Wiksteria Lane

"Something's Coming" is the 79th episode of Desperate Housewives.


A tornado comes to Wisteria Lane, destroying homes and lives. Whereas Bree goes out of her way to dig up some dirt on the Mayfair family, Susan learns Orson prescribed Mike some pills and ends up falling down the stairs during an argument with her husband. In the meantime, Gabrielle stuns her friends by telling them she's running away with Carlos, and Lynette tries to get Mrs. McCluskey to let her and her family take coverage in her basement. Victor tries to get revenge on Carlos, and the lovely street of Wisteria Lane is scarred by the devastating forces of nature...


Previously on Desperate Housewives[]

Mrs. McCluskey had reached her limit. An old friend paid Adam a visit. Mike got help from an unexpected source. Victor lashed out, and Carlos and Gabby finally met their match.
Mary Alice Young
  • Karen refuses to care for Lynette's kids anymore because Tom makes it one too many. ("Liaisons")
  • Sylvia arrives at Adam's house and asks if she can come in, but Adam doesn't let her. ("Distant Past")
  • Susan finds out that Orson has been giving Mike pills. ("Distant Past")
  • Victor attacks Carlos with a knife so Gabrielle knocks him into the sea. ("You Can't Judge a Book by its Cover") At the hospital, he tells the police he can't remember anything, but he then tells Gaby he remembers everything. ("Distant Past")


It was supposed to be a beautiful day. Kids should have been playing in the park, husbands should have been doing their chores, women should have been tending their flowers. But at 2:26 that afternoon, a tornado came to Wisteria Lane, bringing with it unbelievable destruction. No one could have anticipated it, especially given how the day started.
Mary Alice Young
409 01
A tornado approaches Wisteria Lane.

Wisteria Lane is empty and quiet on a dark and gloomy afternoon. We see an abandoned baseball and glove, a bucket full of water left on the path, and gardening tools left in a garden by a swinging chair. The chair is gently being blown by a breeze in the air and then it is revealed that at tornado is headed towards Wisteria Lane. When it arrives it starts to destroy everything in its path, mailboxes, lamps, and trees. We then see a child's doll being blown across the road by the wind.

Earlier That Morning

409 02
Gabrielle says goodbye to her friends.

Penny picks up the doll seen blown about the road from the sidewalk and then runs into her garden as Lynette, Bree, Susan and Gabrielle talk. Gabrielle reveals to the girls that she and Carlos had finally gotten back together, but the other women show they're shocked, as Gabrielle had only just married Victor. Bree then mentions people bought her some expensive wedding gifts. Gabrielle then mocks a fondue set she thought Bree gave her as it was clearly cheap, but Susan reveals she bought her it. Bree then points out that Edie will be upset by the news, but Gabrielle reveals that Edie told Victor about her affair. She then points out that because of Victor's power and police and thugs at his disposal, they don't feel safe on the lane and they're leaving. The other housewives are upset to hear she's leaving, but Gabrielle tells them it's for the best and she will be back soon. Karen then pulls up in her car and warns the ladies that a tornado just hit Mount Pleasant so one may be headed their direction too. They all say goodbye to each other and after Bree tells them it's going to be "back the way it was", they all head to their houses.

Sadly this was not to be. In four short hours one of these women would lose a husband, and all of them would lose a friend.
Mary Alice Young

Act I[]

By noon that day, a tornado watch was in effect on Wisteria Lane and every one of its residents was preparing for the storm. Everyone that is, except Gabrielle Solis, who was more concerned about another storm on the horizon.
Mary Alice Young
409 03
Gabrielle packs her bags.

We see lots of residents of Wisteria Lane rushing up and down their street with boxes, preparing themselves for the arriving tornado. We then see Gabrielle packing her suitcase as she watches the news. The news reporter announces that Mayor Lang will soon be released from hospital. Carlos then comes into the bedroom and finds Gabrielle looking worried. He asks her what's wrong and she tells him that Victor is going to be released from hospital. Carlos relaxes her and then tells her that his accountant will be dropping of the paper work for his Cayman Island account. Gabby says she isn’t bothered about that at the moment, but Carlos reminds her that the account will give them £10,000,000. Carlos is then shocked to find Gabrielle has packed a boa, so he makes her unpack it. Gabrielle asks him to be more sensitive as she just had to say goodbye to her friends, and Carlos apologizes. Carlos says he’s going to say goodbye to Edie, but Gabrielle doesn’t agree with the idea as she hates her immensely. Carlos then leaves to get his passport from the bank.

409 04
Lynette asks Karen if she and her family can take shelter with her.

Meanwhile, Lynette arrives at Karen’s house. After telling Karen they declared a tornado watch, Lynette asks her if they could stay in her basement. Karen asks who exactly would be staying with her and Lynette explains her whole family. Karen is hesitant at first because of the size of her basement but Lynette begs her to let them stay. Karen explains she has already invited Ida to stay and that she just wants to play cards and wait the tornado out in peace. Karen tells Lynette that there’s a public shelter in town, but Lynette says she doesn’t want her kids around a “bunch of winos”. Lynette then begs Karen to let them stay, to which she finally gives in.

409 05
Katherine confronts Sylvia.

At the Mayfair house, Katherine is taping up the windows while reassuring her daughter, who is on a class trip, that she will be fine during the tornado. Katherine then notices Sylvia Greene stood at her car outside on the road. Katherine rushes outside to Sylvia and asks “what the hell” she is doing here. Sylvia explains she came to talk to Adam and then complements Katherine’s hair. Katherine tells Sylvia that she is harassing her and threatens to call the police. Sylvia takes Katherine’s bluff as she knows she won’t want people knowing what happened between her and Adam. Katherine tells Sylvia that Adam doesn’t want anything to do with her, but Sylvia says that's not how it seemed when the two talked the previous day. Katherine gives Sylvia a confused look and Sylvia tells her that Adam mustn’t have told her and he may be keeping things from her, again.

409 06
Bree admits that Orson knew about Mike's drug addiction.

In the meantime, Bree arrives at Susan’s house and she gives her some supplies in case there is a tornado. As Bree starts to leave, Susan stops her. She then tells her that she thinks it would be a good idea for her to tell Orson about Mike’s drug problem. Bree explains she already told Orson and Susan realises that Orson must’ve already known about Mike’s addiction. Bree asks if she had done something wrong, but Susan assures her she hadn’t. Bree then leaves with Benjamin in a pram. As she heads back to her house she sees Katherine and Sylvia arguing about whether or not she did sleep with Adam. When Sylvia insults Katherine, Katherine spits in her face and Bree is shocked. Sylvia then gets in her car and drives away as Katherine glares at her. Bree then asks if Katherine is alright as she couldn’t help but notice, to which Katherine replies “Of course you couldn’t, and everything is fine. Thank you” in a snappy tone. When Bree sees Katherine has gone inside, she wanders towards Sylvia, who parked her car further up the street. She knocks on the car window and asks if she’s alright. Sylvia says she isn’t and starts to cry. Bree then offers her a cup of tea.

Act II[]

409 07
Sylvia proves to Bree that she and Adam were lovers.

Inside Bree’s kitchen Sylvia and Bree are having a cup of tea. Sylvia is shocked at how nice Bree is being, since they don’t even know each other. Bree then mentions that she knows Katherine and that Sylvia is not the only person she’s reduced to tears. Bree offers Sylvia some anti-bacterial wash for Katherine’s spit, but Sylvia refused kindly. Bree then asks why Katherine was acting so vile towards her. Sylvia explains it’s because Adam is in love with her. She then goes to explain that she used to be his patient and that when they met they had an intense passion and they couldn’t fight it. She then asks Bree if they seem happy, as Katherine apparently pretends they are. Bree says they seem “content” but Sylvia suddenly snaps, insisting they are not and Bree calmly says it was just an observation. Sylvia tells her it was a stupid observation and Bree awkwardly tells her the chat had been lovely and they should do it again some time. Sylvia thinks Bree thinks she’s making it up so she proves it by saying he has a snake tattoo on his shoulder and that she licked it. Bree then asks Sylvia to leave but Sylvia gets in a strop, insisting Katherine has everyone brainwashed. She then hurries away and locks herself in Bree’s downstairs toilet. Bree asks her to leave, but Sylvia demands that she get Adam.

409 08
Susan confronts Orson.

Meanwhile, at Orson’s dentist office, he is operating on a patient. Susan walks in and tells him they need to talk. Orson reminds her he has a patient, but Susan goes ahead and asks why she would give Mike drugs. Orson tries to take Susan into private, but Susan says she will be quick as she knows he must have a good reason for giving Mike pills, despite knowing he had an addiction. However, Orson isn’t quick to reply. He then tells her that Mike was having shoulder pains, but Susan isn’t pleased as he still gave pills to an addict. She then asks Orson’s patient if it was the right thing to do, to which she replies with a mutter, and Susan thanks her for her sanity. Orson then asks Susan to leave, which she does after threatening Orson.

409 09
Edie learns that Gaby and Carlos are leaving.

At Edie’s house, a young boy named Jeremy rings her doorbell. When she answers he offers her some bottled water for when the tornado arrives. However, it costs $20. Edie snaps at Jeremy and he says he only wanted money. Edie then advises him to go over to Gabrielle’s house as she would surely pay him. However, Jeremy explains that he already tried and that Gabrielle and Carlos are moving. Edie is shocked to hear the news. Jeremy asks if they hadn’t told her, and she says they must not have wanted an emotional scene, to which she follows with “too bad”.

409 10
Mike helps an unconscious Susan.

Outside Susan’s house, Mike goes into his car secretively to get some more pills. As he opens the dashboard he finds an empty pill container. When he opens it, he finds a note from Susan telling him to “see her”. A little while later, in their bedroom, Susan explains to Mike that she wasn’t just going to watch him go out of control with the drugs. Mike doesn’t believe he is out of control, he asks if he’s ever missed a mortgage payment, or disappeared for days on end, or overdosed in an alley. Mike asks what Susan’s problem is, she replies by telling him he lied to her, his drug dealer almost dated Julie, and that he lied to her some more and that Orson had supplied him. Mike tells Susan that she’s blowing the situation out of proportion. Susan tells Mike that he’s yelling at her, which is also a problem. Mike apologizes and says that he’s in pain. Susan says things will only get worse. Mike then snaps again and says if he needs a pill “now and then” then he’ll take one. Susan walks out of the room and onto the landing. Mike demands that she give him the pills and then he follows her. Susan then steps onto the staircase and Mike grabs her arm. Susan tells him to let go of her and she yanks her arm away. As she does so, she falls down the stairs and is knocked unconscious. Mike then quickly rushes to her aid.

Act III[]

409 11
Mike and Susan ask to be seen to.

At an extremely busy hospital, a TV news report shows that a tornado that hit Mount Pleasant has killed 6 people. Mike suddenly runs to a nurse, while carrying Susan and demands that she is seen to as she fell down the stairs and is pregnant. The nurse asks if there’s any bleeding, which there isn’t. Susan says she thinks she just sprained her ankle, but she wants to get the baby checked out anyway. The nurse then tells them that for non emergency situations there’d be a long wait. Mike protests and he reminds the nurse that Susan’s pregnant, but there’s no luck.

409 12
Katherine and Adam argue about Sylvia.

Meanwhile, as the storm is picking up, at Katherine’s house she and Adam are having an argument in the living room. She asks him why she never told her Sylvia was here. Adam says he was trying not to upset her, but Katherine says he failed. Adam apologizes to Katherine and then offers to call the police or get a restraining order to get Sylvia out of their lives. Suddenly, the front door knocks. Thinking it's Sylvia, they answer to realize it is actually Bree. Katherine welcomes Bree kindly and then Bree asks if she could borrow Adam for a second.

409 13
Bree, Katherine and Adam try to get Sylvia out the bathroom.

A little while later, Bree, Katherine and Adam arrive at Bree’s house. Bree then directs Adam to Sylvia and asks him to hurry up while she gets Benjamin out his crib. Katherine asks Bree why Sylvia is even in the house, Bree says she wanted to help her, but Katherine knew she was looking for dirt. At the downstairs toilet, Adam knocks on the door and asks Sylvia to come out. Sylvia is happy to hear Adam’s voice and she calls him darling, but when she does Katherine bangs on the door ordering her not to call him that. Sylvia then becomes hysterical and refuses to come out as long as Katherine is there. Katherine then says she won’t leave Sylvia alone with Adam. Bree starts to get angry and says she’ll take Katherine away. They both then walk into the other room. When in the kitchen, Katherine asks Bree what Sylvia told her. Bree says she said that she had an affair with Adam. Katherine is adamant that she didn’t, she says she was just his pathetic little patient and out of pity, he gave her a kiss and Sylvia took this to mean they were in love and when Adam told her otherwise, she had a breakdown and accused him of sexual assault. Bree asks what she did and she realises that this is the reason she moved back to Fairview. Katherine then snaps at Bree, saying she now knows their dirty little secret, and Bree tells her that she’d have spat in her face too. Katherine smiles.

409 14
Lynette tries to calm her children down.

In Karen’s basement, she and Ida are both playing cards together. Suddenly, there is a loud rattling noise from upstairs. Ida gets worried and asks if it’s the tornado, but Karen replies “No, it’s worse. It’s the Scavos'”. The whole family of seven suddenly come down the stairs into the basement, announcing their arrival. Suddenly, the peace and quiet that was in the room is soon destroyed by the loud cries and banging of the children. Lynette then stops the kids from being loud as Karen politely asked her to stop them. She then sits the children down, meanwhile, Tom starts to get a funny feeling inside and he asks if there’s a cat with them. Ida then reveals that she brought her cat, Toby. Lynette explains that Tom is highly allergic. She then asks Ida if she can put Toby upstairs, but Ida doesn’t like the idea, thinking it’s dangerous. Lynette then begs for them to put the cat upstairs, but Karen doesn’t allow it as Ida was invited. Lynette then gives Penny a metal spoon and orders her to make as much noise as possible.

409 15
Mike demands for Susan to be seen to.

Back at the hospital, Mike and Susan both sit and wait anxiously for a doctor. Susan asks if Mike is okay, he says he’s just worried about her and he’s wondering how long they’ll keep them waiting. Suddenly, Mike sees an elderly woman in a wheelchair being treated before Susan, Mike yells saying they arrived first. An orderly explains the woman is bleeding, but Mike isn’t happy. He tells the doctor that Susan is pregnant and fell down some stairs, but the doctor just tells him to be patient. Mike asks the doctor again to look at Susan, but he won’t. Mike then grabs the orderly’s arm, but the orderly pulls away, making Mike swing and punch him. Susan begs Mike to stop attacking the man, but he doesn’t until security stop him.

Act IV[]

409 16
Mike agrees to go to rehab.

Mike is now handcuffed to a chair in a quieter part of the hospital. A security guard walks past and Mike asks how long he’ll be handcuffed for. The guard says when his wife is ready. With that, Susan exits the doctor’s room and tells Mike that the baby is fine. Mike is relieved and then he asks Susan how her ankle is, but it’s just a mild sprain. Realising Mike is not feeling well because of not having any pills, she asks how he is, and he says he’s “had better days”. Mike then apologizes for what he had done to Susan. She comforts Mike and says the hospital has a rehab facility, Mike says he doesn’t need rehab but Susan disagrees. Mike realizes he has hit rock bottom and he assures Susan he can fix it. A nurse approaches Susan and gives her pain killers; Mike looks at them and silently begs Susan for one. Susan refuses but Mike begs her. She then tells Mike if he doesn’t go to rehab immediately, that she will leave him and take the baby. Mike then gives in and says he’ll go. Susan gets teary as she strokes Mike’s leg.

409 17
Al gives Edie the paperwork, thinking she's Gabrielle.

At the Solis house, Edie is looking through some of the packed suitcases that are outside on the porch. Al Kaminsky then pulls up in his car and calls for Edie, thinking she’s Gabrielle. He says he has to go immediately, so he hands her some paper work as Carlos demanded. Edie asks what it is and Al explains it’s for the Cayman Island account. Edie then pretends to be Gabrielle and says she knew about him coming. Al says that everything needed to access the money is in the file. He warns her not to lose the folder, and she replies that she won’t let it out of her sight and she holds it tightly. Al then leaves, saying she’s just as pretty as Carlos said she was, but Edie says “Oh, no. I’m prettier”. Edie then starts to look through the paper work. Inside the house, Gabrielle is still packing. As Al leaves, she hears his engine start so she looks out her bedroom window and sees Edie with the paperwork. Edie then makes a run for it and Gabrielle pursues her.

409 18
Tom has a hard time breathing.

Back in Karen’s basement, Karen is trying to fix her TV which is slowly losing signal. In the corner of the room, Lynette is sat comforting Tom, who is starting to have difficulties with his asthma due to Toby being with them. Lynette asks if he’s okay, but Tom tells her his throat is closing up. Tom offers to go upstairs, but Lynette refuses to let him. Lynette then looks at Karen, who is still trying to fix the TV, and then at Ida, who is sleeping. She sees Toby, unattended, and she gets an idea. She sneakily takes Toby out his cage and then heads upstairs with him.

409 19
"Oh, good. You're home."

At Edie’s house, the storm has really picked up, and Gabrielle arrives in a hurry, she tries to get in, but the door is locked. She slams for Edie to open it. She then yells at Edie, calling her a thief and telling her to open the door. Edie says she’s called the police and they’re on their way. Gabrielle doesn’t believe her and she continues to bang on the door, but Edie still doesn’t answer. She then gets an idea and runs away. Edie notices the banging has stopped so she cautiously heads towards the door with the files and she calls out for Gabby, but she doesn’t reply. Thinking she’s gone, she heads back to her living room, but suddenly, a chair smashes through her window and Gabrielle soon follows saying “Oh, good. You’re home”. Edie glares at her.

409 20
Karen tells Lynette that they aren't really friends.

Back at Karen’s, Lynette is about to put Toby in a closet, but Karen comes from behind and startles her, making her drop the cat. Karen yells at Lynette and Lynette tries to justify her actions. Lynette asks how, as friends, she could choose a cat over Tom. Karen asks if she thinks they’re friends, because it seems to her they’re only friends when Lynette needs something. Lynette is offended and insists she cares about her. Karen reminds Lynette that she only came to check on her today because she needed a basement. Suddenly, the front door slams open and Toby escaped. Karen chases after Toby, and Lynette chases after Karen.

409 21
Edie and Gabrielle see the tornado headed towards them.

In Edie’s house, Gabrielle is trying to reach Edie from the other side of a sofa, but she can’t reach. She yells at Edie to give her the folder, but she doesn’t. Gabrielle demands her money, but Edie reminds her that Carlos embezzled it. Edie then says she’s not unreasonable and demands 60% of the money and she’ll go away. Gabrielle doesn’t accept and she pounces across the sofa onto Edie. Gabrielle finally gets the files and she runs outside to escape from Edie. Edie follows her into the raging winds and eventually grabs her. The two squabble for a moment until suddenly, Gabrielle loses her grip on the papers and they fly all over the place and are eventually lost. Gabrielle screams with horror as the papers fly away, but something else has caught Edie’s eye. Gabrielle continues to yell at Edie until she suddenly points out what she can see. Edie tells for Gabby to get in the house immediately.

409 22
Lynette and Karen see the tornado.

Just across the road, Karen has found Toby under a car. Lynette reaches her and orders her to get inside, as she grabs Karen, Karen notices the same thing that Edie did. She moans “Oh, crap” and Lynette looks too and sees a gargantuan tornado headed for Wisteria Lane. They both head back for Karen’s house, but a barbecue falls in the path, scaring them, so they head back to Lynette’s house.

Act V[]

409 23
Edie and Gaby hide from the tornado.

Edie eventually makes it back to her house with Gabrielle. When inside she announces that she has a crawlspace that they good both fit into. She opens a closet door and then a hatch on the floor, but Gabrielle refuses to go in. However, when she hears a window smash she has a change of heart and they both hide in the crawlspace.

409 24
Orson hides everyone in the closet.

Back at the Hodge house, Adam is still trying to get Sylvia out of the bathroom, but she just ignores him. Orson suddenly comes through the front door and he slams it behind him. Orson says they need to get into the bathroom, but Bree explains that they can’t because of Sylvia. Adam asks for five minutes, but Orson says that they don’t have five minutes as the tornado has arrived. Bree gets worried and she tells Sylvia to open the door, but Sylvia tells her to go to hell. Orson suddenly gets an idea and he gets everyone to hide in a closet.

409 25
Lynette and Karen prepare themselves for the storm.

At the Scavo house Lynette and Karen run into the bathroom and Lynette is carrying a mattress. She orders Karen to get in the bathtub and then she gets in as well, putting the mattress over them. She tells Karen to hold on to it tightly.

409 26
Gabrielle apologizes to Edie.

At Edie’s house, in the tight crawlspace, Edie and Gabrielle both sit in silence as they listen to the strong gusts of wind coming from outside. Gabrielle asks if she can say something, Edie says “what?” hesitantly. Gabrielle then apologizes for lying to her about Carlos. She accepts they hurt her and she then says she wishes it hadn’t happened the way it did. Edie asks why she is talking the way she is and Gabrielle says “just in case we” but she’s interrupted by Edie, who doesn’t want her to finish the sentence. She then tells Gabby that they’ll get through the tornado and she’ll go on hating her for years to come. Gabrielle asks if Edie really hates her and Edie says yes, but then changes her answer to no. She says she’s angry because she let herself fall for Carlos and she knew he would always go back to Gabby. Suddenly, there’s a big crash upstairs and the two women cuddle together, scared.

409 27
Katherine learns the truth about Adam.

A little while later, in the Hodge’s closet, Orson points out that Benjamin may need changing, but Katherine says she realized that 10 minutes ago. Bree says Katherine should be gracious she has been given shelter. Katherine points out that she wouldn’t need shelter if Bree hadn’t dragged her over to her house. As the two women continue to squabble, Adam stops them. Adam says it isn’t Bree’s fault and Katherine agrees. She then apologizes to Bree and hopes she understands why she’s so upset about Sylvia. Bree does understand and says she had to listen to the woman for an hour, Orson asks what she said and Bree mentions the tattoo and Katherine suddenly freezes. But Bree says that she knows Adam doesn’t have a tattoo. Katherine asks Bree what kind of tattoo, and Bree tells her a snake. Adam and Katherine soon become very awkward and Katherine reveals that he did, back in Chicago but he has it removed. It soon becomes clear that Adam did have an affair and Bree apologizes to Katherine. Adam says she has to understand, but she says she doesn’t. Adam says he is sorry one more time and Katherine tells him “not here, not now”. Bree then strokes Katherine’s hands comfortingly as the tornado continues to rage.

409 28
Victor waits for Gabrielle and Carlos.

Back at the Solis house, Carlos charges through the front door. He yells for Gabrielle telling her to get in the basement, but she’s not home. He looks around for her and then goes into the living room, only to find Victor Lang sat waiting. Carlos asks him where Gabrielle is but Victor says he doesn’t know where she is. He then says they’ll both have to wait for her together as he pulls out a pistol and rests it on the dining table. Carlos sees the gun and freezes with fear.

Act VI[]

409 29
Victor tries to kill Carlos.

In the Solis house, Carlos is still stood watching Victor sat with a gun. Carlos asks if he can say something and Victor, who’s still holding the gun, allows him. Carlos goes on to say that he and Gabrielle never meant to get back together and that they tried to stay away from each other. He then says they’re two halves of the same person and when they’re apart they’re not happy. Victor just sits in silence as Carlos explains they never meant to hurt him and he apologizes for doing so. Victor then asks if Carlos is done, when he says yes, he suddenly, without any warning, takes a shot at Carlos with the gun. He misses. Carlos runs out the house as Victor takes another shot at him. He misses again. The tornado has now arrived and the street is being destroyed piece by piece. Carlos hides behind a car outside and Victor comes out soon afterwards. He looks for Carlos and orders him to show himself. However, Carlos approaches Victor from behind and he manages to make Victor drop his gun onto the road. The two fight with their fists for a bit, while they fight a car falls from the sky onto the gun.

409 30
Victor is impaled by flying debris.

As they continue to fight more of the street is destroyed, including Bob and Lee’s fountain and fences. Victor pushes Carlos through a picket fence and knocks him to the ground. However, Carlos manages to turn the tables and he pins Victor down and punches him a few times. After exhausting Victor, Carlos heads for the nearest house, Bob and Lee’s, and he tries to get inside, but the doors locked. He smashes a window on the door to unlock it, but as he does Victor gets back up and picks up a metal pole. The door is finally unlocked. He approaches Carlos and as he is about to hit him with the pole, Victor suddenly stops moving. Carlos looks down and sees a picket fence has impaled him. Victor drops to the ground dead, leaving Carlos in shock. However, he shrugs it off and heads inside, but a piece of debris smashes into Carlos’s head, knocking him unconscious.

409 31
Sylvia leaves the house.

At Bree’s house, Sylvia is still in the bathroom. She starts to get scared by the noises coming from outside so she opens the bathroom door and calls for Adam. When there’s no reply, she asks where everyone is. However, because the noises from outside are so loud, nobody can hear her, except for Orson, who thinks he hears something. Sylvia then yells to Adam that she’s leaving and he has one last chance to go with her, but he never comes. Sylvia accepts that Adam isn’t coming so she heads to the front door to leave. She then yells she’s leaving and with that, she is sucked up into the air by the tornado.

409 32
Gaby and Edie wait for the storm to blow over.

In Edie’s crawlspace, Gabrielle and Edie hear the crashing from outside gets louder. The two scream and Edie announces the tornado has arrived. At Bree’s house one of her windows is smashed and everyone hiding in the closet jumps with fear. And at Lynette’s, the window right above them is smashed, terrifying her and Karen. All of the people huddle together and cry as they wait for the tornado to pass.


409 33
The destruction caused to Wisteria Lane.

The storm has now passed. The doll seen blowing about the streets at the beginning has now been caught in the branches of a traumatized tree. Gabrielle and Edie are still in the crawlspace, but the sun is back out and everything is quiet. They look at each other with relief and then they leave the room. At Lynette's house, she lifts up the mattress and looks at the destruction that is in her bathroom. At Bree's house, Bree, Benjamin, Orson, Katherine and Adam leave the closet and come into the living area to see the whole room destroyed. They then all look up and see a big hole in the roof. Bree looks at Katherine and Katherine smiles warmly back at Bree. At Edie's house, Edie helps pull Gabrielle up and out the hatch from the crawlspace and Gabrielle cleans the dust off Edie's trousers. At Fairview hospital, Susan and Mike leave together, hugging tightly. Back at Lynette's house, Lynette and Karen walk through the living room and kitchen which had been destroyed by a chunk of tree. When they get outside, the destruction inflicted to the street is revealed. Suddenly, something catches Lynette's eye. She hurries towards the direction of Karen's house and when she gets there, she sees that the whole house had been destroyed and the basement had been covered by a mass amount of it, this causes Lynette to give out a spine chilling scream. She calls out for Tom and her children as she starts to search for her family. The whole of Wisteria Lane is then revealed to be completely covered in rubble, trees and utter destruction.

It was supposed to be a beautiful day, but then the winds came and changed everything. And not just the houses and the lawns, the people had changed too. While the storm had raged each of them had learned something about friendship, and forgiveness, and redemption and some had learned the hardest lesson of all...that life is always fragile and very often unfair.
Mary Alice Young


  • In the scene where Victor walks out of the Solis's house we can see one of the two big flowers/bushes falling to the ground by the porch. When the camera angel switches they are still standing. This might have happened because they had put together two different shoots.
  • Mike and Susan avoid the disaster due to having to go to the hospital.
  • Dylan and Julie were in Paris during this episode. They are also unaffected by the disaster.
  • A stunt double was used for when Gabrielle jumps over the couch onto Edie.
  • The scene with Katherine, Bree, Adam, Orson and Benjamin in the room where Katherine finds out about Adam's affair with Sylvia was rewritten.
  • The scene where Gabrielle and Edie are under the stairs was filmed twice over different days, as the scene was rewritten.
  • The gun Victor uses was a real gun filled with blank rounds, which were fired.
  • Marc Cherry originally wanted to do a flood instead.
  • One of Marc Cherry's original ideas was that Carlos killed Victor, and blamed it on the tornado. This idea was scrapped, however.
  • The debris on the street after the tornado was partially recycled from the set of Indiana Jones.
  • The making of the episode was covered in a mini documentary, featured on the dvd-set.


The episode was written by John Pardee and Joey Murphy and directed by David Grossman.


"Something's Coming" was watched by 20.6 million viewers on its original airing on ABC. It received positive reviews from television critics.

Title reference[]

  • The episode title, Something's Coming is a song taken from the Stephen Sondheim musical, West Side Story