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The following is a list of characters who have been killed off in the series, or that were already dead to begin with, organized into individual seasons and/or periods of time. Unseen and/or unnamed characters are not included, and neither are characters that only appeared in pictures. Characters whose deaths, in a timeline, fit a specific season or period of time, are included in the respective tables for those. As for characters whose deaths occur, via flashback, in a specific season, but didn't actually occur in the timeline of that season, are presented at the beginning of said season (e.g. Monique Polier died during the timeline of season 2, but wasn't introduced till season 3.).

Deaths before the series

Picture Character Cause of death
Mrs. Mason Dead.png

Mrs. Mason
(introduced in season 8)

Ran over by an intoxicated driver
Edwin Hodge Dead.png Edwin Hodge
(introduced in season 3)
Wrists slit by Gloria Hodge
Karen's Son Dead.png Karen's son Unknown illness
Deirdre Taylor Dead.png Deirdre Taylor
(introduced in season 1)
Stabbed by Mary Alice Young
Dylan Davis Dead.png Dylan Davis
(introduced in season 4)
Crushed by a wardrobe
Gilbert McCluskey Dead.png Gilbert McCluskey
(introduced in season 3)
Ilene Britt Dead.png Ilene Britt
(introduced in season 3)

Season 1 deaths

Picture Character Episode Cause of death
Mary Alice Young Dead.png Mary Alice Young "Pilot" Suicide (Gunshot to the head)
Martha Huber Dead.png Martha Huber "Guilty" Choked and buried alive by Paul Young
Juanita Solis Dead.png Juanita "Mama" Solis "There Won't Be Trumpets" Fell down hospital stairs
Rex Van de Kamp Dead.png Rex Van de Kamp "One Wonderful Day" Poisoned by George Williams

Season 2 deaths

Picture Character Cause of Death
Melanie Foster Dead.png Melanie Foster Beaten with an axe by Matthew Applewhite (flashbacks)
George Williams Dead.png George Williams Fake suicide attempt gone wrong (Overdose of sleeping pills)
Curtis Monroe Dead.png Curtis Monroe Accident (Gunshot to the gut)
Ralph the Gardener Dead.png Ralph Run over by a truck
Noah Taylor Dead.png Noah Taylor Life support machine turned off by Zach Young
Matthew Applewhite Dead.png Matthew Applewhite Shot by a police sniper

Season 3 deaths

Picture Character Cause of Death
Monique Polier Dead.png Monique Polier Beaten with a wrench by Gloria Hodge (flashbacks)
Nora Huntington Dead.png Nora Huntington Shot in the chest by Carolyn Bigsby
Carolyn Bigsby Dead.png Carolyn Bigsby Shot in the head by Maya
Rebecca Shepherd Dead.png Rebecca Shepherd Cardiac arrest
Jane Hainsworth Dead.png Jane Hainsworth Pressure drop during coma
Alma Hodge Dead.png Alma Hodge Fall from rooftop

Season 4 deaths

Picture Character Cause of Death
Lillian Simms Dead.png Lillian Simms Natural causes
Scruffles the Possom Dead.png Scruffles Poisoning (presumed)
Victor Lang Dead.png Victor Lang Chest impaled by a flying fence post
Sylvia Greene Dead.png Sylvia Greene Blown away by a tornado
Ida Greenberg Dead.png Ida Greenberg Crushed by a wrecked house
Al Kaminsky Dead.png Al Kaminsky Accident (Car burst into flames after hitting downed power line)
Ellie Leonard Dead.png Ellie Leonard Shot in the chest by Wayne Davis
Wayne Davis Dead.png Wayne Davis Shot in the chest by Katherine Mayfair

Time jump deaths

Picture Character Cause of Death
Glen Wingfield Dead.png Glen Wingfield Natural causes (presumed)
Lila Dash Dead.png Lila Dash Car accident
Paige Dash Dead.png Paige Dash Car accident

Season 5 deaths

Picture Character Cause of Death
Dr. Samuel Heller Dead.png Samuel Heller Strangled by Dave Williams
Eli Scruggs Dead.png Eli Scruggs Heart attack
Bradley Scott Dead.png Bradley Scott Stabbed in the back by Maria Scott
Edie Britt Dead.png Edie Britt Electrocuted from a snapped Power Line

Season 6 deaths

Picture Character Cause of Death
Ramona Dead.png Ramona Murdered by the Fairview Strangler (flashbacks)
Emily Portsmith Dead.png Emily Portsmith Choked by the Fairview Strangler
Jeff Bicks Dead.png Jeff Bicks Heart attack
Daphne Bicks Dead.png Daphne Bicks Plane crash
Karl Mayer Dead.png Karl Mayer Hit by a plane wing, died during surgery
Mona Clarke Dead.png Mona Clarke Hit by a plane, died during surgery
Patrick Scavo Dead.png Patrick Scavo Miscarried because Lynette was slightly hit by a plane wing
Iris Beckley Dead.png Iris Beckley Choked with a scarf by Patrick Logan
Irina Korsakov Dead.png Irina Korsakov Murdered by the Fairview Strangler
Barbara Orlofsky Dead.png Barbara Orlofsky Murdered by the Fairview Strangler
Teresa Pruitt Dead.png Teresa Pruitt Natural causes
Patrick Logan Dead.png Patrick Logan Set off a bomb detonator, when the bomb was inside the entire time

Season 7 deaths

Picture Character Cause of Death
Frank Kaminsky Dead.png Frank Kaminsky Natural causes
Beth Young Dead.png Beth Young Suicide (Gunshot to the head)
Dick Barrows Dead.png Dick Barrows Complications from a viral infection
Felicia Tilman Dead.png Felicia Tilman Car accident
Alejandro Perez Dead.png Alejandro Perez/Ramon Sanchez Concussion (hit over the head with candlestick by Carlos Solis)

Season 8 deaths

Picture Character Cause of Death
Cupcake the Hamster Dead.png Cupcake Natural causes (presumed)
Chuck Vance Dead.png Chuck Vance Ran over by Orson
Orson Hodge Suicide (presumed)
Mike Delfino Dead.png Mike Delfino Shot in the chest by Donny
Karen McCluskey Dead.png Karen McCluskey Lung cancer that metastasized to the brain