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I just wanted him to stop talking.

Maria Scott is the wife of Carlos Solis' former boss, Bradley Scott. When she found out he was having an affair, she stabbed him in the back, killing him.


Season 5[]

Gabrielle invites Bradley and Maria down for dinner in order to convince Carlos to take the job. At dinner Carlos tells Bradley he wants to work with the blind - and Maria who gets drunk tells Gabrielle that her husband and his job isn't cracked out to what she thinks it is, she appears to be very mad with Bradley even saying to him she has a picture of their kids in her purse, can you name them? Bradley tries to calm her down but Maria informs him that she wants a divorce and then she leaves. ("Home is the Place")

Maria and Bradley's relationship appears to be great and back on track and they take Gabrielle and Carlos out for meal. However, the next day, Gabrielle notices Bradley walk past the shop and she rushes out to say hello, when she spots him kissing another woman. Later, Maria drops by and she and Gabrielle have drinks together, Maria tells Gabrielle that their marriage is going so well that they've even stopped going counciling. Gabrielle aware of Bradley's affair tries to convince Maria that they should still do the counciling in hope Bradley would be honest with her. Carlos over hears this and in private asks Gabrielle whats going on - Gabrielle confesses everything to him and stops him from telling Maria the truth. Later on Maria reveals to them shes pregnant and that she would love for Gabrielle and Carlos to be godparents. Gabrielle then begins to feel even more guilty. ("In a World Where the Kings Are Employers")

Gabrielle has enough of covering for Bradley and decides to go and talk to his mistress Shayla Grove and try to talk her out of the affair which is unsuccessful. Bradley then confronts Gabrielle about this and she tells him that either he can tell Maria the truth or she will. Bradley tells Gabrielle to tell Carlos that he is fired. Later on, Maria is preparing food with Bradley and talking about plans for the baby. However, Bradley tells her that they need to talk. Maria calls Carlos and Gabrielle asking them to come round when they do they find that Maria had stabbed Bradley in the back in a fit of rage. Gabrielle tries to comfort the devastated Maria while Carlos calls the police. ("Crime Doesn't Pay")

Maria is mentioned at Bradley's funeral, when Jody asks Gabrielle the details about Bradley's death. Gaby replies that isn't the moment and Jody agrees. She says they can talk after the sitting, and Gaby is disconcerted. ("The Story of Lucy and Jessie")