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Scavo Pizzeria was a pizza restaurant in Fairview downtown. It was created byTom Scavo, and operated by him and his wife.


Season 3[]

In season 3, after a period of unemployment Tom Scavo buys the lease on a restaurant without consulting Lynette. She is initially unsupportive but eventually come to an agreement on opening Scavo Pizzeria. Lynette later quits her job to be manager at the restaurant.

Tom collapses in the restaurant due to a ruptured disc, and is forced to stop working during his recovery. Lynette hires former drug addict and sous-chef Rick Colleti to manage the restaurant. Tom and Rick clash, particularly when Lynette decides to serve Rick's traditional Italian meals in the restaurant and they are very well received, making Tom jealous. Tom also notices Lynette and Rick becoming closer.

The restaurant is robbed at gunpoint while Lynette and Rick are there alone after hours. The two are trapped in the freezer overnight and are found by Tom in the morning. An angry Tom accuses Rick of sleeping with Lynette and tells Rick to quit, but Rick refuses. After Rick confesses his feelings for Lynette, she fires him.

Andrew and Austin work as servers at the restaurant during season 3.

Season 4[]

During season 4, Rick Colleti opens an Italian restaurant across the street from the Scavo's, angering Tom, who then throws a brick through the window. Rick confronts Tom in Scavo's, witnessed by Porter, Preston and Kayla. Later, Rick's restaurant is burned down in an arson attack. Lynette suspects Tom, but later discovers that Porter and Preston set the fire after Kayla encouraged them.

Andrew continues to work at the restaurant during season 4.

Season 5[]

After the 5-year time jump, the Scavos are still running the pizzeria, but Tom has grown unhappy with this life. Andrew is no longer an employee.

When Preston is arrested on suspicion of an arson attack on a music venue, Lynette uses restaurant funds to pay his bail and the family risk losing the restaurant. When the Scavos are struggling financially, Bree Van de Kamp becomes a partner in the restaurant, owing 15% of the business in exchange for $20,000, after Lynette refuses to take the money as a gift. Lynette tells Tom the restaurant is struggling too much and they will have to sell. Tom decides to let all the employees go and have Porter, Preston, Parker and Penny replace them as waitstaff, but the kids are not happy with this. Tom finally agrees to sell the restaurant.