Wiksteria Lane

Rachel Miller is a friend of Juanita Solis.


Season 6[]

One day, Juanita and Rachel girls slide down the stairs in a suitcase, Laura (Rachel's mother) arrives to pick up her daughter and Gaby tells her they were just playing and that she cannot watch them every second so she accuses Gaby of almost killing her daughter and being a lousy mother. Gaby is offended by the accusation and tells her Rachel was only invited because Juanita felt sorry for her. Laura tells Gaby she will not be bringing Rachel over anymore and will not be attending Juanita's birthday party because she feels her daughter is not safe in Gaby's care. ("Everybody Ought to Have a Maid")

She is a student at the Oakridge Elementary School, too. One day, when Gabrielle try to understand the system of learning groups named after animals, she takes a photo of a Rachel's maths test, for compare the difficulty with Juanita's test. Thanks to that, Gabrielle learned Juanita is in the better group, for Maths lessons. ("How About a Friendly Shrink?")