Wiksteria Lane

Some of you, as you came by to hug me today, you said that he's in a better place. And you know what, I realize now he is. He is in a diner eating cheeseburgers with his family. And he's fishing at a waterfall. And he's watching football with his son, yelling like a maniac...
Susan Delfino

Michael "Mike" Delfino was one of the protagonists and titular husbands of Desperate Housewives. Introduced as the new neighbor in Season 1 of the ("Pilot"), Mike moves to 4356 Wisteria Lane from Los Angeles shortly before Mary Alice's suicide in 2004, and one year after his late wife, Amy's death. Mike rents the Simms's house, and works as a plumber, and is also hired by Deidre’s father, Noah Taylor to investigate the Lane and its neighbors hoping to find out what happened to his missing daughter. Deidre was at one time in a relationship with Mike, but he left her and married another woman. Deidre later found out she was pregnant with his baby, but gave birth without ever telling Mike about their son. In Fairview, he soon meets Susan Mayer and they subsequently fall in love. They later get married and have a son, MJ Delfino, together. However, after helping one of his neighbors, Mike's life is tragically ended when he is shot by a loan shark.


Early Life[]

When Mike was young, his father, Nick Delfino, used to beat his mother, Adele, and Mike felt bad as he couldn't do anything to help her, thus giving Mike a need to protect people in the future ("You Take for Granted"). When Mike was a teenager he was popular, however, his father was arrested for murdering his boss and sent to serve a life-sentence, destroying Mike's popularity. ("Now I Know, Don't Be Scared")

Mike soon began to date a girl named Deirdre Taylor, a drug addict whom he loved very much. Mike also sold drugs to support himself. A rogue cop once tried to rape Deirdre, but Mike defended her by throwing the cop off the balcony by killing him. He was sent to jail for five years for manslaughter and drug dealing. Deirdre was left pregnant with a child she named "Dana". Later, Deirdre sold her baby to Angela and Todd Forrest for drug money. The two of them took the baby to Wisteria Lane and Deirdre came back for it four years later. To stop her from taking the baby, Angela (Mary Alice) stabbed Deirdre and buried her under their pool.("Impossible"/"Sunday in the Park with George"/"One Wonderful Day")

Mike was sent to Wisteria Lane by Noah Taylor, Deirdre’s father, to investigate the lane and its neighbors, in search of what happened to his daughter. ("Pilot") Mike had been previously married, and started renting the Simms’ house on 4356 Wisteria Lane, one year after his wife’s death, and shortly prior to Mary Alice’s suicide in 2004. Mike moved to Fairview from Los Angeles, and although he wanted to stay in L.A., the memories of his wife proved to be too much for him, and Noah, who was terminally ill, had asked him to find information about Deirdre so that he would die knowing what happened to his daughter. Mike moved to Wisteria Lane a long with his late wife’s German Shepard, Bongo. During her last living days, while in the hospital, she asked Mike to take good care of him.

Season 1[]

Every time we went out for pizza, you could have said, "Oh, and by the way, I once killed a man.". Or when you said, "Hey, let's go jogging!" you could have said, "Wow, by the way, I once killed a man.". Every time we went to the movies and the hero shot the bad guy, you could have turned to me and said, "Oh, by the way, I did that once.", but you didn't!
Susan Mayer

Mike moves to Wisteria Lane from Los Angeles, and in the ("Pilot") he is first seen while at the wake, in the now former home of Mary Alice Young. While he is there, he is stopped from loading macaroni and cheese on his plate by Susan Mayer, and he refuses to believe that she screwed it up, and tastes it anyway. Susan helps Mike spit out the food and he says it tastes like it's "burned and undercooked". They introduce one another and he tells her that he just started renting the Simms's house, and works as a plumber. He tells Susan that Mrs. Huber told him that she was a children books' illustrator, which she confirmed. Julie Mayer (Susan's daughter), notices them flirting at Mary Alice's wake, so the morning after she "accidentally" kicks her soccer ball into Mike's backyard, trying to get information about him for her mother. Julie goes back home and tells her mom that Mike said that his wife died a year ago, and he wanted to stay in Los Angeles but couldn't because there were too many memories. He also told her that he was renting for tax purposes and that he hopes to buy a place real soon. Susan was amused that Julie orchestrated the whole thing just to get more information about him, and she explained to her that she noticed they were flirting at the wake and thinks she should ask him out since he's single, and Susan has already been divorced from Karl for a year. Julie asks her how long has it been since she has had sex? She also tells her that she overheard her dad, and his girlfriend, Brandi, laughing about the fact that they had not seen her with a man since their divorce. Susan gets upset, and storms out to take a small plant over to Mike as a housewarming gift, as an excuse to flirt with the hunky, eligible bachelor. It is then that Edie Britt walks up with a plate of Sausage Puttanesca for Mike, to welcome him on Wisteria Lane. Mike tells Susan and Edie that he would invite them both in, but he is in the middle of something. The ladies excuse themselves and they both realize that the contest for Mike is on. As the ladies walk away, Edie tells Mike that she heard he is a plumber, and asks him if he could come over later tonight to take a look at her pipes, to which he says "sure". Later that night, Susan is at home talking to Julie about Mike as she is putting together a trojan horse for a school project made out of popsicle sticks. After working up the courage to walk over to Mike's house to invite him over for dinner, Susan goes to his house only to discover that Edie is already there. Edie joins Mike at his front door, and Susan blurts out that she has a clog, to which Mike tells her he will grab his tools and be right over. Susan panics and runs home, ending up stuffing the kitchen drain with Julie, using her trojan horse, peanut butter, and hair from their brushes. Mike goes over Susan's house and retrieves the popsicle sticks from the sink pipe, to which Susan blames Julie. One week later, Mike walks up to Susan, who is standing with neighbors in front of Edie's burning house, asking her what happened. That is when Susan realizes that Edie wasn't with Mike that night. Mike then goes inside his house makes a mysterious telephone call to an unnamed man, and tells him that he hasn't found anything yet but is getting closer, and places a gun on his table while overlooking at the activity going on, on the Lane.

In the Second Episode, ("Ah, But Underneath") Susan can't sleep at night, and goes downstairs for a glass of water and sees Mike walking his dog Bongo, out from her kitchen window. She admires him, while Julie tells her that if she wants to date him she will have to ask him out, and Susan says that she has been hoping he will ask her out instead. In the morning, Mike is out walking his dog right by Susan's house, and she rolls out of bed and goes outside to put out her garbage wearing a robe, and slippers, not realizing Mike was out there. He sees her and says hello, and she is embarrassed for how she is dressed, and Bongo starts barking at her. Mike tells her that Bongo scares easy, and apologizes, while Susan blurts out if he would like to have dinner with her. Mike asks her if it's a date, and she says she will bring Julie because they have a tradition where they throw dinners for new neighbors. He tells her he remembers her saying she was a lousy cook, and she tells him that they order takeout, so Mike makes a compromise and says that her and Julie can come over to his house Friday night at six, and he'll cook instead. That afternoon, Mike was unloading his groceries for Friday's dinner, and Susan sees him and runs up to ask him what they will be eating for dinner. As they're chatting, Edie drives by, and Mike asks her about her burnt house, and she discovers about the "traditional' dinner, to which Mike feels bad when she tells him she has been eating nothing but fast food lately, and Susan is forced to feel like having to invite Edie over for the dinner too. Friday night, Susan shows up at Mike's house at five, as suggested by Gabrielle, but Edie is already there. Bongo starts barking at Susan when she steps on the front porch, and Mike and Edie come to the door, with Edie telling Susan not to worry because dogs are very sensitive and Bongo starts playing with Edie. While at the dinner table, Bongo jumps on the table and Mike tells him to get down. As Susan and Mike are talking, Edie realizes that they are flirting so she brings up the fact that Susan is divorced and that she always thought her and Karl were perfect for each other. Julie takes a stab at the numerous men she has seen Edie with, and Edie tries to change the subject by telling Mike him that while he was in the kitchen she had taught Bongo a trick, and shows it to them, leaving Mike impressed. Susan gets up to go get dessert and puts gravy behind her ear to attract Bongo, but he ends up chocking on her earring and is rushed to the vet by Mike. He reveals to Susan, who visits him at the vet's office, that Bongo was his wife's before she died and Susan realizes that Mike is still in love with her and decides to ease up on the competition with Edie for a while. The vet tells him Bongo will not need surgery. While Edie is back at Mike's home cleaning up his kitchen from the dinner, there is a pile of monies, a gun, and a drawn up map with pictures, names, ages, addresses, and the year of arrival of the residents of Wisteria Lane, shown inside one of his cabinets.

In the Third Episode, ("Pretty Little Picture"), Susan realizes the dinner Mary Alice had organized for October 16th, 2004 was coming up, and goes to her friends' homes to discuss whether they should still have the dinner. The girls are outside Lynette's house discussing the dinner, and Mike jogs by and stops to wave at Susan. Karl goes over Susan's house to tell her he will be going away for the weekend, and they get into an argument over a can that Brandi threw, missing the garbage can. Susan gets upset and kicks the can, almost hitting Mike who was standing nearby and saw the whole thing happen. The following day, Susan realizes all she wants is an apology from Karl so she leaves him a voicemail asking him to stop by. Karl comes over Susan's house and they get into an argument after she runs after him wearing just a towel. Karl drives away not realizing Susan's towel was caught in the car door, and it falls off of her. Susan tries to run back inside her home and realizes she is locked out, so she attempts to climb back inside, and falls in her bushes while naked. Mike walks by, and sees her in the bushes, and tells her he received her messages about her invite for the dinner in Mary Alice's honor and that he would love to go as her date. Later, as she is walking with him over to Bree's house for the dinner, she thanks him for helping her break in her house, and whether it will be hard to replace the screen. at the dinner party, as the tension is high, Mike and Susan tell that story to break the ice which gets the others swapping embarrassing moments and for Bree to reveal a little too much. As Susan and Mike leave Bree's house, she tells him that she is having a hard time getting over the way Karl has been treating her lately, and he tells her to look at previous marriage as a "start-up" marriage.

In the Fourth Episode, ("Who's That Woman?"), Mike is first seen working shirtless, on his front lawn, as Susan is admiring him from her kitchen window. Julie notices Edie washing her car outside, and points her to her mother, who says she has just washed her car yesterday. Julie gives her mother a piece of Mike's junk mail she held on to in case of an emergency, giving her the perfect excuse to break his trance from watching Edie wash her car. Mike grabs his mail from her, and asks Susan if she likes old movies, and they start chatting. Edie goes back in Mrs. Huber's house, upset that Susan was flirting with Mike, and Mrs. Huber realizes Susan likes Mike, and pieces together what must have happened with Susan's measuring cup and how it ended up in the ruins of Edie's burnt home. Mrs. Huber runs into Susan at the supermarket, after offering her a mincemeat pie the night before. While at the supermarket, Mrs. Huber goes up to Susan and ask her if she and Mike came together since she saw him in the fresh produce isle, but Susan tells her that they're just friends, even after Mike sees her and Mrs. Huber, and asks her out to a Hitchcock movie. Susan turns Mike down in front of Mrs. Huber because she had just told her they were friends, and Mrs. Huber then starts blackmailing Susan by confronting her with the measuring cup. Mrs. Huber lifts the grocery bar at the cash register and


Mike asks Susan out in front of Martha Huber

makes Susan pay for her groceries, telling her that Edie's insurance company is putting her through hell, and the longer it takes, the longer Edie will be at her home, using up all the utilities for free. The next day, Susan and Julie organized a break-in to get their measuring cup back from Martha's house. They throw each other a frisbee, and Susan throws it in the back of Mrs. Huber's house. After Julie ran in her backyard to break in Mrs. Huber's house, Susan waits for her in front of her home, and Mike is jogging by who stops to talk to her. Mike tells her he's happy he re ran into her because he wants to makes sure things are okay between them, since she seemed kind of distant the other day, and asked her whether she was mad at him for some reason. Susan told him she was not mad at all, so Mike tells her he will take one more shot at it, and tells her he has tickets to a Billy Wielder retrospective for Wednesday night, and would love to take her with him. Edie, comes home early and Susan ends up feeling bad for her, and invites her to the Billy Wider event. Mike tells Susan that it's a limited engagement, and he only has two tickets. Edie gets upset, and walks away, and Susan feels bad, offering her the ticket, which leaves Mike no choice but to go with Edie. Edie asks Mike if that is okay with him, and he says "sure", and she asks him what time will he be picking her up. As Mike and Edie chat indistinctly, Julie comes out of Mrs. Huber's backyard with their burnt measuring cup and frisbee, to which Susan is relieved about.

In the Fifth Episode, ("Come in, Stranger"), Mike is first seen at the neighborhood watch held after Alberta Frome's break-in. Susan turns and Mike, and smiles at him, but he just casually nods at her. At the end of the meeting Susan goes up to the police officer, Thompson, and tells him that she discovered the break-in, and might even have some evidence. She hands him a screwdriver that's inside a zip-lock bag, and she tells him she never touched it. Mike can be seen carefully watching this interaction, and keeping a close, keen-eye on the two. He looks a bit nervous when he overhears Susan asking the cop if he thinks the screwdriver is worth dusting for fingerprints. The next day Susan sees Mike unloading his truck and goes up to him and asks if he remembers the cop from the Neighborhood Watch Meeting. She tells him that she asked the cop to run a fingerprint check on the screwdriver she found at Mrs. Frome's, and that the weird thing was that he asked her out on a date, and she told him yes. She wanted to know what Mike thought about that, and he asked her if she was asking for his permission to go out with him. Susan said she just wanted to know his opinion, and Mike told her he didn't really have one. When she started walking away, he apologized and said that his life was really complicated at the moment, and she walked away. Mike grabs a toolbox off a shelf, and there are screwdrivers hanging on his garage's wall that match the one Susan found in Mrs. Frome's house, with one screwdriver missing. Later, Mike is seen meeting up with an old man at a park bench, who asks Mike why does he have a face on. Mike tells him he screwed up, and left his screwdriver in Mrs. Frome's house the night he broke into her home, and almost got caught. The old man asked him why did he not wear gloves, and Mike told him he didn't think it mattered to wear them in the suburbs. Mike tells the old man that the police are running a check and he's in the system, and has to pull up stakes before they come looking for him. The old man tells Mike that if, and when his cover is blown, he can disappear, but until then "keep fixing the neighbors' pipes". Mike tells him that he believes they're making a mistake because the neighbors are nice people, and the old man tells him that his "money says one of them isn't."

Later Mike goes to pick Susan up from the bad side of town, where there are prostitutes who can be seen working in corners, and she tells him she was on a date with the cop, and left him after she found the screwdriver she had given him, in his trunk. The cop told Susan that the screwdriver wasn't worth a lab test, and didn't tell her so that they could still go on the date. Susan felt lied to and called Julie to send someone to pick her up. When Mike shows up, he's relieved when he learns that the cop will not be able to test out the screwdriver. When Mike drops Susan off, he tells her he knows she is mad at him because he didn't stop her from going out with the cop, and she tells him that she's mostly mad at herself. She tells him she's mad that she likes him so much without not really knowing anything about him. Mike leans in, and they share their first kiss.

In the Seventh Episode, ("Guilty"), Susan and Mike have finally arranged their first date but Mike's friend, Kendra Taylor, visits him and asks him how his mission is going, he is forced to turn Susan down. He later assures her that Kendra is just an old friend and that nothing is going on between them. ("Anything You Can Do") Susan is over at Mike's house and discovers the gun and the cash in his cupboard. Later, Susan collects the gun and money to investigate and ends up falling through the upstairs floor. Mike sees her legs dangling from the ceiling and goes upstairs to help her, he lifts her out and then sees his money in the sink, he says that the money is for emergencies and the gun is for protection before coldly asking her to leave. He later shows up at her house and the two have sex.

Susan and Mike's plans for romance are constantly thwarted as Julie sabotages their plans for a romantic weekend as she is harboring Zach Young in her room. Susan makes the room romantic and suspects someone else is in the house, she grabs a thigh-master and hits Mike around the head with it before Zach steps out. Susan is mad at Julie who defends herself. Mike tells Susan that she can lean on him from now on. ("Come Back to Me")

Mike meets Karl when he invites himself in to Susan's home, Mike leaves to give them privacy. Mike says he loves Susan and she says she is not ready to say it back, he understands due to her still having feelings for Karl, Susan makes it clear that she loathes Karl. Mike is at Julie's party with Susan, Edie and Karl, Mike wants Susan to sing and she agrees, Edie then, when Mike is selecting the song, reveals that she was one of Karl's affairs. Susan, when singing New York, New York, begins to add in her own lyrics, calling Karl an ass and yelling at him. Karl later tells Susan he still loves her and she realizes that she is over him and loves Mike too. Paul, who murdered Martha, plants some of her bloody jewelry in Mike's garage. ("Move On") Mike is working on Edie's house's construction and makes out with Susan in front of her making her jealous. ("Every Day a Little Death")

Mike breaks into a woman's house and is shot in the stomach, to avoid suspicion, he still goes out on his romantic valentine's date with Susan. Whilst on the date, he is still recovering and begins to bleed, he stands up and collapses and Susan takes him to hospital. He lies and tells her that he was cleaning his gun and accidentally shot himself. Lynette gives Susan Martha's jewelry that the twins found in Mike's garage. ("Love is in the Air")

The girls suggests turning Mike in to the police and do it, later, he talks to Susan and is arrested. Susan later provides an alibi, realizing that the night Martha died was the night she and Mike had sex for the first time, Mike is let go. She is later taken for questioning and given Mike's rap sheet revealing that he was imprisoned for five and a half years for drug dealing and manslaughter, Susan breaks up with Mike. ("Impossible") Mike meets with Noah Taylor at a diner and admits that he broke into a woman's house and got shot and that he didn't kill Martha. He later sees Susan crawling out of Paul's house and talks to her, she argues with him and wonders why he never told her he killed a man, she says she will never trust him again before he kisses her. ("The Ladies Who Lunch")

Mike gives a letter to Susan that, allegedly, explains the entire murder situation, however, after contemplating it, Susan gives the letter back to Mike, unread. ("There Won't Be Trumpets") Susan's mother, Sophie Bremmer, comes to visit, she is just as klutz as Susan is and Mike tells Susan that every question he had about her was just answered. ("Children Will Listen")

Mike meets with Noah Taylor and learns that Deirdre was killed 15 years before, and her body was found, chopped to bits, in a toy chest. Noah asks Mike to meet with Detective Sullivan and the latter gives him a file on Deirdre's case, but not before beating him up. Mike reads it and finds Paul Young's name among the buyers of the toy chest. Also, Sophie meets with him to tell him Susan still loves him. ("Live Alone and Like It")

Mike overhears Paul Young consulting with Edie Britt, in order to know why exactly she was at his house some time before. Edie tells him it was all Susan's idea, and Mike later tells Susan to keep her distance from Paul as he knows he is a dangerous man. ("Fear No More") Kendra expresses her thoughts that the investigation to find out what happened to Deidre is pointless now, Mike and Noah refuse to give up. Kendra, secretly, tells Susan tha Mike murdering the cop was completely out of self-defense and Susan goes back to him. ("Sunday in the Park with George")

Mike and Susan are now officially back together and Mike suggests that they move in together, she is delighted and brags to the girls. Felicia gives Mike Martha's diary and tells him that Paul will be in the ball park on Thursday night. Mike shows up there, knocks Paul out and drags him away. ("Goodbye for Now")

Mike takes Paul into the dessert to kill him, he has a gun and takes him in there via having Paul's hands tied. Paul soon gets tired and falls to the floor, Mike says that he can do it there and Paul wants a chance to explain, Mike reveals that he dated Deidre and Paul reveals that she was pregnant, meaning that Mike is Zach's father. Paul tells the story of how he and Mary Alice bought Zach from her and moved to Fairview, three years later, Deidre arrived and wanted Zach back, Mary Alice refused and when Deidre ran at her, Mary Alice stabbed her, they chopped her up, stuffed her in a toy chest and burried her under the pool. Mike leaves Paul in the dessert to find his own way home. He arrives in the driveway, unaware that in his house, Zach is holding Susan at gunpoint waiting to kill Mike for taking his father, Mike enters his house, unaware... ("One Wonderful Day")

Season 2[]

I screwed up, okay?! I want to fix it! Please let me fix it! Tell me how to fix it!
Susan Mayer

Mike gets through the door to see Susan at gunpoint with Zach at the other end, Susan manages to snatch the gun from Zach and holds him there before being jumped on by Bongo and accidentally firing the gun out of the window, smashing the bottle of Ida Greenberg, Zach takes advantage of the ruckus to escape. When Susan is in the hospital, Julie overhears Mike tell the police that he does not wish to press charges against Zach and Susan confronts him about this, they are called by the police station who say they've found Zach's body, it turns out, however, it is not the right person. Mike admits to Susan that Zach is his son. Susan decides that Mike will want to build a relationship with Zach and she cannot have him around Julie so she decides that her and Mike should break up. ("Next")

Mike goes over to Susan's house, saying that she still has his pants, due to the moving in that never proceeded, she says she knows and lets him retrieve them. Mike wonders where he and Susan are now, Susan suggests that they keep their relationship casual. She kisses him and cuts it off and the two decide to go out for a casual brunch. ("You Could Drive a Person Crazy")

Mike catches up with Susan as she is heading to Edie's house, thanks to Edie and Karl's budding relationship, to pick up Julie, Susan is worried what might be happening, but, when they hear singing, Mike tells her that it doesn't sound like they're having an orgy in there. They arrive at the door and see that Karl is recording Edie and Julie sing together and Mike tells Susan that they obviously saw them coming. Mike visits Felicia Tilman who has arrived home after being attacked by Zach, he asks her if she has any news on Zach but she says that since he beat her with a hockey stick, they lost touch, she expresses that she will be moving as she recovers. ("You'll Never Get Away from Me")

Susan wants to rediscover the spark in her and Mike's relationship and the two go to the park to hand out flyers for Zach to see if anyone had seen him, as Mike and Susan split up, he continues to be unlucky but Susan finds Zach and pays him to go to Utah to find his father, Zach does so and Susan lies, telling Mike she was, too, unfortunate in her search. ("My Heart Belongs to Daddy") Susan finds out that her long-time agent, Lonny Moon, committed fraud and Julie and Mike try to convince her to drop the guy. She later finds out that he embezzled money from her and fires him. ("They Asked Me Why I Believe in You")

Paul Young returns and Susan is distraught, accusing him of being a murderer, they whole neighborhood, and the police, march over to Mike's house for the proof that Paul killed Martha, as he still has her diaries, however, he denies possession of them. Mike confronts Paul on his reasons for returning after Paul finds a missing persons flier for Zach and finds his whereabouts from Susan, Paul tells Mike that Susan sent Zach to Utah. Mike confronts Susan about this and she does not deny it, he walks from her home, mad, and she chases him out, in her mother's wedding dress, screaming and pleading for him not to leave, Mike drives away as the whole neighborhood sees Susan crying in the middle of the street. ("I Wish I Could Forget You")

Susan collects the last of her things from Mike's house as the two have officially broken up. ("Color and Light") Susan asks Mike if he will be attending her mother's wedding, he tells her he won't and she tries to get him to reconsider. She later tells him of her father who died in a battle as a merchant marine, however, Mike tells her that merchant marines didn't battle and that the battle she mentioned didn't take place at the right time, this forces Susan to confront her mother about her father. ("The Sun Won't Set")

Zach returns to Wisteria Lane to his father, Paul, after searching for him in Utah. Paul later knocks on Mike's door and tells him to leave Zach alone, Mike tells Paul that he has no intention to keep quiet when he sees a 'For Sale' sign outside his house, he says he will call the police if they move and tell them about Martha, Paul warns Mike and leaves. ("Coming Home") Susan discovers that Zach Young has returned and tells Mike who reveals that he already knows. Julie comes up with the perfect plan for Zach and Mike to bond: bowling. Susan and Julie took Zach to the bowling alley and Mike "just happened" to be there too, out of the eye of Paul. Mike and Zach bond whilst bowling, however, later, when Zach is sleeping, Paul finds a list of bowling scores in his wastebasket. He confronts Mike and the two begin a fist fight, Susan drives past and is distracted causing her to mildly crash her car. ("One More Kiss")

Mike visits Noah Taylor who is hospitalized and on bedrest in his house, Noah wonders why Mike hasn't been visiting him and Mike lies, saying he has been there every Sunday. He tells Noah that a guy named Todd Forrest murdered Deirdre, Mike lies and says he killed him. Noah is relieved and asks if he will be getting another visit, Mike jokingly asks if there will be an open casket. ("We're Gonna Be All Right") Noah discovers that he has a grandson and gets Mike who comes to visit him, Noah asks him to bring Zach to him within two days or Detective Sullivan will do it for him. ("Silly People")

Mike warns Paul and Zach of Detective Sullivan and tells them to leave town, Paul warns Mike that if they leave, it will be permanent. Zach listens and is happy to learn that Mike is his real father. ("Thank You So Much") Paul is arrested and beaten up in a police van. Felicia returns and, as Mike does, wants to help Zach, Mike breaks the news that Paul is dead, however, it is revealed he is alive and fought off the prisoners himself. Zach agrees to meet Noah and Mike warns Noah that if he wants to grow closer to Zach, he must not kill Paul, Zach only agrees to see him if his father's safety is insured. ("There is No Other Way")

When Susan receives her operation from Dr. Ron to fix her wandering spleen. she confesses that she still loves Mike when under the influence of anesthesia. Her and Ron's relationship is awkward after then but she professes that she knows no Mike (despite the fact that everyone knows a Mike). Ron goes to Mike's, only knowing his last name, and asks him to come fix a pipe, Mike asks him to call him by his first name and Ron realizes who he is, Susan's love. Susan falls in her wheelchair, and, due to the positioning, it looks like Ron pushed her Mike runs across the street in her aid. He threatens Ron never to hurt her and Ron shoves him. The fight is broken up and, later, Mike tries to patch things up with Susan who rejects him as she is still angered by their break-up. ("Could I Leave You?")

Felicia Tilman knocks on Mike's door to make him see something: Paul Young, socializing with a neighbor. A woman she once told that her sister had been murdered by Paul. Felicia is shocked to see that people can get over sordid truths so quickly, and Mike reveals to her that he has let go of his anger, even despite Deirdre's death. Felicia says she hasn't let go of hers... ("Everybody Says Don't")

Mike goes to the movies with a date and Susan sees him so she sits next to a random man (Orson Hodge) and pretends to be on a date with him. Orson plays along with this. ("Don't Look at Me") Edie hires a private investigator, Weston, who hides in the bushes, taking pictures of Susan, Mike spots him and, after he insults Susan, Mike punches him in the face. Mike warns Susan about Weston and his mission. Mike paid Weston off and tells Susan of this. While Susan is at Mike's, Edie has a watering can full of kerosene (after finding out about the secret marriage of Karl and Susan) and takes it to Susan's house before setting it on fire. Susan is chatting to Mike when she notices in horror. ("I Know Things Now") Susan pays Mike a visit to ask him for advice on wearing a wire so she can catch Edie in a confession, Mike helps her ut the plan fails when Edie sees the wire and retrieves it in a struggle. ("No One is Alone")

Susan is living in a trailer with Julie outside of her, home, Mike plans to propose to her. Later, at a dentists appointment with Orson, Mike begins to recognize him from somewhere, Orson begins to worry. Susan waits outside her decorated trailer for Mike to show up for their date, knowing she will receive a proposal, however, as Mike is on his way, he is hit by a car and left for dead, a car purposely driven at him by Orson... ("Remember, Part 1"\"Remember, Part 2")

Season 3[]

So, what I need is...I need to know if it's okay with you if I go out with him. Because if it's not, I won't. In fact, I'd like nothing better for you to just wake up right now and tell me not to go out with him. So, wake up, tell me! Wake up, please!
Susan Mayer

Due to the accident, Mike is left comatose with Susan constantly visiting and taking care of him. He has been in it for six months now and Susan has been told that Mike may never wake up. Susan meets Ian Hainsworth, whose wife is also in a coma, and goes on a date with him. She asks Mike, in his unconscious state, for his permission and asks him to wake up, he doesn't and she says that it really is just dinner. ("Listen to the Rain on the Roof")

Susan is reading a magazine at Mike's bedside as Ian comes in to apologies for their first date, Susan covers Mike's ears and says "Not in front of Mike!" and her and Ian take it outside. ("It Takes Two") Susan goes to the country with Ian. Edie visits Mike in the hospital and apologizes for not coming to visit so much as she eats his chocolates, she came to get her CD player and as she is leaving, she turns around to say something and realizes that Mike's eyes are open and he has awakened from his coma. ("A Weekend in the Country")

The news of Mike's awakening spreads like wild fire, and soon enough Susan learns that her lover is lively again. However, she guilts herself over being in Ian's arms all the while, rather than by Mike's side. Susan makes her way to the hospital, but in the process Edie has spent her time brainwashing Mike into believing Susan to be a terrible girlfriend due to the fact that he has forgotten all of the last two years of his life. This leads Mike to want some distance from Susan. ("Like It Was")

Susan attempts to jog Mike's memory by playing "Car Wash" which was "their song" in his room, he does not remember anything. Susan tries to bring Mike her infamous macaroni and cheese the next day and she finds out that Edie has been visiting Mike every day since he woke up, telling people that she is his girlfriend. Susan is removed from the hospital. Susan later kidnaps Mike from the hospital in his wheelchair and takes him to Wisteria Lane to try and jog his memory, he still does not remember anything until Susan stubs her toe and he realizes that she was klutz all the time, she then asks what she was doing with Ian and she explains that the doctors told her that he may never wake up, the people at the hospital show up and Mike asks to be taken back, Edie reveals her intentions to steal him from Susan. ("Nice She Ain't")

Edie tells Mike some fake sap story about the relationship they had before his coma, how he never paid attention to her and that she would really appreciate it if he just looked at her, Mike fell for this and when Susan walks in on the two of them having sex, she is frantic and leaves, distraught. Mike is visited by a couple of detectives who are investigating the murder of Monique Polier. Mike looks at a drawing of the woman and does not recognize her, they begin to get suspicious as he once killed a cop, Mike is angry and promptly asks them to leave. Later, Edie is wearing a sexy dress for Mike and he has a flash of Monique Polier and he confesses that he thinks he may have knew her. ("Sweetheart, I Have to Confess")

Mike is discharged from the hospital and returns home with Edie. Mike is the main suspect in Monique's murder and Detective Ridley gets a warrant to search Mike's house. He cannot find Mike's toolbox, which he is looking for, so leaves. Later, Mrs. McCluskey stops by to return Mike's toolbox to him, she says that he should clean his wrench as it has something strange on it. ("Children and Art")

Carlos asks Mike if he can stay with him for a couple of months as he was his "best friend". Mike isn't sure whether or not he killed Monique. He invites Tom over with Carlos and him to watch the game and asks them if he ever got violent, they say he very much kept himself to himself and no one really knew him all that well. Mike takes the toolbox to the woods and begins to dig when a torch shines on his face, Detective Ridley catches him. ("Beautiful Girls")

Mike is arrested for Monique's murder, and, while he is in jail, Edie breaks up with him as she isn't happy, leaving him without bail or money for lawyers. Susan visits Mike and promises to get him a lawyer. Ian is mad and tells Susan that he will pay for the very best of lawyers for Mike if she promises not to see him again. ("The Miracle Song") Susan visits Mike in prison again and he tells her that he no longer believes Edie's lies about her as she has got him a new lawyer. She tells him that Ian does not want them to see each other anymore and leaves after saying goodbye. Mike tells his story to a couple of prisoners who don't believe it, Paul Young then turns around to Mike, Mike not knowing who he is, and tells him, "I believe you." ("No Fits, No Fights, No Feuds")

Mike is attacked in prison by a couple of inmates and is rescued by Paul who beats them off of him. Mike thanks Paul. Mike is later warned by a prison guard not to trust Paul as he saw him paying off the attackers. ("Not While I'm Around") Susan introduces Mike to his new, expensive, lawyer. Susan asks Gabrielle to go on a date with Zach to persuade him to pay bail for Mike. Mike confronts Paul about paying off his attacker and Paul tells Mike about Zach being his biological son. Mike's bail is paid and he arrives home with Zach on his doorstep, Mike thanks him and asks him a favor for his father, to visit him in jail, to which Zach obliges. ("Come Play Wiz Me")

Mike visits a hypnotherapist to uncover his memories, he is close to remembering his relationship with Monique. He remembers her being a customer, and, that when he returned, the real murder put their hand on the counter and was wearing a pair of marigolds. He does not remember the face of the person. Mike later remembers that the mystery character was Orson and confronts him in the parking lot of the hospital, Mike tries to attack Orson who gets onto the ledge on the edge of the roof and begins to loose his balance, Orson falls... ("I Remember That")

It is seen that Orson framed Mike for the murder by handing him back the wrench that Gloria used to kill Monique. Orson survives his fall off the roof and due to Alma beiong blamed for the murder after her death, Mike is freed from the investigation and all charges against him are dropped. ("The Little Things You Do Together")

Mike returns the engagement ring that he had planned to give to Susan the night of his accident. A poker game is held with Tom, Carlos, Ian, Mike and Orson in the pizzeria. Ian offers a new stake saying that if he wins the next round, then Mike never can never tell Susan a word, but if Mike wins, then he can tell Susan what he likes about Ian. Ian wins the hand. ("My Husband, the Pig")

Ian becomes paranoid that Mike is stalking he and Susan when he runs into him yet again, at a market, Mike tells him that it is a small town and that Ian should move to the city if he's sick of seeing the same people. Later, Susan swerves to avoid a deer and the car, containing her and Ian, flips into a lake, they escape but cannot reach shore as Ian cannot swim, Mike is nearby and rescues them, and their cheese and tells Ian that it's a good thing he was following them. Susan agrees to move to London with Ian until he gets paranoid when he sees a thank you gift for Mike for saving them, Susan realizes that he only wants to move to get away from Mike and decides that they go no where and that if Mike comes up again, they are through. She later visits Mike to deliver the present and the two kiss, leaving Susan confused. ("Liaisons")

Ian wants to invite Mike to dinner to prove he is no longer jealous, Susan rushes to Mike and begs him to decline. However, he accepts. Susan also invites her wedding planner to try and set her up with Mike. When there, the planner presents Susan with two cakes, one that is classic, British and elegant and one that is down to Earth, American and sweet, Susan sees this as a metaphor for Mike and Ian and flips out, confused (like the people around her). The deal that Mike and Ian made at poker comes out and Susan is so distraught that she calls off the wedding and throws them both out for betting her. ("God, That's Good")

Mike tells Ian to give it up as he keeps ringing Susan's door bell, he says it is getting sad. Mike and Ian prepare to fight when Julie opens the door and asks them to leave after Susan tells her to do so. Susan tells Mike that she has decided to marry Ian, he is saddened. Mike leaves Susan a message saying a romantic goodbye on her machine. Susan listens to it over and over again and doesn't see Ian behind her who tells her that he is returning to England. ("Gossip")

Mike goes hiking in the woods to get over being dumped by Susan, however, Susan, to surprise Mike, goes to the wood to find him and get back together with him. Mike hears from the office of a clumsy woman who has got lost hiking and he asks for the name, knowing who it is. He goes back into the woods to find Susan, he eventually does find her, depressed, under a tree, picks her up and takes her home. ("Into the Woods")

Susan and Mike are now officially back together and it has been a year s


Mike and Susan marry the first time. ("Getting Married Today")

Once the night that Mike planned to propose, he does and the two become engaged. They share the news with their neighbors and Susan goes around un-cancelling her and Ian's wedding so she can have it with Mike, she is unhappy to find out that Gaby stole a lot of her wedding. ("What Would We Do Without You?")

Susan continues to plan a very expensive wedding and Mike is working overtime, Susan is worried when he gies out to work in the middle of the night. Later, he is called by Julie who is pretending to be a customer and arrives in the woods where he is presented with a suit and led to a section of woods filled with beautiful decorations and Chinese lanterns, Susan, Julie and a minister are there and they have a wedding, Susan proves to Mike that she doesn't need a fancy wedding as long as she has Mike. The two become a happy couple. ("Getting Married Today")

Season 4[]

One day in the early fall, Mike Delfino hurt his shoulder. To ease his pain, he took a little white pill recommended by his doctor. The pain persisted, so he took another, and another. Unfortunately, when Mike's pain began to subside, his need for the little white pills did not. But Mike never shared this with those who cared about him, only with those who could not have cared less...
Mary Alice Young

Mike and Susan are now officially married and a month goes past happily. Susan gives Mike a "One-Month Anniversary" card and asks him if he's happy, he tells her that he's never been happier. Susan is told that she may be going through menopause and asks Mike whether or not he wants kids, he, not knowing the situation, says that he doesn't causing her upset. Susan later tells him what's going on and asks him if he still wants to be married to an old crone. He says that he doesn't need kids and calms her down. Later, Adam announces that he was wrong and that she is not going through menopause, however, she is pregnant, Mike and Susan are very happy. ("Now You Know")

Julie wants to go to a party and Susan says that it is fine, however, Mike (once he finds out where it is being thrown) says that she shouldn't because those parties are always crazy. Susan is torn between Julie and Mike but agrees with Mike. Later, Susan tells Julie that she can go to the party as long as Mike doesn't find out. Later, Mike and Susan are in bed and he tells her that it is a good thing that Julie isn't at the party as he drove by there and it is worse than usual, Susan then marches down to the party to retrieve Julie and then Mike is waiting at home, realizing that Susan did this behind his back. Mike and Susan make up and Julie agrees to listen to Mike from time to time. ("Smiles of a Summer Night")

Susan decides to throw a charades party and asks Bree for the number of her ob-gyn, Bree gives her a random number and the place is awful. Mike is in attendance of the charades party. ("The Game") New neighbors arrive on Wisteria Lane, Bob Hunter and his partner, Lee McDermott. Susan desperately tries to make friends with them but keeps on making their relationship worse, later, Julie brings in their dog, Raphael, and Susan puts him in the garage so, when they cannot find him, she'll look like a hero. Mike returns home and opens the garage, Raphael runs out, covered in yellow paint and jumps all over Bob's suit. Mike is made to work more to pay off the suit and is extremely angry with Susan. ("If There's Anything I Can't Stand") Bob and Lee get a new fountain, and, because of it, Mike is unable to sleep. The whole neighborhood wants it gone as it is ugly but it stays. ("Art Isn't Easy")

Mike and Susan have a meeting with a genetic counselor and she asks them their family's medical history, it comes out that Mike's father is alive and Susan was under the impression that he was dead as that was what he told her when they were first dating. Mike tells her that he is in prison for murder and Susan wants to meet him. They meet Nick in jail to ask him his family medical history and Susan asked him who he killed, he tells the story and Susan is worried that he showed no remorse. She talks to Mike about this and he thinks nothing is wrong, Susan goes back to see Nick and he tells her that he does feel remorse, but more for what he did to Mike as he destroyed his popularity. ("Now I Know, Don't Be Scared")

Mike and Susan are having dinner with Bree and Orson at their house and Bree sees Mike taking pills in the kitchen, he assures her that they are merely pain killers. Bree examines the pill and determines it is a very addictive narcotic. Bree tells Susan who refuses to believe it until Mike says that they were the leftover pills from an old prescription. he assures Susan that it is due to stress of the new baby and he will surely stop and Susan makes Mike get rid of the pills so he pours them down the drain, he is later seen retrieving them from the pipes. ("You Can't Judge a Book by its Cover")

Mike calls his drug dealer for some more pills but he refuses to give them to him until he gets paid. He the comes to Mike's house and Susan attempts to set him up with Julie. Mike later tells Susan that he was his drug dealer and Susan throws him out, Julie is confused as to where he went. Mike goes outside and takes pills in his car, Susan sees this and later inspects the pills, she realizes that Orson prescribed them. ("Distant Past")

Susan confronts Mike and is angry at him, they get into a huge argument and he ends up, accidentally, pushing her down the stairs. He rushes her to hospital, worried about her and their unborn child. When there, they cannot be admitted due to the tornado causing many accidents. Mike and Susan talk and he apologizes before causing a scene at the hospital and getting restrained to the seat with handcuffs. Susan is given some pills for her pain and Mike tells her that he will go to rehab but he needs something to keep him going, Susan refuses to give him her pills and tells him that he will go to rehab or she will leave him. ("Something's Coming")

Susan visits Mike in his rehab facility and Tim Bremmer, Susan's nephew, is doing their taxes, Susan hears Tim having sex through the phone of the facility and runs out and sees that he is having sex with Katherine. ("Sunday") Orson is asked by Mike to pay him a visit at rehab, Orson thinks it is concerning him running Mike over but is happy to hear it is for Mike to apologizes for taking pills from him. He later sleepwalks and Julie finds him one night and he says "I'm sorry I ran you over, Mike". She is shocked. ("In Buddy's Eyes")

Julie tells Mike, but not Susan, of Orson's confession after he returns home from rehab. Mike confronts Orson who begins to cry and beg forgiveness. Mike decides to forgive him and makes the mistake of telling Susan who storms over there to yell at Orson for what he did, prompting the seperation of him and Bree. ("Hello, Little Girl")

Susan runs into Karl and his pregnant wife at Lamaze class and is saddened to know how good his life is. Later, at the next class, Susan makes Mike dress in a suit and pretends that they get invited to big events a lot. He tells them about his thirty-day chip and Susan is embarrassed, Mike tells her that he should be proud and that she should not care what Karl thinks. ("Opening Doors")

Mother's day arrives, as does Mike's mother, Adele Delfino. Mike welcomes her with open arms and she is unintendedly unkind to Susan. Later, at lunch, Susan is so frustrated that she pours club soda down her leg and pretends her water broke, Mike rushes her out and she reveals she faked it to get away from his mother. Later, Mike tells his mother that she shouldn't be mean to Susan as Susan begins actual labor, Adele apologizes and Susan is taken to the hospital where she has her baby. ("Mother Said")

Mike and Susan struggle on a name and later decide upon 'Connor' for their baby. Mike later finds out that his grandfather dies and wants to name the baby after him, Susan is fine with it until she learns that his name was Maynard. Susan tries to change the name back and Mike is maddened and tells her of his grandfather and Susan aggress that their child be called Maynard Delfino. ("The Gun Song")

Julie tells her mother that she would like to go to a summer med-school but Susan refuses to let her go, Mike offers to pay for it as he wants to do something for Julie but Susan refuses to let this happen. It is later revealed that Susan does not want Julie to leave in case she needs her, Julie tells her that she is now a strong woman. ("Free")

Time Jump[]

At some point, Mike's mother sent him a series of letters explaining that he has an autistic sister, Laura Delfino, who she and his father gave up as she would have been too much for them to bare. Mike began to visit Laura and write checks to fund her every week. Mike kept these checks, information concerning Laura and some of her drawings in a locked box in his closet, Mike constantly visited her but never told Susan. ("With So Little to Be Sure Of")

One day, Mike and Susan decide to go out to a fancy restaurant for their anniversary, when driving, they come across and intersection where a stop sign has been knocked over meaning that the car driving along the adjacent road came out completely unawares, Susan, who was driving, swerved the car but the two cars collided causing Mike and Susan's car to flip and land upside-down on the road, Susan crawls out over the shattered glass and screams Mike's name, unaware of his fate. He is okay but the mother and daughter in the other car have been killed. Susan couldn't find her driving license so Mike lies to the police and tells them he was driving, he is not convicted as it was an accident. Susan is mad at Mike's lack of guilt and the two fight, he exclaims that he cannot do this again and storms out, the two divorce. ("You're Gonna Love Tomorrow"/"Rose's Turn")

When Mike and Susan where at the lawyer's office ready to make their divorce official, Susan asks for the two of them to be alone and the lawyer obliges, she tells Mike that they were fine before the accident and that they could be that happy again, Mike wonders what she is doing and Susan gives her argument, Mike signs the paper and leaves. ("Mirror, Mirror") Susan begins to date her house-painter, Jackson Braddock. ("Free")

Season 5[]

Hang in there, I'm not done with you yet...
Dave Williams

Mike arrives at Susan's house to pick up MJ (Maynard), to whom he is sharing custody. Mike goes up the stairs and comes down with MJ, saying that he will bring him home on Sunday evening. ("You're Gonna Love Tomorrow") Jackson goes out to get the newspaper and runs into Mike who is there for MJ, who Jackson also runs into. It is an awkaward situation. Susan wants Mike and Jackson to bond so they go to a bar together and bond over sports and Susan and Mike tells Jackson all about the "love-nibble" on Susan's ear. Susan feels violated and tells Jackson to break off his friendship with Mike. Mike assures her it is a good thing that he, her and Jackson are all friends for MJ's sake. ("We're So Happy You're So Happy")

MJ is getting bullied by Juanita Solis and Susan calls Mike over there to teach him how to fight, Mike is all up for it before he finds out who the bully is and tells her that he does not condone the beating up of girls. ("Kids Ain't Like Everybody Else")

Mike and Susan are shocked to see a picture MJ drew in class of him, Susan and Jackson all happy at home with Mike a small. distant figure in the corner. Mike is saddened that this is how his son views him. Mike buys MJ a new bike with the intention of showing him how to ride it to make up for the picture, however, Jackson teaches MJ how to ride the bike first and Susan tells MJ that when Mike comes over, he should purposefully fall off the bike and pretend to not know what he's doing. MJ falls reluctantly and hurts himself, he must be taken to hospital where it comes out that he fell on purpose, Susan admits what happened and Mike is mad at Jackson. So that he doesn't miss another milestone of his son's life, Mike moves into Mary Alice's old house, across the street from Susan. ("Back in Business")

Mike joins an all-guy band with Dave, Tom, Carlos and Orson and they finish practice for the day, Mike goes off to meet a girl as he is trying to get back in the game. Mike is returning home after an assumably bad date where he runs into Katherine, he says he wants someone to have a cup of coffee with but Katherine offers lemonade as an alternative, Mike accepts and the two have lemonade. ("There's Always a Woman")

Bree and Orson have sex and it is caught on a security tape and they are blackmailed by the person who has it, Andrew retrieves the tape and discovers that it is the wrong footage as it is actually Mike and Katherine having sex in the kitchen, who have now started a relationship, not Orson and Bree. Bree confronts Katherine saying that Susan is her oldest friend on the Lane, Katherine argues that Susan is now with Jackson. ("What More Do I Need?")

Mike and the band are performing in the battle of the bands at a nightclub. They are performing as a fire breaks out backstage, the viewers evacuate the building and Mike runs into Susan and wonders why she is running the wrong way, she tells him that Jackson is still in the bath room and Mike tells her to leave, and he will save him. Mike goes into the bath room but Jackson has already climbed out of the window, due to the smoke, mike passes out. Dave finds out he is still in there and rescues him saying to his unconscious body that he needs him alive as he has bigger plans for him to come. ("City on Fire")

Mike is hospitalized after the fire and Katherine delivers Mike some cookies and he realizes that Susan does not yet know of his new relationship. Susan goes into Mike's hospital room and wonders where the cookies came from, as she eats them, Mike does not answer and Susan thinks he is dating someone. She goes to Katherine for condolement and when she tastes her cookies, she realizes that she is the one with Mike, Susan is enraged and storms out. She later calls Katherine to say she approves of the relationship after having a sudden personal realization. ("Me and My Town")

MJ goes to the zoo with Katherine and Mike but, whilst there, he throws ice cream in her face so they return early, Katherine thinks this is because Susan is talking about her to MJ and she makes this opinion apparent to Susan, who denies it. Susan goes bowling with Mike, Katherine and MJ to prove to him she is alright with the two of them dating, everything is going great until MJ sees Mike put his hand on Susan's leg and then pull away to help Katherine, he then drops a bowling ball on her foot. Susan reveals that she may have once told him that Mike was coming home once and Mike tells her that she cannot say that to a kid because they remember it. Susan tells him that they never told each other that it was over and Mike leaves after an awkward moment. Dave visits the graves of his deceased wife and daughter, Lila and Paige Dash, they are the people killed in Mike and Susan's accident all those years ago and Dave wants revenge...on Mike. ("A Vision's Just a Vision")

Dave moves in with Mike after Edie kicked him out, Mike obliges to let him stay there. Katherine expresses that she may be moving to Baltimore to be closer to Dylan and her baby, Mike doesn't want to get in the way of Katherine and her grandchild and doesn't say anything. He tells Dave that he thinks he's falling in love with Katherine and then leaves her a bunch of roses with a message saying "Don't Go", she doesn't but kisses Mike instead. ("Connect! Connect!") Mike attends the funeral of Eli Scruggs, the local neighborhood handyman. ("The Best Thing That Ever Could Have Happened")

Susan wants to get MJ into a private school and asks Mike for the money but he says that he cannot afford it at the moment and that he has been working hard and very very often so if there's a problem with finance, it's her. Susan later sees that Mike bought Katherine a set of pearls and attempts to steal them from her, Katherine is mad at her until she hears the situation and Katherine and Susan wait for Mike to return home, he reveals that the pearls are fake and he is embarrassed, he is mad at Susan for accusing him of not wanting to help MJ, she apologizes and gets a job at the school to pay for it. ("Mama Spent Money When She Had None")

On Susan's first day of work, MJ is sick and she leaves him with Mike, however, she is outraged to return home and discover that Mike left MJ with Katherine, MJ keeps wanting to spend time with Katherine as she makes delicious food and Susan is angry and jealous. Mike protests that he did nothing wrong and Susan allows Katherine to take care of MJ when needed. ("In a World Where the Kings Are Employers")

Mike and Katherine are moving in together and Katherine decides to throw a housewarming party. When decorating, Katherine puts up a painting of Mike's and finds out Susan painted it for him, she is mad and takes it down, coming up with a lame excuse. Susan later finds the painting in the garage and Mike sees it too, he yells at Katherine for taking it down. Susan later demands the painting back in an argument saying that it is between her and her ex, Katherine smiles but Mike is just confused. ("Crime Doesn't Pay")

Dave is all set up for the camping trip but Mike informs him that Katherine will not be attending as she has her taxes to do, he says it'll be better with just them guys anyway. Dave later goes to Katherine and tells her that he doesn't have many friends and would like to get to know her better as she has had such a positive affect on Mike's life, she asks if she really made much of an impact and Dave says that if anything happened to her it would destroy him. Katherine agrees to go and Dave plans to kill her to make Mike suffer. Katherine, Mike and Dave drive off for the camping trip. ("The Story of Lucy and Jessie")

Mike and Katherine are on the trip with Dave and, the two go out for a hike. When out, a rifle is shot at Katherine but hits a tree and not her, they assume it to be hunters but it was actually Dave, they want to go home as Katherine is freaked out and Dave sadly obliges. When Edie finds out about the accident and knows Mike killed Lila and Paige, she confronts Dave and escapes only just with her life, she is dialing her phone to warn Mike, but, as she is driving, she crashes into an electricity pole, steps out of the car, gets electrocuted and is lying there... ("A Spark. To Pierce the Dark")

Mike is on the street with Katherine and the other residents of Wisteria Lane as Edie dies on the road. ("Look Into Their Eyes and You See What They Know") Mike drops by Susan's house to pick up MJ and asks her if she could talk to Dave as he is depressed since Edie died. Susan reveals to Dave that she was the one driving the car all those years ago and Dave's plans change to kill MJ. ("Rose's Turn")

MJ asks Mike if he is going to marry Katherine, Mike tells him that he doesn't know as he has never talked about it. Katherine wants to hear his explanation as to why when MJ asks, Mike goes to work and it is revealed that Katherine paid MJ to ask. Later, Katherine brings the subject back up and is hurt when he tells her that he loves having her in his life but never wants to marry again. Susan tells Dave that her and MJ won't be able to go on his fishing trip (part of his plan to kill MJ) as her and Jackson are getting married. ("Bargaining")

Mike finds out that Susan is marrying Jackson and so proposes to Katherine, Katherine realizes the reason but is too happy as to bring it up. Susan realizes that she will no longer be paid alimony, which she still needs as she is only marrying Jackson for his green card, and tells Katherine of this, as to not break off her own wedding, Katherine texts Susan as Mike saying that he will continue to pay alimony to her. ("Marry Me a Little")

Dave records a video tape as part of his plan, saying his reasons for killing a child. Susan tells him that she is able to make that fishing trip after all as Jackson got deported and Dave is happy. Katherine and Mike plan to go to Vegas to get married and put the tape that Dave made in a drawer. ("Everybody Says Don't)

Mike and Katherine head to the airport for their wedding as Susan, MJ and Dave leave for their fishing trip. Mike grabs a random tape to film the wedding and it is the tape that Dave gave him, containing his confession. Katherine begins to express her doubts and Mike assures her of his love for her, and she smiles before getting up to get them some coffee. Mike sees the tape and realizes that Dave plans to kill his son, Mike tells the woman waiting with him to tell the woman he was with that he had to go and it was an emergency, Katherine returns and the woman tells her that Mike had to go but fails to mention the word "emergency" leaving Katherine to believe that he got cold feet. Mike is driving to meet and rescue Susan, he calls her on her cell, telling her not to react and that Dave is Dave Dash, the father and husband of the family they killed, Susan is scared and he promises to meet her. Dave's plans change once Susan finds out and tries to escape, he takes her and MJ to the same intersection where the accident happened, he ties Susan's hands together and secures her, he plans to drive out of the intersection with MJ in the car just as Mike is hurling down the road. Mike is driving to Susan's aid and Susan manages to free herself, she tries to warn him but it is too late and the two cars collide. Susan is crying deeply until MJ runs out saying that Dave told him to get out of the car, Susan is happy and then checks that Mike is okay, he is and steps out of his car, the two kiss passionately in the heat of the moment and Dave is sent to a mental prison. Two months later, it is Mike's wedding, he knows he has made the right decison but is marrying a mystery bride...Who is it? Susan or Katherine?... ("If It's Only in Your Head")

Season 6[]

I am asking you, nicely, to leave, or so help me, God, I will drag you out of this church myself.

Mike's mystery bride is revealed to be Susan, not Katherine, as they got back together after Dave kidnapped MJ. Two months earlier, Mike and Susan decided to get back together and get engaged, Mike apologizes to Katherine and tells Susan that she should too but she is too scared as to what Katherine will do to her. Julie returns to Wisteria Lane for the wedding. When Susan's wedding dress is delivered, Susan is not home, so it is delivered to Katherine instead who puts it on and cooks a messy pot of sauce with it, Susan retrieves it and cleans the stains, Mike tries to reassure her. Katherine storms into the church on the day of the wedding to tell Susan that she wants a public apology otherwise she will make a huge scene. Susan refuses and locks Katherine in a closet for the ceremony. Susan and Mike remarry and as they walk back down the aisle, Katherine is standing there, having broken out of the closet, looking roughed up. Mike tells her that if she doesn't leave, he will drag her out of the church himself, she agrees to go but Susan makes a public apology, however, Katherine doesn't accept it. That night, when taking out the recycling, Julie is strangled and left for dead by a mystery attacker... ("Nice is Different Than Good")

Mike and Susan enjoy their first morning as a married couple and MJ interrupts them as they are about to have sex, Susan references that it is perfect, them as a family with Julie in the house, they then hear the scream of Karen McCluskey and go outside to discover she has found Julie's unconscious body, she is taken to hospital and Mike calls Karl to tell him what has happened. Katherine brings Mike a casserole to commemorate Julie being strangled and then comes on to Mike by kissing him, he wonders what the hell she is doing and she tells Orson that he came onto her, she tells him not to tell anyone as she'd 'hate' it to get back to Susan. Danny Bolen is arrested for strangling Julie. ("Being Alive")

Danny is released but Susan strongly believes that he attacked Julie. Mike returns home and tells Susan that he just got off the phone with the police station and that they have security footage of Danny drinking in a parking lot when Julie was attacked, meaning he's innocent. Susan apologizes for making Mike wake up the morning after his wedding married to a crazy lady and that she hasn't been paying much attention to him since the attack, he assures her it is alright and that he promised to stay with her through the good and the bad. Susan apologizes to the Bolens. ("Never Judge a Lady by Her Lover")

Susan finds out that Julie was sleeping with a married man and rifles through her journal, Mike wonders what on Earth she is doing. Susan becomes upset that her daughter can no longer tell her everything. Katherine believes that her and Mike have a chance and thinks that his and Susan's marriage is failing. She is fired by Bree. It is revealed that Julie's lover is Nick Bolen. ("The God-Why-Don't-You-Love-Me Blues")

Julie returns home from the hospital greeted by friends and family. Because of the attack, Susan decides to call up a meeting of the neighborhood watch. During the meeting, Mike and Susan purposely make out passionately in front of the guests (and Katherine) to run their relationship in her face. Susan refuses to let Katherine be a part of the neighborhood watch and Mike leaves on a plumbing job. Katherine makes it sound like Susan doesn't know what Mike gets up to and the two argue, Susan calls her a loon. Later, Katherine goes to Susan's house and Susan sees an intruder, she shoots out her window and Katherine is shot in the arm, Angie gets her not to go to the police. ("Everybody Ought to Have a Maid")

Susan tells Mike that they must be nice to Katherine as she could sue them any moment. One night, Katherine invites Mike over to fix a 'leak' and he goes, with Susan, however, Katherine had plans to seduce him and takes him to the problem, Susan goes upstairs to find candles and a romantic decor, Katherine runs upstairs to blow out all the candles and Susan sees a full, romantic bath, Katherine and Susan argue and Susan rubs a chocolate-covered strawberry in her face, literally, the two begin to have a catfight and fall into the bath, Susan returns to Mike dripping wet and tells him that they hate her again. Angie tells Susan that Julie's attacker could have been Katherine as it was dark and she may not have thought it was Julie... ("Don't Walk on the Grass")

Mike and Susan go to the police station to get it all checked out and Detective Denise Lapera takes the case. She goes to Susan's house and says that she is an old college friend. Mike later helps Susan go through old yearbooks to help jog her memory and Susan finds out that it is a girl that she stole the boyfriend of in high school. Katherine has an alibi but Denise arrests Susan for shooting Katherine. ("Careful the Things You Say")

Susan goes to court and is sentenced with community service, when there, Katherine visits her to rub it in her face and litters, saying Susan has missed a spot, however, she is forced to pick up trash on the highway alongside Susan. She begins to reminisce about Mike and says that she and him had a very passionate sex life. Susan begins to have more and more sex with Mike, which he is happy about, until he decides he has nothing left, he assures Susan that sex was all he and Katherine had but with her, he has the whole package. ("The Coffee Cup")

MJ finds Katherine crying on her porch and she tells him that she is crying because it's hard to meet men in this town and she isn't getting any younger, also that his mother is a bad person. He recites this to Mike who goes over to Katherine's and threatens her with his dark side should she ever go near his son again. Later, Mike is late picking MJ up from school and learns that Katherine did it for him, thinking she was doing him a favor, he rushes over to her house to get MJ and she tells him that MJ needs to know what his mother did. Mike tells her that the whole time he was with her he was thinking of Susan and that whenever he was with her, he wished she were Susan. He leaves and Katherine is deeply upset by this. Later, Katherine is calling an ambulance, telling them to hurry as she is loosing a lot of blood, she has stabbed herself. ("Would I Think of Suicide?")

Katherine is taken out of her home by an ambulance as the Lane watches, Mike is confused as he was only over at her house a few hours prior. Katherine tells the police that Mike stabbed her and he is wrongfully arrested. Susan calls over Dylan to have Katherine admitted but Dylan is under the impression that Katherine and Mike are happily married and that Susan is the one who has been pestering them, Susan proves this wrong with a wedding photo and Dylan confronts her mother. Katherine has a mental breakdown in the hospital and this exonerates Mike. ("Boom Crunch") After a plane crashed into the Lane, Karl dies and Susan imagines her life if she hadn't have left him, In this version of reality, Mike rejected her and married another. ("If...")

Karl leaves Susan his share in a strip club that he called Double Ds in the will and Susan is shocked to discover that Mike is a regular customer there. She confronts him and he assures her that he only does plumbing jobs down there, she asks him if he ever sees the girls and he says yes, she forbids him to go there anymore and he tells her that they don't have that kind of marriage and that he will continue to go there. Later, Mike is called down to the club for a plumbing emergency but it was actually Susan who is on the stage, stripping, Mike asks her to stop but she doesn't, he then orders her to get of the stage and she asks him if he is forbidding her to do something and that she thought they didn't have that kind of marriage. Mike apologizes and promises never to return, he wraps Susan in his coat and carries her off the stage, which is upsetting to Susan's audience. ("You Gotta Get a Gimmick")

Susan is worried that her son may be in the slow group at school but Mike tries to assure her that he is a perfectly average little boy...with little effect. ("How About a Friendly Shrink?") Susan meets a stripper named Robin Gallagher at Karl's club as she sells her shares and convinces her to quit, leaving her with no where to go. Mike is alright with letting her live with them. ("The Glamorous Life") Mike has back-problems and Robin is able to fix them, Susan comes home to Robin stretching Mike out in, what seems like, an erotic way. Susan tries to crack Mike's back and he is taken to hospital. Susan kicks Robin out. ("Lovely")

Mike and Susan go to brunch at Karen and Roy's house and Susan pushes Roy into proposing to Karen. Susan later finds out that Roy may cheat on Karen, he kisses her and Susan tells Mike who just laughs. Karen has cancer and Roy then plans to be faithful. ("The Chase") Mike sees that Susan is wearing an expensive dress and she notes that it is because she finally got money from selling her shares in the strip club. She wants to go out to a fancy restaurant but Mike says they can't because he's still in debt. She says that they paid it off thanks to her money, Mike is upset by this. Susan finds out that Katherine slept with Robin and tells Mike, she has to assure him that he did not turn her into a lesbian. Mike tries to act more macho and hurts himself when trying to have sex with Susan on the kitchen counter, he says that he needs to pay off the debt himself so he doesn't become his father, Susan agrees to it. ("Chromium No. 7")

MJ and Juanita (or rather, Susan and Gaby) go head to head to sell the most school chocolate. ("My Two Young Men") Susan notices a man breaking into Mike's truck and yells at him, Mike however, reveals to her that he is repossessing it due to the fact that Mike has large depts. Susan wants to help him out but he refuses to take Karl's money. Mike later borrows money from Carlos as he has very large depts, more than Susan knows. ("We All Deserve to Die") It is discovered that Julie's attacker is Eddie Orlofsky. ("Epiphany")

Susan inherits an expensive piano and wants to rub it in Gaby's face, Mike thinks this is a bad idea, Gaby tells Susan that Carlos gave her money and she had no idea, they decide to play Carlos and Mike and ends up tricking them into confessing, after having a little fun. Susan says the hell with Mike's pride, she is paying those bills, he believes it won't be enough. ("A Little Night Music")

Susan goes to all of Mike's customers that have not paid and threatens to break their precious objects, they end up paying but it isn't enough, Susan decides that the only asset they have left is the house and she decides to rent it out. ("The Ballad of Booth") Lee says he found a guy to rent it and Mike and Susan leave Wisteria Lane, however, they are unaware that the new renter is Paul Young("I Guess This is Goodbye")

Season 7[]

You're dying, and there's not a damn thing I can do about it!
The Delfinos move into their new flat. ("Remember Paul?")

Mike and Susan move into their new apartment with MJ who is less than happy with their new home. Susan decides to sell her homemade jewelry to make money. They discover that Paul moved into their old home and are shocked at this. Mike gets a rejection for a loan meaning that it will take them longer to move home, he tells Susan of an Alaskan oil rig he could work on for three months but Susan doesn't allow him to go. Susan decides to work for the building's website, Va-Va-Va Broom.com, which shows women in lingerie doing cleaning. ("Remember Paul?")

Mike is confused as to where the extra cash is coming from and Susan lies to Mike about her internet career and he is none the wiser, he comes in as she is dancing around in her underwear in front of a web-cam and assumes it's a treat for him, they begin to have sex and Susan shuts off the web-cam, with effort. Mike gives Susan flowers as he realizes that she already paid off his truck-payments and thanks her for working hard with her teaching and her jewelry business. Susan is filled with remorse over lying to her husband. ("You Must Meet My Wife")

Mike is pleased that Susan wants to save money. ("Truly Content")

Susan is very pleased as her and Mike have finally managed to save money thanks to her interent career. Susan wants to go to a fancy, expensive restaurant and Mike is unsure, she tells him that they are fine to cover it as she has been bringing in some extra money. When Susan discovers that one of the women on the website has been in the business for six years, she decides that her and Mike don't need to go to the restaurant and should just focus on getting back to Wisteria Lane. Mike is pleased by this. ("Truly Content")

Susan and Mike manage to pay off a bill and burn it as a sign of celebration. Susan is horrified to see a large bilboard promoting the website is going up with her picture on it, she jumps on it to tear it down in order for Mike not to find out. She has to pay Maxine $9000 in order for it not to go up. Maxine offers her an new division of the site where she'll talk one-on-one with the viewers and make more money. ("The Thing That Counts is What's Inside")

Mike refuses Paul's offer, and threatens to hit Lee. ("Let Me Entertain You")

Susan is fired from the website when she costs Maxine one of her biggest clients and she goes on the phone with a jeweller to see how much her bracelet is worth. Lee asks Mike if he would be willing to sell his house to Paul but Mike firmly refuses. Lynette finds out about the website from Susan and is disgusted, she keeps it in the dark from Mike and Susan explains herself, Lynette feels sorry for her. Mike realizes that the $9000 has gone missing and confronts Susan, Lynette tells him that Susan leant her the money and that she will pay it back, Mike believes this and Lynette leaves. Maxine decides to give Susan another chance as someone keeps calling for a private session with her. It is Paul, Susan is disgusted and he tells her that he wants her to sell him her house or he will tell Mike of her little 'cleaning fetish'. ("Let Me Entertain You")

Mike leaves his family to go to Alaska. ("Excited and Scared")

Susan tells Mike about her internet porn but he just blames himself for the debt he put them in, she then tells him of Paul's blackmail plan and he wants to kill him, Susan stops him but confronts Paul and tells him that his scheme failed. Later, Paul tells a mother from Susan's school about Susan and the website, Susan is fired for this and attacks Pual with her son's cave-man club, Beth kicks her out at gunpoint. Mike tells Susan that he is taking the job in Alaska to earn enough money to get Paul out, MJ and Susan say their goodbyes to him. ("Excited and Scared")

Susan talks to Mike on skype and tells him that she learned that Renee and Tom had an affair twenty years prior, she asks if she should tell Lynette but Mike tells her she should monitor the situation more first. Later, a neighborhood riot breaks out on the Lane and Susan is trampled on, leaving her unconscious and in need of medical attention. ("Down the Block There's a Riot")

Mike visits Felicia in jail. ("Assassins")

Mike returns from Alaska and it is revealed that Susan's kidney was removed following the riot, however, her other kidney is deformed meaning that she needs a kidney transplant and will be put on dialysis. Paul Young has been shot but no one knows who did it. Mike visits Felicia Tilman in jail and she thanks him for shooting Paul but tells him to aim a little down to the right next time as he survived, Mike protests that he didn't kill Paul and the mystery remains who did... ("Assassins")

Julie visits Susan in the hospital and offers her kidney, she gets checked but isn't a match. Mike tells her that there is someone else she could ask, her mother, Sophie. Susan initially refuses but Sophie arrives anyway. Susan starts to realize that her mother does not want to help her but she soon finds out that it is due to her having breast cancer. ("Where Do I Belong?")

Mike and Paul go to see Zach together. ("Flashback")

It is revealed that it was Zach Young who shot Paul. Paul knows this and confronts Mike, asking him if he knows where he is, Mike denies knowing and Paul leaves. Mike then flashes back to the last time he saw Zach in his apartment, telling him about his and Susan's money troubles and that his father had been released from prison, Zach is angered. He appears to have lost his money to drugs. Mike visits Zach again and tells him that his father thinks that he shot him, Zach admits it and tells him that he dumped the gun at Bree's, Mike tells him that people do stupid things when they're high and that Zach should go to rehab, Zach doesn't want to as he knows his father will send him to jail. Mike and Paul reach out to Zach to get him into rehabilitation. ("Flashback")

Mike drives Zach to rehab with Paul sitting in the back seat. Zach becomes offensive and Paul pins him up and threatens him, Mike stops him and Pual backs off, Zach is put into rehab. Susan passes out in a restaurant. ("Farewell Letter")

Mike and Susan have sex in the woods. ("Searching")

Mike and Susan go to the hospital to get her checked out and they discover that she has taken a turn for the worse and that if there is anything she has been thinking about doing, do it now. Susan says she wants to go to the woods where they got married for their anniversary, Mike tells her that their anniversary isn't for months but Susan wants to go the following day. They leave for the woods and forget the picnic basket, and then, when Mike attempts to recite his vows, a bird keeps interrupting him. Later, when they are trying to have sex, they are interrupted by a civil war reenactment group. Mike appears angry with Susan and she asks him why, he says it is because she is dying and there isn't a thing he can do about it. Beth Young, who is a match for Susan, shoots herself in the hospital after giving forms for her kidney to be donated to Susan. ("Searching")

Beth is put on life support and Paul refuses to accept she is dead and therefore, refuses to give Susan the right to her kidneys. Mike is very mad at Paul, thinking he is doing it just to spite Susan but Susan tells him not to be so hard on the guy as he just lost his wife. Felicia tells Paul that Beth is dead because of them and he visits Susan, saying that she can have her kidneys. Susan has the transplant and is going to be fine. ("Everything's Different, Nothing's Changed")

Mike doesn't want Susan to go and see Paul. ("The Lies Ill-Concealed")

Susan and Mike can't have sex again for six weeks due to her operation. Mike wakes Susan up, saying that she was moaning in her sleep, she does not tell him that the real reason for this was because she had a sex dream about Paul. When Susan goes to pick up MJ from Karen, she notices that the house (and Paul) are in bad shape, she goes to talk to Paul and sympathizes with him, Mike isn't happy with this as he hates Paul. She forbids her from helping him but she starts to make meals for him, Mike sees them eating together and storms at her, angry, she tells him that Paul has no one and needs some company. Mike decides she is right and lays out a nice meal for the two of them and they have sex again. ("The Lies Ill-Concealed")

Susan continues to cook Paul's meals and Felicia decides to 'help' her. However, she pours anti-freeze into the recipes, which will eventually kill Paul. Mike shows Susan their bank statement and they see that they are just about ready to move back into their old house. Susan tells this to Paul who is angry at her as he believes she buttered him up for the house, he throws her out and collapses thanks to the anti-freeze ("I'll Swallow Poison on Sunday")

Mike reveals to Susan that he went to see Felicia in jail. ("And Lots of Security...")

Susan is arrested for poisoning Paul with anti-freeze and Mike visits Paul telling him that of all the people who want him dead, Susan is not the one to do it. He tells Paul that Felicia was helping her cook all the meals. The police call Felicia saying that they want to take her in for questioning, Mike and Paul go to her house and it appears that she has skipped town. However, she is in Susan's house, she knocks out Paul with a baseball bat and ties him to a chair hooked up to an IV full of anti-freeze. Susan tells Mike that it would be nice if MJ had all of his old toys in his room when they returned home, Mike thinks its a nice idea too and Susan goes to deliver them, however, she sees Felicia having Paul hostage. She sets off MJ's toy police car siren and Felicia goes to check the scene outside, thinking it is from a real police car, Susan goes to untie Paul but cannot and Felicia gets back in, she gets Susan to the ground and tries to stab her with a needle full of anti-freeze, Paul pulls her off and strangles her, Susan convinces him he is not a killer and Felicia leaves. Paul confesses to killing Martha. ("And Lots of Security...") Susan and Mike return home to 4353 Wisteria Lane and Susan is happy to see her friends. The neighborhood decides to throw a progressive dinner party and Mike is in attendance. ("Come on Over for Dinner")

Season 8[]

You don't get scared. It's what everybody thinks when they meet you, because you always take care of people.
Susan Delfino

Mike has a guy talk, with Carlos and Chuck. ("Secrets That I Never Want to Know")

On the night of the dinner party, Gabrielle's stepfather broke into her house and was murdered by Carlos, Susan, Bree and Lynette helped cover it up and they all buried the body in the woods. Susan in particular is feeling guilty that she is keeping secrets from her husband. They are all invited to a barbeque at Gaby's house and Mike, Carlos and Chuck all exchange guy talk, oblivious to the girls outside having a catfight over Susan wanting to tell Mike. They hear a splash and go out to the scene to see that the four women are in the pool. ("Secrets That I Never Want to Know")

Mike helps out new neighbor, Ben Faulkner, with his plumbing and Ben says that he needs a plumber on his real-estate project and that he will take Mike into consideration. Mike is met by Ben's crush, Renee who asks him for information on Ben, Mike gives her nothing useful accept that he likes old people. Later, Ben visits Mike saying that he knows of his past, how he murdered a guy, Mike thinks that this is the deal-breaker, however, Ben says that what he did was honorable and that he needs a guy like him on the site. ("Making the Connection")

Susan tells the truth to Mike about Alejandro's death. ("Watch While I Revise the World")

Mike watches from affair as Susan and Carlos go on a midnight stroll together, he believes the two to be having an affair. Later, Mike says to Susan that he just got off the phone and someone told him that she was arrested for assaulting a police officer, she protests that it was only his bike. He also says that the guy on the phone called him "Mr. Solis" and Susan says it is because Carlos picked her up. Susan refuses to tell Mike why they're spending so much time together. Susan and Carlos later decide to come clean and, together, they tell Mike of Alejandro's murder, Mike storms out. ("Watch While I Revise the World")

The next morning, Mike walks in and Susan says he can take as much time as he needs to assimilate the information, she asks him if he still loves her and he hugs her saying that he will never stop loving her. Susan reveals that she is getting an art class from Andre Zeller which is like getting a football class from Peyton Manning, this makes Mike impressed. He later comforts Susan after she flipped out in the meeting with him, she thinks he thought she was a crazy person, however, he takes her on in his class. ("School of Hard Knocks")

Mike buries Alejandro's body under Ben's construction site. ("Always in Control")

As part of the art class, Susan has to go naked, so, to practice, she walks around the house naked. Mike is there when she opens the door to Lee and Bob's mother (naked) and shuts the door embarrassed, Mike laughs. He is later met by Carlos to whom he acts coldly towards as he professes that if he had killed someone, he never would have gotten Gaby involved. He tells Carlos to leave Susan alone. ("The Art of Making Art") Ben finds out from Bree about the body and Ben promises to take care of it, he asks Mike to cover it up for him. Mike alerts Susan who tells her friends who already know, leading to their fall-out. Mike, at the site, digs under some foundations, kicks the body in and the next morning the area is covered with concrete. ("Always in Control")

Mike asks Susan why she wants go to New York. ("What's to Discuss, Old Friend?")

Susan, Gaby and Lynette are questioned by Chuck. Susan is offered a spot in New York after her art show sold out on her first gallery appearance. Susan wants to go but Mike thinks it is a bad idea as he would be leaving his friends in the lurch with the murder investigation. ("Putting It Together") Mike wakes up with a note and Susan missing, he runs outside where he catches Susan getting into a cab with suitcases, they argue and he tales her suitcases inside to stop her leaving, Susan follows him and he convinces her not to go. It is later revealed that Chuck was killed in a hit-and-run and Mike is happy, however, Susan still seems guilty, Mike is confused and she later tells him that Alejandro's family never did anything wrong and she goes to Oklahoma to make amends with them. ("What's to Discuss, Old Friend?")

Mike asks Donny to leave the construction site. ("Who Can Say What's True?")

Mike calls Susan as she arrives in Oklahoma at the house of Claudia and Marisa Sanchez, she tells him that she doesn't know a way to get in but she is working on it, she then learns that the house is for sale and she is offered a look around, she tells Mike she found her way in. She gives them a lot of money for their LEGOs and she assures Marisa that Alejandro is never coming back, she tells her mother who looks at the check with her name and address on it and decides to find Susan. Mike sees that Ben is losing money and then walks in on him making a deal with a loan shark, Mike asks him to leave and confronts Ben. ("Who Can Say What's True?") Ben hires the loan shark and gestures Mike as the "tough guy" when he sees him from the car. ("What's the Good of Being Good?")

Julie returns home and Susan is excited, when Mike takes off her coat he sees that she is pregnant and Susan is shocked by the revelation. When Susan screws up the meeting with the adoptive parents, Julie is angry and Mike reassures her, he tells her that if she looks back at all the times Susan has ever screwed up, she will find that love was behind it and that, as far as flaws in moms go, that's a pretty good one. He helps her forgive her mother. ("Is This What You Call Love?")

Mike looks at Donny after he kicked him out of Renee's house. ("She Needs Me")

Mike visits the construction site and sees that someone is there, he sees an explosion cause by them and chases them, he is shocked that the man is Ben. Ben says that he needed the insurance he has on the place to pay back the loan shark, he then has a stress-related chest attack and is taken to hospital. Mike tells Renee of this and she visits Ben and forgives him, she pays off the loan shark. ("Get Out of My Life") Ben is doing better and Mike is on the phone to Renee as she is in the hospital and he sees a light turn on in her house, he goes to check it out and sees that Donny is there, smashing her possessions, Mike fends him off and the two begin to fight, Mike wins and literally chucks him out of the door, Mike tells him that he never wants to see him again, Donny says that he should have killed him. ("She Needs Me")

Mike is killed by Donny, and died in his wife's arms. ("You Take for Granted")

Susan is worried about Mike as he is constantly looking at Renee's house with a pair of binoculars, when she discovers he had a gun in his pocket, she makes him go to the police about Donny. The police cannot help and later, Renee tells Susan how good a man Mike is.

Later, Mike and Susan talk on the porch in front of their house and she reveals that the thing that attracted her to him in the first place was (besides the rugged good looks) that he doesn't get scared, and that's what everyone thinks when they meet him, and that he always protects others. Mike tells her that his dad used to beat up his mom and he couldn't do anything about it, but he tells her that he does get scared. Scared that Susan doesn't know just how much he loves her. Susan says he makes it perfectly clear, then goes inside to make them a coffee. Right before she enters the house, she starts by saying "And one more thing..", but suddenly, a black car pulls up to the curb and Donny leans out of the window with a revolver in his hand, pointing at Mike. In his last movement, he pushes Susan into the house to save her. Mike thinks back to all of the important, iconic and heart-warming moments that he and Susan ever had together, then the bullet hits him right in his chest. The car drives away and Mike is left there. Susan rushes to his side, but Mike is already dead. She holds his dead body while crying and screaming his name as her neighbors soon rush to see what has happened. ("You Take for Granted")


I love you once, I love you twice... Oh...I love you more than beans and rice.
Susan Delfino
Mike is buried. ("Women and Death")

Mike's funeral is held and the residents of Wisteria Lane attend and think back to how he affected their lives. Gaby thinks back to how he helped her deal with Carlos in rehab, Lynette thinks about how he helped her realize she should get back together with Tom. Susan thinks back to their wedding night when he gave her a poem, "I love you once, I love you twice, I love you more than beans and rice." She then thinks about when they made their will together when she was pregnant with MJ and finally to when they were in a diner and MJ asked about death and Mike told him that they were in heaven already as it was a perfect moment, also when they go fishing by the waterfall or watch the game while Susan gives them snacks - it's all heaven. Susan gives a heart-warming speech and says goodbye to him. Susan drops a rose on the coffin, MJ, a baseball mit and Julie puts the first pieces of dirt onto it as he is lowered into the ground, Susan is the last to leave. ("Women and Death")

Susan meets Laura, Mike's hidden sister. ("With So Little to Be Sure Of")

MJ is dealing with the death of his father by acting out and Susan is letting him get away with it. It escalates to MJ throwing a stapler at his teacher’s head. Susan and MJ decide to deal with their anger a little more constructively – by throwing jars of jam at the garage wall. ("Any Moment") Susan and Julie discover Laura, Mike's sister. Susan doesn't understand why Mike doesn't tell her he has a sister. Finally, she discovers it's because he promised to his mother to not tell anything to his family. Susan decides to continue to see Laura. ("With So Little to Be Sure Of")

Susan finds a flyer for a Soap Box Derby at MJ’s school. Only, it’s a father/son thing and MJ decides he’s not interested, but Susan insists that the two of them can build it together and keeps pushing MJ. But, he doesn’t want to be the weirdo kid who is at a father/son derby without a dad. Susan realizes that she needs help. She enlists the neighborhood guys to help MJ build a car and be the guys he can talk to when he’s missing his dad. ("Lost My Power") Susan decides to sell her house and move away with Julie and her unborn daughter. Susan says it is because she had too many memories of Mike in her house, and she can't do her mourning. ("The People Will Hear")

Mike's ghost watches his family, when they leave Wisteria Lane, forever. ("Finishing the Hat")

When Susan is at the hospital, for Julie's delivery, she says to her daughter she will always love Mike, but maybe one day she could be in love with someone, again. When Susan leaves Wisteria Lane with her children, MJ, Julie, and her granddaughter, Mike's ghost appeared, in front of his old house, and he watched his family as they drove away from the lane and began their new lives together. ("Finishing the Hat")


  • Mike was originally planned to be played by an Italian American actor. James Denton still doesn't understand why he was eventually chosen.
  • When the pilot was first being written, Mike was supposed to move to Wisteria Lane with a five-year-old son named Timmy. Mike was never supposed to have a mystery. The plot was then reconceived, him having a son was scrapped and instead Mike was then placed into the Mary Alice/Deirdre storyline. Instead of having a son by his marriage to his late wife, Mike was given an illegitimate son by Deirdre. This turned out to be narrator Mary Alice's adopted son Zach Young; although he eventually has a son with his then and now current wife, Susan.
  • He says he loves animals, and in the first two seasons, Mike was even shown to have a German Shepard dog named, Bongo. Bongo would later disappear halfway through the second season with no explanation given. He hasn't been seen or mentioned since then, and when asked in an interview, Marc Cherry stated that Bongo passed away while Mike was in a coma.
  • Character named after Justin Mike Delfino, a Chicago securities attorney, who was a high school sweetheart of one of the show's executive producers.
  • Mike's birthday is January 25th.
  • Mike has been wrongly arrested by police on three occasions, in Season 1 due to suspicion on him murdering Martha Huber (Paul was the real culprit), in season 3 due to Monique Pollier's murder (Gloria Hodge was the real culprit) and most recently in season 6 when Katherine accused him of stabbing her (Katherine had stabbed herself, which Dylan and Susan found out).
  • Mike is a Hitchcock fan, and loves old movies.
  • His favorite food is Mexican.
  • His favorite sport is football, and he likes the Indianapolis Colts
  • His favorite singer is "Elvis Costello, …."a guy with a band".
  • He moved to 4356 Wisteria Lane, renting the Simms's house. He moved there from Los Angeles shortly before Mary Alice's suicide.
  • He is a widower, whose wife died a year prior to Mike relocating to Wisteria Lane.
  • His blood type is AB negative.
  • He has a sister who is mentally challenged.
  • He was once addicted to painkillers.


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