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Katie Ford

Katie Ford is an American producer and screenwriter.


Ford begun her career as a stand-up comedian at a younga age, before going on to write and produce some televisions series and films, which include Miss Congeniality and Saturday Night Live.

Desperate Housewives[]

She has been a consulting producer for some episodes for Season One and written an episode too.

In the professional field, she has not mentioned anything about her lesbianism orientation, until she had met show creator Marc Cherry, who would usually ask the whereabouts of her when she was not present:

"I wasn’t really recognized as lesbian until Marc Cherry would announce it every time he walked into the room on Desperate Housewives. (laughs) He would say, 'Where’s Katie? Is she out fixing a truck?”

All was taken in tongue-in-cheek manner and she found it funny that this had never occurred before until then:

“I was never in a room where people made gay jokes or did things like that, other than Marc Cherry.”

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