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Just because I choose to express myself, doesn't mean that I condone adultery.

The receptionist seen in "Next" was an employee working at the Prenatal & Neonatal Care ward of Fairview's Sacred Heart Hospital. She was hassled by Gabrielle Solis to give her someone's paternity test results, in order for her to tamper with them.


Gabrielle is seen entering a floor at the Sacred Heart Hospital, the Prenatal & Neonatal Care ward. She tells the receptionist, a goth girl reading a book, who's got a nose piercing and dyed hair, among other peculiar characteristics. Gabby tells the woman she needs a paternity test, and the receptionist tells her they can schedule her for one, but Gabrielle stops her on her tracks, saying she doesn't need to take the test, she is just trying to reassure her husband of what she knows is true in her heart. She suggests to the woman that she could be slipped someone else's test results, and she'll make up her own, as she got Photoshop for Christmas. The woman gets back to reading her book, with a smirk of disdain on her face, and Gabrielle begs her to help her out, as she seems like a fun-loving girl who's probably been in a couple hairy situations of her own. The receptionist tells her that although she chooses to express herself, that doesn't mean she condones adultery. Gabby gives up... though not entirely, as she quickly spots a haggard woman checking out her test results, and gets a new idea.