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If there was one thing Gabrielle Solis didn't tolerate, it was a rival. Whether she walked on two legs... or four. So when she wandered into her bedroom that afternoon, Gabrielle had made up her mind. The bitch... had to go.
Mary Alice Young

Roxy is a Golden Retriever that was given to Carlos Solis after he went blind. She acted as a guide dog for him, helping him navigate around Fairview easier.


Season 4[]

Roxy is given to Carlos by an agency that trains animals to help the blind. Carlos brings her home and thinks she is great, however, Gabrielle is displeased as the dog can't do anything more than walk Carlos around. Roxy soon begins to growl at Gabrielle every time she raises her voice towards Carlos and she barks every time Gaby hits him, she is angered by this. She goes to bed one night to find Roxy on it, she insists that she move but Carlos refuses, believing that it is good for a dog to sleep with its master. Gaby is distraught and makes Carlos choose between Roxy and her, he chooses Roxy. The next day, Gaby has decided that Roxy has to go and so she takes her for a "walk" and drives her back to the agency, lying by saying that she wasn't working well with Carlos. As soon as Gaby drives away, Roxy escapes and runs after her. Gaby arrives home and tells Carlos that Roxy ran away, she is shocked to see her up against the window. They then have to keep Roxy. Gaby is angry that she cannot hit or yell at Carlos without the dog judging her and Edie tells her that she should stop doing those things as, since Carlos has become blind, they're just sick. ("Hello, Little Girl")

Roxy is sitting with Carlos when Ellie Leonard arrives in the Solis home. She is to sublet the guest room. ("Opening Doors") Roxy is with Carlos on the porch when he hears an argument ensue between Edie and Bree. He and her move closer to hear more of the argument and soon hear a slap. ("Mother Said")

When Ellie returns in search of her money, Gaby fights her off. She runs down the stairs with the bag of money and Ellie chases her, they are wrestling for it on the floor and Gaby wins due to Roxy running over and biting Ellie's arm, causing her to loose the money and the fight as Gaby goes to get the cops. ("Free")