She is a wealthy matron that is seen in seasons 4 and 5 at the Fairview Country Club. She hosts the Founders Day Awards every year. In Season 5 she has a birthday party at the club.

In Season 5 she hired Bree's company to cater her birthday party. Gabrielle and Carlos were initially invited to her party, however their invitation was revoked after Carlos started working as a massage therapist at the club and she didn't think it appropriate for her guests (all club members) to socialise with staff. It fell to Bree to tell Gabrielle who was devastated as it verified her social decent.

Despite being disinvited Gabrielle was determined to attend the party. She took Carlos in through the staff entrance and into the kitchens were they met Bree. Gabrielle reassured her that she only planned to stay at Michelle's party for 20 minutes in order for the guests to see her and to ensure she was not forgotten on the social circuit. The plan started off well, however it soon fell to pieces as Gabrielle became distracted talking another party guest and stayed longer than anticipated. Bree pulled her away and asked her to leave. Gabrielle reassured her that everything was fine as the seats her and Carlos were sitting in were free as the guests whom they were reserved for would not be attending as the wife was ill. However the husband arrived with his mother and noticed that the seats were taken. Gabrielle attempted to slip herself and Carlos out quietly but it was too late. The guest list was checked and Michelle Downing herself oversaw the physical removal of Carlos from the party by 2 waiters, whilst Gaby managed to sneak out without being seen.

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