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This is our baby! No! We've been... we've been... feeding her! We... we've been bathing her! And we wake up in the middle of the night and we rock her! Which is crazy, because, if you knew me, I don't do that! I don't do that. And my husband... my husband, he sings to her! He sings. You can't take her away! It... it's too late! We've already fallen in love with her!
Gabrielle Solis

Lily Helm (previously Solis) is the child that Gabrielle and Carlos Solis adopted during season 2, who was taken back by her birth mother, Libby Collins.


Season 2[]

Before she was born, the Solises decided to adopt Libby's unborn little girl, as they had eagerly waited for an attractive young woman to pop out their baby. However, they run into some complications regarding the fact that Frank Helm, Libby's boyfriend, thought the child was his and was anxious to be its father. However, Libby revealed to Frank that he wasn't the father. After Lily's birth, which the Solises were too late to witness because they'd been held up at Edie and Karl Mayer's engagement party, the present nurse helps Gaby with the child, allowing her to hold the baby, despite her initial reluctance out of fear of not doing it right or hurting her. Gaby falls in love with the baby right away, as does Carlos. When Frank makes a scandal at the hospital and Libby reveals to him that the baby's biological father is his younger brother Dale, the Solises realise that they're screwed because there is a known birth father who could claim the child back. They run away from the hospital with baby Lily, and are afterwards given temporary custody by a judge, until the birth father, who's on Spring Break, can be located. They care for baby Lily, but eventually they reach some parental disagreements when they can't decide on whether or not to hire nannys, something that Gaby agrees on, but Carlos doesn't, claiming he doesn't want some stranger raising their child. Gaby allows her maid, Xiao-Mei, to look after the baby on a regular basis, so she can maintain her old lifestyle. She even thanks Xiao-Mei with a trip to the spa, but is panicked when she catches lunch with her friend Bree Van de Kamp, who announces that she caught Xiao-Mei at her spa... with Gaby thinking all the while that she had left Lily at home with the maid. She rushes home to get to her baby, and when Carlos gets back he finds the two of them engaging in some heart-warming mother-daughter yoga. In the following episode, Gabrielle goes out of her way to get Dale Helm to drop the claims that he wants to take the baby back, so he can hand it to his older brother, who's trying to win back Libby, but in the end Libby changes her mind, and is entitled to take back baby Lily, much to the frustration of the Solises, who had fallen in love with the child.


  • It is only to be assumed that Libby and Frank kept the baby's name as "Lily". No indication of anything contrary to that was ever given after the baby last appeared.