Wiksteria Lane

This Sales Clerk is a woman who works at Cumberly's.


Depressed, after finding out she’s almost unemployable, Gabrielle walks into a large clothes shop. A shop assistant, Lazaro, approaches Gaby and asks if he can help her. Gaby explains she just came to buy a red scarf she saw in the window, but other items of clothing around the shop begin to catch her eye. She tells Lazaro she needs “a new pair of everything” and then begins her shopping spree. She speedily searches through rails, tossing the clothes she likes to a shop assistant who is following her, holding the clothes she wants. Lazaro approaches Gaby with a shirt, but Gaby explains she wants it in taupe, not beige and then she tells him where to find it. She then searches through a row of shoes and hands the one she likes to another shopping assistant, telling them she wants them in different colors. Even later, Gaby starts to mix and match necklaces with dresses, and discarding the ones she doesn’t like. Then, silence. Gaby is stood staring intensely at a blue patterned dress while a large crowd watches her. A woman asks Lazaro if they should help her because nobody has been able to make it “work”. However, Lazaro assures the woman Gaby knows what she’s doing. Gaby suddenly creates an idea and tells a shopping assistant to gather the items which would make the outfit work. Everyone watching suddenly bursts into applause, congratulating her success. Gaby bows to the crowd and then walks away.

Back at the clothes shop, Gaby enters holding all the clothes she previously bought. The moment she enters, all the employees, including the sales clerk stare at her, smiling. ("Any Moment")