Wiksteria Lane

Leila Mitzman is George Williams first ex-fiance.

After seeing the engagement announcement George puts in the paper without Bree's permission, Leila Visits Bree at home. She tells Bree that after he proposed George became very pocessive of her, even slapping her one night after she talked to another man. After George found out that her ex lived down the street, his car was stolen and burnt out. Leila suspected rightly that George was behind the theft and left him the next day. She urges Bree to do the same, however Bree does not believe her and asks her to leave. Leila is insulted by Bree's reaction and angrily proclaims that Bree is as crazy as George and their relationship is "a match made in heaven".

Despite not initially believing her, Bree is troubled by Leila and confronts George about her at his pharmacy. George reassures Bree that Leila is the crazy one and shows her her prescription list which says she is on medication for hallucinations for manic episodes. After Bree leaves, George changes the name on the file to 'Ethel Hollins' proving that the medication was not prescribed for Leila.

Bree later finds out that Leila was telling the truth about George after she dances with Ty Grant her ex-boyfriend in a bar and George becomes violent with her. Bree ends the relationship there and then.