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She Wolf is a song by Shakira, that was used in the promo for Season 6. The slogan was Never Underestimate a Housewife in which the women wore fantasy style gear with weapons. Chuck E. Cheese’s used the promo in their September 2009 showtape but replaces the song with Scissor Sisters’s Filthy/Gorgeous.

Season 6 Promo[]

The promo switches between the Housewives in which apples fall around them. Gabrielle was shown on a rock in the middle of the lake with a sword that slices an apple in half. She does a few poses then Susan is shown on a bridge with her shield, Bree has a dagger, Katherine has a mace, and Lynette fires an arrow into the "O" in Housewife. All the Housewives are then shown standing on a mountain of apples as shown in the picture.