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Myron Katzburg was Gabrielle Solis's lawyer during her divorce from Carlos.


Season 3[]

TBA ("Like It Was")

TBA ("Sweetheart, I Have to Confess")

In a divorce office, Gabrielle and Carlos are both sat with their lawyers in front of a judge. The judge asks whether either of the parties have anything to add before he rules on the division of assets and alimony. Myron just hopes his decision will reflect the pain and suffering caused to his client. Carlos’s lawyer then asks if the definition of suffering encompasses the seduction of Carlos four days earlier. The judge, Gabby and Myron are all shocked. Carlos’s lawyer points out that Gabby knew Carlos was coming into some money so she hoped to stall the divorce in order for her to get it. Gabrielle insists it’s a vicious lie. However, Carlos plays a recording of him and Gabrielle having sex. Gabrielle is shocked that Carlos recorded such a thing, but Carlos doesn’t care. The judge asks Gabrielle if she’d like to respond, which she does, however her response leads to her being restrained and taken out the room as she yells at Carlos. Carlos then reveals that she will get to keep the house; just not anything in it, Gabrielle continues to yell at him as she’s taken away. ("Bang")