Wiksteria Lane

Well, as long as you're safe, what do you care who's sorry?

Rebecca Shepard is Art Shepard's invalid sister who lived with him on Wisteria Lane up until her untimely death due to cardiac arrest.


Season 3[]

Rebecca moved to Wisteria Lane with her older brother Art. Lynette Scavo calls Rebecca "the one with the cool wheelchair" to children. She later gets upset when the neighborhood think Art is a pedophile and has an argument with Lynette, being the one who spread the gossip around after finding Art's basement filled with toys and pictures of half naked prepubescent boys. She soon becomes ill and later dies at Fairview hospital. Lynette feels sorry for Art and tries to say sorry but he ignores her. She goes up to Art who later says that he didn't want his sister to get suspicious of him and that now she is dead he is free to do whatever he pleases, suggesting that he was a pedophile all along or was pretending to sound like one to scare Lynette as revenge for ruining his life and causing his sister's death.