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Molly Hagan is an American actress who portrayed the role of Gillian.


Early Life[]

Hagan was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the daughter of Mary Elizabeth (née Henslee) and John Robert Hagan. She was raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana.


Played Diana Luna alongside Chuck Norris on the 1985 film Code of Silence. She featured in the series Herman's Head which ran on Fox from 1991 to 1994. She portrayed "Angel", one of the four characters inside Herman, and represented his sensitivity.

Hagan has made appearances in films such as Some Kind of Wonderful and most notably as the young Ellie Ewing in the acclaimed TV movie Dallas: The Early Years (a prequel of the long-running TV series Dallas) and she has appeared in several other TV shows, including the 1980s hit show The Golden Girls. She was in two Columbo episodes.

In the end of the second season of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, she played a young Vorta called Eris in "The Jem'Hadar". She appeared in several episodes of the third season of Becker, she also appeared on Seinfeld as Sister Roberta, the nun that Kramer nearly took from the church, and a cooking teacher on Friends.

She played a trailer trash mother in a Jerry Springer-based movie, Ringmaster. She played Ms. McAllister in the 1999 movie Election opposite Matthew Broderick.

She made a guest appearance as Karen Young in The WB television series Charmed for the episode "The Fifth Halliwheel". She played Emma Roberts's mother in the Nickelodeon series Unfabulous from 2004 to 2007.

Hagan was in the Disney Channel Original Movie Princess Protection Program as "the Director". She had a role in the TV show Fear Itself in the episode "Skin and Bones". In 2008, Molly Hagan was Mme (Madame) Elisabeth King in Bones, season 4 episode 11, "The Bone that Blew". In 2009, Hagan made a guest appearance on the Grey's Anatomy episode "Elevator Love Letter". She also provided the voice of Jean Grey in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2. Hagan played the role of a CIA agent named "Ms. Lurkin" on the CBS television series Chaos. Lastly, she played as the mother of "Christina Perasso" in the internet web series Inside.