Wiksteria Lane

Karen McCluskey (also known as Karen Bender and Karen Simonds) one of the supporting protagonists of Desperate Housewives, and thus her family is central to the series and its stories.


The Bender-McCluskey family.

Family members[]

Karen's family is one of the central families on Desperate Housewives. They reside at 4358 Wisteria Lane (Karen also lived in 4347 Wisteria Lane for a short period of time, while her house being rebuilt after the tornado).

Immediate family[]

  • Karen McCluskey - A local busybody, elderly neighbor Karen McCluskey is always there when something juicy and gossip-worthy is taking place.
  • Gilbert McCluskey - Karen's first husband, who died overnight from natural causes and whose body she stored in the basement's freezer for 10 years over fear of losing her home in the reading of the will.
  • Roy Bender - Karen's second husband, a curmodgeonly old man who fulfills her every need.
  • Karen's son - Karen's unnamed child, who died from disease when he was merely 12.

Extended family[]

  • Roberta Simonds - Karen's younger sister, a free spirit with whom she engaged in adventures, hoping to defeat bad guys, just like their mom used to.
  • Gayle - Karen's other sister, who said she and Gilbert wouldn't last together.
  • Gilbert's brother - Karen's brother-in-law, with whom Gilbert thought she was cheating on him.
  • Miriam Bender - Roy's first wife, she deceased before their 40th Wedding Anniversary, because of a brain cancer.
  • Gilbert's Ex-Wife - Gilberts ex-wife before Karen who he was married to for two years. He forgot to change his will and she got everything when he died.
  • Scotty - Roy's deaf grandson, who was given a dinosaur bought from the Delfinos, one they wanted back after a while.

Note: Lynette's family intertwines with Karen's.