Wiksteria Lane

Once a month, the crème de la crème of Fairview society would attend a semi-formal luncheon at the home of Maxine Bennett. Everyone loved these elegant get-togethers... Maxine liked to brag that she did all her own cooking, and because each course was served promptly, presented with a flair and was positively mouth-watering, Bree knew that Maxine had had some help. And sadly for Maxine, Bree intended to prove it.
Mary Alice Young

Maxine Bennett was a friend of Bree Van de Kamp. She was arrested for enslaving Xiao-Mei.


Season 2[]

During the course of one of her luncheons, attended by Bree and Tish, Bree became suspicious that Maxine could not have created such a lavish luncheon on her own. Tish insisted Bree shouldn't be so distrusting. However, Bree eventually, did not have to prove it, as the FBI raided the house and escorted Maxine to jail on slavery charges. ("Silly People")