Wiksteria Lane

Kendra Taylor is the daughter of Noah Taylor, sister of Deirdre Taylor, and aunt of Zach Young.


Season 1[]

Kendra visits Mike Delfino to check on the progress of his investigation in Deirdre's disappearance, making Susan and Edie think she and Mike may have been involved romantically. Susan expected to come into conflict with Kendra over Mike, but it never happened. Edie would have been rooting for Susan, as she thought it would be easier to steal Mike from her than from the glamorous Kendra. After settling in at Mike’s place, Kendra made it very clear that she cared for Noah’s inheritance money, and only herself when she told Mike to stop looking for her own sister. However, she had a nice side, seeing as she set the record straight with Susan about her relationship with Mike, and explained his arrest to her later.