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Karl Mayer was Susan's ex-husband, who left his wife and abandoned his daughter when he fell for his secretary. He married Susan in 1989, and dating her for and later fell in love with Brandi, leaving Susan in 2003, after 14 years of marriage. He is a divorce attorney with an excellent reputation, and a sex drive just as well known, Karl eventually settled down and married a law professor, Marissa, and the pair had a son. However, the relationship didn't last and the two divorced. Later, Karl began a secret affair with his client, Bree Van de Kamp, as he tried to free her from her marriage to her husband. Karl died after being struck by a plane at a neighborhood Christmas party.


Early life[]

Karl Mayer has Jewish heritage. He went to college and became a divorce attorney. He met Susan Bremmer one day and they eventually married. Their wedding was ruined by rain and all the guests, and Susan, Karl, and the minister all gathered under a gazebo. Karl and Susan had a daughter named Julie Mayer. The Mayer family then moved to Wisteria Lane in 1991 when Julie was 2 years old.

Numerous times throughout the marriage, Karl cheated on Susan with different women, including the cable woman, a masseuse, Susan's frienemy Edie Britt, and most recently, his secretary, Brandi. One day, Susan found lipstick on Karl's suit. Susan confronted him about his affair and kicked him out. Susan took Karl for nearly everything. Susan kept the house and got primary custody of Julie. Karl later started dating his secretary, Brandi.

Season 1[]

Karl and his girlfriend Brandi go to pick up Julie for the weekend and Karl and Susan fight over a dinner party she has to go to which means he needs to watch Julie longer which cuts into his plans with Brandi. Brandi throws her soda can but misses the trash can. Susan is upset and tells Karl to tell Brandi to pick it up. Karl tells Susan to do it herself since she is closer to the can. Susan refuses which upsets Karl. Karl goes to pick up the can but Susan wants Brandi to do it. Karl tells Susan she is ridiculous and he leaves. Susan is angry and throws the can and it lands by Mike Delfino's foot and he says "Do you want me to pick up the can?". Later on, Susan calls Karl and tells him and Brandi to come over later. Susan apologizes to them which Karl thinks is ridiculous. Susan and Brandi make up. ("Pretty Little Picture")

Karl and Brandi breakup so his ex-wife, Susan invites Karl to Julie's birthday party. Susan's boyfriend Mike Delfino thinks Susan is still in love with Karl since she can't say she loves Mike back. Karl brings Edie Britt as his date to Julie's party. Edie tells Karl happy birthday until Susan awkwardly says it is Julie's birthday. While Edie is singing at the party, Susan kisses Mike which makes Karl jealous. Susan and Karl get into an argument about his infidelity. Karl tells Susan he deserves credit for not cheating on her for twelve years before. Edie then gets into the conversation and reminds Karl that at the Christmas party two years before that, Karl and Edie spent the night together after they kissed under the mistletoe. Susan is furious and when she sings onstage at Julie's party she nearly has a breakdown and yells at Karl which leads him to walk out of the party. The next day, Karl goes to Susan's house to ask for a second chance. Susan realizes she no longer loves Karl. She tells him no and she rushes to Mike's house to announce her love for him. ("Move On")

Karl doesn't want Julie to be spending a lot of time around an ex-con. This leads to an argument between Karl and Susan. Julie ends their fight by telling Karl she likes having Mike around and that he is really nice so he better not ruin it. ("One Wonderful Day")

Season 2[]

Susan Mayer walks out of her house one morning to find her ex-husband, Karl Mayer picking up the paper at her frenemy Edie Britt's house. Susan runs over to confront Karl and asks if he spent the night. Karl smirks and Susan tells him that he can't be seeing Edie because their daughter lives just down the street and Karl can't be showing off his sexcapades. Karl rolls his eyes and goes back inside Edie's house. Julie tells Susan later on that Karl and Edie did not have a one night stand and that they have been dating for six months now. Susan is upset that Edie asked Karl out but Julie tells Susan Karl asked Edie out after Julie's birthday party. Susan then remembers that was the day Karl asked Susan for a second chance. When Susan is driving, Edie apologizes (without meaning it) for not telling her she was banging Susan's ex. Edie tells Susan that on their first date, Edie's bra unhooked when she and Karl got drunk on tequila. Susan is furious and accidentally backs over Edie with her car. Susan shows up to apologize to Edie and asks Karl if Edie got the roses she sent. Karl tells Susan that Edie got stuck by the thorns. Karl announces to Susan that the night before Susan caught Karl coming out of Edie's house, he asked her if she wanted to move in together and that she said yes. Susan tries to hold in the tears and she asks God to kill her. Susan tells Karl she wanted to be happy first and that she and Mike were gonna move in together but things didn't work out. ("You Could Drive a Person Crazy")

Susan is looking out her window and see's Karl, Julie, and Edie having fun. Susan is upset because it is Karl's weekend with custody and Julie should have been back by 6 but it is now 6:15. Susan walks over to Edie's house but Mike tells Susan that they probably just lost track of time while having fun. Susan tells Mike she can have Karl arrested for keeping Julie past agreement. Susan tells Mike she is fine with Julie spending time with Karl but she is not fond of Edie being around. As Mike and Susan get closer to Edie's house, they hear Julie singing, Edie playing guitar, and Karl watching. Mike says "Well, obviously, they saw us coming". Susan looks angered and leaves. While Susan is talking with her piano tutor and next door neighbor, Betty Applewhite, Karl storms over to Susan because he is furious that Susan wouldn't let Edie perform with Julie at the church. Susan retaliates by saying it's for families only. Karl tells Susan that Edie could possibly be Julie's stepmother one day. Susan says she highly doubts that. Karl walks away and Susan apologizes to Betty for what she had just witnessed. Karl attends Julie and Susan's performance with Edie. Susan tells Edie that she should get up and perform with Julie instead. Karl and Edie both think that it's a trick and that Susan did it on purpose since Edie wouldn't have her guitar. Edie however does horribly on the piano and Karl tells Susan that he knows that she is loving this. ("You'll Never Get Away from Me")

When Susan collects her things from Mike's house as they breakup, Susan witnesses Karl breaking up with Edie and driving away from her house. The following evening, Karl visits Susan who is alone and the two begin to drink a bottle of wine. Karl tells Susan that the reason that he and Edie broke up was because he kept an old picture of Susan underneath her mattress. Edie saw this as a sign of Karl's recurring love for Susan even though they are divorced. The following morning, Julie arrives home to find her two parents in bed after a night of unexpected romance between the two. Julie looks in disgust and quickly leaves. Later, Susan tells Karl that their fling the night prior was a one-night stand since she is clearly not ready and unwilling to get back together with him. Karl feels differently but after giving serious consideration gets back together with Edie. Edie then unexpectedly thanks Susan for whatever she did to reunite the two. Susan feels as if she made a difference but still feels lonely because of her judgment. ("Color and Light")

During a gathering at Bree Van de Kamp's house, in the kitchen, Karl, Edie, Tom Scavo, Lynette Scavo, and Gaby Solis are talking and Tom reveals he was the high school geek and that none of the pretty girls would want anything to do with him. Karl watches as Gaby and Tom share a kiss on the lips a joke. When Bree is being blackmailed by her son Andrew Van de Kamp because Bree sat and let her ex-fiancé die, Bree has Karl represent her if he calls the police about it. Bree, Andrew, and Karl have a talk and since Bree didn't do anything to George Williams that caused his death, Bree can't be harmed in any way by the law. Andrew tells Bree and Karl he will just lie. Bree retaliates by saying if Andrew lies then she will sue him. Karl asks Bree to leave the room so he can talk to Andrew in private. Karl holds Andrew against the wall and asks him what his late father, Rex would think if he saw the way Andrew was acting. Andrew says, that Rex isn't here though. Karl tells Andrew that Rex was his friend and that if Andrew does anything to Bree then he will come over and take care of Andrew with violence. Bree listens to this from the kitchen and smiles and takes a sip of her whine. ("One More Kiss")

Susan goes to Karl for help when she is in need of a health insurance plan seeing as she no longer has one. Edie tells her that the only way to get a health plan is to marry someone quickly. Karl does not like where the conversation is going but Susan likes the idea. Edie sets Susan up with a gay guy who has great health benefits but his life partner Steve gets in the middle of it and they call off the wedding. Karl later finds Susan on her porch eating her would-be wedding cake. Susan tells Karl that the wedding never happened and that she is still without health benefits. Karl then asks Susan if she would like to marry him. Susan asks what will happen with Edie. Karl plans not to tell her and to keep the marriage brief and quiet. Susan says yes. ("Silly People")

Susan is planning her secret wedding to Karl. During breakfast, Karl warns her and Julie that they cannot tell anyone that they are getting married since they are committing insurance fraud. When Karl asks where Susan's wedding ring is, Susan tells him that she threw it out of her car on a dirt road not knowing that it was a family heirloom. Karl then makes Susan go searching through Route 7 until they find the ring. Later, Edie finds a pre-nuptial agreement and Susan's ring in Karl's briefcase. Edie takes this as Karl is about to propose that evening. At the restaurant, Edie takes the hint of Karl ordering soufflés as his proposal since he may have put the ring in the cake. Edie then spots Susan and Dr. Ron eating at another table and drags Susan into the restroom with her. She tells Susan that she may be getting engaged but Susan tries to talk her down which causes Edie to leave the restroom still hopeful about what will happen. As the soufflés arrive, Edie sticks her hand in it which Karl to ask what she is doing. Edie finds no ring in the cake and leaves the restaurant in an angry mood. That evening, Susan meets Karl on the street where she thinks about reconsidering since she doesn't want anyone to get hurt. Karl assures her that everything will be fine but that he still plans to marry Edie. The following day, Karl and Susan are married (for the second time) at the courthouse. ("Thank You So Much")

Karl comes to visit Susan at the hospital, he teases her about the romantic card Dr. Ron sent and to make the marriage look authentic. After Karl leaves, he tells the nurse to keep an eye on his "wife". The nurse, who in the past has showed love for Dr. Ron, is upset seeing as Susan is cheating. ("There is No Other Way")

Susan's boyfriend, Ron McCready asks Susan if she is married to Karl because that is what Nurse Hizel said. Susan assures Ron that she only remarried him for the health benefits but as soon as her operation is covered, they will get divorced. Karl has dinner with Susan and Ron. Still having feelings for Susan, Karl sabotages the dinner by breaking the sink pipe and having Ron run over and get Mike whom he never heard of. Karl watches from inside as Susan's relationship with Ron falls apart and both Ron and Mike storm away. ("Could I Leave You?")

Edie tells Susan she is planning a surprise wedding at her and Karl's engagement party. Susan tries to warn Edie that Karl hates surprises but she doesn't listen. Susan warns Karl about Edie's plans and they realize that they need to come clean about the fake remarriage. Karl and Susan go to Edie's house to confess when they see Edie already has company. Susan's ex-boyfriend Dr. Ron has already told Edie all about the sham marriage. Edie throws a vase and is very angered at the both of them. In order to keep Edie quiet and happy, Karl agrees to throw Edie a lavish wedding and Susan is forced to make all of the arrangements and to be her bartender at the engagement party. At the engagement party, Felicia presents Edie and Karl with a gift: her sister Martha Huber's teeth in the hope of reminding everyone that Paul killed her sister. Paul is then humiliated and forced to leave the party. ("Everybody Says Don't")

Karl consistently shows affection towards Susan. After a few more incidents where Karl tells Susan he still has feelings for her and would do anything if she told him to, Susan tells him off and returns home. Later, Karl visits Susan and tells her that he and Edie have broken up and the wedding's off. Feeling sympathetic in spite of herself, Susan invites Karl in for a bottle of wine. The two ultimately end up in bed. Susan tells Karl that she feels good about this too and she's not having any second thoughts. Just then, the phone rings. It's Edie. Edie wants Karl to get some juice. Suspicious, Susan immediately asks him why is she asking for juice from him when they've broken up. Karl tells Susan that the break-up is still a work in progress. Furious that he cheated on Edie with her, Susan throws out Karl for good. ("Don't Look at Me")

Karl decides to breakup with Edie for real and he leaves a note on her pillow and he tries to sneak out the door with his packed suitcases. Edie's alarm clock goes off however and she see's the note. Karl awkwardly smiles and closes the bedroom door as he leaves. Edie chases him out the door and asks why he proposed and if there was another women. Edie realizes he fell for another women and prepares to hurt him with a rake. Karl's starts and he drives out of the driveway but the front of his car is hit by a garbage truck. Edie then smirks thinking it's karma. Edie later hires a private detective to find out who Karl left her for. ("It Wasn't Meant to Happen")

The private detective records Karl and Susan talk about the one night stand they had. Seeing that she can't afford to buy off the private detective, Susan writes a letter to Edie revealing the affair and everything. Edie gets the note and is outraged. Edie retaliates by burning down Susan's house. ("I Know Things Now")

Karl approaches the RV that Susan is staying in and says to Susan, "I can't believe your forcing our daughter to live in a house on wheels. I think we need to talk about this." Susan informs her ex-husband that the situation is only temporary and besides, she's having coffee with Mike right now. Mike says it's OK and gets up to leave so Susan and Karl can sort it out amongst themselves. Karl apologizes for interrupting but tells Mike it's more of a 'family-thing.' Mike reassures Karl that he understands and bends over and romantically smooches Susan before telling her he'll call her later. Karl watches on reluctantly. While buying a newspaper in Fairview town center, Karl spots Mike entering a local jewelers. Karl follows him inside and spots Mike staring at the collection of engagement rings on display. "Mike," Karl exclaims, "What a surprise!" Mike rolls his eyes before returning the greeting. Karl pretends that he is searching for a battery for his watch and then asks what Mike is up to. Mike tries to hide the fact that he's buying a ring but this fails when the jeweler presents Mike with an extravagant engagement ring that will "sweep her off her feet!" Karl chuckles to himself and slaps Mike on the back before replying, "You sly dog! You're gonna ask Susan to marry you, aren't you?" Mike is annoyed but Karl reassures him that he is cool with their relationship. Frustrated, Mike asks if Karl could keep this information to himself and not tell Susan as he wants to surprise her. "Oh trust me," Karl replies, "She'll be surprised. And not just by how small that rock is." Karl leaves as Mike watches on. Early in the morning, Karl breaks into Susan and Julie's RV and drives them up the street to a new house he bought for Susan and Julie. Susan, however, refuses to take the house. ("Remember, Part 1")

Susan later decides to take the house Karl bought them. While moving their stuff over to the new house, Mike confronts Karl by saying that Karl knew Mike was planning to propose and that Karl just wanted to get Susan away from him. This leads to a fight between Mike and Karl but Julie and Susan are mad at Mike and Karl evilly grins. ("Remember, Part 2")

Season 3[]

Karl returns to play the bad cop for Julie and Austin. This backfires when he gets mad at Susan for dating Ian, whose wife is in a coma and because Karl had stepped aside so she could be with Mike. ("Children and Art")

Season 4[]

Susan Delfino goes to her Lamaze class with Julie because Mike is in rehab. Julie see's her father, Karl there with his new wife Marissa Mayer. Julie realizes that she needs to come clean to Susan about Karl getting remarried. Susan is upset with Julie for not telling her. Susan also see's that Karl and Marissa are pregnant. Susan tries to make Karl and Marissa jealous by dressing fancy and acting like they have a busy social life. Mike starts talking about how he just got out of rehab though and Karl smirks because Susan's lie is coming apart. The following class, Karl tells Susan to not be ashamed of Mike because he is honest, something Karl never was. ("Opening Doors")

Season 5[]

When Susan Mayer's boyfriend, Jackson Braddock stops hanging out with her second ex-husband, Mike Delfino, Jackson starts hanging out with her first ex-husband, Karl. Karl makes a joke by saying "First a plumber, then a painter, if I were a roofer then maybe we would still be married". Karl laughs and then leaves Susan's house. ("We're So Happy You're So Happy")

Karl enrols his five year old son, Evan Mayer into Oakridge Elementary where his ex-wife works, and son M.J. attends. Susan is surprised to see Karl after she thought he would be out of her life forever. Evan makes disturbing paintings in Susan's art class. Susan reports it and Karl thinks Susan is just trying to get back at him for the affair that happened a decade before. Evan keeps drawing the paintings and Susan shows one to Karl. Karl realizes that it is Evan's mother, Marissa. Karl reveals to Susan that Marissa left them six weeks before because she was overwhelmed with the stresses of motherhood. Karl tells Susan that now the roles are reversed since Karl has been left to raise a child which is exactly what Karl did to Susan. ("A Spark. To Pierce the Dark")

Bree Hodge is looking for a divorce lawyer since she is trying to get out of her marriage to Orson. Susan reminds Bree that Karl is a shark and always gets the client what they want. Karl agrees to be Bree's attorney if she gets Evan Mayer into M.J. Delfino's birthday party. Bree convinces M.J. to let Evan come and Karl agrees to represent Bree. ("Bargaining")

Karl suggests several shady ways for Bree to hide her assets from Orson, including keeping double books, that she readily agrees to. But she can't believe her ears when he wants her to rob her own house. During Susan Mayer's engagement party to Jackson Braddock, Bree and Karl rob Bree's house. Later on though Orson buys Bree a new Italian mask that was "robbed". Bree tells Karl she's having second thoughts about divorcing Orson, but he talks her back into it, saying that all women get cold feet at some point and that Orson really is "that bad." ("Marry Me a Little")

Bree and Karl are at the storage unit with Orson secretly watching them. Bree is excited to get the divorce over with so she can get on with her life and get Orson out of her life. Later that night, Bree returns home to find all of her valuables back in the house and Orson confronts her on why she did it so she informs him of the divorce. Bree tells him she does not want any of it and just wants to get out of the marriage. The next day, Orson tells Bree he filed an insurance claim under both their names and threatens to send her to jail for insurance fraud. He believes they can work it out but she tells him she no longer loves him. ("Everybody Says Don't (season 5)")

Bree and Karl are in the latter's office and he is shocked that Bree would tell Orson about the divorce. Bree says she had to because he found the storage unit and she was in such a state of shock she couldn't think of an explanation. Bree sits down and Karl walks closer telling her that this isn't good and Bree goes further by saying that Orson is blackmailing her as he can go to the police any time and report her. Karl is confused and Bree explains that, because Orson filed an insurance claim when the items had not been stolen counts as fraud, which she would get arrested for. Bree tells him that she told Orson she doesn't love him but he didn't care as he wants to work on their marriage. Karl said that clearly he's a little crazy, Bree responds by saying, "A little?! The man put chives in my Persian Salad! He should be in a straight jacket!" Karl turns around telling her to calm down as this isn't the end of the world, Bree asks, "Isn't it?! I'm being blackmailed by a man I'm growing to despise and if I don't pretend to love him, he can have me arrested." Karl, comfortingly, sits next to her and tells her that he does not want her to worry as they'll think of something. Bree wonders what they can think of as he's holding all the cards, Karl tells her as he puts his arm on her shoulder, "Trust me, no one ever holds all the cards." He takes his hand away and she stares at him. We are shown the red door of Karl's office and the door suddenly opens and Bree enters the office. She looks angry and slams the door behind her, she asks Karl, who is sitting with his feet up on his desk, what he was thinking, he asks her to first tell him if it worked. She asks him if he hired someone to attack Orson and he admits to it as Bree goes on saying that his thug tried to strangle her husband. Karl makes it clear that if he had been trying to strangle him, Orson would be dead, and reminds Bree that this was their way of gaining the upper hand in the divorce. Bree tells him to not use physical violence as she never would have given permission for that, Karl says, "That's why I didn't ask you." Bree looks at him angrily as Karl asks her what her beef is, she says, "My beef is that from the minute I walked into this office, you have pulled me deeper and deeper into your moral cess pool - that is not why I hired you." Karl denies this, telling her that that is exactly why she hired him as she was tired of being a good girl and wanted to do something dirty. Bree goes on to say that she's been turned into someone she doesn't recognize, Karl tells her that she's loved every minute of it but Bree denies this. Karl stands up and says, "Yes you have! And so have I." Bree is shocked, "Because the truth is," he continues, "You're the most fascinating woman I've ever met." They stare at each other and Bree simply asks, "What?" He stares at her seductively and she walks away to grab her purse saying that if she hasn't made it clear how she feels about him, she apologizes for any ambiguity, she says she detests him. Karl says she doesn't and he can see it in her eyes, he says, "You want me to walk over there, push up against you, and kiss you until your knees buckle." Bree looks at him and says he's fired, he replies, "Good, that stops this from being a breach of ethics," as he makes his way towards her, he grabs her and they kiss passionately, they stare into each other's eyes and Bree says, "My knees haven't buckled yet." Karl smiles and puts his hand on her cheek and then runs it through her hair as they continue to kiss. ("If It's Only in Your Head")

Season 6[]

Carrying on from the previous episode's events, Bree and Karl kiss in Karl's office. Bree starts to feel guilty about doing so and when Karl insists that they make love in the office, Bree declines and says that she wants to feel special. Karl then books a room in a motel and brings Bree there. Bree, however, says that the sheets are filthy and brings Karl shopping for new ones. While shopping, Karl tells Bree that she does not want the affair to go ahead because she'd rather be good than happy. The next day just before the wedding, Bree sees Karl at his car and tells him that she has booked them into the motel and that she has already bought the sheets and cleaned the bathroom. Bree then demands that Karl kiss her and quotes Orson saying that being guilty is worth being happy. ("Nice is Different Than Good")

Bree and Karl are having sex in the motel when she tells Karl that she always thought that sex had to have a romantic feeling but now she knows that it doesn't. Mike then rings Karl's phone and tells him that Julie has been attacked. Later when Bree visits Julie in the hospital, Bree and Karl are left alone in the room when they kiss passionately. They then break apart to see Julie staring at them looking shocked. Julie then falls unconscious again. Bree asks the doctor if Julie would remember what she saw and much to Bree's disappointment, the doctor tells her that there is a strong probability that she would. When Susan mentions Katherine stealing Mike from her initially, Bree asks Susan if Katherine had got together with Karl would it have been so bad. Susan replies that it would have been worse because of hoe Karl treated Susan in their marriage. She then says that Katherine would never get together with Karl because she is a lady and not one of the brainless bimbos that Karl attracts. Bree then keeps Susan company for the rest of the evening until Karl enters. Susan then leaves to check on MJ. Karl tells Bree that he has booked them in to a hotel because he doesn't want to spend the night alone. Bree then looks outside the room to see Susan and Mike kissing and then agrees. ("Being Alive")

Bree and Karl are in a motel when Karl suggests that the two go for a romantic getaway to Las Vegas. Bree declines and says that the two are not in love and they should continue the affair as normal and not put unwanted demands on each other. Karl clearly becomes mad by this and leaves. Later at an event, Bree arrives when she sees Karl with another woman. She tells Karl that he is supposed to be cheating with her not on her. Karl tells her that if she isn't going to commit to the relationship then she tell him not to date anyone else. Orson then arrives with drinks and him and Candy say that they had met before when Orson was her dentist. Orson then suggests that Karl and Candy then sit with him and Bree. After dinner, Orson and Candy go out dancing when Bree argues with Karl again about Candy. Karl tells Bree that he and Candy are going to sleep together that night and she can't stop them. Bree then throws olive oil over where Candy and Orson are about to dance resulting in them both falling and Candy breaking her nose. ("Never Judge a Lady by Her Lover")

While Bree and Karl are kissing, the motel maid walks in to clean the room. Bree goes back because she lost an ear ring and when the maid overhears Bree lying to Orson on the phone about where she is, the maid gives her a disapproving look. ("Everybody Ought to Have a Maid")

Bree is starting to fall in love with Karl, so she decides to end the affair. Karl gives Bree his grandmother's brooch because he found the perfect woman and tells Bree he loves her. That night, Bree and Orson go over to Susan's for dinner and she reminds Orson she hates public displays of affection. Susan sees the brooch on Bree and tells her it belonged to her but she lost it 10 years ago during the divorce. When Karl shows up to drop Julie off, Susan shows him the brooch and when Orson asks her where Bree got it, she lies and says she bought it at an antique shop. After finding out Karl yelled at Susan for losing the brooch, Bree gives it back to Susan. The next day, Bree confronts Karl about the brooch and reminds him they are done. Karl proposes to Bree and tells her he is a different person now and that she should think it over. Bree manages to get Susan to talk about the positive things about Karl and gives the brooch back to Bree. Bree tells Karl that she wants to marry the new Karl and that he should focus on getting her a divorce. She informs him that the new Karl needs to show up soon because if she is going to marry him, he needs to prove he is worth the consequences. The next morning, Orson visits the antique shop and learns that Bree lied about where she got the brooch as the shop only sells furniture. ("Don't Walk on the Grass")

Bree and Karl are trying to see if they could have a lasting relationship outside of sex, and they go to an opera. Karl flirts with Bree at the parking lot but Bree pushes Karl to wait. When Bree returns home, Orson tells her he has been listening to exactly the same opera that she and Karl were just at. The next day, Angie goes to see Bree but she is not home so Orson tells her that Bree is always gone and believes she is having an affair. Angie thinks that is ridiculous and defends Bree but Orson is not so sure so while he is away for the weekend he wants Angie to spy on Bree. Later, Karl shows up and Angie sees him standing on the front porch. Karl tells Bree he found a way to get her free from Orson and all they need to do is get an ex-con in a room with Orson, take a couple pictures, and he cannot touch Bree because if he does then the parole officer gets the pictures and Orson is sent back to jail. Karl reassures Bree to have sex with him as Orson is at a golf trip. Angie sneaks over to the top of the test kitchen and sees Bree and Karl getting undressed. Orson arrives home early to check up on Bree so Angie calls Bree to warn her. Orson sees two wine glasses and is sure there is a man in the house but Angie covers for Bree by telling Orson she has been there the whole time. When Bree thanks her, Angie tells her she did it for Orson then tells Bree she needs to just pick one or the other but Bree cannot decide which to choose. ("The Coffee Cup")

With another women being strangled, Julie is scared to leave her house so she and Karl switch cars. Susan thinks Julie is seeing the married man again so she follows Julie's car to a hotel and see's Karl and Bree through the hotel room window. At a self-defence class, Susan and Bree partner and Susan starts to choke Bree as she reveals she knows about Bree's affair. Susan tells Bree that she is shocked because Bree knows how Karl hurt Susan. Bree tells Susan that she loves Karl though and if that means her and Susan's friendship is over than she will just deal with it. Susan calls Bree and Karl over and tells Bree some of the horrible things Karl has done such as forgetting Susan's birthday, and wanting to have a threesome on their anniversary. Bree excepts this and Susan gives them her blessing. ("Would I Think Suicide?")

Bree files for divorce now that she can blackmail him. Orson agrees to pack up after the Christmas party and Bree calls Karl to let him know. Orson overhears Bree on the phone and realizes Bree is having an affair. Karl hires a plane to fly a banner over Wisteria Park reading "Will you marry me Bree, Love Karl". Bree finds out and tells Karl to cancel it. Karl tries but it is to late. Karl takes Orson into Santa's Workshop to tell Orson his plan. Orson is furious and him and Karl get into a fist fight. Bree goes in to the workshop to stop the fight. The plane with banner crashes through the lane and hits Santa's Workshop leaving Bree, Karl, and Orson's fate left unknown. The only thing shown is a bloody hand sticking out from underneath the workshop. ("Boom Crunch")


Season 6[]


Karl's funeral.

It is revealed that Karl was killed in the accident and Orson was left paralyzed from the waist down and Bree suffered a mile concussion and some bruises. Bree starts to think how her life would have turned out if she married Karl. She imagined coming home happily on their wedding day but ten years later finding him in bed with her yoga instructor.

Bree kicks out both Karl and the yoga teacher. Bree then thinks about Orson dying of a broken heart and regretting her actions. Bree attends Karl's funeral along with Karl's ex-wife Susan, his daughter Julie, Susan's son M.J., and rest of the lane and his family and friends. ("If...")

In the reading of Karl's will, he leaves his grandmother, Irene his grand piano, he leaves money and security to his daughter Julie, and leaves his ex-wife, Susan Delfino his partial ownership of a strip club to make sure she'll never forget about him. Susan then thinks to herself that she never would've forgotten anyways. ("You Gotta Get a Gimmick")

Season 7[]

When Bree Van de Kamp is talking with Gabrielle Solis one day. Bree reveals she had an affair. Gaby is shocked while thinking Bree cheated on her first husband Rex Van de Kamp. Bree then corrects Gaby by saying she cheated on her second husband, Orson Hodge. Gaby asks with who and Bree replies by saying with Karl, Susan Delfino's ex-husband. Gaby is shocked but then she takes in consideration about her own affair with John Rowland. ("The Lies Ill-Concealed")

Season 8[]

Karl's ghost watches Susan leave Wisteria Lane. ("Finishing the Hat")

When Susan Delfino decides to leave Wisteria Lane with her children, MJ Delfino and Julie Mayer, along with her granddaughter, Karl's ghost appears alongside Nora Huntington and Ellie Leonard at Wisteria Park, and they watch the family as they drive away from the Lane. ("Finishing the Hat")


Karl: Your father was a friend of mine. And if he were around to see what a nasty little turd you've turned into, he'd knock the hell out of you.
Andrew: Yeah. Well, he's not here now, is he?
Karl: No, he isn't. But if you don't get your act together and start treating your mother with some respect, I'll take care of you myself. Do you understand what I'm saying?
Andrew: Yeah.
Karl: Good.

—Karl and Andrew, One More Kiss

[to Susan Mayer] You know, this is typical Susan behavior! And you wonder why no man can stay with you!

—Karl, A Spark. To Pierce the Dark.

[to Orson Hodge] I am proposing to Bree today with an airplane banner! And trust me, that will be the highlight of your day!

—Karl, Boom Crunch


  • Karl is Jewish.
  • Karl is portrayed by a different, and unnamed character in the Pilot episode, when Susan Delfino is first introduced to us by Mary Alice.
  • Karl has been romantically involved with three of the main housewives - Susan Delfino (pre-series and season two), Edie Britt (pre-series and season two), and Bree Van de Kamp (season six)