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Here's the clown Bree replaced me with: Orson. I don't mind saying he's creeped me out right from the get go. To me, he always has the shifty look of a guy who knows where the bodies are buried. And he should know... he buried them. But Bree thinks he's Sir Galahad. The kids like him. And all my friends... now his friends. No, Orson Hodge isn't exactly the guy I'd have picked to head my family. But I'll give him one thing... he's got the smile down cold.
Rex Van de Kamp

Orson Hodge was Bree's second husband. Orson has met some basket cases in his time. His marriage to Bree was positively mundane compared to the baggage he accumulated before arriving on Wisteria Lane. But life in suburbia brought with it problems - having to lie to everyone about Bree's pregnancy and running Mike over was a welcome break - unlike the few years he spent in prison shortly after. Having served his time, Orson found it difficult to find a job due having his license revoked until his wife came to the rescue. Happy for a while but not for long, Orson developed a penchant for stealing, and a turbulent time of blackmail, assaults, fake robberies and affairs ensued for him and Bree. Then, of course, he was left paralyzed when a plane crashed on to the Lane. When the couple finally got a divorce, he continued to loiter in the background of Bree's life like a bad smell, allowing him to find out about the murder of Alejandro Perez, and with his resulting blackmail scheme, he becomes the main antagonist of Season 8.


Early life[]

Orson, with his wife and mother.

Orson was born on June 28, 1964, to a deeply religious and over-controlling mother, Gloria, and a promiscuous father, Edwin Hodge. At age five, Gloria took Orson to get circumcised, despite his father's protests, telling her son "they were going for ice-cream." ("You Can't Judge a Book by its Cover")

Several years later, when Orson was 16, his father had an affair which caused a scandal at the family's local church. Due to stress, Edwin became an alcoholic and thereafter, seemingly committed suicide. Gloria blamed Orson for her husband's death which caused Orson to develop a severe case of depression, which resulted in him spending the rest of his teen years in a psychiatric hospital.

He was set up by his girlfriend to get married when he got her pregnant. Alma miscarried and Orson never came to

Dh s3e11 01

Orson's first wedding.

love her and began an affair himself with Monique Pollier. When Alma found out, she decided to punish him by faking her own death. However, since there was no body and no evidence (a panicked Orson had cleaned everything up,) he never went to jail. Yet Alma's friend, Carolyn Bigsby, became his nemesis, accusing him of killing his wife. Free, he tried to begin a new life with Monique but found her dead, with his mother saying it was an accident when she had, in fact, killed Monique to punish Orson for cheating on Alma. He had to hide the body when Mike, whom Monique had called, came to do some plumbing. Gloria convinced a reluctant Orson to aid her in covering up the murder. Gloria and Orson go to a developing country club to bury Monique, when Orson sees his mother extracting her teeth to prevent dental identification. Orson, overcome with rage, pushes his mother into the ditch ultimately breaking her hip. He then puts her in a seniors village, determined to leave his tainted past behind him.

Season 2[]

While Susan Mayer is at the movies, she runs into her ex-boyfriend Mike who is on a date. She doesn't want him to think she's there alone so she rushes over and sits next to a stranger named Orson Hodge. Orson helps Susan out and acts like they're on a date. After Mike and his date leave, Susan offers Orson popcorn but he points out that he was on a date with someone else. Orson later drops by Susan's house to return her purse that she forgot at the movies. He begins to ask her out, but Susan tells Orson about her complicated life and mixed feelings for her ex-husband Karl Mayer. Orson tells Susan she should ignore her feelings for Karl because he's a bad guy and she could do better. ("Don't Look at Me")

Later on when Susan's house is set on fire by Edie Britt, Orson comes over to Susan's house to help clean up the mess. ("No One Is Alone")

Orson and Bree start dating. ("Remember, Part 2")

While Bree is at a psychiatric hospital, she runs into Orson. Bree doesn't recognize Orson at first but Orson tells him who she is. Bree asks Orson not to tell Susan because she would tell Lynette, Gaby, and Edie. Orson agrees. Orson flirts with Bree and she blushes.("Remember, Part 1") When Bree tries escaping from the mental hospital, Orson sees her, she begs him not to tell anyone. Orson keeps quiet for her. The night Mike plans to propose to Susan, Mike is ran over by a car and his fate is left unknown. The driver is later revealed to be Orson. Later on, Orson knocks on Bree's door and asks her out on a date. Bree is flattered and gladly accepts. ("Remember, Part 2")

Season 3[]

Bree and Orson share a passionate kiss. ("Listen to the Rain on the Roof")

Six months after they begin dating, Orson proposes to his girlfriend Bree Van de Kamp. Bree is at first afraid but she agrees. At their engagement party, Orson's former neighbor Carolyn Bigsby shows up to announce that Orson killed his first wife. Bree asks Orson if he is still married. Orson tells Bree that he was granted a divorce upon abandonment. ("Listen to the Rain on the Roof")

Orson and Bree marry. ("It Takes Two")

Two weeks after becoming engaged, Orson and Bree plan to get married. During the wedding ceremony, Bree interrupts the reverend for a while, and pulls the groom to the side. During the private talk with Orson, she asks him if he murdered his first wife. Orson promises her that he didn't and the wedding continues. While having their first dance as man and wife, during the reception, Orson expresses to Bree that he is hurt because he feels that she didn't trust him. Bree apologizes while they continue to dance. A detective later shows up at the reception, asking for Mrs. Van de Kamp, and if she and Orson would come down to a morgue because they think they found Orson's ex-wife, Alma. Bree corrects them saying her name is now, Bree Hodge. While at the morgue, Orson tells them it's not Alma. Carolyn shows up to confirm it since Orson was a suspect for the murder of his wife, Carolyn is shocked to see that it's not Alma. After Carolyn, Bree, and the detective leave, Orson tells the body "I miss you, Monique" in French. ("It Takes Two")

Bree and Orson are in the airport, waiting for the plane, and ready to leave for their honeymoon. While Orson leaves to get a latte, Bree notices a program on the airport TV, featuring her son, Andrew, living on the streets. When Orson came back, he is surprised to find out that Bree is canceling their honeymoon to look for Andrew. Later, Orson sees Bree crying outside their home, while gardening. He then goes out to find Andrew. Orson gets Andrew to have lunch with hm, without telling him that he is, now, his stepfather. Andrew and Orson start to talk and Andrew realizes Orson is his mother's new husband. Orson asks Andrew to come home but he refuses, and leaves. A few hours after their conversation, Andrew thinks about what Orson told him, and decides to return home. ("A Weekend in the Country")

With Andrew home, Bree wants her and Orson to think of a lie instead of telling people Andrew has been living on the streets for six months. Later on, Orson, Bree, and Andrew go to Danielle's school to see her display in history class, Andrew sees someone he had sex with for money while on the streets. Orson sees this and Andrew tells him. Andrew tells Orson not to tell Bree. Orson later on tells Bree who disgusted and ashamed of herself for leaving Andrew. ("Like It Was")

After Bree and Orson find out Danielle is sleeping with her history teacher, Bree tells Danielle to end it. But, Danielle pretends to commit suicide by slitting her wrists. Orson lashes out about suicide being the worst thing that could happen in a family, while in the hospital. Because Danielle tried to end her life and Orson lashed out, Bree decides that they all (Hodges and Van de Kamps) need to start therapy, in where Danielle and Bree quarrel. ("Nice She Ain't")

180px-BIG dhe6s
Harvey confesses to his adultery. ("Sweetheart, I Have to Confess")

Carolyn apologizes to the Hodge's and they go out for dinner. Carolyn's husband, Harvey Bigsby reveals to Orson that he was having an affair with Monique Polier. This shocks Orson because while married to Alma, he too was having an affair with Monique. Meanwhile, Bree and Carolyn talk in the powder room. Carolyn shows Bree a picture of Alma after she filed a police report for Orson beating her. The picture shows Alma all bruised up. Later on, Orson calls the police from a pay phone and tells them Harvey was having an affair with Monique at the time. Orson hangs up without saying who he is. ("Sweetheart, I Have to Confess")

BIG 2071952541241162948999
Orson comforts his wife. ("Bang")

Bree confronts Orson about the police report, Orson tells Bree he did hit her but in self-defense because she clocked him first. Bree believes this and asks who told her about this. Bree tells him it was Carolyn. Orson tells Bree that Carolyn should pay more attention to her own marriage because Harvey had an affair. Bree tells Carolyn about this. Carolyn confronts Harvey at the super market and she holds Lynette, Julie, Edie, Austin, Nora, and others hostage. Bree and Orson have the Scavo kids, Karen, Ida, Gabrielle, Carlos, and rest of the Lane over to watch it on TV. Orson and Bree are relieved to find out Lynette, Edie, Julie, Austin, and everyone were okay. ("Bang")

Bree is writing her Christmas cards and asks Orson for his mother's address. Orson tells Bree that his mother's mind has turned mush. Orson gives Bree the address and Bree visits Orson's mother Gloria Hodge. Bree is surprised to see that Gloria is perfectly fine. Orson is surprised to see that Bree took Gloria home with her. Orson has the nursing home come and pick her up. Gloria and Bree talk in the car and Gloria tells Bree she wants to stay. Bree agrees to let Gloria stay, much to Orson's reluctance. ("Children and Art")

Gloria continues staying with Orson and Bree, much to Orson's reluctance. Gloria demands that Orson buy her a house. Orson and Bree have Edie show them a cheap house in an undesirable, low income part of town. Gloria slips on one of the floor boards. Bree tells Orson and Gloria she doesn't want Gloria living on her own. Orson and Gloria, however, insist that it is okay. Bree refuses and keeps Gloria living with her. Gloria attempts to ruin Orson and Bree's marriage by revealing that Orson was having an affair with Monique Polier. Bree is horrified because they saw her body at the morgue and Orson said nothing. Bree is scared because there were two women in Orson's life before Bree. One went missing and the other is dead. Bree kicks Orson out of her house. ("Beautiful Girls")

Orson has been staying at his office since Bree kicked him out. Gloria asks Bree if she will be hiring a divorce lawyer anytime soon. Bree goes to Orson's office and asks him to tell her the complete story and if he leaves out anything then she will hire a lawyer and divorce him. Orson tells Bree everything. Bree tells Orson to come home and they can kick his evil mother out. Orson tells Gloria that Bree knows everything and that they bought Gloria a small condo for her to move into. Gloria is furious and leaves. Gloria meets a car and someone rolls down the window. It is Orson's ex-wife Alma Hodge, who asks Gloria to tell her everything. ("The Miracle Song")

BIG 20521273571169110349
Orson is shocked by the appearance of his ex-wife. ("No Fits, No Fights, No Feuds")

Alma knocks on Bree's door one morning revealing who she is. Bree faints while finding out. Orson is furious with Alma for setting him up and making it look like he murdered her. Bree hosts a dinner party to show off Alma and prove to her friend Susan Mayer that Orson did not kill his ex-wife. Alma seems to like everyone on the Lane. At the end of the episode, Edie Britt shows Alma Betty Applewhite's old house. Alma loves the house so she buys it. ("No Fits, No Fights, No Feuds")

Orson and Bree are less than thrilled about Alma moving into Betty Applewhite's old house. Orson confronts Alma about it but she results in blackmail. Alma kisses Orson on the cheek, which Bree sees. Bree confronts Orson about this. He tells her it meant nothing. Bree confronts Alma and she tells Bree otherwise. Alma gets Bree lemonade. Bree drops her glass when the parrot says "Don't tell Bree!" Bree goes to clean it up when she finds a loose floor board that has a picture of Orson and Monique and a bag containing all of Monique's teeth. ("Not While I'm Around")

Bree takes the teeth home to Orson. Orson later calls his mother and tells her he knows that she had something to do with it. Gloria goes to Bree's house and tells her that Orson and Alma belong together and Bree is standing in the way. Bree gets mad and sprays Gloria's suede shoes with a hose. Orson goes to Alma's house and sees that Alma tried to commit suicide. Gloria is sitting there with Orson drinking. Orson realizes he can't move and that Gloria drugged him. All of a sudden, Alma sits up and is completely okay. Gloria and Alma put Orson on the bed and Alma rapes him. Bree finds him the next morning in bed with Alma. Bree is at first furious with Orson until she realizes that Alma drugged him and raped him. Bree is so mad with Alma that she punches her in the face. Bree calls Andrew and tells him to bring a wheel barrow to Alma's house to bring Orson home. ("Come Play Wiz Me")

Bree tells Orson the next morning about what Alma and Gloria did to him. Orson tells Bree about the night Monique died. Bree tells Orson to go to the police because Mike Delfino is currently being accused of murder, Orson confronts Gloria and Alma. Alma finally realizes tht Orson doesn't love her. Alma is ready to tell the police about Orson and Gloria. Gloria however locks her in the attic room at Alma's house. Bree later sees the bag of Monique's teeth on a later. Bree climbs up to retrieve it but she trips on a purposefully broken rung, falls, and is left unconscious. Orson calls an ambulance. Andrew looks over the ladder and sees that one of the rungs was cut. Andrew thinks that Orson did this because Bree told him to report to the police. Andrew tells a nurse at a hospital to not let Orson anywhere near Bree. Meanwhile, Mike continues seeing a theorpist to remember the past. He remembers the night that Monique was killed and that Orson was there. Mike confronts Orson in the parking garage at the hospital. Mike and Orson fight and Orson falls over the roof and the episode ends with "To Be Continued". ("I Remember That")

BIG 20311227981174295592
Orson says farewell to his evil mother forever. ("The Little Things You Do Together")

Orson falls to the ground but a tree breaks his fall. Bree checks out of the hospital. Gloria returns and has Danielle bring her up some homeade soup, which unbeknownst to her, has sleeping pills. After Danielle leaves, Gloria prepares to kill Bree and make it look like suicide. Orson checks out of the hospital to save his wife. Andrew, while on a shift at his job at the pizzeria, sees Danielle hanging out with friends instead of taking care of their mother. Danielle chastises Danielle for being irresponsible and finds out that Bree is with Gloria. Andrew rushes home to save his mother but Gloria knocks him out with her cane. Orson returns home to stop Gloria just in time. Orson realizes that his father was murdered by his mother because the way Gloria is making Bree's fake suicide look is the same. Orson fights Gloria and saves a drowning Bree. Gloria starts to have a stroke but he refuses to call her an ambulance. Instead, he takes her body over to Alma's yard and throws it next to her dead body after she escaped from the attic but fell off the roof. Bree later wakes up, Orson tells Bree that Alma and Gloria will never harm them again, Mike will be dropped from all charges and they can finally take their honeymoon. ("The Little Things You Do Together")

BIG 20311227981174295679
The men of Wisteria Lane play poker. ("My Husband, the Pig")

Bree leaves to visit her parents while Orson plans to join her in a week. During this time, Danielle finds out she is pregnant with Edie Britt's nephew, Austin McCann's child. Austin suggests having an abortion but she refuses. Orson talks to Bree on the phone and they decide to take Danielle on their honeymoon and take her to a school until the baby is born and adopted. ("My Husband, the Pig")

Orson and Bree return for Gabrielle and Victor Lang's wedding. Susan, Lynette, Gaby, and Edie are shocked to find Bree looking six months pregnant. It is later revealed that the pregnancy is fake and that when Danielle has her child that Bree and Orson will legally adopt it and raise it as their own. ("Getting Married Today")

Season 4[]


Bree tells Orson she wants to keep the pregnancy going.

Orson and Bree Hodge continue faking the pregnancy. They are nearly caught twice, one with an old lady wanting to pat Bree's belly at a department store and two when Ida Greenberg sees a grilling fork stuck in Bree's belly at a neighborhood picnic. Orson suggests going on a trip and having a miscarriage. Bree asks what would happen to the baby. Orson says Danielle Van de Kamp would keep it. Bree tells Orson that Danielle would ruin the baby's life and Bree wants a second chance raising a good kid. Orson agrees to keep the fake pregnacy going. ("Now You Know")

Smiles of a Summer Night

Orson comforts his frustrated wife, Bree Hodge

Orson tries to cheer Bree up when Katherine Mayfair makes a better pie than her. Orson tries Katherine's pie thinking it was Bree's and says it was delicious much to Bree's annoyance. ("Smiles of a Summer Night")

Tumblr m59ilplHTR1rv11opo2 r1 1280

Orson with his neighbor Gabrielle Lang.

Orson goes to Susan Delfino's charades party with his wife. Orson is on Susan's team instead of Bree's other friend Gabrielle Lang. ("The Game")


When Bree's first husband's mother sends a motorcycle for Danielle, Orson takes it for a test drive and crashes but is not injured. Orson helps Bree get rid of Phyllis when she comes to Bree's baby shower. ("If There's Anything I Can't Stand")

Now I Know, Don't Be Scared

Orson and Andrew help Danielle give birth

Orson and Bree are furious when Phyllis takes Danielle out of the convent. Orson and Bree tell Danielle that if Danielle keeps the baby then she won't be able to keep her new sports car or go to her party college. Danielle changes her mind and Orson and Bree take her home. ("Art Isn't Easy")

Orson, Bree, and Andrew go to Bob Hunter and Lee McDermott's Halloween party. Danielle sneaks to the party dressed as Bree. Danielle's water breaks and Orson and Andrew rush Danielle home. Bree gets Adam Mayfair to deliver the baby. Danielle has the baby and leaves the lane for college and Bree and Orson name the baby Benjamin Tyson Hodge. ("Now I Know, Don't Be Scared")

Picture 3

Orson, Bree, and baby Benjamin Tyson Hodge

Orson doesn't want Bree to have Benjamin circumsised because he had it done when he was five and it traumatized him. Orson tells every doctor in the state and neighboring states not to circumsise Benjamin much to Bree's surprise. Bree tell a mohel that she is Jewish and Benjamin is circumsised. Orson is furious when he finds out because Bree thinks that she is blood related to him, she makes all the decisions. Orson asks Bree if Bree thinks of him as the father. Bree promises that Benjamin will be the only father in Benjamin's life. ("You Can't Judge a Book by its Cover")

Orson is cranky when Bree won't have sex with Orson because Benjamin is sleeping with them. Bree tries to fix her and Orson's sex life. Bree shows up at Orson's work and they have sex on the dental chair. A guilty Orson perscribes Mike Delfino pain killers because his shoulder hurts from when Mike was hit by a car that Orson was driving. ("Distant Past")

Susan asks Orson why he perscribed Mike pain pills when he knows Mike has an addiction. Susan threatens Orson great pain if he gives Mike any more pills. Orson gets home in time for the tornado to come. Sylvia Greene has locked herself in the bathroom until she can see her former lover, Adam Mayfair. Orson gets himelf, Bree, Benjamin, Katherine, and Adam all safely into a walk in closet. They all talk and Orson and Bree witness Katherine and Adam's marriage come to an end when Katherine finds out that Adam really did have an affair with Sylvia. After the tornado, most of the Hodge house is destroyed. ("Something's Coming")

411 Bree Orson

Orson and Bree with baby Benjamin

After the tornado wrecks their house, Orson, Bree, and Benjamin stay with Susan and Julie while Mike is in rehab. Orson and Bree find a gay contractor named Walter but he won't work because his ex-partner left him for someone else. Orson and Bree try to set him up with Andrew. Susan Delfino sabotages it though because she likes having Bree around because she cooks and cleans perfectly. Orson and Bree stay longer because Susan is alone with Mike in rehab. ("Welcome to Kanagawa")

When Bree and Orson go to church Sunday morning, Lynette seeks their help to find a religion to follow since Lynette survived cancer and a tornado, she wonders where all the good luck came from. ("Sunday")

Orson and breee

Mike asks Orson to visit Mike at rehab. Mike apologizes to Orson for having him prescribe pills because Orson could have lost his job for it. Orson now has a guilty conscience because he ran over Mike and never came clean. Orson starts sleep walking. One night, Susan comes downstairs and finds Orson sitting on a stool naked. She confronts Orson the next morning but Orson and Bree think Susan had a naughty dream because she misses Mike and Orson is the closest male. That night, Orson sleep walks again and stands out on the front yard. Susan wakes him up and he realizes he has been sleep walking. Orson tells Susan it is time for him and Bree to move home because the downstairs is livable again. The final night they stay, Orson sleep walks and Julie sees him sitting on the front porch. Orson says "I'm sorry Mike. I'm sorry I ran you over". This worries Julie. ("In Buddy's Eyes")

Julie tells Mike about Orson's sleep talking the next day when he comes home. Mike confronts Orson about it, and Orson who breaks into tears because he regrets his actions. Mike decides to forgive Orson. Mike tells Susan about it and she breaks into Bree's house and yells at Orson. Bree is shocked by Orson's doings. Mike tells Susan to forgive Orson and not tell the police because it would leave Bree without a husband and Benjamin without a father. Susan tells Bree the next day that she forgives her but it will take some time with Orson. Bree tells Susan that it's nice she can forgive Orson but Bree can't. Orson is seen leaving Bree's house with packed suitcases. ("Hello, Little Girl")

Bree offers to forgive Orson only if he turns himself in and goes to prison. Orson tells Bree he is genually sorry but he won't survive in prison. Bree tells her soon-to-be ex-husband to leave. Orson shows up again that night drunk begging Bree to take him back. Edie Britt drives by and Bree asks Edie to take Orson back to his apartment. Orson doesn't want to go so she lets him stay on her couch. Bree finds out and is furious and tells Edie to send Orson home. Edie instead tells Orson to stay longer. Edie and Orson get drunk the next night and kiss. Both think it was inappropriate but Bree saw through a window and got the wrong idea. ("Opening Doors")

Orson goes to Bree's house once more to apologize. Orson also wants to take Benjamin to a carnival but she won't let him. Orson calls a lawyer to arrange Benjamin's custody. Edie goes over to Orson's apartment to tell Orson to get Bree off his back. Since Orson was in the shower, Edie snooped around and found a piece of paper evealing everything about who Benjamin's biological parents are. Edie uses this to blackmail Bree. Bree comes clean with her friends and they shun Edie into moving off Wisteria Lane.("Mother Said")

Orson starts stalking Bree. To make Orson clear that she is moving on, Bree meets with Reverend Greene at Scavo's Pizzeria and she acts like she is flirting with him to send Orson a message. Orson is embarrassed and leaves. At the end of the night, when Reverend Greene drives Bree home, he reveals he has feelings for Bree but she informs him that the flirting was only to make Orson leave. Reverend Greene tries to kiss Bree despite her refusal until she hits him over the head with his Bible. The next day at church, Reverend Greene plans on humiliating Bree. Orson and Reverend Greene get into a fist fight and Reverend Greene knocks him out. Bree calls an ambulance saying she is Orson's wife showing that she is having second thoughts about divorce. ("The Gun Song")

Orson gets out of the hospital and starts following Bree again. Bree is catering Bob Hunter and Lee McDermott's

417 Orson Bree

Orson and Bree have a heart to heart talk

civil ceremony. Her car breaks down while driving the ice sculpture over. She starts walking but Orson gives her a lift. Orson asks Bree one last time to take him back. Bree tells Orson that if she did, then that would mean forgiving what he did to Mike and Orson getting away scot free. ("Free")

Time Jump[]

Orson finally agrees to go to prison for Bree's forgiveness. Orson moves back in with Bree until he is arrested. The night before the police take Orson away, Orson and Bree have a dinner party with their neighbors. Orson gets really drunk and Bree goes to the kitchen alone with a bottle of wine and drinks the entire thing.

Bree has not been visiting her husband in prison since she can't stand to see him in the prison room. Meanwhile, Bree's former friend Edie Britt visits him often. Bree finds out about this and comfronts Edie. Edie tells her that Orson is lonely and Bree is to selfish to not visit him. Bree finally goes to see Orson and they catch up.

After three years of being in prison, Orson is released. Orson starts to get jealous of Bree spending more time on her business than her marriage.

Season 5[]

Five years later, Orson is now back from prison and has reconciled with his wife Bree Hodge, his adoptive son/step grandson was taken back by his stepdaughter Danielle Van de Kamp and her new lawyer husband Leo Katz while in prison, Orson also hasn't been able to find a job. ("You're Gonna Love Tomorrow")

Bree shows Orson and Andrew her new cookbook and Orson wonders why Bree named the book "Mrs. Van de Kamp" instead of "Mrs. Hodge". Bree reminds Orson she started th company when she and Orson were separated. Orson tells Bree she could just change her name when she made the cookbook. Bree says she can't do that because she is known as "Mrs. Van de Kamp". Orson listens to Bree talk show interview. When they ask if there is a Mr. Van de Kamp, Bree only mentions that Rex is deceased not even bringing up getting remarried. Orson is furious with Bree when she gets home at midnight, Orson demands Bree make him his favorite dinner. ("We're So Happy You're So Happy")

Orson and Bree finally convince Danielle, Benjamin, and Danielle's new husband Leo to come and visit. Orson tells Bree not to criticize Danielle because Orson wants to see his grandson. When Bree ruins the visit after only one day, Orson reveals his anger to Bree for letting Danielle take Benjamin away so easily. Bree defends herself by saying Danielle married a lawyer, and Benjamin was Danielle's biological son. ("Kids Ain't Like Everybody Else")

Orson is having trouble finding a job while he tells Bree everyday that he is going off to work. Orson is embarrassed that Bree is now the breadwinner in the family. Orson suggests to Bree that he works for her but Bree's partner Katherine Mayfair doesn't like this idea. Bree ends up hiring Orson after he guilts her into it. ("Back in Business")

Orson wants to tell everyone about being Bree's partner but Bree admits she hasn't told Katherine. Orson that he is her husband and they share everything. Orson then asks for a divorce much to Bree's shock. Bree tells Orson why Katherine means so much to her now because when Orson went to prison Bree started drinking again and Katherine helped her stop. Orson agrees just to work for them as an employee, and that he will only become a partner when she decides he has earned it. He says he doesn't mind if it takes two or three years, to which Katherine responds that he won't last one month working for Bree. ("Mirror, Mirror")

Orson has Bree arrange something for his old friend Peter. Bree sets him up with Katherine who has been feeling lonely. Orson reveals to Bree that he met Peter in prison. Bree tries to warn Katherine but she already slept with him. ("There's Always a Woman")

Orson and Bree catch their employee, Charlie stealing from them. After Orson and Bree fire him, they have sex on the kitchen counter. Bree and Orson shut off the video camera. Later on they find their security tapes were stolen by Charlie. Bree and Orson are worried because there was a sex video on there which the

Desperate-housewives-City on fire

Orson, Tom and Mike try and escape from a fire

y think is with them. After Andrew retrieves the tape for them, Orson and Bree see that is wasn't them having sex but it was Katherine having sex with Susan Mayer's ex-husband Mike Delfino. ("What More Do I Need?")

Edie Williams new husband Dave Williams starts a band with men of Wisteria Lane, Mike Delfino, Tom Scavo, Orson, and Carlos Solis. The five men perform in "Battle of the Bands". While performing onstage, the stage catches on fire and Orson and everyone flees. ("City on Fire")

Orson is released from the hospital after he broke his nose. Orson now has a loud snore which annoys Bree. Bree asks him to have a procedure so the snoring will stop. Orson refuses and Bree makes him sleep on the couch. Orson begs her to let him sleep in their bed. He promises not to snore. Instead though, he drugs her tea. Bree wakes up late the next morning still drunk and thinking Orson is Rex. After Bree gets sober, she makes Orson do the procedure because he owes her for the rest of his life. At the doctor's office, Dr. Cominis thinks Orson isn't happy but Bree says she doesn't care because she is still mad with him. After Bree and Orson leave, Dr. Cominis calls his boyfriend and makes him promise they'll never become a crazy couple. It is revealed that his boyfriend is Bree's son and Orson's stepson Andrew. ("Me and My Town")

Orson and Bree find out that Andrew and Alex Cominis are engaged and Bree and Orson show Andrew they are fine with it. ("A Vision's Just a Vision")

Orson and Bree meet Andrew's future mother-in-law and don't exactly hit it off. Orson tells Bree to be nice if she wants to see Andrew and Alex. When Melina Cominis prepares to move Andrew and Alex up to where she lives, Orson and Bree buy Alex and Andrew's Martha Huber's old house. ("Home is the Place")

Orson and Bree have dinner with Andrew and Alex, and Bree criticizes Orson. Alex asks Bree not to emasculate Orson in front of him. Bree asks Orson if she does that and he can't deny it. Bree gets upset because of this. ("Connect! Connect!")

Orson and Bree have dinner with Andrew and Alex one night and Orson is upset to find out Andrew makes more money than him. Orson hacks into Bree's files and finds out how much more Andrew makes than her. Orson is mad at Bree. Bree tells Orson that Andrew makes more money because he is worth more which really upsets Orson. ("In a World Where the Kings Are Employers")

When Tom Scavo is closing his pizzeria, Orson comes over to give his sympathy. Tom is rude to Orson because he says he knows how he feels. Tom is mad because Tom didn't do anything wrong to loose his job while Orson ran over Mike. When Tom walks away, Orson steals a Kiss the Cook salt shaker. Bree finds it and demands Orson return it. When Orson, Bree, Tom, and Lynette have dinner with Bree's advertising agent, who is rude to Orson. Orson steals his tape recorder. Bree catches him in time to return it. Bree is getting mad at Orson. Bree walks away and Orson steals one of her earrings. ("Crime Doesn't Pay")

When Bree finds out from Gaby and Susan that they are missing belongings, Bree realizes it was Orson but Gaby blames her daughter Juanita Solis. Orson comes home and Bree is at the table with everything Orson stole. Bree demands an explanation from Orson and suggests they start taking therapy. Bree forbids Orson from going to any neighbor's house anymore. Bree returns everything but she catches Orson walking out of Bob and Lee's house. Orson had stolen a mug from them. At therapy, Orson tells the therapist he steals because Bree can't control it and that makes him happy. ("The Story of Lucy and Jessie")

Orson and Bree


Orson forces Bree to sell her company to save her failing marriage

's marital problems get worse. Orson tries to convince Bree to sell her company to help with his healing. Bree agrees so she can save her marriage. Andrew convinces Bree not to because she put eight years into that company and it will be a complete waste. Bree asks Orson if he really loves her, then does he need her to give up something she loves. A selfish Orson says yes. Bree then tells her husband she will not be selling her business, much to Orson's anger. Orson starts stealing from Rose Kemper. She chases him out with her baseball bat. Orson runs out into the middle of the street in front of Edie Williams car who was running away from her evil husband. Edie swerves to miss Orson and she crashes into a utility pole and is fried by a powerline. Orson is horrified by this but he runs away. ("A Spark. To Pierce the Dark")

Orson is treated for his head injury. Orson says he tripped while out on a walk instead. He tells the doctor that Rose Kemper is going senile. This way, Orson can make sure Rose doesn't catch him. Rose is checked into a retirement home. Bree tells Orson she can't take his lying anymore. Orson tells Bree he wants to be happy and to be a good husband. Andrew is very suspicious about Orson's sudden decision to be happy. Bree tells Andrew she loves Orson and wants to give him a second chance. Andrew reminds Bree that Orson stole from her friends and tried to convince her to sell her business. Bree hears from Katherine about Rose Kemper and realizes that Orson broke in. Bree tells Andrew she will have to divorce Orson, so he helps her search for a divorce lawyer. ("Rose's Turn")

Bree meets with a divorce lawyer but she finds out Orson will get half her business. Bree meets with her best friend, Susan Mayer's first ex-husband Karl Mayer. Orson starts taking Bree's money in a cheerful way which upsets her. ("Bargaining")

Bree and Karl discuss ways to hide Bree's possessions from Orson when they divorce. Bree and Karl rob their own house at Susan and Jackson Braddock's engagement party. Orson is horrified when they get home and he swears it wasn't him. Orson draws up a sketch of a mask he bought Bree early in their marriage. Bree starts having second thoughts about divorcing Orson. Karl convinces her that divorcing him is the right thing because he may seem nice now, but it will change. Orson gets a phone call from a storage unit asking for Bree Hodge. Orson goes to the storage unit and finds everything that was "stolen". ("Marry Me a Little")

Orson takes everything from the storage unit and puts them back at the house. Bree comes home and is confronted by Orson. Orson asks Bree why she did this. Bree tells Orson she wants a divorce. Bree says she doesn't care what he wants, she just wants out of the marriage. The following day, Orson tells Bree he filed an insurance claim in both their names and if she tries to divorce him, he will send her to prison for insurance fraud. Orson says he thinks they can make things works out. Bree tells Orson she no longer loves him. ("Everybody Says Don't")

Karl hires someone to attack Orson so he will let Bree go. Bree tells Orson she didn't hire anyone because Orson thinks it was her. Orson brings his packed suitcase back upstairs thinking there is still hope for him and Bree. Bree is mad at Karl and fires him. Karl admits he is extremely attracted to Bree and kisses her. She stops him, bewildered, and acts like she doesn't want him to kiss her. Karl kisses her again, she doesn't stop him this time, and they make out in his office. She immediately rehires him as they start an affair. ("If It's Only In Your Head")

Season 6[]

Orson and Bree continue having marital problems. Bree continues her affair with Karl Mayer. Orson suggests they enter marriage counseling. Bree tells Orson she is no longer his wife but his captive. Orson tells Bree that guilt is a small price to pay for happiness. ("Nice is Different Than Good")

The night after Susan Mayer and Mike Delfino remarry, Katherine Mayfair

Being Alive

Orson and the neighbors look on after Julie's body was discovered

goes to the Hodge house and sees Orson has a hangover. Orson drank too much at the wedding. Orson, Carlos Solis, and Tom Scavo are suspec


Orson, Tom, and Carlos after Julie is strangled.

ious about the new neighbors Angie Bolen and Nick Bolen. Orson points out they were only outside for a minute. Carlos, Orson, and Tom start to think Danny Bolen might have something to do with Julie Mayer's strangling. ("Being Alive")

Orson and Bree go out to dinner one night and they run into Karl and his date Candace, who was a former dental patient of Orson's. Orson and Candace dance on the dance floor. A jealous Bree pours oil on the dance floor, and Orson and Candace slip. Candace ends up breaking her nose. The next morning, Orson confronts Bree thinking that Bree sabotaged their dance because Bree still loves him. Orson takes the suitcase he heads back upstairs. Bree then decides to go to Las Vegas with Karl. ("Never Judge a Lady by Her Lover")

While having sex with Karl, a maid walks in on them at the motel. The maid is openly rude to Bree for cheating on Orson. While having dinner, Orson asks Bree about her day. Bree says someone was openly rude to her. Orson asks who and Bree lies saying it was someone who works at a cafe. Orson tells Bree that she should stand up for herself. The maid tells Bree the next day that Orson is a wonderful man because she heard Bree talk to him and say he did the shopping for her and he cares for her. The maid admits she was once married but wanted to have fun so she found boyfriend. Neither relationship lasted, so she had to become a maid for a motel. Bree doesn't listen to the maid because she thinks her own situation is different. ("Everybody Ought to Have a Maid")

Orson and Bree go to Susan and Mike's house for dinner one night. Bree is wearing Karl's grandmother's broach that he stole back from Susan eleven years before when they divorced. Bree gives hers back to Susan. Orson goes to the so-called thrift shop Bree claimed she bought it from. Orson finds out that the store only sells furniture. ("Don't Walk on the Grass")

Angie Bolen invites Orson and Bree over for dinner, much to Bree's reluctance. Orson and Bree see how much delicious food Angie cooked and sees how she fights with her husband. Bree tells Orson to unbutton his pants so they can leave. Orson buys Bree jewlery later on and she is frustrated because she demands a divorce and she wants him to stop trying to change her mind. ("Careful the Things You Say")

When Bree comes home from the opera with Karl, Bree sees Orson listening to the same thing. The next day when Angie comes over, Orson asks her to spy on Bree because he thinks she is having an affair. Angie tells Orson that Bree isn't that type. Orson goes on a golf weekend and Karl goes over to Bree's house to tell him he found away to get Bree a divorce. They just need to get pictures of Orson with an ex-con. Karl tells Bree they should have sex. Angie catches Bree and Karl having sex, Orson also comes home and Angie helps Bree cover it up. Angie tells Bree that she only covered it up because she felt bad for Orson. ("The Coffee Cup")

Bree goes to Lamar Benjamin's house, and ex-con who knew Orson. Orson and Lamar hang out at Orson's house and Bree has hidden cameras to take pictures. ("Would I Think of Suicide?")

Bree tells Orson she filed for divorce, she tells Orson if he sends her to jail for fraud then he's going with her. Orson tells Bree he was bluffing about sending her to prison. He loved Bree to much that she could call his bluff anytime and walk away. Orson tells Bree that since she went to all this trouble, he knows that their marriage is over. Orson tells Bree he'll say goodbye to everyone at the neighborhood Christmas party. Orson overhears Bree on the phone saying to Karl she misses him. Orson realizes Bree has a lover but still doesn't know it's Karl. At the Christmas party, Bree finds out a plane will fly a banner over Wisteria Lane with a marriage proposal for her. Orson and Karl go into Santa's Workshop where Karl admits that he is Bree's lover, and Karl and Orson have a fist fight. Bree tries to break it up but is unsuccessful. The small plane then crashes on the Lane and hits Santa's Workshop. Bree, Orson, and Karl's fate are left unknown. ("Boom Crunch")

In the following episode, it is revealed that Bree just suffered a concussion, Orson is paralyzed from the waist down, and Karl is killed. ("If...")

After Orson checks out of the hospital, he rents a room at Karen McCluskey and Roy Bender's house. Bree refuses to let her husband have a divorce because she wants to make up for her sins. Orson decides to take advantage of this and get revenge on his wife her adulterous ways. He has her wait on him hand and foot, which includes making a dessert that takes hours to make. ("You Gotta Get a Gimmick")

Orson continues taking advantage of Bree. Orson refuses to let Bree give him a bath or say please and thank


Orson yells at Bree

you for everything she does for him. When Orson refuses to say please for his breakfast, Bree puts it on high shelf until he says please. Orson refuses and Bree leaves. When Orson's physical therapist arrives, she sees Orson lying on the floor claiming he was trying to reach for his breakfast. Bree tells the therapist her reason. Later on, Bree takes Orson outside and pours dishwasher soap over him and sprays him with the hose. Orson starts yelling "please" at his wife. Orson tells Bree how miserable his life is now that he is paralyzed and how he has to ask everyone for help. Bree realizes what Orson is going through now. Bree gets on her knees and asks Orson for forgiveness. Orson forgives Bree. ("How About a Friendly Shrink?")

Orson decides to commit suicide so he starts giving his stuff away to Mike Delfino, Tom Scavo, Carlos Solis, and Roy Bender. Bree tells everyone to leave. Bree makes sure Orson is never alone so she can stop him from killing himself. Orson and Bree go to a 50th anniversary party for their friends. Orson sneaks out back and is ready to wheel himself into the pool and let himself drown. Bree stops Orson just in time and tells him that she loved him once and she thinks she could love him again. She wants to grow old with him. Orson and Bree finally reconcile. ("The Glamorous Life")

Orson along with rest of the Wisteria Lane men have a little crush for Robin Gallagher, an ex-stripper. Bree and Orson have had trouble connecting lately so Robing suggests to Bree that she should restart her sex life with Orson. Bree tries giving Orson a lap dance but it doesn't goes as well as planned. Bree tells Orson she wants to be intimate with her husband again. Bree and Orson share a romantic moment. ("Lovely")

When Bree finds out that her new employee, Sam Allen is her late husband Rex's illegitimate son, Orson tells Bree not to be mad at Sam when it was Rex's fault for never mentioning him. ("Chromolume No. 7")

Orson wonders why Bree is taking such an interest in Sam. Orson is surprised when he finds out Bree called Danielle and she is flying over to meet Sam and get to know him. Bree tells Orson she is ashamed of Rex and wants to make it up to Sam. When Andrew and Sam fight, Orson takes Andrew's side. Orson and Andrew are suspicious about Sam and thinks Sam is up to no good. Orson talks to Bree who wants to make Sam feel part of the family. Sam was listening in on their conversation hinting he has a hidden agenda. ("My Two Young Men")

When one of Bree's catering dinners is sabotaged, Bree thinks Andrew did it because she fired him. Orson points out to Bree that something like that had to be really thought out and planned, something Andrew never does. B


Orson and Andrew think of a way to get rid of Sam

ree realizes Sam might be up to something. ("We All Deserve to Die")

When Bree finds out Sam's mother is in fact alive, Bree realizes Sam is hiding something. Orson tells Bree he was right about Sam. After Bree confronts Sam and he lashes out in rage, Bree tells Orson and Andrew that she is scared of her stepson. ("A Little Night Music")

Orson, Bree, and Andrew brainstorm ways to get rid of Sam. Orson suggests Andrew seduce him. Since Orson is no good in a fight, Orson suggest they pay Sam to leave them alone. When Bree gives Sam a check, her tears it up saying he doesn't want to leave. Sam also blackmails Bree about Andrew's involvement in "Mama" Solis's hit and run, which he learns from Danielle. ("The Ballad of Booth")

Bree tells Orson and Andrew about being blackmailed by her stepson. Bree decides to turn her company over to


You are not the woman I thought you were

Sam. Andrew tells Bree he'll turn himself in because it's about time. Orson also agrees with Andrew. Bree harshly tells Orson to stay out of it because this between her and Andrew. Orson is upset by this harsh gesture. After Bree returns home from signing over her company to Sam, she finds Orson putting closes into a suitcase. Bree asks Orson what he is doing. He tells his wife that he looked up to Bree for making him go to prison for running over Mike but now that she covers up Andrew's hit and run, he thinks she is a hypocrite. Orson tells Bree he is leaving her. Bree breaks into tears and begs Orson not to go. Orson tells Bree she is not the woman he thought she was. ("I Guess This is Goodbye")

Season 7[]

Orson Bree Divorce
Orson and Bree divorce. ("Remember Paul?")

Orson packs up his remaining belongings from Bree's house, with the help of his physical therapist, Judy. Seeing that Bree is upset about the end of their marriage, Orson apologizes, and reluctantly the two agree that they haven't been happy for a long time. And with that, Orson leaves. A few days later, Orson returns for Bree to sign the division of assets forms. By conversing, Bree learns that Orson has since begun a relationship with Judy. ("Remember Paul?")

Orson returns to Bree, who is now romantically involved with her contractor Keith Watson, and asks if he can stay with her after Judy kicked him out. Bree agrees but Keith is reluctant. Orson and Keith don't get along, resulting to a food fight at dinner. Bree goes to Judy's apartment and she reveals that Orson left her because he wasn't over Bree and he regretted leaving her. Bree goes home and fights with Keith, who is ready to leave. Orson sees how much Bree loves Keith and offers to leave. Bree tells Orson he can stay until he finds a place of his own. ("Assassins")

Season 8[]

Orson Hodge had a plan; he was determined to reclaim the heart of a woman whose loss he had never gotten over. He loved her so deeply that he was willing to be patient and obsess over every detail, until at last, the moment arrived, when she was just within reach.
Mary Alice Young
Orson and Bree are reunited. ("Is This What You Call Love?")

Orson shows up at a dive bar where Bree is in the middle of being assaulted by a drunken man. After the man refuses to follow Orson's command to leave Bree alone, Orson pulls out a taser gun and shoots it. After receiving a large electric shock, the drunken man retreats. A saddened Bree kneels down before Orson, and reveals that she's made a mess of her life. Orson tells her, "Don't worry, dear. The one thing you and I were always good at was cleaning things up." They then engage in an embrace, relieved to find themselves in each other's arms once more. ("Is This What You Call Love?")

In a flashback, all is revealed - Orson is the sender of Bree's mysterious blackmail notes and the hit-and-run driver that killed Chuck. ("Get Out of My Life")

Orson moves back in with Bree and manages to help get her life back on track. He invites Bree to his coastal cabin in Maine, but Bree remains unsure. He ultimately wins her over when he reminds her that she has nothing left in Fairview, especially since her friends have abandoned her. Later, as the two pack ready to leave for Maine, Orson tells Bree about how he has since learned how to drive and how he is a changed man - in fact, it emerges, that he was responsible for Chuck Vance's death and was the sender of the blackmail notes, all in a twisted scheme to win back Bree's heart. Orson has become mentally unhinged and obsessed with his ex-wife. However, Bree is unaware of this and Orson's subsequent motives. ("Get Out of My Life")

8x15 - Orson calls Bree
Orson says farewell to Bree. ("She Needs Me")

As they are about to leave for Maine, Bree insists they stop by at Orson's apartment beforehand to get his hat that matched hers. Orson is panicked as his apartment has since become somewhat of a shrine to Bree; it is littered with photographs that he took of Bree helping bury Alejandro Perez's body. The two arrive and despite Orson's attempts to clean up, Bree spots a compromising photograph in the trash and realizes Orson has been watching her all this time. Orson reveals that he was also responsible for Chuck's death, claiming it was all done to protect Bree. Realizing that Orson has become insane, Bree informs him that she wants nothing to do with him, and leaves. Shortly, Orson calls Bree and tells her that their love requires a great sacrifice. Bree assumes Orson means he is going to kill himself, which causes her to feel incredibly guilty. Instead, Orson mails a folder filled with evidence of Bree's role in the cover-up of Alejandro's murder to the Fairview Police Department. He disappears and is never seen again. ("She Needs Me")

But then there are those who are past the point of help. And in their wake, they leave nothing but destruction...
Mary Alice Young

It is implied that Orson is dead or on the run since Bree later states that Orson is not around, meaning that the police can't find him or he is dead, so the evidence he sent to the police is not used. ("Lost My Power ")


Will you stop it?! Suicide is the worst thing that can happen to a family! I will not have it made light of!

—Orson, Nice She Ain't

[to Reverend Green] I don't care what she did to you. I am not going to let you publicly declare that Bree Hodge is a slut!

—Orson, The Gun Song


Gallery of photographic stills released to promote the character.


  • Originally, Orson was written as an evil character and the murderer of Monique, however, Marc Cherry loved to work with Kyle, hence made Gloria Hodge the murderer.
  • In the opening episode of Season 5, "You're Gonna Love Tomorrow", Orson is seen singing "Break On Through to the Other Side" by The Doors at the party thrown for Edie. In future episodes, Orson is also seen playing keyboards for Tom Scavo's band. These two scenes could be of reference to actor Kyle McLachlan portraying keyboardist Ray Manzarek in Oliver Stone's film "The Doors".
  • Orson loves opera and classical music.
  • Both Orson and Bree have been accused of murdering their previous spouses.
  • All of Orson's lovers throughout the seasons have been red heads: Alma, Monique and Bree.
  • Orson's relationship with his mother is similar to that of Norman Bates from the classic movie, Psycho.
  • Orson has committed hit-and-run twice within the series - Chuck Vance and Mike Delfino.
  • It is never verified what happened to Orson after leaving evidence to the police of Bree's involvement in murder. He either committed suicide or went into hiding.
  • Even though Bree has been married three times, her marriage to Orson was the only unsuccessful one, as her first marriage to Rex ended her being a widow and her marriage to Trip is presumably a success.
  • Orson appears in every season except the first.