Wiksteria Lane

Noah destroys everything he touches.
Mike Delfino

Noah Taylor is the father of Deirdre Taylor and Kendra Taylor, as well as the grandfather of Zach Young. A wealthy and well-connected man, he hired Mike Delfino to investigate what had happened to Deirdre.


Noah is Deirdre’s father. Deirdre was Mike Delfino’s girlfriend, and the two became drug addicts. Mike sobered up and broke up with Deirdre, who was at the time pregnant with their son, Dana. Deirdre told Mike and her father she got an abortion, though unknown to them both, she had lied and kept the baby. After Deirdre’s disappearance, Noah searched for what had happened to her for years, and hired Mike for the job. Noah was diagnosed with cancer and wanted to find out what happened to his daughter before he died. In 2004, Noah sent Mike Delfino to rent the Simms’s house on Wisteria Lane to find out what happened to Deirdre.

Season 1[]

Noah has hired Mike to find his daughter Deirdre. Noah had felt that Mike abandoned his daughter by finding a nice wife. However, it is believed that Noah was exaggerating, and that Mike married his first wife after Deirdre had ran away from home, and after Mike got out of prison. Noah arranged for Mike to murder Deirdre's killer and decided to put him back on his payroll. Noah had fired him because of his slow pace, which was a major flaw due to Noah's brain tumor. Mike later returned with all of Noah's money. Noah appears later to discuss Martha Huber's murder and how her watch got into Mike's garage. Noah points out that whoever did it was the killer of Deirdre. Noah arranged for Sullivan to give Mike the case file on Deirdre's murder and bribed him to keep quiet to prevent Mike from being imprisoned, where Mike discovered that the Youngs had killed Deirdre. Noah appears for the last time in Sunday in the Park with George, where Noah attempts to break up Susan and Mike forever, by giving Susan false information about Mike's criminal records. Surprisingly enough, Kendra comes to the rescue and sets Susan straight.

Season 2[]

Noah is on his deathbed, and learns he has a grandson, Zach Young, presumably from an anonymous letter written by Felicia Tillman, who had become his at-home nurse. Mike tells Noah that Deirdre, a drug addict at the time, had given up her son away to another family. Noah is bitter hearing that Paul Young has cared for Zach all these years, and tells Sullivan to see to it that Paul has a "toy chest of his very own." Noah is eventually murdered by Zach, who turns off his life support. Zach inherits his entire estate and millions of dollars.


Season 7[]

When Paul is searching for Zach, he stops by Noah's mansion to see if Zach is there, but he isn't. It turns out Noah's old house has been foreclosed, and Zach has moved out after losing all of his grandfather's money to drugs, gambling and women.