Wiksteria Lane

Mr. Shaw is private investigator and hitman of Fairview.


Paul Young hires him to find out who sent Mary Alice the blackmail note.("Who's That Woman?")

After Paul finds out that Edie Britt used the same type of stationery that the blackmail note was written on. haw tracks down Edie at the same Saddle Ranch Bar Deirdre Taylor was last seen before she proceeded to the Young residence only to find a watery grave. Edie traveled there with Susan who both teamed up to spy on Kendra Taylor and Mike Delfino. He confronts Edie, masquerading as a partner in real estate and makes a smooth deal with her.("Anything You Can Do")

Mr. Shaw confronts Edie at an abandoned site in the middle of a rural highway. He finds out that the paper came from Martha Huber just before he was about to shoot her. Shaw then proceeds to tell Paul that Mrs. Huber was the writer of the note. Paul decides to take it upon himself to kill Mary Alice’s blackmailer.("Guilty")

Susan Mayer hires Mr. Shaw himself, of all PIs, to investigate the Young Family after Zach set fire to her kitchen.("Fear No More")

He delivers falsified information regarding the Young family. Susan finally asks him to run a complete background check on Mike Delfino. Susan finds out that Mike had killed a cop, and sees Noah Taylor and Kendra in a photo, recognizing Kendra instantly setting her straight to getting back with Mike.("Sunday in the Park with George")