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Reverend Sikes is the reverend at the local Presbyterian church.


Season 1[]

He first appeared in the episode "Live Alone and Like It", when he met with Andrew about his sexual orientation. Andrew tells him he plans on getting revenge by "rocking" Bree’s world (which Sikes cannot warn Bree about due to the rules of confession).

Season 2[]

Sikes presided over Rex’s funeral.

Season 3[]

He was also the celebrant at Bree and Orson’s marriage.

Season 4[]

When Lynette goes with Bree to church she starts asking Reverend Sikes several questions. Bree gets embarrassed about this and tells Lynette that church is for answers not questions. However, Sikes tells Bree that church is for questions not answers.

Season 6[]

In "You Gotta Get a Gimmick", Reverend Sikes discusses with Bree that it is her responsibility to watch over Orson while he's in the wheelchair, to which Bree tearfully confesses she does not know if she loves Orson anymore.

Season 7[]

Sikes reappears and asks Bree to befriend Paul Young's wife, Beth. He later appears to comfort Bree after she and Keith split up, and he tells her to reach out to the community to find Susan a kidney.

Season 8[]

He shows up at Bree's house and wants to know why she has not been to church for the last 5 Sundays. He tells Bree she should feel better if she works with the homeless with her new neighbor Ben Faulkner. He is also seen during the Church's bakesale when Bree is revealed as the true woman that she has become, sleeping with dozens of men.


  • Reverend Sikes has appeared in every season but Season 5.

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