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"She Needs Me" is the 172nd episode of Desperate Housewives.


Susan tells Porter that she'll set up a nursery and watch over his and Julie's baby after Lynette firmly tells her son that she will not help raise her future granddaughter. Meanwhile, Orson convinces Bree to go away with him to the Maine countryside - perhaps to never return to Wisteria Lane. Karen pleads with Gabrielle not to tell Roy about her condition, and good deeds never go unpunished when, after paying off Ben's loan shark, the thug sets his eyes on destroying Renee's life.


Previously on Desperate Housewives[]

Susan discovered that Porter was the father of Julie's baby... then Lynette found out. Gaby took in a house guest, and Karen got bad news. Ben's money problem took a toll, and Renee stepped in. Orson returned... with a plan.
Mary Alice Young


When it came to raising her children, Lynette Scavo was used to doing things without help. Her husband would often travel on business, or rush out to important meetings, or sneak out for a game of golf. But just because Lynette was used to doing everything herself didn’t mean she liked it.
815 01
In a flashback, Lynette is left at home with her children.

We see Lynette Scavo in her kitchen, holding Paige Scavo. She enters the fridge and uncomfortably takes out some supplies to make cereal. She then struggles to make the cereal, while still holding Paige. Whe then see flashbacks of when Lynette was left on her own to care for her children. Firstly, we see Tom getting in the car to go to a business trip, leaving Lynette with baby Preston and Porter. We then see Tom rush out of the house for a meeting, leaving Lynette with toddler Preston and Porter and baby Parker. And then we see Tom sneaking out for a game of golf, leaving Lynette with young energetic Preston, Porter and Parker and baby Penny.

815 02
Porter asks Tom and Lynette to help care for his baby once it's born.

Back in the present, Porter and Tom are waiting impatiently at the dining table as Lynette prepares the cereal. Porter asks if Lynette is ready, so she brings the cereal for Tom. Porter thanks his parents for joining him and explains that he knows they don’t agree with him being a single father. However, he assures them that he has everything under control because he got a job. Tom congratulates his son, but Lynette doesn’t, so Tom asks her if she’s going to congratulate him. So, Lynette explains she’s waiting for the “but”. Porter then continues that his job doesn’t provide childcare and explains that he’ll need a bit of help with the baby. Lynette gives Paige to Tom, who he places on a mat on the floor as she asks how much help. Porter explains 8 hours a day, every day. Lynette reminds Porter how bad of an idea keeping the baby is, but then says she’s making peace with the idea. However, she says she cannot care for his baby, and Tom adds they can barely look after Paige. With that, Tom and Lynette notice Paige is missing, so Tom quickly gets up to search for her. Lynette apologizes and says Porter will need to make other arrangements. With that, Tom yells he found Paige. Porter complains that Lynette should care for his baby because she’s the grandmother. Lynette takes Paige off Tom and explains that she’ll love his daughter and act like a grandmother, but she doesn’t want to care for it. Running out of ideas, Porter tries to blackmail his mother into caring for his baby by saying a stranger will have to look after “baby Lynette”. Lynette is touched, but immediately tells him it changes nothing. Lynette then passes Paige to Porter, telling him it’s practice.

Yes, Lynette Scavo had raised her children without much help, and she was determined that Porter do the same.
Mary Alice Young

Act I[]

Orson Hodge had a plan; he was determined to reclaim the heart of a woman whose loss he had never gotten over. He loved her so deeply that he was willing to be patient and obsess over every detail, until at last, the moment arrived, when she was just within reach.
Mary Alice Young
815 03
Bree questions how Orson knew of the second letter.

We see flashes of Orson Hodge sat at a desk in his apartment, trimming photographs and news articles about Chuck Vance’s death, all for a large collection of evidence on Bree and Chuck’s death. It contains pictures of the night Alejandro was killed...of Bree and her friends taking the body to the woods and burying it. Back in the present, Orson and Bree are sat in Bree’s living room. He hands her a small photo album, he tells her it’s a book of “inspiration” he put together for her. Bree looks at the photos and gasps with delight, Orson explains that they’re of his cottage in Maine. Bree compliments the photos, but Orson tells her they’re better to see in person. Bree thanks Orson, saying it’s cheering her up. Orson explains she deserved a break after the murder, investigation and letters she received. Puzzled, Bree asks what he means by “letters”, so he tells her the ones she received after the murder and Chuck’s death. Bree explains that she never told him of the second letter, so Orson quickly lies, saying Lynette told him. Bree asks why he talked to Lynette, so he explains it was when she visited with the girls the other day and lies again, insisting the women can’t be trusted. Orson then shows Bree another photo of where she could plant a garden, and she is pleased and excited. She joyfully tells him he’s thought of everything, so which Orson replies “let’s hope so, darling” hinting he wants his secret plan to succeed.

815 04
Gabrielle suggests that Roy move back home.

Meanwhile, at Gabrielle’s house, Gabrielle enters her home, carrying a helium balloon and a bag with champagne in it, to find Roy listening to the news at a very high volume. She turns it off, complaining at how loud it was. Roy notices the balloon and sighs, thinking it’s one of her daughter’s birthdays, fearing how hyper they’ll be after eating cake. But Gaby explains that the balloon is Carlos as he’s leaving rehab. Roy questions why she bought a person leaving rehab a bottle of champagne, but Gaby tells him it’s for her because she’s been under a lot of stress. Roy tells Gaby he’s ashamed at her efforts of Carlos’s homecoming, calling her selfish. Gaby sarcastically agrees with him and suggests he leave, but Roy explains he doesn’t have anywhere else to go. Gaby asks Roy’s plan, so he explains he and Carlos were gonna have a tri-tip. Gaby tells Roy that Karen also likes his tri-tip, so he should move back. Roy, referring to something inappropriate, says she does enjoy his “tri-tip”. Gaby scolds him and then tells him to send flowers and “make nice”. Roy explains he’s tried that, and says if Karen wants him back, she’ll come for him. Roy turns the TV back on, loud, and Gaby walks away, unhappy.

815 05
Susan helps Porter.

At Susan’s house, Mike exits his car as Susan comes from the house. She asks how it went with Julie, so Mike explains she reached the train with time to spare and explains she seemed eager to be getting back to school. Susan expresses her disappointment that Julie didn’t decide to come back home, so Mike comforts her, saying she’ll just need time. The two hug and Mike heads inside. However, Susan notices Porter on his porch in a suit, apparently talking to himself. She approaches a gloomy looking Porter, and asks if he’s okay. Porter says everything sucks because Lynette wasn’t satisfied with his job, so he wrote a resume. He gives it to Susan and she quickly reads it. She tells him it’s great and any boss would be lucky to have him. Susan asks what job Lynette didn’t like, so explains it was waiting tables. He continues by saying it was a “stepping stone” - take classes, learn about the business and get into management or own his own restaurant. Susan tells him it sounds like a good plan, but Porter complains that it doesn’t have day care. A crazy idea suddenly pops into Susan’s head, and she pauses for a moment. She then suggests Porter take the waiting job and she’ll be the day care. Porter is pleased and asks if she doesn’t mind being stuck with a baby. Susan explains it’s a baby, and asks who’d be “stuck”, to which Porter replies, saying Lynette. Susan goes on to explain it’d be doing her a favour too. Porter thanks Susan, calling her “Mrs. Delfino”, so she asks him to call her Susan. Porter then jokingly suggests he call her grandma, but after a seconds laugh, Susan tells him no, just Susan.

815 06
Gaby tries to trick Karen into taking Roy back.

Later on, outside Bree’s house, Gabrielle sneaks up to one of the rose bushes holding a vase. She pulls off a couple of the flowers and tries to arrange them in the vase, cutting herself on a thorn in the process. A little while later, Gaby approaches Karen’s house and places the flowers on the front porch. However, as she’s bent down, Karen opens the door, startling Gaby. Karen asks what she’s doing, so Gaby explains that she saw some flowers and wanted to know who they were from. Gaby takes a card that’s placed in the roses and tells Karen they’re from Roy, but Karen explains she saw her take them from Bree’s garden. Gaby denies the claims, insisting Karen’s old and doesn’t know what she’s saying. Karen points out Gaby has clippers hanging out her pocket and her finger is bleeding, but Gaby awkwardly defends herself by saying Karen does too. Gaby then just sighs and asks to come inside. Karen nods and they both head inside.

815 07
Karen collapses in her living room.

A little while later, Karen and Gabrielle are sat in Karen’s living room. Gaby explains that Roy may be too stubborn to send flowers, but she assures Karen he misses her. Karen replies “whatever”, confusing Gaby. She asks why Karen is acting the way she is ad she tells her to forget their fight and take Roy back because he’s crazy about her. Karen questions why it’s Gaby at her house then, and not Roy. Gaby admits she’s to blame, as she “fed the flames” of their fight because she’s selfish and needed Roy to scare Juanita and Celia. She tells her now Carlos is returning, Roy is no longer needed. Karen tells Gaby to save her breath because her and Roy won’t happen. Bewildered, Gaby asks what’s happening with her and Roy. Karen stands up and yells that it’s none of her business. She then yells at Gaby, telling her to leave, but before she can finish, she begins to cough heavily. Gaby asks what’s wrong, but Karen lies and says she’s on new medication which makes her lightheaded. Karen begins to wobble and supports herself up by holding onto the chair. Gaby states she doesn’t look very good, so Karen says she’s gonna take a lay down. However, before she can move, she collapses to the floor, struggling to catch her breath. Gaby runs to her side to comfort her and she calls for an ambulance.

Act II[]

815 08
Susan and Porter announce the nursery to Lynette.

At Lynette’s house, while gathering the laundry, Lynette notices Susan and Porter talking outside, near Susan’s house. Curious, she leaves her house and approaches them. As they unpack things from Susan’s car, Lynette asks what they’re doing. Porter explains he’s helping Susan paint the nursery for the baby, shocking Lynette. She asks why she needs a nursery, so Susan explains that she offered to take care of the baby so Porter can work at the restaurant. Lynette gives Porter a glare as Susan says she’s happy to care for the baby. Lynette awkwardly says that it’s nice of Susan, so Susan tells Lynette she’s welcome to come over and play with “my granddaughter”. Lynette glares at Susan, so she quickly corrects herself, saying “our granddaughter”. She apologises and then heads inside with the paint. Porter asks if he can take “the old bassinet”. Lynette asks to confirm if he meant the one he, Preston, Parker, Penny and Paige slept in, so Porter explains he thought it’d be cool that his daughter could sleep in it. Susan returns and heard what Porter said. She is touched and asks Lynette if it makes her want to cry. She and Porter then head inside, leaving Lynette to herself who says “yeah, yeah it does” in a hurt tone.

815 09
Renee tells Ben she paid off the loan shark, discomforting him.

At Fairview Memorial Hospital, Renee is sat reading a magazine in a private room besides a bed, which Ben is sleeping in. He slowly wakes up and is surprised to see Renee. He asks her what she’s doing, so she announces his financial problems are over. Confused, Ben asks what she means, so Renee explains she paid off the loan shark. Ben uncomfortably reminds her that he said to stay out of it. Renee says he should thank her, but Ben seriously explains that he didn’t want her to be involved. Renee says she does what she wants and then grabs some food. After a moment of silence, Ben thanks Renee and assures her they he’ll repay all the money. Renee acknowledges that she knows he will. Ben explains it could take a while, so Renee announces she isn’t going anywhere. Ben then says it could take years, but Renee shushes him to lie down and “look pretty”. Ben complies and lies back on his bed.

815 10
Tom takes the kids for Spring Break.

At Lynette’s house, Lynette is preparing food in the kitchen when the doorbell rings. Unfit to open the door, she tells the person to come in... and not be an axe murderer. Tom enters and says hi to Lynette before yelling for Parker and Penny to come downstairs. Lynette asks Tom what he wants, stating she’s busy at the moment. Tom explains that’s the reason he’s here and then he calls out for Parker and Penny again. They both arrive and Tom tells them to pack their bags. He then explains that he’s taking them for Spring Break. Shocked, Lynette asks if he’s actually taking the kids for a week. Tom explains he realised after their talk with Porter that she never had any free time so he says he owes her. Lynette flirtatiously says “if we weren’t married the things I’d do to you”, making Tom blush. Lynette thanks Tom and explains things will go a lot faster around the house with her and the baby. But Tom explains that he’s taking Paige too. Lynette asks who will watch her when he’s at work, so he explains Jane will and that she’s excited. Lynette awkwardly says that’s generous of Jane, just as the kids return with their bags. As the kids leave the house Lynette gives them hugs. Tom then asks Lynette what she’s gonna do with her free time, so she tells him it’s a problem she looks forward to solving. She then says goodbye to Paige and thanks Tom again. When she closes the front door, she looks around the house, in disbelief at what just happened.

815 11
Gaby tries to convince Karen into telling Roy about her cancer.

At Fairview Memorial Hospital, Karen is laid in a bed when Gaby enters the room. She tells Karen that she spoke to the doctor and she knows Karen’s secret. Angered, Karen states doctors aren’t allowed to discuss patients conditions. Gaby reveals that she pretended to be her daughter and asks why she didn’t tell anyone that the cancer returned. Karen explains because he won’t beat it this time. Gaby tries to comfort her and says she doesn’t know that, but Karen simply replies “yeah, I do”. Gaby is stunned with the shock for a moment, and then realizes the cancer is the reason she’d been pushing Roy away. She asks if Roy doesn’t know about the cancer, so Karen confirms and says he won’t find out either. Gaby explains that Roy may be able to help her, but Karen explains it’d make him miserable too as he already went through it with his first wife. Karen then begs Gaby not to tell Roy, distressing her.

Act III[]

815 12
Mike points out Julie will be living in the same room as the baby she gave away.

At Susan’s house, Susan and Porter are in the spare room, coming up with ideas to decorate it. Susan suggests putting the baby’s name on the wall in bright letters, leading to her asking Porter if he’d thought of a name. He says he was thinking about “Lynette”, shocking Susan. Mike then enters the room as Susan excitedly suggests a mural on the wall of Winnie the Pooh with his head stuck in a honey pot. Mike gives the two some coffee, stating Susan appears not to need it. She explains she’s just excited because of the baby. Porter asks if there’s any sugar, so Mike tells him there is in the kitchen. After Porter is gone, Mike states the baby will feel at home and then asks if he’s keeping Julie’s bed, which is also in the spare room. Susan explains that Julie would need a place to stay if she ever came back, causing Mike to point out that when Julie visits, she’d be sleeping four feet away from the baby she gave away. Susan asks if she should move the bed, but Mike tells her to do whatever makes her happy. With that, Porter returns, not holding his coffee. Susan asks if he found the sugar, so Porter slaps his forehead with his hand and states “that’s what I was looking for” before heading back to the kitchen. Mike then whispers to Susan that they better hope the baby takes after Julie.

815 13
Roy tells Gaby about his late-wife, Miriam.

At Gaby’s house, she and Roy are in the kitchen. Roy is reading a newspaper when Gaby mentions that she’s never heard him talk about his first wife. She says she didn’t even know her name, so Roy tells her it was Miriam. Gaby asks how long they were married, so Roy tells her 39 years and that she died 2 weeks before their 40th anniversary. Gaby asks if it was cancer, so Roy nods angrily. Gaby says it must’ve been the worst time of his life, but Roy says otherwise and tells Gaby it’s hard to understand. Gaby says she wants to understand, so Roy tells her that when you love someone for a long time, you stop telling them it because they know it, but when you know they’re gonna be gone, you make sure they know it every second of everyday. Roy begins to cry, so Gaby apologizes for bringing the subject up. Roy assures her he’s fine and that he earned them. He continues to explain that he was there for Miriam and he held her hand when she was scared. Touched by his story, Gaby also begins to cry and she grabs Roy’s hand comfortingly, explaining that she’s going to have to break a promise she made to someone.

815 14
Donny tries to intimidate Renee.

Meanwhile, at Renee’s house, Renee opens her front door to find Donny the Loan Shark. He patronisingly says it’s nice to see her again, so Renee mockingly says a loan shark and Jehovah’s Witness is not usually a combination you tend to see often. She goes to close her front door, but Donny stops her, making Renee angrily ask “what?” Donny, clearly lying, announces that he’s a terrible book keeper and the amount Renee gave him was wrong. Renee sarcastically asks if she’s getting a refund, but Donny says “not exactly”. He then says that he likes Renee’s house and asks her how much insurance it cost for it. Renee angrily tells Donny to leave, stating he won’t intimidate her. Donny chuckles and asks if she’s sure about that, because he’s successful at his job. Renee explains that just because she lives in the suburbs does not mean she can be pushed around and she tells him she’s not from “a place like this”. She tells him that he has all the money he’s getting, and that they’re done. As she tries to close the door, Donny sticks hi foot in the way and states that he decides when they’re done. He walks away from the house, leaving a now slightly distressed Renee.

815 15
Orson tries to stop Bree from visiting his apartment.

Outside Bree’s house, Bree finished packing her luggage into her car and then she approaches Orson, who’s sat in the car. He asks her if she’s finished packing and then tells her to take one last memory of Wisteria Lane. Bree asks why, because they’ll only be gone for a few weeks, so Orson says she might never want to come back, and asks her to keep an open mind on their trip. Bree agrees and then joins him in the car. Once in the car, Bree tells Orson she’s most excited about wearing the hats they bought for the Alaskan cruise they never took. She then pulls out a hate with the initials “B.H.” on it. Orson whines that he left it at home, so suggest buying a new one. Disappointed, Bree says it won’t be the same because she had them monogrammed. As she prepares to drive, she announces that they’ll stop at his apartment for it. Orson’s face suddenly fills with fear as he realizes Bree will see the evidence he collected on her. He anxiously says they don’t have time because of the time it takes to go through security in a wheelchair at the airport, but Bree disagrees. As Bree prepares to drive, Orson loudly asks her to stop, confusing her. Noticing he’s trembling, Bree asks if something’s wrong, but Orson assures her he’s fine. Bree then mentions that the argument wasn’t the best way to start their relaxing trip, so Orson apologizes. She then drives away, telling Orson they’re stopping at his apartment, which clearly distresses him.

Act IV[]

Desperate Housewives 8x15
Lynette's and Susan's opinions clash.

At Lynette’s house, Lynette is in her kitchen, alone, waiting for a microwave meal. When it’s ready, she eats it with a glass of wine whilst reading a magazine. Clearly bored, she heads over to Susan’s house. Susan answers the door to Lynette, and assuming she’s looking for Porter, tells her he’s not in. Lynette explains that she feels guilty and wants to help with the nursery. Susan explains that they’ve finished, so Lynette asks to see it. Susan leads Lynette to the nursery. Susan excitedly explains to Lynette what they’ve done with the room, but Lynette is distracted when she sees the name “Sophie” on the wall, instead of “Lynette”. Susan tells her it’s what Porter decided to name the baby. Lynette awkwardly points out Porter named the baby after Susan’s mother, so Susan admits to giving him some suggestions. Lynette explains the baby was to be named “Lynette”, so Susan says that “Lynette” didn’t sound right for a baby and tries to let her down nicely by saying the baby would have trouble filling Lynette’s shoes. Lynette questions why nobody told her about the name change, so Susan asks if she’s upset and explains she thought she wanted to be a “hands off grandma”. Lynette tells her she wanted Porter to stand on his own two feet and she didn’t think Susan would be a “pushy grandma”. Susan says she just wants to be involved, so Lynette says she does too, but Susan points out she isn’t making a nursery for the baby. Lynette says she will, but says there’s one thing she needs. Moments later, Lynette is exiting Susan’s house with her bassinet. Susan chases after her, insisting Porter wanted it at her house. Lynette and Susan then fight for the bassinet, and Lynette tells Susan she’s trying to steal her grandchild. She then regains control of the bassinet, knocking Susan to the ground. Lynette then runs home with the bassinet.

815 20
Orson buys himself some time to get rid of the evidence.

At Orson’s apartment, Bree and Orson approach the room as Bree says she’s ashamed she never came to visit him before. Orson says he’s ashamed at how modest it is, so he asks her to wait outside (trying to keep her away from the evidence). Bree tells him it’ll be charming, so Orson lies again, saying it’s a mess. Bree rejects the claim, saying a mess for Orson may be the slightest thing. Orson awkwardly acts as if he’s looking for his key to the apartment, but lies, saying he lost them. He explains that the manager has a master key, so he asks Bree to go and collect it. She tells Orson she’ll be back soon as she tries to find the manager. The moment she’s gone, Orson quickly pulls out his keys to the apartment and he enters at a fast pace. He grabs a bin bag and quickly throws most of them into it, and then he then throws the bin bag down a garbage chute. He then quickly wheels back outside, just as Bree arrives. She tells him she couldn’t find the manager, but Orson assures her that he found his keys. He then welcomes Bree into his room.

815 16
Bree learns the truth about Orson.

They both enter and Bree is astonished at how good the apartment looks. Orson grabs his hat that they’d come to collect as Bree picks up a small note she noticed on the floor. She turns to Orson, seeing he’s wearing the hat and says he looks dashing. Orson notices the paper in Bree’s hand, and becomes very nervous, as she hadn’t read it yet. He tells Bree they need to hurry for their plane, so Bree walks over to a bin to put the paper in. Bree notices a picture in the bin of the night they buried Alejandro and she’s stunned with shock. Orson, unaware of her discovery tells Bree about his plans for the plane journey. Bree doesn’t reply, so Orson becomes nervous and asks “Bree?” She turns around in horror asking “It was you? You did it? You wrote the letters?” Orson doesn’t reply, making it clear to Bree he was guilty. Bree is horrified when she realizes he killed Chuck. Orson awkwardly admits to it and then closes the apartment door. He tells her he did it for her, confusing Bree. Orson explains that everything he did was to protect Bree. Bree says the notes almost drove her to suicide, so Orson apologizes and then explains he knew he wouldn’t win Bree back if he didn’t isolate her from her friends. Bree asks why he’d want to turn her friends against her, so he explains that if he didn’t, he’d always be second best and it wouldn’t be good enough. He says he loved her so much; he wanted her all to himself. Horrified, Bree tells Orson he’s insane, but he says they both committed a crime for the greater good. Bree insists she did it to help her friends and Orson did it selfishly. Orson insists he did it for them both, but Bree doesn’t listen; she tells him he took advantage of her and he’s a sick, pathetic man. Bree then leaves the apartment as Orson tells her she’s everything to him, so, she tells him he’s nothing to her and she never wants to see him again.

Act V[]

815 17
Tom helps Susan understand Lynette's anger.

At Susan’s house, Susan answers the door to Tom. He asks if he can come in, so Susan jokingly asks as long as it’s civil. Meanwhile, at Lynette’s house, Lynette answers the door to Mike. She tells him if he wants to talk about Susan, he can forget it, so Mike says he knows how much they care about each other. Lynette sarcastically offers sex to Mike, insisting it would annoy Susan. Mike passes, so Lynette sort or laughs and invites him inside. Back at Susan’s house, Susan tells Mike that she doesn’t understand why Lynette is angry as she wanted nothing to do with the baby. Tom tells Susan that Lynette said the same about all five of her children, but Susan doesn’t believe it, saying it doesn’t make any sense. Tom tells Susan that they’re now “getting somewhere”, hinting Lynette is complicated.

815 18
Mike helps Lynette understand why Susan wants to be so involved with the baby's life.

Back at Lynette’s house, Lynette tells Mike she never thought her life would end up the way it is and says she feels like “white trash”. Mike tells Lynette he’s from “white trash”, and Lynette is far from it. Lynette explains she’s separated, a grandmother and getting into public fights. She then complains that Susan is getting everything she wants. Mike explains that Susan’s life isn’t going the way she hoped as she’s making the nursery with Porter, not Julie. Back at Susan’s house, Tom tells Susan Lynette always complains about having to do everything herself, but she also doesn’t like it when you do something for her. Tom explains that when he took the children off Lynette’s hands, she constantly called telling him what to do, so Susan realizes that Lynette “needs to be needed”. Tom asks Susan to cut Lynette a break, because he doesn’t want to see them losing each other; Susan agrees. Back at Lynette’s house, Mike explains that the reason Susan is excited about the nursery is because she’s hoping it will persuade Julie into keeping the baby. Lynette tells Mike he’s taken all of her anger away, leaving her with nothing, but Mike assures her she’s left with a friend.

815 21
Karen and Roy reconcile.

At Fairview Memorial Hospital, Karen is in her room, watching TV while she rests. Roy suddenly enters, holding a bouquet of flower. Karen admits she knew she couldn’t trust Gaby to keep the secret, and then Roy gives Karen her flowers. He then asks what she was thinking keeping the secret, so she explains she didn’t want to put him through the pain again. Roy explains they married for better or worse, and now they’ve had the better, they’re having the “worse”. Karen unconvincingly tells Roy she doesn’t want him with her, but he shrugs it off, saying she can’t do anything about it. He grabs Karen’s hand to comfort her and she smiles, while holding back the tears. Karen tells him she’s scared, so Roy sadly nods, explaining that he knows she is.

815 19
Mike tells Donny he doesn't want to see him again.

Later that night, Mike is getting out his car when Renee calls him. She tells him she wanted to let him know Ben’s test results came back and he’s fine. Mike is pleased, and Renee adds that they’re back together, thanking Mike. Mike looks over to Renee’s house when he notices her bottom floor light turn on. He asks if she’s at the hospital or if someone’s staying at her house, but Renee explains she isn’t and nobody is. She asks why, so Mike explains that he saw a light turn on. He assures her, saying it’s probably nothing but tells her he’ll go check it out. A little while later, Mike slowly enters Renee’s house to find her living room trashed. He then notices the loan shark smashing objects on the floor. Mike asks what he’s doing, so Donny explains he was delivering a message. He then suggests Mike move along before he gets involved, but Mike tells him it’s too late. Donny tells Mike he’s a tough guy and doesn’t want any trouble, so he begins to leave. However, as he walks to the door, he suddenly throws a punch at Mike, knocking him to the floor. After being punched again, Mike gains control and then attacks Donny. He drags Donny out the house and throws him onto the path, telling him he doesn’t want to see him again. Donny gets up and tells Mike he should’ve killed him then.

Act VI[]

815 22
Gaby tells Carlos she's scared that one of them will die.

At the Solis house, Gaby leads Carlos into their house as he closes her eyes. She yells “surprise” as he opens them as well, to see lots of balloons and banners scattered around the house. Gaby welcomes him home and he is pleasantly surprised at her welcome. Gaby says she doesn’t want to take him for granted anymore and she hugs him. Confused, Carlos asks why Gaby is behaving the way she is, so Gaby explains Karen’s cancer has returned and it’s bad. She tells him “it kinda makes you think” and she realized death is the “finish line”, not marriage. Gaby seems angry at this realization, so Carlos asks if she’d never thought about them dying one day. She explains she didn’t understand what it means, that one of them will die and the other lives through it. She tells him if he dies first, she won’t be able to cope, but Carlos disagrees, saying she’s a brave person. Carlos says she’s been her rock, so Gaby is touched. He then jokingly suggests she take the easy way out and die first.

815 23
Lynette and Susan reconcile.

At Susan’s house, Susan is in the middle of taking the name “Sophie” off the baby’s room when Lynette enters, with the basinet. She notices Susan taking the letters down and jokingly asks if she’s changed the name to “Sop” because it’s worse than “Lynette”. Susan says “Lynette” isn’t a bad name and then thanks Lynette for giving her the basinet. Lynette thanks Susan for making the nursery and then asks if she needs help with anything. Short on ideas, Susan looks around the room for any task. She tells Lynette that the holes in the wall need to be spackled. She then gives Lynette the tools for the job, and Lynette says “she’s on it”.

815 24
Bree is horrified by Orson's last phone call.

At Bree’s house, Bree is in her kitchen drinking a cup of coffee when the phone rings. She answers it and hangs up immediately when she hears Orson’s voice. The phone rings again, so Bree picks it up and tells Orson never to ring her house again. Orson assures her she’ll never hear from him again, leading her to ask what he wants. Orson explains the sins that have been committed must be paid for and the ultimate sacrifice must be made. Bree, thinking he’s considering suicide, tells him not to do it because it will add more sins to his list. Orson tells Bree not to judge, as someone will do that for her. He then says goodbye forever and hangs up, filling Bree with confusion and immense fear.

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Orson mails evidence against Bree to the Fairview Police.

We Renee’s house, Renee watches with sorrow as Mike helps tidy up the mess created by Donny the Loan Shark in her living room. Then see Gaby sorting through the laundry, with a sad and regretful look on her face. Carlos comes up behind her and hugs her, comforting her. We then see Karen lying in her bed at the hospital, with a scared look on her face as she knows she’s going to die. Sat beside her is Roy, reading a book to her. And then we see, in an unknown town centre, Orson putting a letter into a mail box which is addressed to “Fairview Police Homicide Division”. After posting the letter, he wheels his way through a crowd of people, and disappears suddenly.

Yes, there are times when we all could use a little help; when our generosity has been repaid with cruelty, when our behaviour has filled us with regret, and when our future has become terribly uncertain. But then there are those who are past the point of help and in their wake, they leave nothing but destruction.
Mary Alice Young


This episode was written by executive story editor Jason Ganzel, marking his 9th writing credit with the series, and directed by Randy Zisk, marking his 2nd directing credit on the show, with the 1st having been the season 2 episode "There is No Other Way".

Bloopers and Continuity Errors[]

  • When Mike returns from driving Julie back to school, he talks to Susan and slides his hands down her arms. In the next shot, however, his hands are higher.
  • When Tom arrives to relieve Lynette of her children, Paige's hair is straight, but towards the end of the scene, her hair is curly.
  • Carlos claims that Gabrielle left him a note the day he returned home from prison, but this is factually incorrect; Gabrielle was home the day he came back and didn't know he was paroled early.


  • The title of this episodes comes from a song of the same name that was written by Stephen Sondheim for the musical Illya Darling, but was never recorded. This musical once starred Orson Bean (Roy Bender), who is coincidentally featured in this episode.
  • This was the 100th episode to feature the character of Porter Scavo, currently portrayed by Charlie Carver. However, none of the several actors who have given life to the character have actually appeared in 100 episodes.

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