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Maisy Gibbons
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To understand Maisy Gibbons, you first need to know how she spent her afternoons. Her mornings were spent running errands for her husband. Her evenings were spent washing dishes and helping with homework. But her afternoons, well, they were spent in the company of men. Frustrated. Misunderstood. Lonely men. Willing to pay money to feel a little less lonely. And Maisy Gibbons was willing to help them.
Mary Alice Young

Maisy Gibbons was the neighborhood alpha mom and a cross between June Cleaver and Heidi Fleiss. A bully who treated her fellow school moms like corporate minions, her real profession was turning tricks in her bedroom to help support her family.


Early Life

Maisy married prominent businessman Harold Gibbons and the two had a son and daughter together. In 2003, Harold lost his job and Maisy was forced to cancel her membership at Fairview Country Club. While talking to her friends, she realized that they pitied her and shortly after Maisy became a prostitute in order to earn some extra cash. ("The Ladies Who Lunch")

Season 1

Oh sweetie, they didn't abandon you because you're a whore. They abandoned you because you weren't all that nice to begin with.
Bree Van de Kamp

Maisy has a run in with Lynette when the two have a dispute over the ending of their local school's rendition of Little Red Riding Hood, in which Maisy felt it was too graphic for kids, where as Lynette would rather keep the original. It wasn't until Lynette began taking up more tasks behind the scenes of the production that she got a say in the play and was able to stand up against Maisy. The other mothers agreed with Lynette and in retaliation Maisy became more demanding with Lynette even threatening to take the twins out from the play. Ultimately, Maisy backs down. ("Running to Stand Still")

It is later revealed that Maisy is in fact a high-class prostitute to various married men in Fairview. One of her regular customers is Rex Van de Kamp. Rex visits Maisy to engage in S&M activities with her; a fetish he is ashamed of and refuses to tell Bree about. During one of their sessions, Rex succumbs to a heart attack and Maisy is forced to call an ambulance. Bree finds out about Rex's extramarital affair when she visits the hospital and sees Maisy's signature on Rex's admission form. Following this, Bree confronts Maisy; Maisy says that Rex still loves Bree, but he has sexual needs that he is afraid to discuss with her. ("Come Back to Me")

Soon after Maisy is publicly arrested and humiliated. Word gets out that she kept a little black book of all her clients. When Bree gets wind of this she pays a visit to Maisy in jail. Maisy however reminds Bree of how she was snubbed by her when Harold lost his job, and because of this she will not hold back Rex's name. Maisy makes her list of clients public and Bree is mortified. ("The Ladies Who Lunch")

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