Wiksteria Lane

Mr. Manzani is the father of Jimmy Manzani.


Mr. Manzani and Mrs. Manzani drag Jimmy into the Sterling Recovery Center, and they’re followed by his grandmother and sister. As the family walk through the clinic, Gaby mingles in with them and sticks with the grandma and comforts her... slightly. She then pushes the grandma aside and begins her search for Carlos, but she’s found by a nurse. She asks where Gaby is supposed to be, so she quickly says she’s with the Manzani family. The nurse explains if Gaby is with the family then she needs to stay for the group counseling. Gaby tries to wiggle her way out, but the nurse ensures that she stays and she leads her to the room.

Later, the Manzani family and Gabrielle are sat in a circle together while a nurse talks about the patient, Jimmy. She reminds everyone, while they cry, that they’re helping Jimmy because they love him. She asks the family to start by saying how Jimmy’s drinking has affected their lives. Gabrielle asks to go first, and then the family suddenly notice Gabrielle sitting there, and they’re confused over who she is. Jimmy’s mother asks who she is, so Gabrielle says she’s Jimmy’s ex-girlfriend. Jimmy says he’s never seen Gaby before, so Gaby says that his drinking is the reason why he doesn’t remember her. Jimmy’s mother asks why she’s wearing a wedding ring, so Gaby explains that she’s moved on with her life, shocking Jimmy. He then starts to get emotional as he realizes that he was with a woman as beautiful as Gaby and he doesn’t remember it. He then announces to his parents that he wants to get better, pleasing them greatly. Gaby then snatches the nurse’s lists of patients and starts to look through them, saying there are a lot of people just like him who can help him. When she finds Carlos’s room, she gives the list back and hurries out of the room, wishing him good luck. ("Putting It Together")