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Stephanie Erb is an American actress who portrayed the role of Debbie on Desperate Housewives.

Life and Career[]

Erb is the sister of Christine Hoell and Matthew Erb, both of Columbus, Ohio, and Janet Carroll of Rockaway, New Jersey. She is the daughter of prominent modern classical composer Donald Erb and Lucille Erb of Cleveland Heights, Ohio. Her father, Donald Erb, a composer of electronic music, died on August 12, 2008, in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, following a long illness.

Stephanie Erb wanted to be an actress ever since watching Laurence Olivier's Hamlet on PBS when she was eight years old. Her training began at The Cleveland Playhouse and continued at SMU's acclaimed Theatre Program. Moving to NY after school led to years of jobs in the regional theatre circuit, including work at Arena Stage, Pittsburgh Public Theatre, Cleveland Playhouse, Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, Dallas Shakespeare Festival, Utah Shakespeare Festival, Pennsylvania Centre Stage, and a tour of the US with John Houseman's Acting Company (Two Gents, Romeo and Juliet). She also holds degrees in English and Biology.

Stephanie garners a lot of inspiration from both of her parents. Her father, the late American contemporary composer Donald Erb, encouraged her pursuit of the arts and was always a beacon of artistic integrity, perseverance and compassion. Her mother Lucille provided endless support and love which made it possible for her to pursue a quixotic business. Through all the ups and downs, her parents offered listening ears, and her very successful father would even mention from time to time, "You know, I could have been a fireman and been just as happy."

Upon moving to LA, Stephanie began working on TV and film and has been doing it ever since, performing a stint in the theatre whenever possible. Her first break in television was a guest star on the cult favorite, Star Trek: The Next Generation. She owes her film debut to Peter Weir, who cast her in Fearless with Jeff Bridges and Isabella Rossellini. Check out her resume for lists of other screen work which include recurring roles on Weeds, 24, Freaks and Geeks, as well as film appearances on such productions as The Ring, South Dakota, and Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny.

Stephanie lives in LA with her family and a turtle named Sir PB Shelley. She loves the work she does and hopes she is lucky enough to continue doing it forever.