, Karl was unhappy with his wife and daughter so left them for his secretary, Brandi, leaving Susan single and devastated. Julie from then on takes the role of the mother in the relationship. She helped her mother by sleeping in her bed and making cereal dinners (as she couldn't cook anything else) and went on "fun" trips to Karl's apartment to see if he was bringing home any women. ("Pilot"/"Is This What You Call Love?").

Despite this, Julie and her mother share a unique relationship and the two are pretty much as close as a mother and daughter can be.

Season 1[]

Oh, you mean like how Dad's girlfriend is always smiling and says nice things, but deep down, you just know she's a bitch?

Julie is shown to be smart and sophisticated and accompanies her mother to Mary Alice's wake. She helps get information on Mike for her mother, Susan, so that the two can date. Susan lies and tells Mike that she has a clog in her drain so that he can come and fix it, Julie helps her clog it and they stuff her homework project of the Trojan horse down the drain. ("Pilot") Julie comes to Mike's house for Susan's "traditional 'welcome to the neighborhood' dinner parties" that she made up as an excuse to have dinner with Mike, Julie tags along. When Edie (Susan's rival at the time) decides to invite herself along, Julie helps to talk her down and subtly make out that she is a slut. ("Ah, But Underneath") Karl brings Julie home with him after taking her for the weekend and Susan apologizes to Karl's girlfriend for some behavior that happened beforehand. ("Pretty Little Picture")

When Martha Huber blackmails Susan about burning down Edie's house because she found her measuring cup in the wreckage, Julie steals the cup back from Mrs. Huber's house by purposely throwing her Frisbee over the roof, giving her an excuse. ("Who's That Woman?") She and Susan take care of a cat for Alberta Fromme and when they come home, they find out that they have been broken into. It is later found out that the culprit is Mike. ("Come In, Stranger")

Julie and Susan find out that Zach Young has gone to a mental institution. Julie breaks in, and she and Zach discuss his reasons for being there and what may have happened to "Dana". Julie tells her mother about the conversation, and Susan begins to investigate further. ("Running to Stand Still") Julie picks up Madame Bovary and says that she told Mike Susan must respect her curfew. ("Anything You Can Do") Before Susan's date with Mike, Julie convinces her to change her clothes and look less old. She tells her that she needs this to go well as she might have a husband of her own one day and doesn't want Susan living with them, she goes off with her dad. ("Guilty")

Julie lies to her mother and to Paul Young when she tells them that she doesn't know where Zach is after he escapes from the institution. In truth, he and Julie had been writing each other and he was staying in her room as she brought him food, with Susan completely unaware. ("Suspicious Minds") Julie continues to hide Zach, however he is later discovered by Susan and Mike. Susan is very mad at Julie for lying to her but Julie is even more mad that Susan betrayed Zach the way she did. ("Come Back to Me")

It's Julie's birthday and she has a party with a few friends and they go to karaoke. Susan comes along with Mike and Karl comes along with Edie. Julie sings with her friends while her parents clash. ("Move On") Julie tells Susan that she is going to have to suck up to Edie as Martha's journal had been found and it contained information about Susan burning down Edie's house. ("Every Day a Little Death")

Zach and Julie begin dating and Susan catches them making out, she demands that Paul do something about it but he says that he's moving anyway. They go to the dance together and Zach gets her a corsage. Julie thinks that he is being sweet, but he becomes very possessive. Paul tells Zach the truth about Dana, and Zach blackmails him into staying on Wisteria Lane so that he can be with Julie. ("Your Fault")

Susan confides in Julie that she doesn't want to have more kids, after Mike says he can't wait to have his own. She says she feels very lucky for having had Julie, but found herself overwhelmed (Julie said "you and me both"); Julie tells her mom she needs to come clean to Mike. ("Love is in the Air") Julie vouches for Susan that she was sleeping with Mike on the night of Mrs. Huber's murder as she found men's boxers in the laundry the next morning, this is after Paul frames Mike. Zach creeps Julie out at the pool party after he jokes about killing Andrew, Julie assures him that it is not funny, however he says that it is. She leaves to go and console Danielle who is devastated after John Rowland broke up with her and she remains mad at Zach. ("Impossible")

She leaves to go be with her father and asks Susan if she needs her to stay that weekend because she is disheartened over her break-up with Mike, but Susan says no, and Julie leaves anyway. ("The Ladies Who Lunch") Julie attends Juanita "Mama" Solis's funeral and Susan is making it all about her not being able to date Bill, Edie's construction worker. ("There Won't Be Trumpets") Julie's grandmother, Sophie Bremmer, comes to stay after being allegedly beaten by Morty, her boyfriend. ("Children Will Listen")

Zach starts to stalk Julie and throws gravel at her window in the middle of the night, when Susan opens the window, she gets a face full of gravel and tells Zach that he is not to come near her daughter. She later tells him that Julie does not want to see him but Zach believes that it is because Susan tells Julie lies about him. Susan's kitchen catches fire and Zach is responsible as he is mad at her. ("Fear No More") Julie asks if Sophie can stay a little longer when she's going off with Morty out of courtesy. ("Sunday in the Park with George")

When Susan and Mike declare that they are moving in together, Susan grows suspicious and decides to stalk him. Julie helps her but they discover that they followed the wrong car, to their deep embarrassment. ("Goodbye for Now") Julie is going with her father and tells him that she likes Mike and wants him and Susan to last and instructs Karl not to screw it up. ("One Wonderful Day")

Season 2[]

I had a feeling you were doing it for me.
Julie sings

This little light of mine...isn't going anywhere with Edie playing the piano

Julie overhears Mike when he tells the police that he does not want to press charges against Zach for holding Susan hostage. She soon informs Susan of this and this prompts her to confront Mike and learn that Zach is his son. ("Next")

Julie tells her mother that she already knows that Karl, her father, has been dating Edie, she says to Susan that it wasn't just a one-night-stand and that her father and Edie have been going out a few months prior. She is surprised to learn that on the night of her birthday party, Karl admitted his love for Susan. ("You Could Drive a Person Crazy") Susan becomes jealous when Edie starts spending more time with Julie. She plays guitar for a performance that Julie will be doing at church. Susan refreshes her memory of piano via Betty Applewhite and Julie is forced to choose who she wants to perform with her, she chooses her mother. At the performance, Susan tells Edie that she can go on instead, but Edie thinks it's convenient that she told her this when she didn't have her guitar, but she then reveals that she can play piano, she is not good at it. ("You'll Never Get Away from Me")

Susan tells Julie that when she went searching for Zach Young with Mike, she found him, but didn't tell Mike. As Zach wanted to come back for Julie, Susan couldn't allow it, so she gave him some money and sent him to Utah to find his father. ("They Asked Me Why I Believe In You")

Julie is disgusted to come home and find her parents in bed together after Karl and Edie split up. Julie quickly leaves the house and Edie and Karl are later reunited. ("Color and Light") Julie is present at her grandmother, Sophie's, wedding and leaves with Susan after Susan storms out upon learning who her father is and that her mother lied to her. ("The Sun Won't Set") We see who Julie's real grandfather is when Susan goes and meets him at his store. He collapses and is taken to the hospital. ("That's Good, That's Bad")

Julie comes up with a plan for Mike to bond with Zach in secret: bowling. Julie, Susan, and Zach all go bowling out of Paul's watchful eye as he has asked Mike to stay away from Zach after he returned and then Mike showed up "unexpectedly". However brilliant, Julie's plan did not work as Paul found the bowling scores in Zach's room later on. ("One More Kiss")

Julie is in support for Susan to date Dr. Ron and is concerned when it is found out that Susan has a wandering spleen. ("We're Gonna Be All Right") Susan continues to date Dr. Ron and he performs surgery upon her spleen. ("There's Something About a War") Julie is the voice of worry when Susan decides to remarry Karl, but she wants her to do it so that she can remove her wandering spleen. Karl tells her that she mustn't tell anybody about the secret remarriage. ("Thank You So Much") The idea to remarry Karl for his insurance worked but is strained by Dr. Ron and Mike.("Could I Leave You?") Ron now knows about the marriage and he tells Edie everything, in return she forces Karl to throw her a lavish wedding and forces Susan to make the arrangements. Julie attends her engagement party. ("Everybody Says Don't") Karl continues to show his affection towards Susan, and Julie isn't happy about this. She angrily refuses to go to the movies with her mother, forcing her to go alone. ("Don't Look at Me") Karl breaks up with Edie and Edie hires a private investigator to find out who he has been spending time with, this seems worrying for Susan and Julie. ("It Wasn't Meant to Happen")

Edie is distraught to learn the identity of Karl's secret love: Susan. Out of anger, she takes a watering can full of kerosene and pours it all over Susan and Julie's house, she lights a match to it and the house is on fire. ("I Know Things Now") After the fire, Susan and Julie are forced to move in with Bree. At Danielle's birthday party, in which Julie is in attendance, she goes into the kitchen to find Bree icing the cake, she keeps getting it wrong and starting over and over again, Julie notices that something is wrong, She witnesses Bree go crazy about a girl taking a piece of frosting and informs Susan who attempts to help her friend. ('No One is Alone")

Julie and Susan then move into a caravan outside their burned house. Karl sees this way of living and does not approve. He goes out and he buys a house for the two of them to live in, however, Susan refuses the offer, much to Karl's dismay, and Julie agrees with the suggestion not to accept it. Julie and Susan are assumed to continue living within the RV until their house is fully repaired. ("Remember, Part 1"/"Remember, Part 2")

Season 3[]

It wasn't until your rotten nephew came to town that Julie was a perfect kid! And now she's lying and scheming and having casual sex! She is just a boob job away from being you!
Susan Mayer to Edie Britt

Julie is there for Susan after Mike goes into a coma from being hit by Orson. She is supportive in Susan's endeavour to go out with Ian Hainsworth, a British man whose wife is also in a coma, Susan begins to date him. ("Listen to the Rain on the Roof")

Julie meets the nephew of Edie Britt, Austin McCann, when she is trying to study and he is playing his music too loud. They have an encounter and she takes an instant dislike for him, he is intrigued by her. She is present at the wedding of Orson and Bree as is Austin and Edie notices that something is going on between them, to which Austin replies: "She couldn't take her eyes off my abs, I felt violated." ("It Takes Two") Julie is trying to complete a science project when the power goes out, she goes over to Edie's house to ask if she will fix it, but Austin is the only one home. Whilst he is fixing the fuse-box, Julie realises how easy it was and says that he could have just told her to do it instead of coming over. Edie finds him there and tells him to come home and that Julie should not get involved with him before she becomes a "bad girl", much like herself. ("A Weekend in the Country")

Julie is informed via telephone that Mike has awoken from his coma, she tries to call her mother with her cell phone, however Susan is not picking up as she is in the countryside with Ian. She never ends up getting through to her. ("Like It Was")

Julie is talking with her friend, Sarah, and Austin walks over to her, her friend obviously is attracted to him, he asks if he can be tutored by her and she charges him fifteen dollars. Later, whilst tutoring Austin, Julie tells him to put away his beer, to which he drinks it all, he explains how he went to juvie by protecting his mom from her bad boyfriend, Julie feels sympathy for him and does his paper for him. She later finds him fooling around in his car with Sarah so she sabotages his paper, when he confronts her, he concludes that she is jealous. ("Nice She Ain't") Susan finds the beer that Austin had and confronts Julie, Julie is mad that she would accuse her of

3x07 - Susan and Julie

Susan and Julie are reunited after the hostage situation

getting drunk and goes to the store to buy toothpaste. Whilst there, she bumps into Austin, and he slips a bottle of whisky in her backpack. She is caught with it and accused of shoplifting, Susan is very disappointed. Julie is then one of the hostages taken by Carolyn Bigsby and grows closer to Austin as he assures her of her safety in the experience. Susan forgives her and her and Austin begin to date after they make it out alive. ("Bang")

Julie and Austin have begun a relationship and Susan isn't exactly happy. She calls Karl in to be the bad cop and put a damper on the relationship, but the plan backfires when he goes to talk to Austin and Austin tells him that Susan is dating someone whose wife is in a coma, Karl instead yells at Susan and Julie is angry that Susan would go behind her back that way. ("Children and Art")

Austin informs Julie that Art Shepherd is a paedophile once all of the gossip has started about him thanks to Lynette and Karen. She attends the Christmas block party on Wisteria Lane. ("Beautiful Girls")


Susan tells Julie that Austin cheated on her

Julie refuses to have sex with Austin and he seems fine with it, so is she, until Andrew Van de Kamp tells her that if guys aren't getting sex from you, they're getting it from somewhere else. This worries Julie so she decides to lose her virginity to Austin. This makes him feel guilty about the fact that he is two-timing her with Danielle Van de Kamp. ("No Fits, No Fights, No Feuds") Susan overhears Julie and Austin discuss condoms and freaks out that Julie may be having sex, so Julie keeps it a secret from her. Her and Austin go to Edie who helps Julie get birth control. Whilst snooping, Susan and Gaby find the pills and Susan finds out that it was Edie who got it for her. Edie and Susan enter Edie's house whilst arguing about it and they find Austin having sex with Danielle. Susan later tells Julie and she is seen crying in her mother's arms. ("Not While I'm Around")

Julie helps Susan pick out an outfit for Susan who is going to Ian's wife, Jane's, funeral, she tries to find the right thing to wear. ("I Remember That") Julie is present at the opening of the Scavo's Pizzeria. Whilst there with Susan, Ian proposes, Julie quickly prompts to her that she should drop the pizza as she is being proposed to. ("The Little Things You Do Together")

Austin tries to apologise to Julie for what he did but she rejects him. He gets in her car at the car wash and asks her if she will read the letter that he wrote for her, the condition is that he get out the car at that moment, right as the hot wax is starting. Julie reads it and is seen forgiving Austin. It is found out that Danielle is pregnant and Austin is the father, so Orson tells him to leave town and not tell a soul why, he does not even tell Julie. ("My Husband, the Pig")

Susan is all up and ready to go hunt Mike down and tells Julie that she has $40 and Susan is in a green jacket and has pink rucksack. Julie asks her if she had thought it true and Susan tells her that if she doesn’t hunt him now on a mountain she may never see him again. Julie asks her if he will be happy to see her now after the whole I choose Ian thing, because his broken heart may have turned his once love for Susan into hatred. Susan tells her that she needs to go and make it right, to heal his broken heart. ("Into the Woods")

Desperate Housewives Wedding Susan

Julie is the bridesmaid for Susan and Mike

Susan and Mike are now reunited at this point, and they have gotten engaged. Julie is supportive of their engagement. ("What Would We Do Without You?")

Julie pretends to be a potential customer for Mike so that she can lure him into the woods for Susan and his wedding. She is the only guest and bridesmaid at the wedding of Susan and Mike which takes place in the woods with Chinese lanterns so Susan can prove that she does not need a dream wedding, as long as Mike is there, Julie and the rest have a good time. ("Getting Married Today")

Season 4[]

You know? This perfect teenager thing is really starting to chap my ass!
Susan Delfino

Julie welcomes her old friend and neighbor, Dylan Mayfair, back to Wisteria Lane, but unfortunately, Dylan doesn't seem to remember who Julie is. She gives her a pack of liquorice because apparently she used to love it, but Dylan says that she doesn't like liquorice. Julie tries to introduce her to some familiar faces. It is soon apparent that Dylan remembers nothing of the Lane, she does not even remember her childhood crush, Dylan reveals her earliest memory to be a dream where a mysterious man tries to grab her, Julie suggests that maybe she go see a therapist but Dylan says that her mother would never allow it. ("Now You Know")

Julie wishes to go to a party, and Susan allows it, however Mike tells Susan that he thinks that it would be a bad idea to let her daughter attend. Susan is torn between what Mike thinks is right and what Julie wants to do. ("Smiles of a Summer Night")

When Julie and Dylan are both alone at Dylan's house, Julie suggests that they break into the locked room for some answers of Dylan's past as Julie knows how to pick a lock because she has a mother who is constantly locking herself out of the house. Something goes wrong and Dylan is locked in the room that affects nothing to her memory, even though Julie says that that room used to be her bedroom. Eventually Katherine, Dylan's mother, catches them and tells Dylan that she must stay away from Julie Mayer. ("The Game") Dylan uncovers more of the secret that her and Julie are trying to crack when her great aunt Lillian comes to town, meanwhile Julie's mother kidnaps Bob and Lee's dog. ("If There's Anything I Can't Stand")

Julie notices that Danielle is home and wonders why Bree did not tell her that she was. Later, at the Halloween party, Julie tries to hug Danielle, to welcome her home, but Danielle keeps her from doing so as she doesn't want her to discover that her baby bump is actually her baby bump. ("Now I Know, Don't Be Scared") Dylan uncovers more of the secret surrounding her past by tricking her mother into giving her details about her real father. It is discovered that Julie's new step-father is taking pills. ("You Can't Judge a Book By its Cover")

Susan sees Julie as she comes home with a tattooed boy who is her new boyfriend. Susan interrupts their kiss and starts to ask questions about the boy's piercings, the fact that Susan is upset makes Julie upset. When Mike's drug dealer comes to the house, Susan is unaware of who she is and gets him to talking with Julie and the two hit it off, she tries to set them up. Julie goes upstairs to get ready to go out and Mike reveals the man's true identity, Susan kicks him out and Julie comes back downstairs, wondering where he had gone. ("Distant Past")

After the tornado hit Wisteria Lane, the street is devastated. Bree's living room is destroyed causing her to have to move in with Susan and Julie, Julie tries to remind Susan of what staying with Bree was like: not fun at all. She tries to convince Susan to stand up to Bree, but Susan fails and caves to Bree's wishes. However, Susan and Julie discover that living with Bree is actually very nice, the laundry is done, the house is spotless and they have excellent food, and Susan tries hard to prevent her from leaving as she also feels lonely with Mike being in rehab. ("Welcome to Kanagawa")

Dylan shows Julie a note that she found, left by her dying aunt Lillian, she only finds it in parts as Katherine threw it on the fire. Dylan believes that her father was murdered but Julie is sceptical about it. Dylan tries to contact her step-father to learn more. ("Sunday")


Julie, Bree, Katherine and Dylan

Julie convinces Dylan to help run the ball, as she had done herself for many years as she finds it enjoyable. Dylan agrees and the two of them attend, along with the rest of Wisteria Lane. Susan finds out that Orson has been sleepwalking and obviously revealed this to Julie as Julie is not surprised to find Orson after the ball in his pyjamas, muttering to himself, she apologises for interrupting him and then he says: "I'm sorry I ran you over, Mike". This worries Julie deeply. ("In Buddy's Eyes") Bree and Orson return to their own home. Julie tells Mike what Orson revealed and the next day, Mike confronts Orson who begs forgiveness, Mike then tells Susan about it and she storms over to his house and yells at him, prompting he and Bree's separation. ("Hello, Little Girl")

Julie attends a Lamaze class with Susan as Mike is still in rehab, whilst there, they run into Julie's father, Karl, and his current, pregnant wife, Marisa. Karl "accidentally" starts to offend Susan who feels embarrassed that his life is going so well and that hers is not so good. ("Opening Doors") Julie's new step-grandmother, Adele Delfino, comes to stay for the birth of her grandchild, she is very annoying and Susan tries her best to get rid of her. ("Mother Said")

Julie relays some good news to Susan that she will be leaving for an internship that summer. Julie is upset with her mother when she refuses to let her go. Later, Susan admits that she is not prepared to let her go and that she feels that she still needs Julie's support. Julie replies to Susan that she is a much stronger woman now and does not need Julie to support her so much. ("Free")

Time Jump[]

After the five-year jump at the end of Season Four, Julie left for college and is studying as a medical student.

Season 5[]

First there was dad who left you for his secretary, and then Mike...he was the love of your life and it still went to hell. I mean honestly, just tell me what the upside is?
508 Julie
Julie visits Susan with her new boyfriend. ("City on Fire")

Julie returns home from school with a new boyfriend, Susan is angry that this boyfriend is a much older man. Susan discovers Lloyd's plans to propose to Julie and ruins the surprise for her, asking her not to go through with it, but Julie says no anyway because she never wants to get married. Susan is curious as to why and Julie says that if she's learned one thing living with Susan, it's that marriage doesn't work. ("City on Fire")

Season 6[]

How could this happen? Julie's like the nicest girl in the world.
Porter Scavo
601 Julie
Julie is strangled by an unknown man. ("Nice is Different Than Good")

Julie returns for the second wedding of Susan and Mike, she is the only bridesmaid and presumably the Maid of Honor. She is in support of the marriage as so many are worrying about Katherine. She is asked to tutor Danny Bolen and agrees to it, during, he asks her out and she agrees to go to the movies with him. They are later seen by Karen arguing in the street as she told him that she has a boyfriend. Later that night, when Julie is taking out the recycling, she is strangled from behind by a mystery attacker. ("Nice is Different Than Good")

The next day, her unconscious body is discovered by Roy Bender, who is out for a walk with his new girlfriend, Karen. Everyone is alerted by Karen's scream and she is the tragedy of the Lane and immediately taken to the hospital. She is in a coma and Susan is worried very deeply about her, she briefly wakes up to see Karl kissing Bree and says "Dad?" and falls back to sleep, this scene is not remembered by her. Lynette asks them not to run X-rays as Julie had come to her and told her that she might be pregnant, Susan is upset that Julie never told her about it. ("Being Alive")

604 Julie
After waking up from her coma, Julie discovers her secret boyfriend has been discovered. ("The God-Why-Don't-You-Love-Me Blues")

Julie is visited by her friend, Andrew Van de Kamp, and Susan is glad to see that the two have remained friends for so many years. He accidentally reveals to Susan, thinking that she already knew, that Julie quit medical school six months prior. Susan demands to know who Julie had been seeing from Andrew, he says that he doesn't know as the man is married. Susan is disgusted and goes home to retrieve Julie's diary, it contains information on the situation but does not mention a name, only the first initial: "D". Julie later awakes and Susan confronts her, Julie replies by telling Susan that she has grown up and isn't the perfect girl that she once knew. It is revealed that the man she had been seeing is actually Nick Bolen. ("The God-Why-Don't-You-Love-Me Blues")

The whole Lane is there to celebrate Julie being let out of the hospital and throw a party to welcome her home. Nick tries to talk to Julie but she firmly states that their relationship is over. Julie stares at the spot where she got attacked, knowing that she is feeling scared, Danny lets her borrow his family's gun for protection. Julie hears someone outside later that night and pulls out the gun after alerting Susan, Susan takes it and fires, it is found out that it was Katherine who was there to talk to Susan about the neighborhood watch, the bullet merely grazed her arm, Julie gives the wound a quick check. ("Everybody Ought to Have a Maid") Karl drops Julie off at Susan's house before Susan notices that Bree is wearing her old brooch. ("Don't Walk on the Grass")

Susan suspects that Katherine is responsible for attacking Julie however she has an alibi. Julie had been having trouble sleeping as she kept thinking about Nick. He comes over saying that he wants her back and Lynette overhears the argument and finds out that Nick is the guy who Julie was seeing. She talks to Julie and promises that she will not tell Susan about who the affair was with. Tom and Lynette talk to Julie about whether Nick could be the culprit, Julie denies it all the way. Lynette later tells the police of Julie and Nick's affair after Nick threatens her, they then have a new suspect. ("Careful the Things You Say") Julie attempts to make small talk with Angie whilst the two are in line at the café, Angie tells Julie that she knows she slept with her husband, Julie tries to apologise but Angie declines saying that the two never speak or even share a glance ever again and makes her pay for her coffee as she owes her. ("The Coffee Cup")

Julie feels frightened after the strangler strikes again and Karl lets her take his car so that she doesn't have to worry about him following her, she goes to the library. Later, whilst outside the Coffee Cup where Emily was strangled to death, Danny asks her out again and she declines, he reveals that he knows she slept with his dad and says that he has also forgiven her as she finds it weird, she still rejects him, prompting his attempted suicide. ("Would I Think of Suicide?")

After the plane crash on Wisteria Lane, Karl is in the hospital and whilst there, passes away. Susan imagines a scenario where her and Karl stay together for the sake of Julie. Julie is present at the funeral held for her father. Karl left Julie a large amount of money in his will and she plans to leave town to visit her cousins on the East coast. Julie tells Danny that she doesn't feel safe in Fairview anymore until they catch her attacker, she asks him about his suicide attempt and he assures her that he is fine. She discovers Ana's desire for Danny and tells her with the group to a comedy club in order to push the two together, Ana and Danny begin to date. ("You Gotta Get a Gimmick")

It is discovered who strangled Julie: Eddie Orlofsky, however he did not mean to strangle Julie. He had a large crush on her mother, he was sad to find out about Susan remarriage to Mike. He proposes to her and she laughs, thinking that he is joking, he comes back later that night and as it is dark, he sees a woman leaving Susan's house and assumes that it is Susan herself, he goes in for the strangle and when he realises that it is Julie he lets go, hence why she is the only survivor of the Fairview strangler. ("Epiphany")

Season 7[]

I wasn't a match.
Julie informing Susan that her kidney would be incompatible for transplant.
Promo 712 11
Julie visits Susan in hospital after the riot. ("Where Do I Belong?")

Julie returns to be with Susan when she has injured kidneys after a neighborhood riot. She offers her own kidney for a transplant however Susan denies as Julie shouldn't go through the rest of her life without kidneys, Julie gets tested anyway but is sadly not a match. Susan later tells Julie how proud of her she is. ("Where Do I Belong?")

Season 8[]

All the stuff I've said about being pregnant... that I'm not ready... or that I'm not sure I'd be a good mom... it's all bull shit . What this baby really is to me is inconvenient.
813 Julie Susan
Julie comes home...pregnant. ("Is This What You Call Love?")

Julie returns to her mother's house with a surprise: she's pregnant. She will not tell Susan the father's identity and plans to give the baby up for adoption. At the meeting with the parents, they like Julie, however when she goes to get the cake, Susan starts lying about how much of a maniac Julie is and that she's been to prison and has mental problems, they reject her baby. Mike later talks to Julie, who is mad at Susan, and tells her that every time she has screwed up with her, she did it out of love, Julie is forced to accept this and forgive Susan and tells her that the baby is a girl. ("Is This What You Call Love?")

814 Julie Susan
Julie is angry at Susan for interfering with her baby's life. ("Get Out of My Life")

Julie agrees to meet the father at the Coffee Cup and Susan follows her and discovers who the father is: Porter Scavo. Julie is mad at her for following her and they have an argument. Julie explains that she had just broken up with her boyfriend and that Porter was a one-night-stand and that the condom broke. Susan reminds Porter that he has legal rights to the baby and he decides that he wants to keep it, much to the annoyance of Julie. She is distraught with her mother for taking the decision out of her hands and leaves in anger. ("Get Out of My Life")

Julie comes back and is forced to forgive her mother after Mike is murdered. She tries to help her dress for the funeral and is there when the minister talks to Susan, she snaps at him and Julie reminds her that he is only trying to help. She attends Mike's funeral and is very sad at the occasion, she is the first to add dirt to the grave and one of the last people to leave the burial. ("Women and Death')

818 Julie
Julie becomes concerned about Susan's parenting techniques. ("Any Moment")

Julie is worried about her mother's lack of parenting skills as she begins to let MJ do as he wishes. When Julie finds MJ playing video games late at night, she tries to discipline him, but he won't listen. She asks Susan for help, but Susan won't allow it. Susan explains to Julie that if she could do something to make him a little happier, she will do it as what happened to him is an awful thing. However, Susan is later forced to accept Julie's way of thinking once MJ physically harms his teacher. ("Any Moment")

819 Julie Susan
Julie decides to keep her baby. ("With So Little to Be Sure Of")

Julie and Susan discover that Mike had a sister named Laura Delfino, they go to her house and discover that she is in a home for the disabled and is autistic. Julie is the first to go up and talk to her. After staying up all night and reading a letter from Adele, Mike's mom, explaining her reasons for giving up Laura, her mother points out what an awful thing it is to give up a child just because it is inconvenient, she assures Julie that does not apply to her situation, but it prompts Julie to keep her baby. ("With So Little to Be Sure Of")

821 Julie Susan
Susan tells Julie she'll help her raise the baby. ("The People Will Hear")

Julie is mad when Porter is late to her birthing class, Susan tries to calm her down. When Porter finally arrives, he faints at the video of the woman giving birth. Susan later tells Julie about the early memories of MJ which gets her thinking of Mike, Julie comforts her mother. Susan later confronts Porter and he tells her that Julie gave up a lot to include him in this baby and that it wasn't a fair trade as he always needs to work. Susan tells Julie that she can still finish school and get her degree despite Porter not stepping up as she and MJ will move there with her and she will help raise the baby. Julie reminds her that she loves the Lane but Susan points out that the house contains too many memories of Mike. Julie agrees to let Susan come home with her. ("The People Will Hear")

823 Julie
Julie gives birth to her daughter. ("Finishing the Hat")

Susan tries to help Julie flirt with a young doctor and Julie is embarrassed by her. Julie is on her way with Susan and Gaby to Renee's wedding in the limo. When in the limo, her water breaks all over Renee's dress and they have an argument whether or not to go and buy Renee a new dress or go to the hospital. They go to Cumberly's, the store that Gaby works at, for a new dress and, when Gaby and Renee are inside, Susan drives the limo away with Julie in it and takes her to the hospital. The doctor arrives to deliver the baby and Julie asks Susan if she will ever marry again, Susan says she doesn't know if maybe she has one last romance in her. Porter rushes to the hospital with Tom and Lynette for the birth of his child and Julie and Porter's baby girl is born into the world. Later, Julie and her baby are in the car with MJ as

Sophie Scavo, leaving Mysteria with Julie

Julie, leaving Wisteria Lane with her baby. ("Finishing the Hat")

Susan gets in and takes one last spin around the block. ("Finishing the Hat")


  • Julie was originally planned to be named Jenna Mayer and to be a 12-year-old.
  • Julie had the last line of the series with "go for it", if not including Mary-Alice's narration.
  • She is Jewish on her father's side.
  • Julie has dyed her hair three times. Her hair was brown in season 1 and 2, blonde in seasons 3, 4 and 5, red in season 6 and blonde again for season 7 and 8.
  • Julie technically dated her stepbrother Zach Young in the first season.
  • She was taught to swim by Paul Young.
  • She was the only victim of the Fairview strangler to survive her attack.
  • Even though Austin cheated on Julie with Danielle, Julie forgave Danielle.
  • Julie is one of the eleven main characters who appear in every season.

Danielle and Julie have some similarities:

  • Both have dyed hair in brown and blond (Julie has dyed her red as well)
  • Both have illegitimate children
  • Both were engaged in a sexual relationship with Austin McCann
  • Both have mothers who have been married at least three times.
  • Both appeared in every season of the show
  • Both have lost a father
  • Both have half-brothers


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