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Please, lower your voice. You'll wake the 'crackheads'.

Nurse Erik is the unsympathetic male nurse/receptionist working at Sterling Recovery Center, who showed little to no interest in Gabrielle Solis' demands and complaints regarding her husband's stay at the rehab center.


Erik's first appearance took place after Carlos Solis had been admitted into the rehab center, following a severe problem with alcohol. Gabrielle, his wife, interrupted Erik while he was reading his book (The Help), and she says she needs to speak to her husband, Carlos. The nurse asks if it's an emergency, but she says she just needs to tell him something. Erik then tells Gabrielle that Carlos is under restricted access, so she cannot see him. Gaby emphasizes that she really needs to talk to Carlos, but the man apologizes and says he can't break the rules. Gaby then flirtatiously leans over the desk, flaunting her chest in his face and says rules are made to be broken, but the man hints to her that he is gay.
Later that night, Gabrielle is on the phone with the receptionist, and she tells him that she needs to speak to Carlos immediately. Erik apologizes and begins to explain that Carlos can't talk, so Gaby says it's an emergency, but it is to no avail, as Erik explains that Carlos cannot talk because he checked himself out two hours earlier. Gabrielle is shocked and asks why they didn't stop him from leaving, so the man explains that Carlos was not in a mood to be stopped. Gabrielle hangs up on the receptionist and then begins to get highly worried about Carlos. ("Putting it Together")

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Gabrielle lashes out at nurse Erik.

Gabrielle is seen in the recovery center again, the morning after the phone call, and she is busy yelling at nurse Erik, asking how her husband could just have checked himself out. Nurse Erik insists that this is a recovery center, not a jail, to which Gaby replies that it is not much of a recovery center if they let their patients out in time for happy hour. The nurse tells her to lower her voice, otherwise she'll wake up the "crackheads". She tells him she's worried, because she has no idea where her husband is, and the nurse tells her that if he did indeed have a relapse, he'll probably check back in in no time. The nurse then gets up, and Gaby asks him if he could at least pretend to car, to which he replies "Not with what I'm paid", and walks away. Gaby shouts at him, as he pretends to ignore her, that he's making a big mistake, as she's got a lot of drunk friends and she's not recommending this place to them. ("What's to Discuss, Old Friend?")


  • Despite Erik's name being featured on the character's name tag, actor Jeremy Rowley is credited as simply portraying the role of "Nurse".