Wiksteria Lane

Lucy Blackburn was Carlos Solis' ex-girlfriend.


Season 5[]

Carlos hires his ex-roommate Lucy Blackburn and Gaby is fine with it at first but grows jealous so she demands Carlos hire Lynette. Through Lucie, Lynette figures out why Gaby hired her and as long as Lynette gets her $100,000 salary she will continue to be Gaby's spy.

Meanwhile, Lucy tells everyone that until the deal closes everyone is working through lunch and on Friday nights which conflicts with Lynette's schedule as she coaches Penny's basketball team. Lucy scolds Lynette for touching her expensive figurine collection. Lynette asks Carlos if he could talk to Lucy and try to get her to tone it down as he is the President. Later, Lucy figures out it was Lynette who complained to Carlos and informs her that Friday nights are now permanent work days.

Gaby tries to get Carlos to have sex with her but he tells her that he has to go back to work or he is too tired. Later, Gaby is bored because all her friends are working so she has coffee with Tom. Gabby complains that Carlos doesn't want to have sex with her but Tom tells her guys always want to so she needs to get past the tired adult and find the horny teenager in Carlos. Gaby takes the kids to work and has Lynette watch them while she talks to Carlos. She reminds him that they are on the path of becoming their old selves. When Juanita and Celia want to play with Lucy's figurine collection, Lynette allows them to and when Lucie sees them she mistakes them for the cleaning lady's and yells at her. Carlos decides he wants a different future for the company and fire Lucy, which pleases both Gabby and Lynette.