Wiksteria Lane

Mike's Map.

Mike's Map, is a map of Wisteria Lane, with details about its residents. It was created by Mike Delfino, seen in episode two of Desperate Housewives "Ah, But Underneath"

There are some differences between Mike's map and the established version:

  • Although most house numbers are the same as otherwise stated, there are two exceptions: The Applewhite house is noted as 4354, and Bree's house is said to be 4359. These houses are shown to be 4351 and 4354 Wisteria Lane respectively, with Mike's map being the only exception.
  • The residents of the house between the houses of the Applewhite House are said to be Trent and Debra Nelson, although the Mullins is mentioned in the dialogue earlier in the same episode. This is the only time the Nelson's names has occurred in the series.
  • The resident of 4347 Wisteria Lane is not said to be Ida Greenberg - Instead there are two other names noted, but are too blurry to be read.
  • Also to be noted is that Lynette's daughter Penny is called Daisy on the map.

These discrepancies are often attributed to the fact that Mike was still estblishing his map at the time it was shown, and therefore much of the information, including the ages of the residents can only be seen as estimations on Mikes behalf and not completely factual.