Wiksteria Lane

Mary Alice Young is the narrator and an occasional protagonist of Desperate Housewives, and thus her family is central to the series and its stories.

The Young family.

Family members[]

The Young family is one of the central families on Desperate Housewives. They reside at either 4352 Wisteria Lane (seasons 1-2) or 4353 Wisteria Lane (seasons 6-7). Paul Young also owned several other houses on Wisteria Lane.

Immediate family[]

  • Mary Alice Young - Formerly known as Angela Forrest. Mary Alice is the narrator of the series, who was shown committing suicide in the pilot episode.
  • Paul Young - Formerly known as Todd Forrest. Paul is Mary Alice's shady husband, who does his best to keep the secrets of the family hidden for as long as possible, and later takes on a vendetta against the people of the lane.
  • Zach Young - Formerly known as Dana Taylor. Paul and Mary Alice's adopted son, who happens to be Mike Delfino's biological child, whom they bought from his drug-addict girlfriend.

Extended family[]

Paul with his late second wife, Beth.
  • Beth Young - Paul's second wife, and his nemesis' daughter, a 30-year-old peculiar virgin who falls for her husband and is victimized by his rivalry with her mother.
  • Felicia Tilman - Beth's mother and Paul's nemesis, Felicia used to work with Angela Forrest back in Utah, and she takes it upon herself to avenge her sister's death.
  • Martha Huber - Felicia's sister and Beth's aunt, a local busybody who was murdered by Paul after blackmailing his wife and leading her to kill herself.
  • Millicent Tilman - Felicia and Martha's mother, Beth's grandmother. She died from colon cancer.
  • Mason Huber - Martha's late husband, Felicia's brother-in-law, Beth's uncle. He died before 1990.
  • Deirdre Taylor - Zach's biological mother, a drug addict who sold him to Mary Alice and Paul before overdosing.
  • Noah Taylor - Deirdre's father, a wealthy billionaire who hired Mike to solve the case of her disappearance, and was ultimately murdered by Zach.
  • Kendra Taylor - Deirdre's sister, who despises her father and was close friends with Mike.


Note: Susan's family intertwines with Mary Alice's.