Wiksteria Lane

It was common knowledge on Wisteria Lane that where Susan Mayer went, bad luck was sure to follow. Her misfortunes ranged from the commonplace, to the unusual, to the truly bizarre.
Mary Alice Young

Susan Delfino (née Bremmer, previously Mayer) is one of the main characters of Desperate Housewives. Known for being a hopeless romantic and a klutz, as well as for her occasional portrayal of the "damsel in distress", is arguably the most fragile of all the housewives, and is often considered the nicest and most adorable one.


Early life

Susan Bremmer was born to Sophie Bremmer, a single mother who had conceived Susan with a feed store owner named Addison Prudy, who was at the time cheating on his wife. Sophie was given good money to stay quiet about the affair and raise the child by herself, and she did so by telling her daughter that her father had been a merchant marine who died at war, during the Battle of Hanoi. ("The Sun Won't Set"/"That's Good, That's Bad") Susan grew to be airy and ditzy like her mother, and as hopelessly romantic. It is assumed her grandfather had a great impact on her life until he perished. ("What More Do I Need?")

Susan Signing
Susan at her first book signing. ("They Asked Me Why I Believe in You")

Susan was a popular cheerleader in her high school days ("Every Day a Little Death"), and graduated as valedictorian of her class. ("Not While I'm Around") She lost her virginity at age 16 ("Gossip"), and found herself involved in streaks of relationships well into her adult life. ("Connect! Connect!") She went to community college and became a children's books author and illustrator. Her first penned book, Ants in My Picnic Basket, was a commercial success, in part thanks to the help of her good friend Lonny Moon, a publisher. ("They Asked Me Why I Believe in You")

Susan EL 1
Susan Mayer, upon her arrival on Wisteria Lane and her meeting of Mary Alice Young. ("Remember, Part 1")

Susan married divorce attorney Karl Mayer. In 1992, the couple moved with their daughter to Wisteria Lane, a peaceful suburban neighborhood. ("Remember, Part 1"/"Remember, Part 2") Susan and Karl shared a blissful marriage until the fateful time when she found out he'd been cheating on her with his secretary, for whom he then left Susan. The couple divorced, and Susan spent her time feeling depressed and hoping for a man to come and sweep her off her feet. ("Pilot"/"Come Back to Me"/"Is This What You Call Love?") Susan's only companion then became her precocious and smart teenage daughter, Julie, with whom she shared an amazingly tight relationship. In addition to that, during her time on the street, Susan became great friends with some of her neighbors, particularly Mary Alice Young, Bree Van de Kamp, Lynette Scavo and Gabrielle Solis. ("Pilot"/"Remember, Part 1") In 2003, when Susan and Karl were still married, Edie Britt moved to Wisteria Lane, and the two became friends. When Susan found out that Edie was sleeping with one of her friend's husbands, she ends their friendship. Later on, Edie confronts Susan that she caught Karl with his secretary, Brandi and they are having an affair. Susan didn't believe Edie, and thought she was trying to ruin her marriage, so they were never close friends again. ("Look Into Their Eyes and You See What They Know")

Season 1

A year had passed since the divorce. Susan had started to think how nice it would be to have a man in her life. Even one who would make fun of her cooking.
Mary Alice Young
Susan 101
Susan is charmed by the handsome new neighbor, plumber Mike. ("Pilot")

The series begins a year after Susan's divorce from her first husband, Karl - the father of their daughter Julie.. Mary Alice's unexpected suicide provokes Susan's suspicion about the Young family; however, her attention re-shifts when she meets a plumber, Mike Delfino, who has recently moved across the street, and whom she meets at her friend's wake. Susan begins to pursue Mike, only to find that Edie Britt has also taken a liking to the new neighbor. In an attempt to discover if Edie is sleeping with Mike, Susan enters her home and overhears Edie having sex with someone upstairs. She accidentally burns down Edie's house, and flees the scene. Despite feeling guilty, Susan is pleased to learn that Mike was not in Edie's company. What she doesn't know is Mike is keeping a dark secret... Later, when she and her friends rummage through Mary Alice's belongings, they come across a note that indicates she had done something horrible and was being blackmailed for it... which may have constituted the reasons for her suicide. ("Pilot")

Susan 102
The dinner party attendants are alarmed when Bongo starts coughing. ("Ah, But Underneath")

The women gather the following evening at Susan's to discuss the mysterious note that was used to blackmail Mary Alice. Susan thinks that they should share the letter with Paul since it could be used as evidence to find the writer. Later, Susan decides to make her move on Mike by inviting him to one of her "annual" welcome dinners for the new neighbors. Mike accepts her offer. However, knowing that her cooking is bad, Mike agrees to cook and hold it at his house. Later, they are interrupted by Edie. Mike wants her to come, out of pity, and Susan ultimately decides to bring Julie along, for moral support. Susan tries to impress Mike's dog, Bongo, who has taken more of an interest in Edie. She decides to butter up the dog by putting drops of gravy on her hands and face. Susan successfully manages to get Bongo to like her, but he accidentally swallows her earring and begins to choke. Mike rushes out of the house with the dog to drive it to the veterinarian. There, Susan realizes that Mike still has feelings for his dead wife (Bongo was allegedly hers) and that he will not be available for a while. ("Ah, But Underneath")

Susan 103
Mike finds Susan in the bushes. Locked out. And fully naked. ("Pretty Little Picture")

Susan has the idea to have a dinner party dedicated to the memory of Mary Alice, as it was one of her final wishes to reunite all her friends for a dinner gathering. She wants to invite Mike to be her date, but he catches her engaging in a fight with her ex-husband, Karl, and worries that Mike now sees her in a negative light. Susan decides to let go of her anger, but in order to do so, she first needs an apology out of Karl. But he refuses to apologize to her, claiming that he cheated because "the heart wants what it wants", and this all leads to an embarrassing situation in which Susan finds herself locked out of her house... completely naked. She is discovered lying in the bushes of her house by Mike, who helps her break back in, and goes to the dinner party with her... and makes it clear that he's still interested. Later, Susan does get her apology, just not from Karl - from his girlfriend, Brandi. ("Pretty Little Picture")

Susan 104
Susan is blackmailed by Mrs. Huber. ("Who's That Woman?")

When Mrs. Huber finds out that Susan is into Mike, she gets the idea that Susan burnt down Edie's house to keep her rival off her track. Therefore, she subtly starts to blackmail Susan, using her burnt measuring cup (which Martha found in the ruins of Edie's home) as evidence. Susan manages to get her daughter to retrieve the cup from Martha's place, but meanwhile she has to distract Edie, and thus has the unfortunate idea to set her on a date with Mike. The cup is later destroyed, and Mrs. Huber is told by Susan that they are basically no longer friends from that moment on. ("Who's That Woman?")

Susan 105
The first kiss. ("Come In, Stranger")

Alberta Fromme asks Susan to care for her cat, Mr. Whiskers, while she is out on a vacation, but Mrs. Fromme's house is broken into... by Mike, who was doing his research around the lane. This leads Susan to go out on a date with the seemingly charming police officer who came to the street to lecture its residents on safety measures. However, Susan soon finds out that the man is a "Karl in disguise", and their first date winds up with her being left alone in a scary street, where she is rescued by Mike. Shortly afterwards, in his van, Susan wants to get to know a little something more about him. When she asks him how he feels about her, Mike simply kisses her. ("Come In, Stranger")

Susan 106
Susan buys something from Paul. ("Running to Stand Still")

When Susan realizes that Paul has sent his son Zach to be put in a mental institution, she tracks him down and goes on a covert operation to dig some information from Zach, with the aid of her daughter Julie. At the institution, Julie manages to sneak into Zach's room and finds out that he's there over something he did to 'Dana'. Susan tries to figure out who Dana is, but is unable to. Little does she realize at the time that the name 'Dana' is embroidered on a yellow baby blanket she unknowingly purchased at Paul's garage sale. ("Running to Stand Still")

Susan 107
Susan is taken to ride the bull. ("Anything You Can Do")

Susan gets all pretty for her first dinner date with Mike, but when she gets to his house, she finds that he has an unexpected house guest, his old friend Kendra Taylor, whose ties to Mike are made a mystery to her, furthered by the fact that she is a knock-out. Susan tries to "spy" on Mike by going to the same place he is going to with Kendra, and Edie tags along. There, at the Saddle Ranch Chop House, Susan tries to impress Mike by riding the mechanical bull... which knocks her out. Later, Kendra reassures Susan that she is not interested in Mike, but adds that, even though he's a great guy, Susan should ask him why he moved to the street, because it's 'one hell of a story'. ("Anything You Can Do")

Susan 108
Susan gets herself stuck in the floor. ("Guilty")

When Mike is in the process of restoring the plumbing in his house, he invites Susan to join him for a wine-tasting weekend away, and she agrees to come along. However, one afternoon when Mike has to be absent when the tile man comes over, Susan lets him in, but after he's gone, she discovers the stacks of money and the gun Mike had been keeping stored away and becomes suspicious. She later finds herself trapped midway through the house, in a hole on floor of the upstairs bathroom, and Mike has to come to her rescue... and he finds out she knows about his secret stash. Susan tries to explain herself, but Mike doesn't give her an opportunity to, and asks her to leave his house, because she went through his things without permission. Later, they have an argument over Mike's secrets and decide to part ways. However, this doesn't last for long, seeing as how later that night Mike comes over and tells Susan that she can ask him anything, because he doesn't want to lose her. They start making out and end up making love for the first time... unbeknownst to the fact that Martha Huber, Mary Alice's blackmailer, is being murdered by Paul Young in the meantime. ("Guilty")

Susan 109
Susan's bad luck follows her even into the catwalk. ("Suspicious Minds")

When Gabrielle Solis decides to host a charity fashion runway show, she witnesses Gabrielle fondling John Rowland's crotch with her foot, under a table, and later learns they are having an affair. When Helen, John's mother, overhears that her son is sleeping with an older woman, she deduces it's Susan, after John comes to see her to discuss his case with Gaby. Helen attacks Susan at the fashion show and accuses her of sleeping with her child, ultimately tearing up her dress, which forces Susan to walk the runway in precarious conditions. Susan is angry with Gabrielle, who later comes clean to Helen. Meanwhile, Paul questions Susan regarding whether Julie, who had been trading correspondence with Zach, has seen him since he escaped from his mental institution. Julie denies this, but it turns out she is keeping Zach in her room... and he tells her he killed his baby sister Dana. ("Suspicious Minds")

Susan 110
Susan's plans for a romantic weekend are thwarted... ("Come Back to Me")

When Susan prepares to spend a romantic weekend with Mike but her plans are thwarted because her ex-husband won't be able to take Julie with him, she still sets up a sexy encounter... which is ruined by Zach being in the house. Susan decides he should get back with his father, who is worried about him, but Julie disagrees, telling Susan that Paul is creepy and that she had told Zach he could trust her mother. This leads the mother and daughter to have a falling out, as Julie tells her own mom that she always played the part of her daughter herself, nursing her mother after Karl had left her and she was a mess. ("Come Back to Me")

Susan 111
Susan certainly causes an impression during her karaoke turn. ("Move On")

Some time later, Mike tells Susan he loves her, and Susan isn't ready to say it back. This leads him to think she might still have some feelings for her ex-husband, and Susan decides to prove him otherwise by inviting both Mike and Karl to Julie's birthday party. Susan is surprised, however, when Karl brings along a date: Edie Britt, the man predator. During the karaoke session, Susan finds out that Karl had cheated all the way through their marriage, including several naughty encounters with Edie. This prompts her to lash out at him during her performance of "New York, New York", humiliating him publicly. Later, Karl meets with Susan and tells her he still wants to get back together with her, and this leads Susan to realize she feels nothing for Karl anymore, and is thus ready to tell Mike that she loves him back. ("Move On")

Susan 112
Everyone mourns differently. ("Every Day a Little Death")

Following the discovery of Martha Huber's dead body, Susan is told by the departed's sister, Felicia Tilman, that Martha had a journal in which she described every event of her life. Worried about Edie finding out that she set her house on fire, Susan decides to accompany the latter to the disposal of Martha's ashes, when no one else in the neighborhood volunteers. There, Susan tries to muster up the courage to come clean, but is unable to until the two of them (and the ashes) find themselves in the middle of a lake. Edie starts weeping about how Susan is a better friend than she deserved, and Susan, out of guilt (and awkwardness) finally tells Edie the truth... and gets a load of cadaver ashes in her face in return. Back on the lane, Edie decides not to tell the truth to anyone, seeing as how it would delay the insurance processes. However, there's still the matter of the disposal of Martha's ashes: Edie decides to hose down Susan, so that the ashes can rest on Wisteria Lane. ("Every Day a Little Death")

Susan 113
Paul dances and has a 'sincere' talk with Susan. ("Your Fault")

Susan comes home one day to find her daughter making out with Zach Young; she immediately takes a stance against their relationship, on the grounds that Zach is... weird. When Susan confronts Paul about this, she is told that she needn't worry, because the Youngs will soon be moving. Zach overhears this and lashes out at his father, therefore putting Susan in an awkward position. When Zach calls Julie and they talk about 'Dana', Susan overhears their call. Later, during a school dance, Susan volunteers to become chaperone just so that she can check on Zach and Julie. However, before the party, Zach has a talk with his pa in which he reveals some things he said to Julie about 'Dana'. At the party, Paul shows up as a volunteer chaperon and asks to dance with Susan. As they dance, Paul tells her 'the truth': Zach murdered his baby sister, 'Dana', by accident, and he and Mary Alice covered it up so as to keep the boy from feeling guilty. However, later, Paul tells Zach that 'Dana' is 'very much alive'. ("Your Fault")

Susan 114
Susan is impressed with Mike's ability for handling children. ("Love is in the Air")

When Valentine's Day approaches, Susan and Mike prepare for their first Valentine's date, at a local fancy restaurant. When Mike finds the Scavo boys hiding from their mother, he lets out that he loves children and can't wait to have his own someday. This shocks and frightens Susan, who, despite having loved raising Julie, has found herself overwhelmed and done with the idea of having children. Julie tells her to come clean to Mike on the matter. What she doesn't know is, at about the same time, Mike was busy breaking into a person's home, searching for clues regarding the disappearance of Deirdre Taylor. After he gets shot by the house's owner, he still decides to go through with the date to keep Susan from getting suspicious. However, the wound opens up and he starts losing blood, causing him to try to leave and ultimately faint just as Susan expected a reply out of him over having children. The wound is revealed, and later, at the hospital, Mike claims the gunshot wound was self-inflicted, and the doctors and policemen aren't buying his story. Mike tells Susan he doesn't need children, he just wants her. But Susan is now very suspicious of her boyfriend... ("Love is in the Air")

Susan 115
Susan is caught off-guard by what the police has to share with her... ("Impossible")

Following the gunshot wound incident, the ladies of the lane, with Susan's permission, decide to tell the police that Martha Huber's blood-stained jewelry was found in Mike's garage (having been planted there by Paul Young). Later, the cops arrest Mike in front of Susan, and she is later questioned by Detective Copeland over whether she knows anything about the Huber murder. When the date of her death coincides with the date she and Mike first made love, Susan is very relieved, but she is later taken into further questioning, at the station, and learns of Mike's troubled past: he did time in jail for drug possession and manslaughter. When Susan starts tearing up, Detective Sullivan is convinced she doesn't have anything to do with Mike's possible illicit activities: she's just a 'sucker'. Meanwhile, Susan had forbidden Julie from attending Zach Young's birthday party, but Julie goes anyway. When Susan tries to find her, she instead finds Andrew Van de Kamp in the swimming pool... naked and making out with Justin. ("Impossible")

Susan 116
Susan and Edie get their booze on. ("The Ladies Who Lunch")

Susan is left in a bit of a state of depression after she learns of Mike's past, and Edie, encouraged by Lynette to try and be closer with Susan, pays her a visit to try and cheer her up. The two of them go to a bar, but Susan won't let herself out of her funk, and starts going on about how she thinks Paul Young is Martha's real murderer. Fueled by a revelation Edie makes about how Paul acted weird around Felicia, the two women break into his house, searching for incriminating clues. They find and watch part of a videotape labeled 'Angela's Award Party', that features Mary Alice... receiving an award. Paul comes home, though, and Edie must distract him while Susan sneaks out. Outside, Mike finds her and tries to explain himself to her, but Susan tells him he had several opportunities to come clean before, but he didn't, and she can't believe him anymore. Mike kisses her and tells her she can at least believe that. ("The Ladies Who Lunch")

Susan 117
Susan can't help inviting the drama in. ("There Won't Be Trumpets")

Mike drops by Susan's house to give her an envelope containing a letter in which he allegedly tells her everything about his past. Reluctant to open the envelope, over fear that it is full of lies, she discusses it with her friends, but still decides against opening it, despite their belief that she won't be able to resist it. In the meantime, Susan is asked out on a date by Bill Cunningham, an employee of Edie's, who had dated her briefly. Susan asks Edie's permission to go out with him, and isn't given it, but she does it anyway. Edie tracks them down and scolds Susan for it, and later Susan and Bill have a bit of an accident with their car, because she'd forgotten to have the tires checked as Bill had warned her to. After an entire dinner of hearing about Mike, Bill tells Susan that she's a drama queen, always inviting drama into her life. This prompts Susan to reject the opportunity to read Mike's explanations, and thus she gives him the (still sealed) envelope back. ("There Won't Be Trumpets")

Susan 118
Susan's mom comes to visit. ("Children Will Listen")

Later, Susan receives a surprise visit by her mother, Sophie Bremmer, and Mike is clued in as to why Susan acts the way she does: Sophie is as klutzy, airy, charming and hopelessly romantic. Sophie has just broken up with her long-time boyfriend, Morty, and is in need of a place to stay. Therefore, her visit with Susan might become a more permanent thing. Out of worry of having to care for her high-maintenance mother, Susan tries to get her and Morty back together, but to no avail, as the two engage in yet another fight. Therefore, Sophie must indeed stay with her daughter. ("Children Will Listen")

Susan 119
Susan feels uncomfortable during the double date with her mom and friends. ("Live Alone and Like It")

One night, Susan finds that her mother has brought home a date, a blue-collared man named Tim, and is shocked at Sophie's nerve, bringing a random stranger she hooked up with at a bar to the home where a teenager lives. Sophie is unapologetic about her behavior, claiming that she needs to have fun after breaking up with Morty, and so does Susan, following her breakup from Mike. A subsequent night, Sophie and Tim try to set Susan up with a friend, Lamont, but Susan won't budge, and breaks down to her mother that she is only interested in Mike. This leads to pay Mike a visit, and she finds him banged up (after being beat up by Detective Sullivan), and tells him that Susan still loves him. Mike is quite unresponsive, and tells her he just learnt a friend died. Sophie tells this to Susan, seeing it as the perfect excuse for her to talk to him. However, the friend Mike had been alluding to was Deirdre Taylor, his former girlfriend, who'd been murdered... and her body stuffed in a chest once likely purchased by Paul Young. ("Live Alone and Like It")

Susan 120
Boom. ("Fear No More")

When Zach decides to get Julie's attention by throwing gravel at her window, he accidentally hits Susan in the eyes, and Julie uses this as an excuse to break off her ties with him for good. Later, Paul approaches Edie Britt in the hopes of learning why she was in his house some time earlier, and Edie explains it was all Susan's fault, as she has this theory that he's evil and that he murdered Martha. Mike overhears this and warns Susan to stay away from Paul, as he doesn't trust him. Later, at a party hosted by the Solises, Julie refuses to talk to Zach, which prompts him to leave, and Susan finds out that her friend Gabrielle is pregnant... and she doesn't know who the father is. Shortly after this, Susan's kitchen is blown up in an explosion. The firemen later claim someone left the gas running with a candle lit. Susan suspects her neighbor Paul, and seeks the services of a private investigator: Mr. Shaw. ("Fear No More")

Susan 121
Susan gets her daughter to read out the police's files on Mike to her. ("Sunday in the Park with George")

Morty Flickman, inebriated, shows up at Susan's house one night to propose to Sophie, who, despite having already had her heart broken many times, accepts to marry him. Mr. Shaw conferes with Paul Young, who tells him exactly what he should tell Susan, and thus Shaw makes up a file containing nothing but false information. Susan asks him to make a background check on Mike as well, and is appalled when she gets confirmation on what the police told her. However, she recognizes Kendra Taylor in a picture in the file, watching as Mike is taken to jail, so she meets with her and her father at their mansion. There, she hopes to find out more about Mike, but Noah simply backs up what the police said, hoping to keep Mike from being distracted by Susan. However, Kendra follows Susan and tells her the truth: Mike wasn't a drug addict, her sister Deirdre, his girlfriend, was. And the man Mike killed as a crooked cop who exchanged sex for freedom with Deirdre and engaged in a fight with Mike until they rolled over a balcony and the cop died. This confirms to Susan that Mike is indeed good, and, by the end of the day, the two are back together. ("Sunday in the Park with George")

Susan 122
The ladies host an intervention for Susan. ("Goodbye for Now")

Edie Britt brings donuts to Mike Delfino one morning, and is aggravated to find that he and Susan have gotten back together. Mike then suggests to his girlfriend that they move in together, and thus they start all the preparations for that. Edie stages an intervention with Susan's best frieds, who are concerned that Mike might still be not as good as he lets on, but the idea falls through when Susan tells the girls that for the first time in a long time she is genuinely happy. However, amongst Mike's things, Susan finds Martha Huber's journal, and becomes concerned. She decides to follow Mike one night and find out where he is going, and brings Julie along, who reads the journal and learns that Mrs. Huber was blackmailing Mary Alice. Susan is unable to track down Mike, in the meantime, and is unaware that he has knocked down and captured Paul Young... ("Goodbye for Now")

Susan 123
Susan, held at gunpoint. ("One Wonderful Day")

Following Rex Van de Kamp's second heart attack, Susan shares with the ladies the story of Mrs. Huber's blackmail and her journal at the local hospital where he is staying. Later that day, Susan tries to reach Mike over the phone and he tells her that Felicia was helping him with his search when she gave him the journal, and he agrees that they should hand it to the police. Mike, in the meantime, has Paul Young tied up and gagged in the backseat of his vehicle. When Susan heads over to Mike's house to feed Bongo, she finds Zach Young is there, with a gun, waiting for Mike to come home so he could kill him. Later, Edie Britt stops by and tells Susan that Felicia was attacked. Susan asks Zach why, and he says Felicia told him that Mike had taken Paul away to kill him, so now he has to kill Mike in return. Susan tries to talk him out of it, but it's to no avail, as the freaked out young man is tired of being 'lied' to. Meanwhile, Mike finds out from Paul, whom he meant to execute, that his girlfriend Deirdre had sold him and Mary Alice (back when she was Angela Forrest) a baby, named Dana... and when she tried to get him back, Mary Alice stabbed and killed her, and they chopped up the body and concealed it in a toy chest. This said, Mike leaves Paul unharmed, and walks away. When he comes home, Zach is still waiting to kill him... ("One Wonderful Day")

Season 2

Zach is your son, isn't he?
Susan 201
Susan and Mike are called in to identify a corpse, thinking it might be Zach. ("Next")

Mike comes home to find Susan being held hostage by a gun-toting Zach Young, who is aiming directly at him. Susan tries to come to the rescue as she jumps on Zach and distracts him. A struggle ensues between Mike and Zach, and Susan manages to grab a hold of the gun, but Bongo bites her pants and she is dropped to the couch and accidentally fires the weapon, shooting at a window. Zach manages to run off, and later, at a local hospital where Susan is being treated (she bit her lip hard when she fell), Julie overhears Mike telling a police officer that he doesn't want to press charges against Zach. She tells this to Susan, and that Mike basically told the cop the whole thing was blown out of proportion by her, and Susan confronts Mike about this, and he tells her what happened with the Young family and Deirdre: Mary Alice killed her and took her baby. Following a misunderstanding in which the police thought Zach had died, Susan realizes that Zach is Mike's biological son. This prompts her to break up with him, teafully so, thus ceasing their plans to move in together, because she and Julie both can't be around Zach. Later, following Rex's funeral, Susan finally tells her girlfriends the reasons behind Mary Alice's suicide. ("Next")

Susan 202
Susan finds out that her ex, Karl, has been sleeping with Edie Britt. ("You Could Drive a Person Crazy")

One morning, Susan has a squabble with the local paper delivery boy Danny Farrell, and the morning worsens when she notices her ex-husband, Karl Mayer, walking out of Edie Britt's house, in an open robe and boxer shorts, having spent the night there. She forbids him from sleeping with Edie, to no avail, and later learns from her daughter that they've been seeing each other since her birthday party. Susan remembers that time as one Karl said he still loved her and wanted her back, but she holds on to this information. Meanwhile, Mike comes over to her place to retrieve some of his stuff, and they decide to take things casual in their relationship, meaning they can occasionally date, but they have to keep it slow. Also, Susan has a talk with new neighbor Betty Applewhite, wondering why she keeps hearing an odd clanging noise coming from her house at all times, and Betty lies straight to Susan's face. Later, Edie finds a way to provoke Susan about having sex with her ex, while she is ready to go on a car ride, and Susan replies that Karl said he's still in love with her. Edie chases after her, on her rollerblades, and lashes out at Susan that she's only doing this because she and Mike are over and therefore she wants everyone else to be as miserable as she is. Edie rolls away, and Susan, demanding an apology, backs up her car... and hits her rival, causing her to break a leg. Later, Karl visits Susan and they have a talk in which the latter learns her ex is actually moving in with Edie, so they're not having a fling like she originally thought they were. Susan is mortified. ("You Could Drive a Person Crazy")

Susan 203
Susan tries to take Edie's place in her daughter's church spectacle. ("You'll Never Get Away from Me")

Susan is none too happy when she finds out her daughter wants to perform at a local church's family spectacle... with Edie Britt. It turns out Edie is a telented guitar player, and even hails from a relatively musical family. Julie wants to sing Dorothy Norwood's "Let It Shine" at the presentation, with Edie accompanying her in the guitar. Jealousy erupts within Susan, who takes up piano lessons from a slightly reluctant Betty Applewhite (who is hoping to socialize in order to keep the neighbors from suspecting her). She tries to force herself into performing, usurping Edie's place. However, at the event, and following a sermon by her ex, Susan feels guilty and apologizes to Edie, and this ultimately leads to Edie taking her place back. Unfortunately, she doesn't know how to play the piano so well. ("You'll Never Get Away from Me")

Susan 204
Susan is able to find and meet with Zach. ("My Heart Belongs to Daddy")

One night, after a "casual" date between Mike and Susan, she decides she is ready to accept the fact that Zach is Mike's birth son, and agrees to help him look after the young man, so as to move forward in their relationship. During a local hunt, Susan is actually able to find Zach and rushes after him, but he evades her and ultimately tries to attack her to keep her off his track. Susan flees the scene and neglects to tell Mike that she found his son. Later, when discussing what happened with the girls, Gabrielle can't blame her for what happened, but Bree reminds her that, despite everything, Zach is Mary Alice's son, and he should return to where he belongs and be with the people he knows. Guilt-ridden, Susan goes back to finding Zach, who can't escape this time as he'd hurt his foot, and she buys him a meal. He has an idea to return to Utah and find Paul, but Susan starts easing him into the idea of returning to the lane... until he mentions Julie. Worried about having the disturbed young man around her daughter, Susan gives him some money instead and sends him off on his trip back to Utah. ("My Heart Belongs to Daddy")

Susan 205
Susan goes out for drinks with her friend Lonny. ("They Asked Me Why I Believe in You")

One morning, Susan receives a surprise visit from her old book agent, Lonny Moon. Lonny also happens to be one of Susan's closest and oldest friends, who'd been there for her during several hard trials of her life. They meet for drinks, and Lonny announces that he's starting his own agency and requests that Susan come with him. He starts being evasive and dismissive when she tells him she should talk to her current agency first, even after agreeing to join him, and she is then told by her friend that he embezzled some money from clients... even from her. Still, Susan agrees to come with him, until she pays him a domiciliary visit and learns his family left him and that he doesn't even have electricity left in the house. He comes clean about his bankruptcy, which started when he made some bad bank investments. Susan agrees to still be there for him... until he misinterprets this as a sign of her coming on to him and kisses her. Grossed out, Susan leaves for good, and Lonny is left to sort out his mess alone. Later, Susan joins the ladies at the re-burial of Rex Van de Kamp, and witnesses an angered Bree burying her late husband amongst unknown people, resenting the fact that he died thinking she'd murdered him. ("They Asked Me Why I Believe in You")

Susan 206
Susan follows after Mike, in her mother's wedding dress, wanting to apologize to him. ("I Wish I Could Forget You")

Susan's mom, Sophie, gets prepared for her upcoming wedding, and she brings up the possibility of Susan and Mike soon getting married... a possibility Mike backs up, much to Susan's delight. Later, however, Susan's delight fades when she learns that Paul Young is back on the lane, and her girlfriends call the police. When they arrive on the street, Susan tells them that her boyfriend Mike was told by Paul the truth, and he is keeping a journal that belonged to Martha Huber, in which she confesses to having blackmailed Paul's wife, Mary Alice, which could constitute a motive for Paul having killed Mrs. Huber. Mike denies all of this, and he later explains to Susan it's because in the journal it also states that Susan burnt down Edie's home. When Paul questions Susan about Zach's whereabouts, she tells him that she sent him to Utah looking for him. Paul then tells this to Mike, who seeks for confirmation from Susan, who, at the time, is trying on her mother's wedding dress. When Susan explains to him what happened, that she was only thinking of Julie, Mike is so frustrated with her that he leaves. Susan goes after him, wedding gown and all, begging for him to give her a second chance to fix things, but he is done with her and drives away, leaving a brokenhearted Susan crying in the middle of the street. ("I Wish I Could Forget You")

Susan 207
Julie finds her mother in bed with her father. ("Color and Light")

Following the break-up, Susan decides to maintain a 'zen' attitude and acknowledge that everything that happened is all on her. Mike is apparently clearly filled with contempt for her, and down the street a similar situation seems to be occurring between Susan's ex, Karl, and Edie Britt. Edie ultimately kicks Karl out and he comes to stay with Susan for one night, in which they get drunk and discuss their recent mishaps. Susan reveals that she is planning to write an adult book about her tortuous love life, and Karl reveals to her that the reason Edie kicked him out is that he kept a picture of the two of them, from back when they were married, and he likes to look at it sometimes. Susan is somewhat moved by this, and the end result is that the two wind up having drunken sex. The following morning, their daughter Julie is horrified to find them both in bed together, and they feel terrible about it. Karl then wonders what will come next for the two of them, and Susan, nonchalantly, tells him what happened was a one-time thing and that it was good to help vent out, but that's it. Karl is somewhat dissatisfied with this. Later, he and Edie get back together, and the latter comes over to Susan and thanks her for doing whatever she did that helped her and Karl reunite. Edie then gives Susan the picture of her and Karl, unbeknownst to the fact that her lover now decides to conceal another picture of the formerly happilly married couple in his bartender bible. ("Color and Light")

Susan 208
Susan attends her mother's wedding. ("The Sun Won't Set")

Susan asks Mike whether he's still coming to her mother's wedding, and Mike says he won't be attending because it'd be weird. Susan goes on to say that she's planning on writing an adult book about her life, and somehow mentions to him that her father was a merchant marine who died in the Battle of Hanoi. Mike comments that this is weird, because merchant marines don't fight in battles, they just sell things. Susan decides to do some digging up and finds out that no one with her father's name even registered for the marines or any other military forces, and during her mom's wedding, she finally learns, when Sophie makes her speech, that her biological father is a local man who owns a supply and feed store - Addison Prudy. Susan is shocked beyond belief and decides to track down her father. ("The Sun Won't Set")

Susan 209
"I'm not giving up." ("That's Good, That's Bad")

Susan has the idea of asking for a job at her biological father's supply and feed store, hoping to charm him and to ease him into eventually revealing to him that she's his daughter. When she does ask for a job, he tells her she's overqualified, but is accepting of her, until Susan notices that Addison has nice eyes like hers and comments on this, which leads him to believe she is a ruse, in the form of a woman sent by his wife to see if he cheats on him. Susan finally reveals to him that she's his daughter just as he's trying to kick her out of the store, and this shocks and confuses him, and thus he leaves her be for a while. Susan goes to the storage room to find Addison collapsed. Later, at the hospital, it turns out he had a heart attack. Addison tells Susan that he is not interested in getting to know her, and his wife Carol shows up, so he and Susan can't really talk for much longer. Susan tells his wife that she is Addison's 'guardian angel', seeing as how she found him collapsed and gave him CPR and called the ambulance. Carol is thankful, and Susan leaves, but not before lowly telling her birth father that she's not giving up. ("That's Good, That's Bad")

Susan 210
Susan is branded a 'whore'. ("Coming Home")

Susan starts demanding bonding time with her father, despite Addison's reluctance. His wife Carol tracks him down once and finds him with Susan, so she writes the word 'Whore' in bold, capital letters, in red paint, on Susan's garage door. Addison confirms that that's his wife's handwriting, and thus Susan asks him to tell her the truth, but he is unwilling to. Later, Carol attacks the latter at a supermarket, assuming she is her husband's mistress. Susan breaks the news to her that she's actually his daughter, and Carol is horrified to find out that her husband has been cheating on her, going so far as to having illegitimate children, since the beginning of their marriage. Susan explains to her that she only wanted to find her father, and Carol tells her that she's glad she did, but warns her to be careful, because he's going to break her heart. Addison later meets with Susan as she's painting over the curse word on her garage, and tells her he's proud of her and of being her father. ("Coming Home")

Susan 211
Zach apologizes to Susan and Julie. ("One More Kiss")

Susan finds out that Zach Young has moved back to the lane, and learns that Mike already knows this, but Paul prohibited him from seeing his biological son. Later, Zach apologizes to both Susan and Julie for all the wrong things he did to them in the past, and promises to behave from them on. Susan has an idea, which she shares with Mike: the four of them should go bowling, which they do. During the bowling game, Mike attempts to bond with Zach, the latter not knowing yet that he is Mike's son. Later, however, Paul, who had been trying to keep his foster son off limits, finds out that he went bowling with them, and assaults Mike as payback. Mike engages in a struggle with him, and Susan, distraught by their fight, accidentally rams her car into another car that was parked on the lane. The car's trunk pops open and everyone is surprised to see a cadaver inside - belonging to Curtis Monroe, who'd been there to retrieve Melanie Foster's alleged murderer, Caleb Applewhite. ("One More Kiss")

Susan 212
Susan gets checked out by Dr. Ron. ("We're Gonna Be All Right")

Susan goes out on a blind date with Jim Halverson, a jokester, and the evening is atrocious, seeing as how he keeps telling her awful jokes. Eventually, the two bang their heads by accident and Jim winds up losing consciousness. At the hospital, Jim won't cease telling bad jokes even whilst being treated by his phyisican, Dr. Ron McCready. Susan begs Dr. McCready to come up with an excuse for her to be admitted so that she can get out of this bad date, but the doctor won't budge... until he sits through a couple of Jim's bad jokes and sympathizes with Susan, telling him he's gonna have to stay there overnight to run some more testes. Later, Susan, charmed by Dr. Ron, comes to the hospital for a physical, pretending to exhibit several made up symptoms. The following morning Dr. Ron comes over to her house to announce to her that he is unclear of what her condition is, even though he spent all night looking it up. Susan confesses to him that she made all those symptoms up because she wanted to see him again. Ron is maddened by this, and leaves, telling her he doesn't like to have to tell people he likes that he thinks they're going to die. Susan is mostly caught by the part that he likes her, and asks if he'd like to go out on a date with her. Though still mad, he agrees to. He also sort of nonchallantly announces to her that she has a wandering spleen. ("We're Gonna Be All Right")

Susan 213
Dr. Ron apologizes to Susan. ("There's Something About a War")

Dr. Ron and Dr. Cunningham explain to Susan the implications of her wandering spleen and the surgery she will require, which will be assisted by Ron. Susan is preoccupied because the first time Ron will see her naked is in the operating table, but he tells her he'll be a gentleman about that. Later, during a dinner date, Susan notices Dr. Ron's lack of skills when it comes to cutting through a bovine steak, and she worries about his skills as a surgeon too. She points this out, and he seldom overreacts, by storming out of the house. Later, Susan pays him a visit at the hospital, telling him that she was gonna apologize, but then thought about all the times she crawled back to a man and decided that that was not going to happen this time. However, Ron tells her that, while she's been waiting for him, she's already received amends gifts at her house. They get back together. Later, Susan and the girls go over to Bree's house to play poker and get dirt on Betty Applewhite, and are surprised to find the latter there instead, ready to play with them.("There's Something About a War")

Susan 214
Susan's fake wedding doesn't go as planned... ("Silly People")

Susan and Edie try to grill Bree on what happened with Betty Applewhite, but get nothing. Later, Susan finds out that she has no health insurance due to the fact that her former agent Lonny Moon embezzled from her, so she goes to her ex-husband Karl for help. Edie suggests that she get married to a guy with good health insurance, so that she can get her surgery, and Susan agrees. Edie sets her up with a gay man, Gary Grantham, whose dying mother doesn't know he's gay and says she's only holding on to her life to see her son getting married. Everything is set up, and Mike even agrees with Susan that it's a good idea, but at the wedding Gary's partner, Steven, who is pissy because he always wanted to marry Gary, makes a scene and thus the wedding is off. Susan is desperate, until her ex-husband shows up and tells her they can re-marry. Susan agrees, and they're good to go. Except for one thing... Edie, who mustn't know. ("Silly People")

Susan 215
Edie tells Susan that she thinks Karl wants to 'pop the question'. ("Thank You So Much")

Susan starts planning her secret wedding to Karl. During breakfast, Karl warns her and Julie that they cannot tell anyone that they are getting married since they are committing insurance fraud. When Karl asks where Susan's wedding ring is, Susan tells him that she threw it out of her car on a dirt road not knowing that it was a family heirloom. Karl then makes Susan go searching through Route 7 until they find the ring. Later, Edie finds a pre-nup and Susan's ring in Karl's briefcase. Edie takes this as proof that Karl is going to propose that evening. At the restaurant, Edie thinks Karl ordering soufflé is proof of the proposal since he could put the ring in the cake. Edie then spots Susan and Dr. Ron eating at another table and drags Susan into the restroom with her. She tells Susan that she may be getting engaged and Susan tries to talk her down which causes Edie to leave the restroom still hopeful about what she thinks will happen. As the soufflés arrive, Edie sticks her hand in it and Karl asks her what she is doing. Edie finds no ring in the cake and leaves the restaurant in an angry mood. That evening, Susan meets Karl on the street where she starts to reconsider their deal since she doesn't want anyone to get hurt. Karl assures her that everything will be fine but that he still plans to marry Edie. The following day, Karl and Susan are married - for the second time - at the courthouse. ("Thank You So Much")

Susan 216
"Let's cut this bitch open." ("There is No Other Way")

Susan is admitted into a local hospital for her splenectomy, and is soon showered with flowers by Dr. Ron, complete with a card he wrote himself in which he claims to want to hold her 'beating heart' in his hands. Nurse Hisel gets all emotional over the card, and it becomes apparent that she has a crush on Dr. Ron. After a visit to Susan, Karl tells Nurse Hisel to take care of his wife, and Hisel is distraught. She confirms through the records that Susan is married and therefore acts snidely towards her, outraged that the object of her crush's affection is apparently two-timing him. Susan comes clean to her about the insurance fraud and her second marriage to Karl, and Hisel accepts the explanation and tells her Ron is working up the courage to tell Susan he loves her. Susan realizes, after this, that she doesn't feel a 'spark' with Ron, not the way she did with both Karl and Mike. When she is later being wheeled off to her surgery, anesthetized and woozy, she notices that Mike came to see her, and is very happy about this. In the operating room, Ron tells the woozy Susan that he loves her, and Susan says, in reply, "Thanks. I love Mike." A shocked and confused Ron asks who Mike is, and Nurse Hisel somehow blurts out that she is married to a guy named Karl, and rushes out of the room in tears. Ron is nothing short of frustrated, as he tells Dr. Cunningham, "Let's cut this bitch open." ("There is No Other Way")

Susan 217
Dr. Ron has dinner with Susan and her ex. ("Could I Leave You?")

After Susan is discharged from the hospital, Dr. Ron arrives in her hospital room to bring her home and to ask her a few questions. Ron asks if she happens to know anyone named Mike, because while under anesthesia Susan professed her love for Mike, much to Ron's chagrin. Susan lies and assures Ron that he is mistaken and that she is not seeing anyone. He then asks if she is married to Karl Mayer because of Nurse Hisel's run-in with him. Susan tells Ron that the relationship is platonic and that Susan only re-married Karl because he has an excellent insurance plan. Ron feels sad that Susan could not afford medical care but is still upset that she did not tell him. Later, Susan invites Dr. Ron and Karl over for dinner where they actually have a good time in each other's company. The plot thickens when Karl purposely breaks a pipe which proceeds to leak. Karl then asks Ron to go across the street and alert the plumber, whom he refers to only as "Delfino". Ron then hurries across the street and explains the situation to Mike. As he gathers his tools, Mike tells Ron to call him by his first name. Immediately, Ron runs out of the house where Susan is already on the street chasing after. Susan then falls out of her wheelchair making it look as if Ron pushed her. Mike sees this and tells him threateningly to never to hurt her. While Mike walks away, Dr. Ron shoves him but the fight is soon broken up. Susan is then left on the street alone. Soon after, Mike tries to patch things up but only makes matters worse since Susan is still angered because of their break-up. She soon regrets her words when Dr. Ron breaks up with her over the phone. ("Could I Leave You?")

Susan 218
Susan serves as the bartender at Edie's bridal shower. ("Everybody Says Don't")

Edie tells Susan that she is planning an engagement party that is actually going to be a secret wedding for her and Karl, and Susan is alarmed because she and Karl aren't divorced yet, and he hates surprises. Karl and Susan then decide to finally come clean to Edie, but they realize they're too late, seeing as how Dr. Ron, out of spite, has already told her the truth. Edie is infuriated, albeit slightly understanding, so she demands that they make it up to her by throwing her both a big engagement party and a big wedding. Susan reluctantly acceps the role of the bartender at the bridal shower, and Julie finds the picture Karl was keeping of him and Susan in his bartender bible. Susan asks Karl what that is about, and he confesses that he still has feelings for her. Susan is then confused about this, wondering if she herself still has feelings for him. ("Everybody Says Don't")

Susan 219
Susan and Karl go at it again. ("Don't Look at Me")

Following the revelation that he still loves her, Karl is constantly showing affection towards Susan. Angry at this, their daughter Julie refuses to go to the movies with her mother. There, just as Susan has taken her seat, she spots Mike coming in with an attractive date. She then rushes to sit next to the closest stranger and tells him to act like he knows her. The stranger immediately introduces himself as Orson Hodge, to Mike, but it turns out Dr. Hodge is there with another date too. Then later, he drops by Susan's house to return her purse that she left behind, and Susan ends up discussing her complicated love life with him. Orson tells Susan to get rid of her feelings for Karl because he just isn't a good guy. After a few more incidents where Karl tells Susan he still has feelings for her and would do anything if she told him to, Susan tells him off and returns home. Later, Karl visits Susan and tells her that he and Edie have broken up and the wedding's off. Feeling sympathetic in spite of herself, Susan invites Karl in for a bottle of wine. The two ultimately end up in bed. Susan tells Karl that she feels good about this too and she's not having any second thoughts. Just then, the phone rings. It's Edie. Edie wants Karl to get some juice. Suspicious, Susan immediately asks him why is she asking for juice from him when they've broken up. Karl tells Susan that the break-up is still a work in progress. Furious that he cheated on Edie with her, Susan throws Karl out for good. ("Don't Look at Me")

Susan 220
Susan tries to keep Edie from attacking a waitress. ("It Wasn't Meant to Happen")

After Karl leaves Edie unannounced, she seeks solace in her neighbors, and a guilt-ridden Susan reaches out to her. The two of them go out to a local restaurant, with Edie believing one of the waitresses to be the girl Karl presumably cheated on her with. Edie attacks the waitress in question, and is then attacked herself by all the other waitresses, who team up against her. Susan, rather reluctantly and awkwardly, swoops in in Edie's defense. The following day, Edie genuinely thanks Susan for having her back during her time of need. Susan's guilt is therefore soothed a bit, but she is unbeknownst to the fact that Edie has hired a private investigator, Oliver Weston, to track down the woman Karl cheated on her with. ("It Wasn't Meant to Happen")

Susan 221
Susan's home is set on fire. ("I Know Things Now")

Oliver Weston hides in the bushes of a neighboring home and records Karl and Susan talking in the garage about their one-night stand. Weston is soon discovered by Mike Delfino, who asks him why he is snooping around. When Weston attempts to explain why he is there, Mike punches him in the face after he mocks Susan. Later, Mike invites Susan over and introduces her to Weston and his mission. Weston plays a tape revealing her affair with Karl and Susan is shocked. She tries to buy Weston off, but he names an exorbitant price and gives her an ultimatum to come up with the money by the following Monday or he will hand over the information to Edie. Susan cannot afford to pay for it and therefore writes Edie a letter of apology detailing her fling with Karl. After mailing the letter, Mike visits Susan to tell her that he paid Weston's bribe because he doesn't want anyone to get hurt. Susan is relieved and thanks Mike for preventing a war between herself and Edie. Susan then must come up with a way to get her letter back. Following a sudden inspiration she lures the mailman into her kitchen with iced tea. After she has plied him with enough tea, Susan suggests he use the restroom upstairs by her bedroom as the one nearby is broken. Susan then steals the letter from his bag and puts it with her mail. After he has been upstairs for a while, Susan worries about the mailman and is surprised to find him on her bed in his undergarments. Susan warns him to get dressed since her daughter is home. Downstairs, Julie checks the mail and puts Edie's letter back in the sack. Susan then hurries the mailman out and declines a rain check. Edie soon discovers the letter and while Susan is at Mike's, Edie drenches Susan's house in kerosene and sets it on fire. ("I Know Things Now")

Susan 222
Edie finds out that Susan was trying to record her confession by using a wire. ("No One is Alone)

After the fire at Susan's home, her friends try to help her to the best of their ability by clearing the remains of her home. Most of the neighborhood helps clear debris, and also Susan's new dentist friend, Orson. The 'wives then recommend Susan stay with Bree since she has more than enough room for both Julie and Susan. As this occurs, Edie Britt stands across the street watching as she eats a popsicle. When the insurance agent drops by to alert Susan that she will not be receiving her check, Susan asks the reason why. The broker then proceeds to tell her that the fire department ruled the fire arson and asks if she has any enemies. Susan declares she has none but then looks across the street and sees Edie with her popsicle. Hours later, Susan quietly visits Edie and asks if she was the culprit. Edie admits that she did and gloats that Susan cannot tell anyone since she has no witnesses. Susan then pays Mike a visit and asks if he can wire her so that she can catch a confession of Edie's on tape. Mike does so and asks if she would like to move in with him as friends. Susan considers the offer but declines since it would be odd. Another reason for declining is that Susan remembers Edie's words about Susan being weak, that being the reason people help her, not because they love her. Susan then visits Edie the next day and receives the confession she had desired. Edie quickly catches on and chases Susan down the block. Edie is halted when she is stung by a nest of yellowjackets. Susan later visits Edie in the hospital where Susan offers Edie a deal to keep her out of jail. Edie declines and swears ongoing revenge against Susan. ("No One is Alone)

Susan 223
Julie won't know what hit her... ("Remember, Part 1")

A blindfolded Julie is taken to see a surprise her mother has in store for her: a trailer, where they are to live. Julie is frustrated, but Susan soon talks her into it, by explaining to her that she wants to make it out of the mess she's currently in by herself. Mike stops by later with coffee and he and Susan have a chat, sitting on lawn chairs by the latter's burnt down house. Karl shows up, somewhat aggravated that Susan is forcing their daughter to live in a van, and thus interrupts Mike and Susan's conversation. When he is snidely towards Mike, the latter retaliates by planting a big kiss on Susan in front of her ex. Some time later, Karl spots Mike entering a jeweler's and goes in to find out he plans on proposing to Susan. Karl gives Mike his consent - a false one - and later makes his move by buying Susan and Julie a new house, 'no strings attached' (or so he claims). Julie is ecstatic about the house, and Karl explains to her mother that he is in debt to her, so Susan accepts it. ("Remember, Part 1")

Susan 224
Susan sets up a romantic dinner for her and Mike. ("Remember, Part 2")

Mike is understandably upset when he finds out that Karl has bought a house for Susan and Julie, seeing as how Susan had told him that she wanted to make it out on her own. He can tell that Karl is just cutting him off after he saw him buying that ring, and Susan's attention is caught by the 'ring' portion of the conversation. A fight ensues between Mike and Karl, in which the former gets a chipped tooth and the latter gets punched in the face. Mike walks away, frustrated, when both Susan and Julie rush in Karl's aid. Later, Susan goes to see him - and even gives him the contact of her dentist friend, Orson Hodge - and Mike tells her he doesn't want to get married to her if she is still hung up on Karl. Susan makes it up to him by inviting him to meet her by a lake, with the intention of proposing to him herself. Mike agrees to, and Susan later gets divorced from Karl, telling him that if he really does still love her, he must let her go. Karl agrees. However, the following night, Susan goes to wait for Mike by the lake, with a table and decoration all set up in front of her trailer, but she loses all hope when he doesn't show up - unbeknownst to the fact that he has, in the meantime, been run over by none other than Orson Hodge. ("Remember, Part 2")

Season 3

Look, I know it's been six months, but he could still come out of it, right? I saw on the news there was this woman in Peru, she woke up after 10 years.
Susan 301
Susan asks Mike for permission to go out with Ian. ("Listen to the Rain on the Roof")

Susan Mayer is told about the condition of her boyfriend Mike, left in a comatose state after being run over by a hit-and-run driver. For the following six months, Susan stays by Mike's side at the hospital for almost all of the time, keeping him company and all the while waiting for him to wake up. In that time, she meets Ian Hainsworth, a charming and wealthy British publisher whose wife is also in a coma. Ian becomes smitten with Susan and offers to take her out on a date, and she is rather reluctant to do it, because she is still hopeful that Mike will wake up and she feels as though it constitutes 'cheating'. Therefore, a desperate and lonesome Susan turns to her comatose boyfriend and 'asks him' for permission to go out on a date with Ian. Getting no reaction whatsoever, Susan, still feeling somewhat guilty and saddened, appears to be ready to make her first step into moving on and letting go. Later, at her best friend Bree's engagement party, Susan, much like everyone else attending, is shocked to hear Orson's former neighbor, Carolyn Bigsby, telling everyone that he killed his first wife. ("Listen to the Rain on the Roof")

Susan 302
Jane's parents interrupt Ian's date with Susan. ("It Takes Two")

Susan is none too excited about her friend Bree marrying a possible wife murderer, so she sets out to find out the truth about Orson, by grilling his former neighbor and accusator, Carolyn Bigsby, at her workplace. Susan thus finds out from Carolyn that Orson scrubbed his entire house clean with bleech, leaving behind no traces of DNA, skin cells, fingerprints, anything at all, which is suspicious. In the meantime, Ian takes Susan out on their first date, which is cut short when Jane's parents show up and Ian lies that Susan is a doctor new to Jane's neurology team. Later, he tries to make things up to her, asking her out again, but she tells him they should both just focus on their respective comatose better-halves, because otherwise they'll just feel guilty. Susan and her friends are unable to dissuade Bree from going through with the wedding, despite instilling in her some hesitation, and Ian crashes the reception in order to win Susan for himself, by convincing her that there is really no wrong in them reaching out for an opportunity to maybe find happiness together... all of this during a speech he makes, supposedly directed at the bride and groom. Susan caves, and gives him a chance, and thus the two wind up dancing together once the wedding reception is over. ("It Takes Two")

Susan 303
Ian and Susan at the piano. ("A Weekend in the Country")

Ian invites Susan to join him at his cabin on the mountains during a holiday weekend, and they wind up accidentally switching their suitcases, which are the same brand and type, and are surprised to find what each other is keeping: Susan has her sexy nightgown prepared... Ian has a collection of condoms. They eventually sit down to discuss sex, and Susan learns that Ian has only ever had sex with his wife... and Ian is blown away by the revelation that Susan has had sex with 11 men. Susan feels insulted by his impliance that 11 is too many, and attempts to break off contact with him for the rest of their stay in the cabin. However, the apologetic duo soon reunite and make amends, and make love for the first time... unbeknownst to the fact that, back in Fairview, Mike Delfino has finally woken up from his coma. ("A Weekend in the Country")

Susan 304
Susan, doing something she'd soon wish she hadn't. ("Like It Was")

Thew news of Mike's sudden awakening travels fast throughout the neighborhood, but has trouble reaching Susan up in the mountains. There, she and Ian are going out of their way coming up with flimsy excuses to prolong their stay at the cabin, and Ian tells Susan that when she smiles he feels as though he could love her. Susan is somewhat enchanted by this, and when they later make love he asks her to join him on a trip to Paris, an invite she accepts. However, shortly afterwards, Susan finally gets a call from her daughter telling her that Mike's awake. Susan is horrified to find that her boyfriend has finally woken up from his coma, while she's in bed with another man. A guilt-ridden Susan tries to rush Ian to get her back to Fairview and to the hospital so that she can be by Mike's side, and goes so far as telling him what happened between them should had never happened. Ian is extremely upset, and tells Susan that she can say she feels guilty, but she can never say it shouldn't have happened because she's the best thing that's happened to him in years. A disheartened Susan feels sorry for him, because she knows how he feels, but 'her' Mike is awake. An understanding Ian lets her go, and Susan is thankful. However, when she reaches the room, filled with excitement and happiness that her lover is finally awake, Mike treats her coldly, having lost two years worth of memories - thus having little recollection of Susan, and having been somewhat brainwashed by Susan's rival, Edie Britt, who'd been telling him that Susan was basically a conniving, lying bitch. ("Like It Was")

Susan 305
Susan 'kidnaps' Mike. ("Nice She Ain't")

Later, Susan attempts to jog Mike's memory. In his hospital room, she starts playing and dancing to 'their' song, "Car Wash", which they danced to some time ago at a local fish restaurant. Mike doesn't remember it at all. The following day, Susan brings her infamous maccaroni and cheese dish to the hospital, but the nurse tells her she can't come in. Susan claims to be Mike's girlfriend and to have visited him for six months, but the nurse only knows of Edie Britt as Mike's girlfriend. The nurse has Susan escorted off the building by security, siding with Edie. The following day, Susan tricks the nurse to tell Edie she has a phone call. While Edie goes to answer, Susan takes Mike out of the hospital, and back to Wisteria Lane. She tells him about accidentally locking herself outside naked, their first kiss in his pick-up truck, and meeting each other at Mary Alice's wake, but Mike remembers none of these stories. When Susan trips on the curb, Mike remembers her being a klutz. Susan is very happy, until the hospital security guard finds them. Susan and Edie butt heads yet again, with the latter telling her rival that Mike belongs to her now. ("Nice She Ain't")

Susan 306
Susan and Ian get back together. ("Sweetheart, I Have to Confess")

Ian invites Susan to a party at his mansion where she can meet a publisher friend of his. Susan is reluctant to go, due to the sudden end of her romantic relationship with Ian, and struggles with the idea of whether or not she should attend said party. After Susan catches Edie and Mike having sex in the latter's hospital room, she joins an equally frustrated Lynette - and later Gaby - for some afternoon margaritas. During the drinking session, her inebriated friends encourage her to go and be with Ian if she feels in her heart there is a future to their relationship. Susan acquiesces and decides to go, and thus shows up at Ian's mansion, drunk... and surprised to find that it is the night of the party. Following a rather embarassing vomit-related moment, Ian comforts Susan the following morning, and asks her if the things she told him the night before were booze-influenced, or came straight from her heart. Once he hears the expected answer, the two resume their relationship. ("Sweetheart, I Have to Confess")

Susan 307
Susan and her beloved daughter are finally reunited after a chaotic situation. ("Bang")

Before Susan prepares to fly off to Paris with Ian, she finds a beer can left on her house by Austin, Edie's rebellious nephew and Julie's recent 'friend'. Julie tries to brush this off, albeit with a bit of an attitude, and later heads to a local supermarket to buy her mother some toothpaste for her trip. There, she finds Austin, who slips a liquor bottle into her backpack without her knowing, and the two are eventually caught. Edie and Susan are both called in to the store, and a disappointed Susan leaves her daughter there alone and cancels her plans with Ian because she can't leave her seemingly rebellious child at the moment. However, Carolyn Bigsby, the betrayed wife of store owner Harvey Bigsby, shows up with a revolver and shoots up the place, with the intent of killing her husband, and takes the customers hostage, including Julie, Austin, Edie, and also Lynette, Nora and Art. Susan becomes horrified by the thought of her daughter trapped in the store with a crazy hostage taker, and goes so far as trying to switch places with her, to no avail. Eventually the hostage taker is killed, with the aid of Austin, and the hostages are let go. Susan and Julie thus reunite, much to the relief of both of them, and Julie is thankful towards Austin for keeping her calm during a crisis. ("Bang")

Susan 308
Susan's plan to get Karl in on what's going on backfires. ("Children and Art")

Susan and Ian come home from a dinner date one night to find Julie making out on the couch with Austin. A disgruntled and frustrated Susan forbids her daugher from seeing Edie's nephew, and Julie acts out against her own mother, disrespecting her grounding and insisting that Susan can't control who she dates. Susan reaches out to Edie, but the latter is none too willing to help break the two teens up, claiming that the more they try to keep them apart, the more they are going to want to stay together, and that when two people are meant to be, there's nothing anyone can do about that - the last part also referring to Edie's recent romantic relationship with Mike, which deeply upsets Susan. Later, Karl, Julie's dad, is brought into the picture, as Susan calls him over to play the part of the 'bad cop'. However, this all backfires, because when Karl tries to scare Austin off, the subject is somehow changed to cover the fact that Susan is now dating a British guy named Ian, which angers Karl, seeing as how he left Susan so that she could be with Mike and now she's with someone else. Later, Susan and Julie sort of make amends, with the mother telling her child that no matter how smart she is, love has nothing to do with that, and she could still end up getting hurt. Julie understands that her mother's uncertainty also derives from the fact that her heart is now somewhat broken over Mike. ("Children and Art")

Susan 309
Susan makes an impression on the butler. ("Beautiful Girls")

One lovely night, Ian brings Susan over to his mansion so that she can spend the night there for the very first time, and come the morning Susan accidentally flashes her naked body to Ian's loyal butler, Rupert Cavanaugh. Rupert doesn't seem too happy to meet Susan and to have her in the mansion, and Susan later learns that Rupert was very devoted to Jane. Susan has the idea of getting a drawer at the mansion to put some of her stuff in it for whenever she comes over, and Ian requests that Rupert get her a drawer, but the reluctant butler takes his time to do so, and meanwhile Susan tries to somehow win him over. When Rupert takes her to a rec room in which old things and furniture are stored (along with the cadaver of a deceased cat), Susan realizes that Rupert kind of hates her, and sees her not as Ian's girlfriend, but as his 'mistress'. Later, Ian brings up the drawer issue again, and explains to Susan that he feels as though when he makes room for her in his heart, he has to push Jane away from it to an extent, but Susan lets him know he doesn't have to do that, there should be room for the two of them. Ian says that if he can make room in his heart for Susan, then he can certainly make room on one of his drawers, and the matter is settled. ("Beautiful Girls")

Susan 310
Susan snoops around in Orson's office. ("The Miracle Song")

Before Christmas, Ian tells Susan that his parents are flying in from Chicago, Illinois, and he wants her to cook dinner for them, seeing as how they're old-fashioned people. Susan tries to convince him she lacks talent in the cooking department, but he is insistent and she reluctantly agrees. She asks Bree for help, and the latter agrees to cook on her behalf. The residents of Wisteria Lane are shocked when Mike is arrested for Monique's murder. The stains on Mike's wrench that Mrs. McCluskey advised him to clean off are revealed to be of Monique's blood. Edie breaks up with him, which leaves Mike helpless for bail. That is, until Susan offers to get him a lawyer, even when she learns it will cost a million dollars to do so. During the housewives' weekly poker game, which is being held at Bree's house, Susan and Bree have a fight. Susan wants Bree to tell the police that she thinks Orson killed Monique, but Bree counters that she had concerns, which disappeared when Mike was arrested. Bree tells Susan that she won't help her with dinner, and Susan storms out, but not before she steals the key to Orson's dental office. When she's snooping around the office, she learns that Orson was committed to a mental hospital starting in 1981 and lasting for about a year due to psychological depression. On the way home, Susan picks up fried chicken for Ian's parents. Ian is furious when she's 40 minutes late. His parents couldn't come because their flight was canceled due to a snowstorm. Ian promises to get Mike a lawyer and pay every cent of it, as long as Susan agrees to never have contact with him again, otherwise he'll just fall in love with her again. Susan reluctantly agrees. ("The Miracle Song")

Susan 311
Susan tells Ian that she loves him for the first time. ("No Fits, No Fights, No Feuds")

When Alma Hodge, Orson's presumably deceased first wife, comes to Wisteria Lane to 'make things right', Bree invites Susan and the rest of their clique of friends over for a dinner party so that they can witness that Alma is alive and so that Susan can finally apologize to Bree for her recent behavior. However, prior to this, Susan calls Detective Ridley and tells him that she knows Orson was sleeping with Monique Polier, even though he seemed not to know her when he saw her body at the morgue. Meanwhile, Susan also visits Mike in jail to tell him that Ian will bail him out, but on the condition that the two of them not meet each other anymore. During the aforementioned dinner party, Susan and her friends are shocked to find that Alma is alive and well, but Bree is in for a bigger surprise when Ridley shows up and takes Orson to the local police station for some questions, and Bree discovers that Susan is behind all this. The redhead announces to her neighbor that their friendship is over, and all the while Ian leaves the party, angry with Susan, after finding out she saw Mike again even though they agreed she wouldn't see him anymore. Susan explains to her boyfriend that she only saw him to talk about the deal, and that she loves Ian and he has nothing to worry about. Ian is glad to hear her telling him she loves him for the first time, and the two quickly make amends. ("No Fits, No Fights, No Feuds")

Susan 312
Susan comforts her brokenhearted daughter. ("Not While I'm Around")

Susan overhears a conversation between her daughter Julie and the latter's boyfriend, Austin, in which the two discuss birth control. Susan confronts her child, who assures her that she and Austin are not having sex. Later, however, the young couple meet with Austin's aunt, Edie, wanting her help in getting Julie some birth control pills, seeing as how Julie learnt in health class that condoms are only 85% effective. Later on, Susan and her friend Gabrielle search Julie's room and find the pills, hidden on a hollow VCR cassette. An alarmed Susan calls the doctor who prescribed Julie the pill and confronts him, only to find that Julie met him with a blonde woman - whom Susan can make out to be Edie. The enraged mother confronts her arch-nemesis, who defends herself by saying that Julie came to her, evidently because Susan can't be depended on when it comes to sexual matters. Edie also tells Susan that Julie loves Austin and Austin loves Julie, so there is nothing she can do about that. However, this said, the two women enter Edie's house to find Austin making out with Danielle Van de Kamp on the couch... That night, Susan reveals to Julie that she knows about the pills and, very gently, assures her that she can always count on her and therefore what happened can never happen again, because their relationship has always been too good to now dissipate. She then is forced to tell her daughter about Austin's betrayal with her best friend, and Julie is devastated and cries by her mother's side. ("Not While I'm Around")

Susan 313
Susan allows Ian to have a final talk with his dying wife. ("Come Play Wiz Me")

Mike meets his new lawyer, Alan Marcus, and Susan is outraged when the lawyer's strategy includes Mike going to jail for 10 years - 5 with good behavior. When she brings this up, Ian is upset with her because she keeps going on about Mike, and he then leaves to go on a business trip to Montreal. Meanwhile, Jane's condition takes a turn for the worse, as she is not responding to medication. Ian calls Susan and asks her to go to the hospital and keep Jane company on her deathbed. He's flying home earlier, but he's worried he might not be there in time. Susan agrees to do so, and when she gets to Jane's room she finds her best friend, Erika Gold, tossing out a man - Ted. Later, Erika explains to Susan that Ted was Jane's lover. Five years before, Jane and Ted were going through some marital problems, as Ian was always away on business and Jane felt lonely, and so she started an affair with Ted. Ian eventually forgave her and took her back, but he never really trusted her again. Susan realizes now why Ian has so many trust issues regarding her and Mike spending time together. Some time later, Jane's blood pressure drops and she is expected to die before the end of the day. Ian calls Susan from his plane on the way back to Fairview, and Susan tells him she doesn't think Jane will be alive when he finally arrives. Ian asks her to let him talk to Jane, because he needs to say some things to her, about issues that seemed so big before but now seem so meaningless. Susan acquiesces, and puts the phone to Jane's ear, as Ian talks to her one last time. Later, Jane's body is seen being taken into the morgue. ("Come Play Wiz Me")

Susan 314
Two tramps and a funeral. ("I Remember That")

Following Jane Hainsworth's demise, Susan is nervous about attending her funeral, but she wants to be there nevertheless to provide Ian some moral support. There, however, she finds out that one of Jane's alleged friends, Lynn Dean, has shamelessly decided to take advantage of Jane's passing to hit on Ian, going so far as flirting with him at the funeral and discussing with a friend her naughty intentions. Susan overhears this and reprehends the women, and is eventually forced to tell Lynn Dean that Ian is dating her, to keep her off his track. She then goes to sit elsewhere. Later, during the service, Lynn Dean gets up to deliver her eulogy, and uses this as a vehicle to get the information out to the audience that Ian was seeing another woman during his vigil. Susan is thus completely caught off-guard and embarassed, by being made into the center of attention. Ian later finds her crying at the morgue, and he cheers her up by telling her that she has nothing to be ashamed of, because she helped him through the most difficult time of his life, and he wants to marry. Susan stops him from proposing to her at an inappropriate place, but accepts his proposal to propose to her. ("I Remember That")

Susan 315
Ian and Susan become engaged. ("The Little Things You Do Together")

When Susan and Ian come to the local hospital to retrieve Jane's belongings, Susan gets some news about her former best friend Bree, with whom she's feuding over Susan wanting to report Orson to the police for his involvement in Monique Polier's death, thus possibly exonerating Mike. Apparently Bree has been hospitalized following a bad fall, and she tells Susan that Mike is completely blameless for what happened and she will go to the police with some newly-acquired information. Their friendship resumes. Meanwhile, Ian finds out that Mike was planning to propose to Susan the night he was run over and left in a comatose state, which makes him rather anxious. Susan is then dissatisfied to learn that, even though Mike isn't to blame for Monique's death, he is apparently to blame for Orson's near-fatal fall. During the opening of the Scavo Pizzeria, Ian takes the opportunity to propose to Susan before the eyes of everyone attending, choosing that place as the 'perfect romantic spot'. Susan says 'yes', and the two kiss passionately, much to Mike's disdain. ("The Little Things You Do Together")

Susan 316
Susan runs into Mike at the jewellery. ("My Husband, the Pig")

Susan is over the moon when Ian gives her an engagement right with a large rock on it, even though she feigns some modesty and reluctance to take it at first. However, when she puts it on, it drops to the floor, as it is too big for her finger. Susan then heads to a local jewellery to get the ring resized, and runs into Mike, who is there to be given back the money he spent on his own engagement ring that he was gonna give to Susan the night he was run over. The clerk, unable to find her finger measurer, tries Mike's engagement ring on Susan and it fits perfectly, awkwardly so. Later, Mike finds out that Ian knew about that particular engagement ring, as his belongings at the hospital had been mixed up with those of Ian's late wife. Mike then theorizes that knowing that he was gonna propose to Susan is what made Ian so anxious to propose to her himself, at the opening of the Scavo Pizzeria. During a poker game at said pizzeria, Ian and Mike gamble for Susan: if Mike wins, he can tell her anything he wants; but if Ian wins, Mike must back off and leave the two of them alone. Ultimately, Ian wins the hand, and resumes his relationship with Susan. ("My Husband, the Pig")

Susan 317
The 'future Mrs. Hainsworth' is asked to sign a pre-nup. ("Dress Big")

Ian's nerves are on edge when his parents come to town to meet his fiancée. Susan is surely adorable, but her bad luck and klutziness make him worry that she will do something to throw his parents off. Soon enough, he's proven right when Susan accidentally immolates his mother when preparing for a barbecue meal. The ghastly situation is immediately swept under the rug, but during dinner Dahlia can't help but pick up on Susan's current monetary situation, seeing as how she can't afford to replace her chair set. The fact that she divorced her first husband because he cheated also rubs Dahlia the wrong way, because according to her men are weak by nature and thus their women should punish the sin, but love the sinner. Susan disagrees with this point of view, and jokes with Ian that betrayal makes her vengeful. Dahlia isn't pleased. Later, it is revealed that her problem derives from her fear that, should Susan and Ian get divorced, Susan will try to get her hands on half the Hainsworth family's wealth. Dahlia therefore suggests that Susan sign a pre-nuptial agreement, and Susan doesn't want to, because she feels as though it mirrors a certain lack of trust in her. Meanwhile, Susan had arranged to accidentally run into Ian's father cross-dressing in her undergarments. Therefore, during the signing of the pre-nup, Susan hints at him that, should she sign it, she would discuss everything with Ian, including his father's peculiar habits. Graham picks up on this and tears up the agreement, much to Dahlia's surprise. ("Dress Big")

Susan 318
Bad luck follows Susan even into a local lake. ("Liaisons")

Ian is aggravated when it seems to him that Mike is following him and Susan around, because they keep running into him, even at the fair. Mike suggests to him, sarcastically, that he should just move if he doesn't want to keep running into him. This puts an idea in Ian's brain that he should move back to England. He tells Susan he needs to because of business, and that he wants her to come with him. Susan isn't very pleased at first, and then a deer shows up in the middle of the road and she swerves to avoid hitting it, and drives the car right into a lake. The car is flipped but the couple comes out of it unharmed. However, Ian reveals that he can't swim, but Mike shows up and sees them, and swims to their rescue - mostly Ian's rescue. The British man is annoyed that he had to be rescued by his rival, but Susan's overjoyed that Mike saved them - and their cheese. Susan even buys him a thank-you gift, which further annoys Ian. During their love-making, Ian is apparently unable to continue, due to his frustration, as he clearly feels emasculated. The following night, they try again, after Susan tells Ian that she wants to move to England with him. However, when she says she doesn't want to put her house up for sale because everyone she loves is on that street. This part angers Ian, because he thinks she is talking about Mike. Susan is irritated as well, fed up with his trust issues, and tells him that if he ever brings up Mike again, they're through. She also realizes that Ian wants to return to England because of Mike, and says he can forget it. Susan then rushes over to Mike's place with his thank-you gift, a juicer, and he kisses her, much to her surprise. Susan doesn't tell Ian about this. ("Liaisons")

Susan 319
The lady must choose her fella. ("God, That's Good")

Following a general blackout on Wisteria Lane, Ian tries to get past his jealousy of Mike by inviting him over for dinner. Susan rushes over to Mike beforehand to try and get him to reject the invitation, but it's to no avail. Desperate to make things less awkward, Susan decides to also invite her single wedding caterer, Maggie Gilroy, to try to set her up with Mike. Mike sees right through this and decides to one-up Susan by selling himself to be a bad character, disclosing of his past incarcerations. Maggie is therefore creeped out by him. She then reveals a surprise she brought for dessert, two wedding cake samples, one that is typically British, 'rich and elegant' - thus representing Ian, and another one that is very American, 'down-to-earth and sweet' - representing Mike. The cakes clearly become a bit of a metaphor in Susan's head, and she can't choose between both cakes for her wedding, because she is obviously having a hard time choosing between Ian and Mike as it is. She freaks out a bit, and after the chaotic dinner party that traumatized Maggie, Ian finds Mike speaking shadily to Susan in the kitchen, and finds out from him that they kissed recently. Ian is angry at Mike and reminds him that they had a deal, and Mike downplays this by saying that he wasn't really gonna give up on Susan because Ian won her in a poker game. This last part surprises Susan, and she is angry to find out that they bet on her. She then breaks off her engagement and dismisses all of Mike's chances with her, frustrated with both of her suitors. ("God, That's Good")

Susan 320
Ian decides that the time has come for him and Susan to part ways. ("Gossip")

Ian continues to try to court Susan, and Mike, his rival, teases him about it. The two of them are both told by Julie that Susan doesn't want to see either one, and that they should think about what they did. Meanwhile, Susan grows to be increasingly on edge over the whole ordeal, and becomes bitter with men all aroud. Gabrielle Solis, angry with Edie Britt for having hooked up with Carlos, tells Susan and Lynette to gang up against Edie, a position the two of them are uncomfortable with. Edie picks up on this and one-ups Gaby by getting both Susan and Lynette to attend her son's birthday party. Also, Susan finds herself in a pickle when she attacks a man in a squabble over a parking space, and is mandated to attend a psycho-therapeutic session, in which she bawls about her romantic mishaps and her two suitors. The therapist tells her that she needs to make a choice between the two men, because to let one go is natural, but let both go is stupid. Susan then has a talk with Mike to tell him her decision - she's choosing Ian. She loves him and made a vow to him, so she will stick by it, and it seems to be the right thing to do. Ian and Susan therefore get back together, but before they can commemorate Susan's attention is caught by a voice-mail left to her by Mike, in which he tells her he understands her decision, but that he loves her nevertheless. Ian notices Susan's frustration, and decides the time has come for him to leave for England. Susan doesn't understand at first, but Ian explains to her that he knows she loves him, but she'll always love Mike a little bit more, and he doesn't want to be in a marriage in which he'll always wonder whether she's thinking about someone else. They both deserve to be happy. He leaves, and Susan doesn't stop him. The following day, however, she learns from elderly neighbor Ida Greenberg that Mike has too left the lane... ("Gossip")

Susan 321
The Prince finds the Damsel in the woods. ("Into the Woods")

Susan asks Carlos where Mike is, and he reluctantly tells her that he went hiking in the woods. Susan then decides to follow him, despite Julie's advice that Mike might not be interested, but she goes to the woods completely unprepared. She is then sent on her way along with a park ranger, Toni, a beefy woman who is annoyed by Susan's constant yacking about her love life. During the first night they camp out together in the woods, Toni tells Susan that even if Mike does take her back, which seems somewhat unlikely, she will never be just happy because she always has to kick up the dirt and invite the drama in. Susan is offended by this and leaves during the night without telling Toni, determined to find Mike on her own. However, she gets lost and ends up injuring herself from a trip and a fall. Back at the ranger cabin, Mike checks out, having finished his hike, and he overhears Toni and a co-worker talking about a klutzy brunette who's lost in the woods. He asks them whom they're talking about. Meanwhile, Susan, lost and frustrated, tries to leave Mike a message on his cell phone, in which she admits to him that she screwed up and that she still loves him, but the battery dies out before she can finish it and she goes to sleep. The following morning, Mike shows up next to her, and literally sweeps her off her feet, and thus the two of them can finally start living out their happy days together. ("Into the Woods")

Susan 322
Drunken conversations. ("What Would We Do Without You?")

Mike and Susan go out to dinner, the night exactly a year after he and Susan were meant to get engaged and Mike got run over. Susan waits for Mike to pop the question all night, but she is disappointed when he doesn't. On the way home, Susan tells Mike what she expected and when they pull up into Wisteria Lane the trailer Susan decorated on the night they intended to get engaged is waiting on her driveway. They live the experience they were meant to have that night and they get engaged. Shortly afterwards, Susan calls everyone to tell them that her wedding is back on, albeit with a different groom. However, when she tells her friend Gabrielle of her plans to get married being back on track, she is shocked to find out that Gaby intends to get married on the same day... and even more shocked when she learns that Gabrielle has basically stolen Susan's entire wedding team, caterers, florists, the whole nine yards. Susan is infuriated with her best friend for having stolen her wedding, even though Gaby justifies herself by saying that it's a tough season to book a wedding and Susan had abandoned her plans anyway. They fight, but then they make it up with candy and wine, and, during an inebriated conversation, they agree to have a double wedding - Susan can marry Mike, and Gabrielle can marry Victor, all in the same ceremony. Come the following morning, however, they are both sober and regretful of the pact they made - but each of them oblivious to the fact that the other party is feeling the same. They then turn to their husbands for help, and while Mike gets his wife out of this situation by allowing her to break off the double wedding plans on Mike's behalf, therefore telling Gaby that he doesn't like the idea, Victor, much to Gabrielle's surprise, is far more preoccupied with his image, and tells his fiancée that the press will be at his wedding and he doesn't want to share the altar with an ex-con. The plans are thus broken off, and Susan and Gaby both resume their friendship, with the former finally convinced that she's made the right choice and is marrying the man of her dreams, but the latter quite more unsure... ("What Would We Do Without You?")

Susan 323
A beautiful new family is formed, at last. ("Getting Married Today")

Susan's plans for her wedding with Mike appear to be a little extravagant, seeing as how she wants to be over-the-top and romantic, and doesn't want her friends to pass poor judgment on it. This all worries Mike, due to the financial forum of the plans. He starts advertising himself as a 24-hour plumber, who gets triple time after midnight, in order to make some extra money. When Susan finds out about this and asks why he seems upset, Mike tells her that he's not Ian and therefore he can't give her a sumptuous life, but he'll be damned if he can't give her the same kind of dream wedding he would have. This leaves Susan to ponder about her wedding. During the wedding of Gabrielle Solis, to Fairview Mayor Victor Lang, Susan and her friends are surprised to see that Bree is back in town, and with a bun in the oven. The four best friends are more than happy to be reunited again. After the ceremony, Susan notices that Mike is increasingly frustrated due to his exposure to Gabrielle's lavish reception, and Susan has an idea, which leads her to speak to the Minister who wed Gaby and Victor. That night, Mike gets a call from a Mrs. Emmeline Walcott, who has a plumbing job for him. However, once he's left the house, we find out that Mrs. Walcott was really Julie putting on an accent over the phone, and that the entire ordeal was set up by Susan. Mike arrives at the woods to find the minister waiting for him with a suit. He puts it on and meets with Julie and Susan, seen in a beautiful, simple white wedding dress, and holding a bouquet. Mike wonders if this is really what she wants, and the love of his life explains to him that even though her ideas for the perfect wedding keep changing, one thing remains the same, the groom. It turns out that downsizing can be romantic, and Mike tells Susan that he's never seen her look more beautiful. The minister asks if they are ready to start, and Julie jokes that the couple has been dragging this out for three years. Thusly, Mike and Susan finally get married in a small, private, romantic ceremony. ("Getting Married Today")

Season 4

You're pregnant.
Adam Mayfair
Susan 401
Susan is horrified to learn who her new vagina doctor is. ("Now You Know")

One month following their impromptu wedding in the woods, Susan gives her husband Mike a beautiful, hand-made commemoratory card. Susan then asks Mike if he's been happy, because it seems as though lately he seems to be a bit distracted sometimes. Mike tells her he is happy indeed, but she doesn't believe him, and starts thinking that their marriage is doomed. Mike then notices that there is a moving van across the street. Susan and her three best friends gather to get a glimpse of who is moving in, and the former is nothing short of surprised to find that it's one of her oldest friends on the lane, Katherine Mayfair, who lived there 12 years before but moved away suddenly. Katherine has all the ladies over immediately afterwards and they get acquainted to her family, including new, younger doctor husband Adam, and her daughter Dylan, who's grown into a beautiful young woman. Susan is very happy to see her, and tells Dylan that Julie, who used to be her best friend, will be very happy as well. Dylan, however, doesn't seem to remember Julie at all. The meeting of the ladies and Katherine becomes awkward instantly when Katherine tells Bree that she'll have to cut down her ficus tree, and Susan goes through yet another awkward situation when her gynecologist is replaced by Dr. Adam Mayfair... Following this routine check-up, Dr. Mayfair informs her that she might be going through menopause, an idea that aggravates Susan, for she feels she is too young for that. Later, during Katherine's barbecue party, Susan, feeling frustrated, finally tells Mike about her possible menopausal condition, and he assures her that he loves her and is happy with her, regardless of her menopause and whether or not they can have kids. Susan is not convinced, however, but her attention is then caught by the arrival of her suicidal friend, Edie Britt, who's back from the hospital. Later, Adam shows up at Susan's house and tells her that she is actually pregnant. Mike hears this and is ecstatic with the news, and Susan finally believes that he is happy. The following morning, when Julie gets ready to go to school, she tells her mother that the Dylan she's now hanging out with... is not the same girl whom she used to be best friends with. ("Now You Know")

Susan 402
Susan is put in an awkward position. ("Smiles of a Summer Night")

Susan tells her friends about what Julie said regarding Dylan, about how she's changed and how she doesn't remember living on Wisteria Lane. The ladies theorize about what might be going, but Katherine cuts the topic short when she shows up and suggests that they throw a lunch for Lynette. Susan offers to lend Katherine her salad bowl, and when she does, she remembers the time Katherine moved away suddenly, nearly without telling Susan and Mary Alice. Meanwhile, Julie plans to attend a party that Mike worries could get out of hand. Susan is therefore put in an awkward position where she has to choose between her husband's advice and her daughter's wish. She chooses Mike, but then tells Julie that she can go to the party, but only if Mike doesn't find out. Later, as they prepare for an intimate evening together, Mike tells his wife that she did the right thing by not letting Julie go to said party because he drove past it and it had already gotten too wild, and thus the cops would probably bust in at any time. A worrisome Susan then rushes to the party to retrieve her daughter, still with her nightgown on, and is mistaken for a stripper by the birthday boy and his pals. She then learns that both Julie and Dylan were at their best behavior, but she takes them home nonetheless. Julie tells her mother that she doesn't mind her siding with Mike, but she should just stick to a decision after she's made it. They then find out that Mike is waiting for them, because a friend of Julie's called from the party, worried over seeing Julie leaving... with a stripper. Julie comes clean to Mike, and they both agree that they should all start being honest. She and Mike then resume their sexy time. ("Smiles of a Summer Night")

Susan 403
Susan finds herself at a shady clinic... ("The Game")

The time has come for Susan to host yet another one of her annual charades parties, an event frowned upon by all of her friends, albeit not openly so. However, and after Bree's told her friends about how she witnessed Katherine slapping her daughter, they suddenly gain a newfound interest in the party once they agree to make sure Katherine goes and to get her drunk so that she might spill her beans. Susan then asks Bree to hook her up with the latter's obstetrician, because Susan is embarrassed over having Adam as her gynecologist. Bree, faking a pregnancy, chooses a random OB/GYN contact off of the yellow pages, and Susan is later horrified to find out that it's a sleazy dive of a clinic. She becomes mad at Bree, but proceeds with the charades party after she arrives, late. It doesn't go very well, however, when Lynette shows up high on marijuana, Gaby flirts with Adam to make Carlos jealous and winds up making Katherine furious instead. Susan confronts Bree again, and ultimately the two get together and sit out on the front porch having dessert. Bree tells Susan that there were some complications with the child, which is why she didn't recommend her doctor to Susan, out of fear she'd find out. Bree tells Susan that because she's pregnant too she didn't want her friend to hear something that'd make her worried. Susan, a little freaked out, confides in her that Mike has been so anxious and making premature purchases that she worries he's jinxing it. The two make amends and cherish their little moment together. ("The Game")

Susan 404
Susan meets the gays... ("If There's Anything I Can't Stand")

Susan welcomes a new couple, Bob and Lee, to Wisteria Lane. She makes quite a mess of greeting them and ends up getting off on the wrong foot. She tries to make up for it and get the new neighbors to like her by heating up some cookies - since she cannot bake to save her life - and takes them over to their house, where she is greeted by Lee. She and her cookies are not received well, as Lee is allergic to nuts and Susan can't answer if there are any nuts in the cookies since she didn't make them herself, and she ends up with some very rude comments and the door shut in her face. Susan's daughter Julie later finds their dog running around in the street, and Susan decides to take the dog and keep it in her garage so she can be the “hero” and make Bob and Lee like her. When Lee notices the dog missing, Susan helps him look for it, temporarily winning his thanks and apologies for being so rude earlier on. However, when Susan's husband Mike returns home, he opens the garage door and the dog runs out with Susan and Mike's wet paint all over his paws, which not only ruins Bob's very expensive Dolce suit, but leaves a trail straight back to Susan's garage. Mike comes back after trying to do some damage control and tells Susan they have to pay $2000 to replace Bob's suit. Susan starts to figure out another way to get them to like her, but Mike snaps at her and tells her to let it go. ("If There's Anything I Can't Stand")

Susan 405
...And she is disgruntled by the gays' fountain. ("Art Isn't Easy")

Even though Susan desperately wants Bob and Lee to like her, she is aggravated when she finds out that their front lawn statue is actually a water fountain that they choose to turn on at a very early time in the morning. The sound of the water running and hitting the parts of the metal fountain wakes up the Delfino couple, which is a pain because Mike needs as much sleep as he can get in order to prepare for his hard days of work. Katherine Mayfair decides to run for President of the Homeowners Association so that people can vote to get rid of the fountain, but Lynette, out of fear that her children's treehouse might be voted off too because it doesn't match the street's coding, decides to run against her. Susan is therefore torn between helping her best friend save the kids' treehouse, or helping to get rid of the fountain that bugs her husband so. Susan ultimately chooses Katherine, and Lynette resents her, until she realizes the predicament Susan was put in, and especially after her friend offers to help her try and keep the treehouse in its place. All's well that ends well when Katherine tells Lynette that her kids can keep the treehouse, and the fountain is permanently turned off. ("Art Isn't Easy")

Susan 406
Susan meets her father-in-law. ("Now I Know, Don't Be Scared")

Susan and Mike have a meeting with a genetic counselor regarding the former's ongoing pregnancy, and Susan is shocked to learn that Mike's father is alive, seeing as how he'd told her on their very first date that he'd died. Mike later explains to Susan that he told her this because his father is in jail for homicide, and he didn't want her to get a bad impression of him and his roots on their first date. Susan wishes to meet her father-in-law, with the excuse that they need to get as much information as they possibly can about their families' illnesses and conditions, for the sake of their unborn son. Mike and Susan therefore meet with Nick Delfino at his prison, and Susan asks him why he is incarcerated for life. Nick explains to her that he killed his old colleague, because he had mouthed him off to a superior and gotten a promotion over Nick. Nick therefore snapped and killed him by strangulation with a tie some time later. Susan is horrified by the fact that her father-in-law shows no remorse over what he has done, and she later engages in a bit of an argument with her husband over this, because she is afraid their child might take after his grandfather. Susan revisits Nick at the prison and he tells her that he only feels remorse over one thing: scarring Mike's life. Being the son of a killer takes a toll on a person, and he always worried that Mike could snap sometime. Susan tells him that her husband is fine, but Nick tells her to keep an eye on him for he might act out on his pain eventually. Meanwhile, Mike starts abusing painkillers... ("Now I Know, Don't Be Scared")

Susan 407
Mike's addiction to narcotics makes his wife frustrated. ("You Can't Judge a Book by Its Cover")

Mike is less than enthusiastic about going to dinner over at Bree's house, following the birth of her baby, Benjamin, but Susan leaves him with no choice. Mike resorts to painkillers again before attending said dinner party, and he is almost caught by Bree using up again later on. He explains to her that it's an aspirin he uses to ease some residual pain left from when he was run over. Bree then spots a pill on her kitchen's floor and uses a medication manual to find out that it is a highly addictive narcotic. She shares this with Susan, who grows concerned that her husband might be a pill-popper. She scams the whole house, looking for pills, and eventually finds a plastic bag full of them inside a flashlight in their garage. She confronts her husband and he tells her that he injured his shoulder some time before, and that he couldn't afford to take time off from his job because he wants to provide as good a future as he can for their son, and the conversation they had with the Hodges over dinner the other night, about the high prices of even pre-schools, made him even more concerned with affording to give his kid an appropriate education. Susan, however, had been worried that him being married to her was starting to weigh heavily on him, but he reassures her that she isn't the problem. He then promises to give up on his pills and dumps them down the drain, much to her relief. However, that night, he gets up and opens up the drain to get the pills back... ("You Can't Judge a Book by Its Cover")

Susan 408
Susan has a fun time with Barrett. ("Distant Past")

Mike is in need of more narcotics, but his drug dealer, a medical student named Barrett, refuses to give him any more drugs until he is paid what he is already owed. Barrett shows up at the Delfino household hoping to collect, and runs into Susan instead. After learning that Barrett is a pre-med college student, Susan, concerned with her daughter's recent poor taste in men, decides to set the two of them up, and entertains Barrett, hoping to increase his interest in a date with Julie. Mike, finding out that Barrett has stopped by, calls and orders him to stay away from his family, but he doesn't realize Susan has already invited him back. Mike finds his drug dealer chatting worry-free with his stepdaughter and is infuriated, and thus blurts out the truth: he is a drug dealer. Susan is horrified to learn this, and also to learn, from Barrett himself, that Mike is a regular customer of his. Later, she has a talk with her daughter and assures her that Mike's addiction is a thing of the past, but the young woman isn't so sure herself, seeing as how just that morning she had seen Mike at the drug store, filling a prescription. Susan's worst suspicions are confirmed that night, after Mike's fallen asleep, when she checks his truck and finds the flask of pills in the glove compartment... and learns that her friend and neighbor Orson Hodge prescribed them. ("Distant Past")

Susan 409
Mike is disgruntled to learn that his wife isn't an 'emergency case'. ("Something's Coming")

A tornado makes its way to Wisteria Lane, but Susan and Mike are unfortunately occupied with their own in-doors storm when they square off against each other over the husband's recent pill-popping vice. Prior to that, Susan had confronted her neighbor Orson, having learnt from his wife Bree that he knew about Mike's narcotic addiction. Upset over him giving Mike access to drugs even though he knew about his vice. Orson is unable to explain himself and his actions, seeing as how he is with a patient, and Susan threatens to harm him should he prescribe Mike any more pills. Later, at home, Susan and Mike engage in the aforementioned fight, and she refuses to tell him what she's done with the drugs. Mike, visibly infuriated, refuses to reason with her and grabs a hold of her just as she is coming down the stairs with the laundries. She squirms away from him and falls down the stairs immediately afterwards. Mike rushes to her aid and then brings her to the local hospital, which is packed with victims of the tornado, that already passed through Mount Pleasant. They are told by a nurse that, since Susan isn't majorly injured or bleeding, she isn't considered an 'emergency case', and therefore it'll be a while before she can get checked out. This rubs Mike the wrong way, and he lashes out at a doctor, ultimately punching and engaging in a full-blown fight with him. He is later handcuffed to a chair by the hospital's security and Susan gets herself checked out. The baby is fine. Susan then tells Mike that she wants him to check into rehab and heal his current problem. Mike tries to convince her otherwise, but she threatens to take the baby and leave him if he doesn't commit himself into rehabiliation. Mike agrees to do this, for the sake of their family. ("Something's Coming")

Susan 410
Susan grows too accostumed to having her friend Bree around. ("Welcome to Kanagawa")

Following the devastating impact of the tornado, which victimized Wisteria Lane resident Ida Greenberg and partially destroyed the Hodge household, Susan invites her friend Bree and her family to stay with her and Julie until their house is fixed up. Both women aren't very ecstatic about doing this, however, seeing as how their most recent sleepover experience over at Bree's place - following the fire set to Susan's house - was a nightmare, made possible by Bree's extremely controlling and perfectionist ways. However, the experience turns out to be much more positive and satisfying than they ever thought it would be, once they realize that Bree has turned their house into a sort of Heaven, where the cooking is mouth-watering and the clean clothes smell divine and are folded neatly. Susan grows far more accostumed to having a home fairy around than she probably should, which is why she freaks out at the idea that Bree might be moving back out soon enough. This prompts Susan to put a crimp on Bree's plans to hook up her gay contractor with her son, in order to get him to resume working on their house. Susan later explains her actions to a livid Bree, telling her that she's been falling apart ever since Mike went to rehab, and Bree was the only one that made her forget about her misery by making their house a true home. Bree, finally realizing the impact of her stay on Susan, decides to help her out as best as she can in the coming times, and makes everything right in the end by preparing some cookies for her best friend. ("Welcome to Kanagawa")

Susan and Mike.png
Susan and Julie visit Mike in rehab. ("Sunday")

Susan and her friends stop by Katherine's house with gifts to help her get over the fact that Adam left her, but Katherine isn't willing to share her pain with them. Meanwhile, Susan's cousin Tim comes to stay with her for a while so that he can help with the Delfino family's finances, while Mike is in rehab. Susan soon learns that Tim was fired from his job for sleeping with his boss' 18-year-old cheerleading daughter, and when Katherine comes over to apologize for having been rude the other day, and brings Dylan, Susan becomes concerned that Tim might be developing a thing for Dylan, when he recognizes Katherine from when he once stayed there at age 16 and can't help but notice how old Dylan's gotten. Susan is further preoccupied when she spies Tim having a chat with Dylan. She then visits Mike in rehab with Julie, and calls Tim, and overhears that he is with a girl. Thinking it's Dylan, Susan rushes back home, only to find out that he is in bed with Katherine. A horrified Susan is told that Tim lost his virginity to Katherine when he was 16 after he comforted her following a fight she had with her first husband. Susan then has a talk with Tim during which he remembers that he had gone back one night to see Katherine again, but he was stopped by the sight of her having a fight with a man and hitting him with a candlestick, knocking him down. This worries Susan, who gets somewhat scared of her neighbor... ("Sunday")

Susan 412
Susan finds Orson naked in her kitchen. ("In Buddy's Eyes")

Orson pays a visit to Mike at his rehabilitation center, having been asked to come by Mike himself. He becomes concerned that Mike may remember something about the night he was run over, which would be troublesome, seeing as how Orson was the one driving the car. However, he soon learns that Mike means to simply apologize for making Orson prescribe him drugs. Nevertheless, the memories of the night he ran over Mike start weighing heavily on Orson, to the point that he starts sleepwalking... which is a problem because he sleeps fully nude. Susan comes downstairs into her kitchen one night to find a stark naked Orson sitting at her counter. She is caught completely off-guard, and the following morning the Hodge couple, her current house guests, brush this off as a simple erotic dream Susan likely had. However, the following night the same thing happens, and Susan snaps Orson out of his sleepwalking with a slap. The two have a talk and Susan suggests that he start sleeping with pajamas on. The following night, after the Founders Day Ball, Julie comes home to find Orson sitting on their steps, in a state of somnambulism... mumbling something about having run over Mike. ("In Buddy's Eyes")

Mike tells Susan he doesn't want to go to the police about Orson running him over. ("Hello, Little Girl")

Susan becomes very emotional - in part due to her pregnancy and her hormones - when Bree and Orson start to move back to their house and Mike returns home from the rehabilitation center. Julie tells Mike about Orson's admitting that he ran over him during his sleepwalking. Mike learns the truth about his nearly fatal accident when he confronts Orson the next day, and the latter breaks into tears and asks Mike for his forgiveness. When Mike tells his wife about the incident, she storms into Orson's house and scolds him, and that news shocks Bree as well. Mike asks Susan to forgive Orson for his wrongdoings, as he has done a lot of regrettable things himself and she had forgiven him too. He also tells her that Orson has already suffered a lot and that his actions are understandable, and that reporting him to the police would leave Bree without a husband and Benjamin without a father. Susan reconciles with Bree the following day. However, she sees Orson packing his bags and leaving the house. Even though Susan and Mike have forgiven him, it turns out that Bree hasn't. ("Hello, Little Girl)

Susan and Karl reconnect. ("Opening Doors")

Susan reconnects with ex-husband Karl while she is in Lamaze pregnancy class. She and Julie met Karl and his present wife Marisa at the class. Karl says offensive statements to Susan, like she has aged, gained weight and so on and brags about Marisa being a law professor. Furious, Susan brings Mike to the next class dressed in a suit. Mike lied about him now hiring people to do plumbing and having a great social life, but then he goes on and tells Karl and Marissa the reason he missed the previous class: He was getting the 30-day chip which signifies he has successfully been through 30 days without drugs. Susan is unhappy that Mike told them about his drug addiction, but Mike told her that he should be honest about who he is and he does not care what Karl thinks. The next class Karl told her that Mike tries to be honest as he loves her, unlike Karl who was always dishonest to her. ("Opening Doors")

180px-Desperate Housewives - Mother Said
Susan and the ladies end their friendship with Edie. ("Mother Said")

Mike's mother, Adele Delfino, comes for a visit. Adele brings Susan a recipe book as a present, since she had heard from Mike that Susan is not a good cook. Adele also offers herself to teach her to cook. Adele brought up their financial issues while she and Susan prepare for dinner one night, but Susan insists that they do not have any problems financially as they both have jobs, although Adele thinks Susan's job as a children's book illustrator does not pay much. When Adele, Mike and Susan go to a restaurant to lunch, Susan tells Mike not to complain to Adele about her, but Mike insists that his mother is trying to help. As Adele rambles on about Susan's shortcomings, deciding that she would stay to spruce up the house, Susan fakes labor by spilling her club soda on her leg. Susan then goes into labor for real later at home when Mike confesses to his mother that certain things she had said hurt Susan's feelings. Susan also shuns Edie to back up Bree who is being blackmailed. ("Mother Said")

Welcome to the world, Baby Delfino. ("The Gun Song")

Susan and Mike cannot decide a name for their new baby boy, but they decided to name him Connor spontaneously. When Mike discovers his maternal grandfather died, he wants to name the boy after him. Susan is pleased until she finds out the name is Maynard. Gaby, Lynette, and Bree all tell Susan that the name is unfit, and that she should think about Maynard's future. Susan decides to change the name to Connor, and Mike finds out. After a talk about all the things that Grandfather Maynard had done, the couple settles on Maynard. ("The Gun Song")

180px-200px-417 Susan Julie
Susan lets Julie go to Princeton. ("Free")

Susan helps Bree cater Bob and Lee's civil union ceremony. Julie tells Susan that she was excepted into Princeton Universality and that she is leaving the following week. Susan forbids this however leaving Julie devastated. Katherine later shows up at Susan's house asking if she has seen Dylan. Susan notices that Katherine is acting skidderish and asks if everything is alright. Katherine assures her that she is but Susan is still a little suspicious. Susan later decides that she'll let Julie move out and go to Princeton and she tells Julie that she'll miss her. After Katherine shoots her first ex-husband in the heart killing him instantly, Susan, Lynette, Bree, and Gaby back up Katherine when she is nearly arrested for murder but it is ruled as self defense. ("Free")

Time Jump

We've been separated for over a year, we hired the lawyers, it's done.
Mike Delfino

In the five years that take place between seasons four and five, Susan and Mike's daughter/stepdaughter Julie goes off to college at Princeston Unniversary and Mike and Susan raise their new son, Maynard James Delfino (a.k.a. MJ).

Susan and MJ

Susan and baby MJ ("You're Gonna Love Tomorrow")

("You're Gonna Love Tomorrow")

One night, on Mike and Susan's anniversary, Mike and Susan get a babysitter for MJ and go out to dinner. Meanwhile, Lila Dash takes her daughter Paige Dash out for icecream and as she and Susan are driving down a road, their cars collide into one another leaving Lila and Paige dead and Mike and Susan alive. ("You're Gonna Love Tomorrow"), ("Connect! Connect!") When the police showed up to get the details and information, Susan realizes that she didn't have her drivers liciencse with her so Mike tells them that he was driving. ("You're Gonna Love Tomorrow")

The car crash puts a crimp on Mike and Susan's marriage. Mike and Susan start to bicker constantly leading to a year long separation that results in a divorce. During the official divorce proceedings, right before Mike and Susan sign the divorce papers, Susan asks Mike if they are making the right choice. Mike is outraged that Susan is only choosing now to ask him that since it was her idea to get the lawyers and divorce. Susan retaliates by saying that everything was good before the accident. They just need to work it out. Mike tells her that they can't to that if they're still married and he signs the divorce papers officially ending their marriage. ("Connect! Connect!")

Desperate-housewives-s5e1-20090316094314-3 625x352

Susan and her new boyfriend, Jackson ("You're Gonna Love Tomorrow")

After Mike and Susan officially divorce, Susan has her handyman Eli Scruggs come by and change her locks just as she did when she divorced her first ex-husband. Susan and Eli have a heart to heart talk and Susan reveals that she and Eli's relationship might be the most stable relationship with a man she has ever had. ("The Best Thing That Ever Could Have Happened") Later on, Susan hires a house painter named Jackson Braddock who she seduces. Jackson and Susan decide just to make this a casual sex relationship since neither want to be in something serious. ("You're Gonna Love Tomorrow")

Season 5

Susan is in a secret relationship with her house painter, Jackson Braddock, but it is purely sexual: she doesn't let him spend the night, as she says she isn't ready for a relationship. One day, Susan comes home to find Jackson, and just as they are about to have sex, Lynette barges in to complain about her problems. Jackson just avoids being seen by Lynette by climbing out the window, but Bob and Lee see him, and take a picture of Jackson shirtless. At the party, Jackson wonders why they can't see each other openly, to which Susan mentions the accident. That weekend, Mike suddenly appears outside the house in perfect condition. Susan has a flashback to the aftermath of the accident. Susan was shocked that Mike felt no empathy, while Mike insists it was merely an accident, and argues that Susan wants to suffer over it and everything else. The heated argument reaches a boiling point, with Mike storming out of the house. The flashback ends when Mike comes downstairs with Maynard (who has been nicknamed MJ). They leave and Mike says he'll bring him back Sunday evening. Due to Susan's relationship with Jackson and custody agreements with Mike, it is clear that Susan and Mike divorced after the accident. ("You're Gonna Love Tomorrow")

The episode begins with Jackson bringing in the newspaper one morning and he meets Mike, who stopped by to return MJ's video game. When Mike suggests he should hang out with Jackson, Susan protests, but later agrees when he threatens to fight MJ's custody. Mike and Jackson become quick friends after they hang out one night. Susan is initially pleased, but is soon upset when she discovered Mike and Jackson exchanged sex tips with each other. One night, Susan met up with Mike at the bar and told him that she is uncomfortable seeing him and Jackson bond. Mike assures it is a good thing that he, Jackson and Susan are friends, especially for MJ's sake. When she returns home, she found out that Karl, her first ex-husband, drops by and he too had met Jackson. He'd come by because Julie needed some signatures for insurance purposes. Karl provokes Susan about the fact that she is currently dating yet another service provider. The latter quizzes her about whether there are any other exes he should know about. ("We're So Happy You're So Happy")

Susan's son MJ is suffering at the hands of a bully, but he did not want to tell who is bullying him. Later Susan sees Gabrielle's daughter, Juanita, pushing him after she took his ball. Susan asks Gaby to have a word with her daughter but a simple request turns unpleasant when they start insulting each others' children. In the meantime, Susan prepares MJ to face bullies by asking Miketo teach him to fight (who insists he doesn't condone fighting with girls) and giving him a whistle. When Juanita pushes MJ down the next time around, Susan retaliates by doing the same to Juanita to show her how it feels. As Gabrielle observes this, she goes over to Susan and they engage in argument which then turns into a cat fight between the women. Susan apologizes with a bottle of Vodka and the women talk, as Gabrielle reveals how much her life has changed and Susan encourages her to stand up for herself to change things around. ("Kids Ain't Like Everybody Else")

At MJ’s kindergarten class, Mike and Susan are surprised by a picture MJ drew that shows Jackson, Susan, and MJ at home while Mike’s a small, distant figure. Later, Mike brings MJ a new bike, and Susan correctly realizes he’s doing it because of MJ’s picture. When Mike calls Susan to say he’s coming over to teach MJ to ride the bike, Susan panics, as Jackson has just taught MJ everything he needs to know. Susan covers her son in protective gear, then tells him to fall while Mike teaches him how to ride the bike. MJ reluctantly falls, but hurts himself and has to be taken to the hospital. At the hospital, the doctor informs Mike that MJ fell on purpose. Susan admits what she did but says it wasn’t reasonable to make MJ wait to learn how to ride his bike. Still later, Mike shows up at Susan’s home to say he’s moving in to Mary Alice’s old place so he can be close to his son. ("Back in Business")

Susan looks into the mirror; Jackson arrives, late. She agrees to give him space in the closet but he wants to move in. She looks into the mirror and flashes back to meeting Jackson as she showed him around her house where he could paint. He thinks her place has a good vibe but she mistakenly believes he’s coming on to her. He gets mad at her and is about to leave but she stops him and hires him. In another flashback, Susan and Mike are ready to sign their divorce papers. She asks and gets a moment alone with Mike. She wonders if they’re doing the right thing; he reminds her she’s the one who called a lawyer. They’ve been separated for a year. She thinks they can be good again, but he doesn’t think they can do it anymore. He signs the divorce papers and exits. In another flashback, Susan comes home to find Jackson painting. She asks him if he likes scotch and soon they’re in bed! He tells her he’s not looking to start anything; she’s happy about that but wants him to call her by her first name next time. She’s definite she just wants something casual. Back in the present, Susan tells Jackson she doesn’t want to move in together. He says he’s fallen in love with her. Susan opens the door to find Carlos and Gaby on the doorstep, exactly where they were when we last saw them. ("Mirror, Mirror")

Susan’s talking about her problems with Jackson -- with her new painter Frank. He thinks she should call Jackson. Susan arrives at Jackson’s apartment. She lets herself in; the shower’s running. She takes off her clothes to surprise Jackson in the shower but she’s in for the surprise as there’s a woman there. Susan gets shampoo thrown in her eyes, and as Susan flails about, she accidentally knocks out the naked woman. Susan’s with the now conscious woman, who IDs herself as Susan. Darcy, the woman, says she hooked up with him at a club. Jackson enters and freaks. She wanted to talk about their future…til she met the woman. She walks out. Susan talks to Jackson. She doesn’t think love is her friend, after two marriages. He didn’t have a girlfriend til Susan. She wishes they could start over…could they start over? He walks out. She gets a call on the phone from Jackson, who pretends he only met her once before and wants to have dinner with her. They make a date. ("There's Always a Woman")

Susan and Jackson restart their relationship. They promise each other that they will not have sex until their 4th date, and in the meantime they get to know each other better. During their dates, there are various opportunities to have sex, but both Jackson and Susan resist the temptation. In their 4th date, Susan noticed the portrait of her painted by Jackson and she is touched by it. ("What More Do I Need?")

Julie Mayer returns to Wisteria Lane to introduce her boyfriend Lloyd to Susan. Susan disapproves of Lloyd due to the steep age difference between him and Julie, while Julie approves of Jackson. Susan becomes even more concerned when she learns Julie's boyfriend has been married three times. Susan is surprised to see he has a diamond ring and plans on surprising Julie with a proposal. She exposes Lloyd's plans, ruining the surprise. However Julie rejects his proposal, revealing that she does not ever intend to get married. Susan confronts Julie after the incident, and Julie confesses that she feels that marriage is a joke after witnessing Susan's two marriages fail. The night club catches on fire and Jackson gets stuck in the restrooms. Mike goes to save him. ("City on Fire")

Katherine brought Mike cookies and he realizes she hasn't told Susan yet about their relationship, as she is looking for the right time. Katherine walks out and runs into Susan, who says Jackson is just getting a few stitches and wonders who Katherine is visiting. Susan goes into Mike's room and wonders where the cookies came from. Mike refused to answer her question. Susan goes to Katherine and explains she's upset that a friend of hers is dating Mike. Katherine is uncomfortable throughout the conversation. Susan then discovers Katherine is the one who send Mike cookies and stalks out. Katherine charges after her and apologizes but to no avail. Susan then confronts Bree, who says she didn't think it was her place to tell Susan and that Katherine should tell her. Susan says that's not good enough and not telling is the same thing as lying to her face. Bree then tells Susan that she's mad at herself for letting her marriage fall apart during a rough patch, since she obviously still loves Mike. Susan wonders what she's supposed to do, Bree says tell Mike how she feels or move on. Susan calls Katherine after that to approve Katherine and Mike's relationship. ("Me and My Town")

M.J. Delfino goes to the Zoo with Mike and Katherine, but they return early because M.J. throws his ice cream at Katherine's head. Edie tells Susan that it's because he notices her feeling about the relationship, so she joins a bowling game to show M.J. there's nothing wrong with that. When M.J. sees Mike holding Susan's hands then leaving her when Kathrine calls for him, M.J. attacks Katherine again by dropping a bowling ball on her foot. Back at home, M.J. tells his parents that he is convinced that they will reconcile. Susan tells Mike she once said to M.J. that they were going to be back again because they never told each other that everything was over. Mike leaves after a couple of seconds without saying anything. ("A Vision's Just a Vision")

After Susan overhears Bob and Lee arguing that Bob doesn't have time to go clubbing with Lee, Susan offers to go with Lee. They enjoy themselves at a gay bar, where Susan tells Lee that she's thinking of moving out of town, as Jackson has found a job elsewhere. The next morning, Susan wakes up in bed with Lee, and believes she slept with him. When she finally confronts Lee, he says they didn't have sex. She confesses she doesn't love Jackson yet but doesn't want to lose him. Lee tells her to tell Jackson she's not ready. ("Home is the Place")

Edie invites the Wisteria Lane women over to tell them she's split up with Dave, but Susan hijacks the gettogether with news she's moving away from Wisteria Lane. Later, when Susan follows Edie into a basement, they end up locked inside. The two discuss their history with men: Edie thinks Susan's desperate to be with someone, and they realize Susan has been with someone for approximately all of her life. Edie opens up as to why she's a slut. When they get free of the basement, Edie invites Dave to move back home, while Susan apparently ends her relationship with Jackson. ("Connect! Connect!)

At her home later that night, Susan opens a bottle of wine and looks at Eli's toolbox still on her kitchen table. She recalls how Eli changed the locks for her when Karl left her for Brandi and Mike left her after the car accident. Distraught at losing Mike, Eli comforts Susan by saying although he has little experience of love he is inspired by how Susan always manages to pick herself up again and move on after each failure with a man. Susan then recalls the day that Eli died, before he began working on her roof. Eli shows up with a spare set of keys he had cut for Jackson. Susan reveals that she has just broken up with Jackson but is remarkable calm about the situation. Eli then tells her that this is his last day as a handy man before he retires, so Susan's roof will be his last job. Susan rushes to the store to buy a bottle of wine so that she and Eli can toast to his retirement. When Susan returns, Eli has died. It is this wine that Susan is drinking and raises a glass in memory of Eli, the same wine she had bought in celebration of Eli's retirement. ("The Best Thing That Ever Could Have Happened")

Susan is anxious to get M.J. into a prestigious private school, but can't afford the tuition. She pressures Mike for money but he insists he has none to spare. When Susan finds out that Mike just bought Katherine a stunning pearl necklace, she's furious, assuming that he's blowing what money he has on his new girlfriend. Susan sneaks into Katherine's house to steal the necklace, but Katherine catches her and runs after her, clad only in a towel. Katherine is shocked to hear that Mike bought her jewelry when he can't afford M.J.'s tuition. Both women confront Mike about the necklace and he is forced to admit he only spent $129 on it. Mike asks her how she dares to think he'd put his girlfriend in front of his son, and tells her if they're falling short, it's not because of him. She goes back to the private school and offers to sign on as an art teacher, since faculty members receive a fifty percent discount. She makes such a heartfelt plea that they hire her as an assistant, even though she's overqualified for the job. ("Mama Spent Money When She Had None")

Susan starts working at MJ's new school to help pay the tuition and Susan needs Mike to watch him when he gets sick on her first day. Mike sends MJ to Katherine's house and the have binini's for dinner. Susan is upset with Mike and Katherine because Mike is supposed to watch him and not his girlfriend. Susan makes MJ a sandwich and goes to take a shower but he wanted a binini so he walks over to Katherine's house. Susan storms over and sends MJ home and is upset with them. Susan tells Katherine that she doesn't want MJ spending time there anymore but Katherine says that might be hard because Mike and Katherine are moving in together. ("In a World Where the King's Are Employers")

Mike moves in with Katherine and she decides to throw a housewarming party. While inviting the women, they notice Susan and Katherine being very civil and Edie asks them about it. When Susan brings over her salad bowl, she notices a painting hanging that Katherine says she loves so Susan reveals that she painted it while on her honeymoon with Mike. After Susan leaves, Katherine takes it down and hangs a picture of Mike and her in its place. At the party, Susan shows them the painting but is surprised that its gone so when Mrs. McCluskey calls Katherine over she explains that it broke when she dusted it. Susan chooses to believe but goes to check the garage anyways, and finds the painting in perfect condition. She tells Mike about it and he yells at her upstairs with everyone listening. Susan shows up the next day and takes the painting back and tells Katherine its between her and her ex which makes Katherine smile. ("Crime Doesn't Pay")

Susan learns that Jessie will be evaluating her throughout the week so she invites Jessie over, hoping to get a good evaluation. During the evening, Jessie takes Susan's intentions the wrong way and gives Susan a kiss before leaving. Susan lets Jessie know that she was only doing that because she wanted a good evaluation. In the end, Susan tells her that she wants to be there for Jessie as a friend. ("The Story of Lucy and Jessie")

Susan is surprised to see Karl at the school and he tells her his son Evan is now enrolled. Susan tells Karl that she does not want any of her co-workers to know that she now has two ex-husbands walking the halls. At school, Susan asked the kids to draw something that made them happy. She is shocked when Evan shows her a drawing of a man stabbing another man in the gut with a sword, which makes him happy. Karl tells Susan that she still hates him and doesn't want his son in her class, Susan denies it but Karl believes she is stuck in the past and is just blaming him for what happened between them. Susan throws paint in Karl's face when he shouts that her behavior is why no man will stay with her. The next day, Evan draws a picture of him stabbing a woman with a knife. When Susan shows Karl the drawing, he tells her it's Marisa. Susan asks why Evan would draw that and Karl tells her it's because she left them as she couldn't handle being a mother. That night, Susan and rest of the residents hear the sound of a car slam on their brakes. Susan and the other residents rush outside and see Edie Britt lying there on the ground. Susan tells Edie that everything will be fine but right after that, Edie takes her final breathe of air and dies. ("A Spark. To Pierce the Dark")

Susan, along with the other Wisteria Lane residents run outside of their homes to find out what that large crash sound was. Susan is shocked to see that the crash was caused by her some-what friend, Edie Britt who was using her final breaths of air. Susan tells Edie that everything will be alright and that she has nothing to worry about. However, Edie takes her final breath of air and dies leaving Susan and the rest of the Wisteria Lane residents devastated. Edie's widower, Dave asks Susan, Lynette, Bree, Gaby, and Karen McCluskey to deliver Edie's ashes to her son, Travers, since they were her closest friends. Susan and the others are a bit reluctant at first, but agree to the task. As the five ladies are driving to Travers' school, they talk about important moments they've spent with Edie in their lives. Susan talks about the first time she met Edie. She thought they would be best friends, that is, until she learned Edie was a slut and was sleeping with one of her close friends' husband's. Ever since then, Susan reveals that she and Edie never had a stable friendship. The five ladies get to Travers' school, but he tells them to keep the ashes since they were closer to her than he ever was. They decide to split up her ashes and spread them over Wisteria Lane. Before the ashes are spread, the ladies decide to say one word describing Edie, Susan uses three words, "one of a kind." ("Look Into Their Eyes and You See What They Know")

Mike drops by Susan's to pick up M.J. He asks her to try and talk to Dave. On her way to work, Susan brings Dave a basket of store bought food. Dave tells her he is selling the house and putting the money in a trust for Travers. He goes on to say that "everything that ever mattered is gone" and the future is the last thing he is thinking about. Susan goes into the kitchen and sees his gun on his suitcase. Susan tells him she will clean up a little before the realtor comes. Susan puts the gun, all the knives, pills, and belts into her picnic basket. While leaving a message to Katherine about Dave being suicidal, she is pulled over for talking on a cellphone instead of a hands-free device. The officer sees the gun and knives sticking out of the basket and arrests her while Katherine drives by, answering her voice mail. Susan brings back Dave's belts, but the rest was kept by the police. Susan tells Dave about the accident that killed a mother and a child. Susan reveals that she was driving, but did not have her license as she switched purses, so Mike took the blame and she tells Dave she knows about guilt. Later, M.J. is playing with a ball and when it goes into the street, Dave picks it up and tells him he shouldn't be playing in the street because if he got hurt that would really tear Susan apart. ("Rose's Turn")

While driving Karen to the hospital, Susan runs into Jackson who wants to talk to her over dinner. At dinner, Jackson tells Susan that he wants her to marry him and she runs to the bathroom and confesses that she has been very lonely and hasn't stopped thinking about him and truly loves him only to find out that Jackson just wants to get married because his student visa has expired and will be deported back to Canada not because he loves her. The next day, Jackson apologizes and Susan decides to marry him. Now that he knows Susan is responsible for the death of his family, Dave calls Susan and invites her and MJ on a fishing trip the coming weekend, as a way of thanking her for helping him get through Edie's death, on a lake that has had several reports of accidents that resulted in death including a child. The two investigators in the club fire case visit Dave and ask him about Dr. Heller. They tell him he was the one who burned up in the fire and are trying to figure out what he was doing there and why he was backstage. They inform Dave that Jackson was locked in the bathroom minutes before the fire started and have been trying to contact him but he left town. Dave immediately calls Susan and tells her he will be picking her and MJ up at 6:00AM. When Dave drops by to give her a fishing pole he bought for MJ, Susan informs him that she will not be able to go as she is getting married to Jackson. ("Bargaining")

Susan and Jackson plan to marry at City Hall in a few days, but he suggests having a big engagement party to convince immigration that it's a legitimate marriage. She's taken aback when he insists she can't tell anyone, not even her friends, that the marriage is a fraud. Jackson and Susan tell Mike and Katherine the news: Katherine is thrilled and throws her arms around Susan but Mike is worried that it's all happening too fast. At Jackson and Susan's engagement party, Dave comments that he and Jackson probably haven't seen each other since the fire and Jackson mentions that he ran into a detective who wants to question him about that night. As Jackson starts to relate what he saw, Dave knocks over a tray of wine glasses. Mike is happy he no longer has to pay alimony since Susan is getting remarried. Susan drags Jackson aside to tell him how much she needs Mike's money, saying, "I'm sorry, but I can't marry you." He points out that he'll be sent back to Canada and she rolls her eyes and says, "It's Canada, not Iran. It's like America with free health insurance." She promises to talk to Mike to see if they can "work something out." Mike casually asks Katherine to marry him and she excitedly says yes. She wonders what brought on his proposal and he answers, "Just seems like the right time." But when she goes to hug him, she sees what he was just looking at: Jackson and Susan. Dave calls Katherine: he's getting back on the promotional speaking trail and wants her to look in on the house while he's gone. Just then, Susan knocks on Katherine's door. When she learns that Mike isn't home, Susan admits that the wedding is only to keep Jackson in the country and that it all hangs on whether Mike can keep paying her alimony. Realizing her own wedding depends on Susan's, Katherine blurts out, "You have to!" and offers to talk to Mike. Because Katherine put the phone on the table while she "got rid of" Susan, Dave heard the whole conversation. He hangs up the phone with a smile. Susan gets a text that reads, "I'll keep paying the alimony, Mike." Only the message isn't from Mike, but Katherine, who immediately deletes it. Susan and Jackson are on their way to get married, but before they can drive to City Hall, a car pulls up with two immigration officials who arrest Jackson. Katherine looks worriedly at Mike while Dave looks on and smiles. ("Marry Me a Little")

Jackson calls Susan to say goodbye and tells her that he believes Mike was the one who tipped off immigration. When Susan tells Katherine about Jackson blaming Mike, Katherine is forced to reveal that Mike has no idea about Susan marrying Jackson for his green card and she was the one who sent the message about getting the alimony. Katherine tells Susan that she can make Mike happy if he gets over Susan. Susan asks Mike if he loves Katherine. After hearing that he does love her, she says that's all she needed to hear. They tell Susan that they are flying to Vegas to elope so Susan tells them she and M.J. are going on a fishing trip with Dave. ("Everybody Says Don't (season 5)")

Susan, Dave, and MJ leave for the camping trip and Mike and Katherine say goodbye but Mike notices a suspecious expression on Dave's face. Susan, Dave, and MJ are driving when MJ has to use the restroom. He goes to the bushes. Meanwhile, Mike and Katherine are at the airport while waiting for their plane to Vagas to elope when Mike plays the tape Dave gave him. The tape reveals Dave's evil plans and how he is gonna kill MJ and why he married Edie just to move back to Wisteria Lane. Mike leaves the airport to save his ex-wife and son. Katherine comes back and see's he's gone and thinks he had cold feet. Katherine sits back down and starts to cry. Mike calls Susan and reveals Dave's plan. Susan gets Dave to stop and she and MJ run away but Dave catches them. He ties Susan to a pole at the street where is wife and daughter died. Dave plans to have Mike accidentally crash into him and MJ killing MJ and Susan has to watch it. When Mike is driving down the road, Dave looks to the back seat and instead of see's MJ he hallucinates his deceased daughter, Paige. Mike crashes into the car but it is revealed that Dave made MJ get out. Dave is put in a Boston mental hospital and Susan, Mike, and MJ share a reconciliation moment. Two monthes later, Mike is seen marrying an unidentifyed bride. It's either Susan or Katherine. ("If It's Only in Your Head")

Season 6

Your son strangled my daughter!
Susan Delfino to Angie Bolen

After Susan and Mike get back together, Mike apologizes to Katherine straight away. He then tells Susan to but she says that she can't because Julie who is returning home that day. Susan continues to make excuses for not apologizing to Katherine as she is terrified of what Katherine will do to her. 6 weeks before the wedding, Susan's wedding dress is delivered to her house but she is not home. The delivery man that gives the dress to Katherine to give to her. When Susan returns home she sees a notice on her door and goes to Katherine's house immediately. When Katherine anwers the door she is wearing Susan's wedding dress. Katherine invites Susan in and then walks over to a pot of sauce she is cooking. Katherine holds a spoon of sauce over the dress threateningly while talking to Susan. After a few moments, Susan has enough of Katherine's antics and demands that she take off the dress at once. Katherine agrees and crys quietly to herself as Susan unzips her dress. While Susan prepares for her wedding, Katherine storms into the church and demands that either Susan apologize to Katherine on the altar or she will make a scene so bad that everyone will be talking about it on Susan and Mike's golden anniversary. Susan then kicks Katherine into the closet and locks the door as she and Mike finally tie the knot. However, on their way down the aisle, Katherine breaks out of the closet and on storms into the church. Mike tells her that if she doesn't leave then he will drag her out himself. Susan then begins to feel bad for Katherine and goes back up on the altar and apologizes to Katherine for taking Mike in front of everyone. Susan and Katherine then hug but when Susan asks if what she did helped, Katherine replies "Obviously, it didn't.", and declares war against Susan. At the end of the episode, Julie takes the recyclables outside when an unseen person strangles Julie. Julie then collapses on to the ground leaving her status unknown. ("Nice is Different Than Good")

That morning, Susan awakes to her first morning of being married to Mike again. Susan is delighted and tells Mike that now that Julie is back and that they are married, she has everything she needs to be happy. They then hear Karen's screams. Susan runs out and sees Julie unconscious. She then travels to the hospital with her. The doctor tells Susan that Julie will be fine but they need to run some x-rays. Lynette and Gaby then enter and Lynette tells the doctor not to run any tests because Julie may be pregnant. Lynette then tells Susan that Julie told her this a few days previous. Susan is then furious with Lynette because she didn't tell her and storms off. Later, Susan is in Julie's room when Bree stops by. When Susan brings up the fact that Katherine stole Mike from Susan first, Bree asks Karl if it would have been any better if Katherine had started going out with Karl who Susan didn't love but Susan says it would have been worse after what Karl had put her through. Susan is later in the cafeteria when Lynette visits her. When Lynette asks her if she is mad, Susan tells her that she is just mad because Julie went to Lynette with her problems and not her. Lynette then tells Susan that the only reason she did that was because Julie found out that Lynette was pregnant. Lynette then tells her that she doesn't want her children because she is in her 40's and she is considering terminating the pregnancy. Susan tells Lynette that children are the best gifts you could ever get. Susan later watches Angie disapprovingly from across the street when Danny is arrested for attacking Julie. ("Being Alive")

When Susan sees that Danny has been released from jail she storms across the street. Bob tells her that he is Danny's lawyer and that he has been released because there is no proof to suggest that he did it. Susan becomes distraught and starts shouting at the top of her voice to the whole street that Danny attacked Julie. Susan is waiting in her car, watching Danny when Lynette enters. She tells Susan that less than a year previous the whole street thought that Porter set the fire in the club and they were wrong and maybe she is wrong about Danny. Susan tells her that she is not. Susan then sees Danny driving away in his car and speeds after him. Susan then tells all the residents on Wisteria Lane that Danny attacked Julie despite Mike's warnings not to. The next day, Danny is underneath his friend's car when Susan questions him. She says she knows that he attacked Julie. She then lets down the car so that Danny can't come out and demands that Danny admit what he did. Angie then comes out of her house with a baseball bat and threatens Susan with it, telling her that if she comes her near her family again she will kill her. That night, Mike arrives home and tells Susan that he just got off the phone from the police and they said that there is security footage of Danny drinking in a parking lot the same time that Julie was attacked. Susan tells Mike that she is sorry that the morning after their wedding, Mike woke up beside a crazy woman and she hasn't paid any attention to him since Julie's attack. Mike tells Susan that he said he would love her during the good and the bad. The next morning, Susan wakes up to see garbage all over the Bolen's garden as well as "leave" written in paint on their walls. Susan goes outside and helps Angie pick it up which is her way of saying that she is sorry. ("Never Judge a Lady by Her Lover")

Andrew visits Susan at the hospital to see how Julie is doing and she tells Andrew the swelling in her brain is gone and could wake up at any moment. Susan tells Andrew she loves that he and Julie have stayed close friends throughout the years and Andrew, thinking Susan knows, tells her they talk all the time since Julie quit medical school six months ago and has been waiting tables while figuring out what to do with her life. Since he and Julie talk all the time, Susan wants Andrew to tell her who Julie was seeing. Susan does not believe Julie would tell him she was seeing someone and not give a name but Andrew says it is because he is married. Later, Susan goes through Julie's diary and all she finds is that his name starts with the letter "D", and is curious as to why the name is kept secret in her journal. When the doctor calls to tell her Julie is awake, Susan tries to get Julie to reveal who she is having an affair with but Julie refuses. The next day, Julie tells Susan that she has grown up and is not the perfect girl she once knew. Susan is upset that Julie had an affair, and reminds her of the damage affairs do to people, especially as she has seen it first-hand. After she leaves the room, a man enters and it is revealed that she has been having an affair with Nick, who uses the name Dominick. ('The God-Why-Don't-You-Love-Me Blues")

Two weeks after being attacked, Julie returns home from the hospital and is greeted with a "Welcome Home" party by all the residents of Wisteria Lane. Nick tries to talk to Julie, but she tells him they are not doing that anymore and it's over. Danny saw Nick and Julie talking so when he tries to talk to Danny about it, he threatens to tell Angie if he ever saw the two of them together. Nick refuses to let him hold that over his head and tells Danny that the only thing that will hurt Angie is him knowing about the affair. While Julie is looking at the spot where she got attacked, Danny catches her by surprise and Julie tells him she knows he is not the one who attacked her. He asks her if the person she was seeing is the one who did it, but she thought about it and is sure he did not do it because he is not that kind of person. When Julie tells Danny she has not been able to sleep and is constantly worried the attacker will show up, he gives her their gun. That night, Susan is awakened by Julie claiming someone is outside and she is shocked that Julie has a gun. When the person walks past the window, Susan gets startled and the gun goes off. Susan looks out the window to see Katherine lying on the ground with a bullet wound on her shoulder. Hearing the gunshot, everyone runs over to Susan's and Katherine tells them Susan tried to kill her. When Nick tells Angie and Danny that Susan just shot Katherine, Danny tells them it was their gun. Since it is registered in their real name they cannot have the police investigating so Nick retrieves the gun and Angie convinces Katherine to not call the cops by telling her she believes Mike is in love with her also. ("Everybody Ought to Have a Maid")

Bree is starting to fall in love with Karl so she decides to end the affair. Karl gives Bree his grandmother's brooch because he found the perfect woman and tells Bree he loves her. That night, Bree and Orson go over to Susan's for dinner and she reminds Orson she hates public displays of affection. Susan sees the brooch on Bree and tells her it belonged to her but she lost it 10 years ago during the divorce. When Karl shows up to drop Julie off, Susan shows him the brooch and when Orson asks her where Bree got it, she lies and says she bought it at an antique shop. After finding out Karl yelled at Susan for losing the brooch, Bree gives it back to Susan. The next day, Bree confronts Karl about the brooch and reminds him they are done. Karl proposes to Bree and tells her he is a different person now and that she should think it over. Bree manages to get Susan to talk about the positive things about Karl and gives the brooch back to Bree. Bree tells Karl that she wants to marry the new Karl and that he should focus on getting her a divorce. She informs him that the new Karl needs to show up soon because if she is going to marry him, he needs to prove he is worth the consequences. The next morning, Orson visits the antique shop and learns that Bree lied about where she got the brooch as the shop only sells furniture. ("Don't Walk on the Grass")

Mike and Susan are at the police station hoping to get the detectives to interrogate Katherine as they believe she is responsible for attacking Julie. The two pompous detectives do not believe it was Katherine and find it hilarious that Susan believes Katherine mistook her for Julie, even in the dim light of night. They sarcastically tell Susan that they will continue to treat it as a random attack unless there is actual evidence. Just as Mike and Susan are about to give up, a female detective offers to look into Katherine and after they leave she informs the other detectives that she and Susan go way back. Later, when Susan is telling the detective about Katherine, the detective tells Susan that she used to go to high school with her and that her name is Denise. Denise goes over to Katherine's to check out her alibi, but Susan does not want Katherine finding out she is the one accusing her so she tells Denise to say it was an anonymous tip. After seeing Denise's picture in the yearbook, Susan realizes she had a hand in giving Denise the nickname "Moose" and stole her boyfriend. Mike reassures her that nobody holds a grudge that long but they see Denise and Katherine hugging through the window. Later, when Susan goes back to the station, Denise informs her that Katherine could not have strangled Julie as she was on the phone to her daughter, Dylan, all night and the phone records prove it. But Denise also tells Susan that Katherine told her about Susan shooting Katherine, and not reporting it is a crime so the clearly vindictive detective has Susan arrested and put in jail. Lynette and Tom then go to the police station informing the detectives that Nick was having an affair with Julie and she ended it right before she was attacked. That evening, Angie tells Nick that the police called her to ask about his whereabouts the night Julie was attacked, and she lied to them by explaining that he was with her all night. Angie tells Nick that she has known about his affair with Julie for weeks and lets it slide because of everything that she has put him through. When Nick asks her if they are good, Angie punches him in the nose and tells him they are now. ("Careful the Things You Say")

Susan is sentenced to pick up trash for community service as a result of shooting Katherine. While she is picking up trash, Katherine drives by and gloats about winning then as she leaves she throws her drink on the ground. Susan tells the supervisor that Katherine just littered and he tells her that she would have been in trouble if he got her license plate number so Susan gives him her home address, which results in Katherine joining Susan in picking up trash. Later, Katherine has a breakdown and admits defeat by telling Susan that the man she loved chose her. Susan tries to comfort Katherine but when she accidentally reveals that she and Mike once had sex five times in one day, Susan is shocked as she has never done that so Katherine rubs it in her face and decides she did not lose after all. Susan wants to beat Katherine so she tries to have sex with Mike five times in one day too but he tells her he can't. Susan is upset until she learns that he and Katherine only did that because they were snowed in and had nothing else in common except for having sex but with Susan they have everything. ("The Coffee Cup")

Upon hearing the news of Emily's death, several women rally together and consider taking up defense classes as a means of personal protection. Julie, shaken at the idea that a second strangulation victim is now dead while she remains alive, expresses her concern in that even with self-defense training, there is no true guarantee that one will remain truly protected from the supposed serial killer should he strike again. In sympathy, Julie's father Karl decides to let his daughter borrow his car in exchange for hers as an extra safety precaution. This leads to Susan eventually finding Julie's car, without her knowledge of the vehicle exchange between her ex-husband and her daughter, at a local motel. This observation leads Susan to initially believe that Julie is secretly continuing her relationship with a married man but instead discovers something far more shocking: Bree's affair with Karl. At the first defense class with the ladies of Wisteria Lane, Susan confronts Bree and tells her that she knows about the affair. After a comical tussle sparks between the pair, Bree leaves the class early out of frustration against Susan's insistent claims of betrayal towards both Orson as well as their friendship, all while defending her reasons for continuing her affair with Karl. Later that evening, Susan invites Karl and Bree over to discuss their relationship. Despite Susan's arguments towards Karl's shortcomings as an inconsiderate husband during their marriage, Bree blurts out she in fact does love Karl and truly believes that he can change into someone even better than the man that he once was. Susan, sensing Bree's sincerity towards her confession, ultimately yet awkwardly gives her blessing to hers and Karl's relationship. Meanwhile, Katherine tells MJ that Susan stole Mike from her and that makes her a bad person. Mike tells Katherine that if she ever goes near his son again, then that would be it. Katherine asks Mike to stab her in the heart and kill her but Mike refuses. Katherine stabbs herself and calls an ambulance. When they ask who stabbed her, she points at Mike. ("Would I Think of Suicide?")

At the hospital, Susan is accompanied by Bob who reminds her that she is to act like a best friend to Katherine for the latter's accusation against Mike for attacking her with a weapon could cost him a lengthy jail sentence. After some light convincing from Bob to not be hostile, Susan then enters Katherine's room just as she finishes talking to Dylan over the phone. Susan engages Katherine by trying to understand as to why she would believe that Mike would stab her. Katherine responds by telling her that Mike had become enraged after informing him that she was in love with another man. Upon her exit, Susan then tells Bob of her skepticism towards Katherine's intentions for her stories and simply expresses her desire to have Katherine "put away" in an institute. Bob informs Susan that only a family member can commit someone into a mental institution. With this idea in mind, Susan has the nurse at reception contact Dylan's number in Maryland through the hospital's incoming phone records and hands the connected call over to Susan. Susan then adopts the persona of a Fairview Memorial doctor, complete with a British accent, and informs Dylan that she is concerned about Katherine's well-being and recommends for her to visit her mother immediately. Upon Dylan's arrival to her old home on Wisteria Lane, Susan runs over in an attempt to talk to her, but is instead greeted with hostility. Susan is shocked to learn that for the last few months, Katherine had been imposing onto Dylan with the lie that she was Mike's wife and that Susan was the one who had stabbed her. Susan is then forced to reveal to Dylan her wedding album to which Dylan is left stunned at the fact that her mother had been lying to her this whole time. When Dylan visits her mother at her hospital, Katherine unfortunately finds herself caught up in her own lies when Dylan adds her input to her mother's stories. When Susan comes in, Katherine tries to run out of the hospital in an attempt to get to Mike. Susan and Dylan watch on as Katherine suffers a complete nervous breakdown while being restrained by hospital staff. ("Boom Crunch")

Upon hearing the news of Karl's death, Susan contemplates the possibility of a life with her late ex-husband had they remained together. Instead of allowing Karl walk out on their marriage, Susan envisions herself stopping Karl and requesting the two of them to reach a compromise, ultimately remaining together for the sake of their daughter, Julie. Susan begins the reparation of their marriage by prompting Karl to list all of the women that he had slept with during their marriage. Not realizing that Karl's list of lovers was longer than she had initially hoped, Susan expresses her discomfort at her own idea and argues that "sometimes, secrets between a couple can be a good thing". Unfortunately, due to her much inhibited personality and lack of initiative to confront Karl about his infidelities, Susan becomes overweight. After a horrendous failed attempt at seducing Mike - who dropped by to fix her sink - to get back at Karl, Susan resolves to shed her unsightly pounds in order to become attractive for her husband once again. Some time after Susan is nearing the last few stages of regaining her former body back, Karl unfortunately decides to walk out on their marriage officially. A sympathetic Karl tenderly informs a heartbroken Susan that she could "do better". Back in reality while being comforted by Mrs. McCluskey, Susan expresses both grief of her ex-husband's passing, but also gratitude towards him for allowing her to achieve the life that she has now. ("If...")

After his death, Karl leaves an interest in a strip club to Susan and she's astonished to find that Mike is a regular customer! Even though he's only there to work on the plumbing, she forbids him from ever going back. He bristles at being told what to do, so Susan decides to do her own strip routine after summoning Mike to the club for a bogus job. When he sees other men trying to slip dollars into her bra, he gets her point.Julie plans to leave town, as Karl has left her a substantial amount of money in his will, and she wants to visit with cousins on the East coast, "Until they catch the guy who attacked me, I just don't feel safe here," she tells Danny. She asks Danny about his suicide attempt and he assures her, "I'm better now." Ana convinces her she's serious about Danny, so Julie helps try to get them together. Danny shows no interest until Ana bluntly refers to his overdose as a "stupid stunt." He tells her he likes her better when she's blunt. ("You Gotta Get a Gimmick")

The Oakridge students are placed into learning groups named after animals. Gabrielle initially suspects her daughter Juanita, who is in the Leopards, is among the slow group, whereas Susan is pleased that her son M.J. is in the Giraffes, which she believes are advanced. This leads to competitive behavior between the two ladies. Eventually, by taking pictures of different students' homework and studying them, Gabrielle realizes the Leopards are actually advanced and the Giraffes are slow. When Susan realizes this, she confronts a teacher in public, and the secret code of the animal groups becomes widespread. While Susan and Gabrielle wait to talk to the principal, they both admit they got carried away and confess fears that they are letting their kids down. At the end of the episode, Susan, Lynette, Bree, Gaby, and Karen go to the mental institution Katherine has been locked up in to heel and Susan and Katherine finally reconcile. ("How About a Friendly Shrink?")

Susan sells off her share in the strip club, and encourages Robin, a stripper with an Education degree, to quit and find another job. She tries to get her a job at the school, but a father recognizes her from the club and informs Principal Hobson, who fires her. Susan then convinces Mike to let Robin stay with them for a while. ("The Glamorous Life")

Susan introduces Robin to the residents of Wisteria Lane, but the women aren't to thrilled with a stripper on the lane. Susan tells Lynette, Bree, and Gaby that she is helping Robin back onto her feet and that there is nothing to worry about. When Mike is having back pains, Robin gives him a back massage by walking on his back. Susan starts to get jealous that Mike is attracted to Robin. When Susan gets home and finds Mike in pain, and see's that Robin isn't there, she tries cracking his back, but the next scene shows Mike in the hospital with a neck cast. Susan talks to Robin, and they get into a fight since Robin thought Susan was different and wouldn't always refer to her as a stripper, but as a human. Susan and Robin make up, and then MJ runs outside and tells Susan that he needs help getting the bed back down. ("Lovely")

Susan and Mike have been invited over for brunch by Karen McCluskey and Roy, and Susan pushes Roy into proposing to Karen, who accepts. Afterwards, Roy tells Susan he can't stay loyal to one single woman, therefore admitting he needs to be with other gals. He kisses Susan on the lips to prove his point. Mike laughs it over after Susan tells him what happened, and blames his wife for pushing Roy into committing to Karen. Susan decides to have a talk with Karen and tell her what Roy said, but when she comes over, she finds Karen in a desperate state. Her doctor has found spots in her lungs, indicating she might have cancer. Susan is taken aback by this piece of news. When she comes out of the house, she runs into Roy, and tells him it's probably not a good time to get married. However, to her surprise, Roy tells her he is more determined to marry Karen than ever. Since he learnt she might have cancer, he realized he can't live without her. ("The Chase")

Mikecomes down for breakfast and notices that his wife is wearing a seemingly very expensive dress. She lets him know she finally received the money from selling the strip club, and intends on taking him to a fancy restaurant. However, Mike tells her they can’t, as he’s still in debt, but Susan says they no longer are, because she paid everything off. Mike becomes clearly upset by this, as he wanted to take care of his financial situations on his own. Susan doesn’t understand what his problem his. Later, as they are preparing to go to bed, Susan is telling Mike about Katherine’s newfound lesbianism. Mike is a little freaked out by this, as he can’t seem to understand how Katherine went from being with him to being with women. Susan says she was probably leaning towards that direction anyhow, and he was perhaps a good transition. Mike takes this as an offense. His wife just means that he is sensitive and romantic, and knows how to please a woman, but he feels his macho pride is being hurt by it all. The following night, Mike is reluctant to go to bed, and Susan insists that he does so. He then throws her onto the kitchen counter, attempting to prove her that he doesn’t need to be in a bedroom in order to make passionate love to her, and tries to rip off her shirt, but is unable to do so. Susan is uncomfortably lying on an object, and tries to get him off of her, and he falls to the floor. He then lies there, as she asks him what’s going on, and Mike reveals to her that when she paid off the loan he felt like he wasn’t man enough to provide for his family, which is something he always promised himself he’d be, particularly since his own father never was. Susan finally understands, and promises him she’ll call off the check the following day, giving him a chance to step up and pay the bills. The two of them then lie together on the floor. ("Chromolume No. 7")

Oakridge Elementary School is hosting a fund-raising drive that consists of selling candy bars. The kid who can sell the most candy wins the chance to throw a big party and invite whomever he/she wants. Susan promises her son, MJ, that he will win, because he's never won anything before. What she doesn't know is that her best friend Gabrielle is determined on making her daughter Juanita win as well, because she is new to Oakridge and she hasn't made any friends yet. When the women get together to play poker, Susan and Gaby both reveal their intentions behind wanting their children to win, and the battle ensues. Gabrielle goes out of her way to play dirty, including wearing sexy clothes and seducing men at a construction site into buying candy. Susan decides to scooch down to her level and pretend that her son is a paraplegian, who needs the money from candy bars to get his surgery. Once Susan learns Juanita is still ahead of her own son, she makes it so that the young girl is grounded at school. Gaby gets a call from Principal Hobson telling her just this, and she practically kidnaps MJ in return, by locking him in her car. She then informs Susan that she's got MJ, and suggests a trade. At school, Juanita tells an annoyed Susan that she really has to win, and the latter tells her that other people want to win too. Juanita says she needs this party, because she hasn't made any friends yet, and her mother keeps pushing her to do so, but it's just too hard. Susan lets her know that her mother is just worried for her because she wants the best for Juanita, but the little girl says she just wishes she could make friends as easily as her mother can. Gaby arrives with MJ, and takes Juanita with her. Susan then has a talk with her son about what winning truly means. The following day, the fund-raising drive ends, and Juanita is declared the winner. Gaby is over the moon. She tells her daughter to go on and invite her new friends to the party, and then has a word with Mrs. Henderson, to learn if it was close. The latter tells her it was pretty close until the previous day, when MJ didn't sell a single bar. Gaby finds this odd, and has a word with Ma, to ask him why he didn't go out selling. MJ says he's not allowed to tell, because his mother claimed it was only a good deed if one doesn't brag about it. Gaby smiles as she watches her friend socialize with the fellow teachers, and turns to MJ and says he should always listen to his mother, because she's a winner, just like him. MJ smiles in return. ("My Two Young Men")

Susan is making pancakes when she notices a man breaking into Mike's truck. She surprises him, calling him a thief whilst yielding her frying pan, and then man says he's repossessing the truck, leading Susan to become aware of Mike's advancing financial problems. The two discuss it over, and Mike says he's gonna fix everything up, that he doesn't need the strip club money and that Susan shouldn't be so concerned. However, business doesn't seem to pick up, and when Susan catches MJ trying to clog the kitchen sink's drain so that his father can get some work, she gets an idea: she pays off her neighbors on the lane to let her either clog their drains or ruin their appliances, such as the garbage disposal, in order for them to hire Mike to work for them. It all blows up on Susan's face though, once Mike finds her missing earring in Gaby's bathtub, and realizes what she's been doing, thus becoming very upset. Mike says he's gonna sort out his mess all by himself, and Susan becomes frustrated at him for not sharing his problems with her, after all, they are married. He goes to sleep downstairs, all alone. Later, in his garage, Mike confesses to Carlos the reason he hasn't been totally honest with Susan is because he's completely broke, and if she found out it would change how she feels about him, and he can't risk that. Carlos then asks him how much money he wants to borrow from him. Mike reluctantly thinks it over. ("We All Deserve to Die")

Susan first noticed Eddie on a Thursday, as an employee at The Coffee Cup. She notices him drawing a female customer and is blown away by his talent. She does, however, say he needs to perfect his techniques, and offers to play the part of his drawing teacher. During a meeting of theirs, Susan tells Eddie he has gone a long way, and he says it's because he's had a great teacher. She then tells him he actually outgrew her, and makes it so that he takes some art classes, which she paid for. Eddie is beyond happy. His happiness is destroyed when he comes back to find that Susan, whom he developed a crush on, is about to get married to Mike Delfino again, that same day. Susan is a bit nervous and uncertain, and Eddie offers to marry her. Susan interprets it as a joke and laughs at him, thanking him for calming her down. She then goes upstairs to eat the éclairs he brought her, and Eddie rips a drawing he made of Susan in art class. During the wedding, Eddie sits in the back, angrily. That same night, he returns to the lane, intent on killing Susan, and ends up strangling Julie instead. He stops once he notices he missed his target, and runs off. At the hospital, while Julie's in a coma, Eddie is sitting there staring at her, and Susan walks in. She is disgusted by whatever monster did this to her child, and Eddie says this must've been by a piece of trash who doesn't even deserve to be in this world. Whoever did it should just kill himself. Susan says that someone who's capable of doing something awful like this doesn't have the guts to commit suicide. Eddie realizes she's right. ("Epiphany")

Mike gives Carlos his first payment, for what he owes him. Gabrielle tries to persuade Carlos into buying a ski chalet, but Carlos refuses to, saying he’s got a lot of money tied up in a business deal. In the meantime, Susan inherits a Yamaha piano, and hopes to pretend she bought it so she can rub it in Gaby’s face. Mike forbids it, because he fears this way Carlos might think he’s spending the money he borrowed on useless things. Gaby meets with Carlos’ business manager, and learns her husband lent 50 thousand dollars to Mike Delfino. She then goes out to buy some supplies for Susan, knowing they’re in financial problems, and Susan takes the opportunity to tell her about the piano she just bought. Gabrielle is infuriated because she realizes Mike borrowed the money to splurge on extravagant things, and snaps at Susan. However, her friend had no idea of what Mike did, and became extremely upset, eventually telling Gaby her piano was inherited. The two come up with a plan to get back at their husbands. The Delfinos invite the Solises over for dinner, and Gaby tells Mike she thinks Carlos is having an affair because 50 thousand dollars are missing from their bank account. She also thinks Mike’s covering up for his friend because Carlos called his house a lot of times. Meanwhile, Susan pretends she’s dropped a 300 dollar earring that Mike bought her. Carlos is infuriated by this. When they get together to eat, Gaby “realizes” that Susan is the one Carlos is having an affair with, and Susan confesses Carlos paid her to have sex with him so that they could get through their financial issues faster. The two husbands are about to clash when the wives reveal they know the truth, and make them look like fools. Susan takes the opportunity to say she feels really hurt and betrayed by Mike. Later, Mike apologizes to her, and shows her all of his paperwork so she can sort it out and look at how hurt they are financially. As he goes to bed, Susan cries. ("A Little Night Music")

Susan realizes her and Mike’s financial status is sinking further and further, and Mike confesses not all of his customers are paying him, because the bad economy has hit everyone. Susan decides to take matters into her own hands, which means tracking everyone down and asking for the money they owe Mike. Mike doesn’t agree with the plan, but Susan turns on her waterworks and proves to him she is capable of persuading anyone with her act. However, this is not the case, as she fails to get to anyone. Every person she tracks down does not respond to her teary-eyed performance, but when a man named Jake Walker manages to upset her, Susan shames him into giving her the money. This causes her to realize playing the bully card pays off a lot more, so she starts being mean to every deadbeat who comes up with a story to justify for not paying. Susan gets home with a lot of money and “booty” she took from the people she visited, and lets Mike she has felt power in the role of the bully like she has never felt before, and demands they have sex right then. She is happy they’re so close to the finish line. However, Mike tells her the IRS has just moved the finish line. Susan then goes to the IRS agency to bully them into giving them some more time. This all blows up in her face, as not only do they still have to pay their debts within the same amount of time, they are charged with several penalties. Susan realizes she is the worst bully ever, and Mike says they have nothing to fall back on. Susan tells him they’ve got the house. Later, she tells her girlfriends she and her family will be moving away from the street for a while, just until they get back on their feet. The girls offer to loan her some money, but Susan rejects the offer, and promises them this will change nothing between them. The girls want to hold her to that promise. ("The Ballad of Booth")

The Delfinos organize a yard sale in order to come up with some extra cash, by selling stuff they no longer need. They sell a T-Rex toy to Roy Bender, whose grandson is visiting. Mike tells Susan he just spoke to Lee and it looks as if he's found a renter. Susan is uncomfortable with the fact that someone will soon be living in her house. She is then provoked by her neighbor, Mitzi Kinsky, and lashes out at her, which is noticed by Mike. MJ asks for his T-Rex, and Susan reveals to him she sold it to Roy. It appears MJ never intended for the toy to be sold, and it was all a misunderstanding. Susan and Mike then head over to Roy and Karen's place, after Susan tells Mike that she feels like she needs to do this to make up to MJ the fact that they will soon be moving away from the only house he's ever lived in. At Roy's, they explain the whole situation, and Roy goes on to try and take the toy back. His grandson is sleeping while holding the T-Rex in his arms, and Roy tries to yank it out of his lap. The kid wakes up, and Roy communicates with him using sign language, which leads to Mike feeling even guiltier, as the boy is clearly deaf. The Delfinos return home empty-handed. MJ is upset over the fact that his parents couldn’t bring back his dinosaur, and Susan gives him a metaphorical speech about how unfair life is, regarding the dinosaur. MJ then goes, after Mike tries to make it up to him, and he lets Susan know he is aware of the resentment she’s feeling towards him. Mike then tells Susan to let it all out, to vent at him, and she does so, saying she still loves and respects him, but she resents the fact that he screwed up big time nonetheless. Susan is annoyed over the fact that because of her husband they have to move away from the house her children grew up in, a house where she marked their growth advances on the wall. Mike promises her they’ll be back, and in the meantime, they can hang on to the kids’ growth marks, after he takes the piece of the wall that has them, in order for the Delfinos to take it with them. Susan smiles at him whilst crying, and they hug. ("I Guess This is Goodbye")

Season 7

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Don't eat the cookies, they're poisoned.
Susan Delfino

Susan, Mike, and MJ move into their new apartment across town, and Susan gets a phone call saying that Paul Young has rented her house. Susan drives to Wisteria Lane and meets up with Lynette, Bree, and Gaby and they confront Paul. Paul tells Susan, Lynette, Bree, and Gaby the story of how he was released from prison. Susan still doesn't trust Paul. Susan visits the apartment manager, Maxine Rosen to deliver the rent. Maxine offers Susan a job on her website, VaVaVaBroom.com as a lingerie model. Susan refuses at first, and storms out of the apartment. Susan sells some of her hand made jewelry to Lynette, Bree, Gaby, and new housewife, Renee Perry. Susan and Mike's money problems get worse, so she goes to Maxine's apartment and takes the job. ("Remember Paul?")

Susan doesn't do well at her new job as an internet 'model', so Maxine gives her so tips. The next morning, Susan bids her family a farewell as they leave for work and school. Once they're gone, she turns on her web cam, and starts 'performing'. Mike returns home when he forgets something, and catches her in the act. Susan seduces him, closing the web cam in the process in order to keep Mike from finding out. Later on, Mike comes home with flowers for Susan after learning his truck loan is paid off. He thanks her for being the perfect wife, but this leads her to feel guilty about her risky side job. ("You Must Meet My Wife")

Season 8

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For a month after making a pact with the girls; Susan started feeling the guilt of the secret so she started to stay inside and avoid her friends. Mike noticed something was up, but she assured him she was fine. However, Mike's questioning urged Susan to tell him her secret, but she decided not to, in order to protect Carlos and her friends.

When Susan's husband makes a fatal mistake by crossing with a loan shark, the loan shark returns the favor by shooting Mike in the heart, killing him instantly.

Susan feels sad staying in the house full of memories of her dead husband's life, so she decides to move with MJ somewhere else so Julie can finish her studies.


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  • Susan was originally planned to be named Susan Meyer.
  • Susan has married both of her husbands twice.
  • She is one of only three characters to have appeared in every episode of the series, along with Lynette Scavo and Gabrielle Solis.
  • Actress Teri Hatcher is the first whose name appears in the credits. This has led to a lot of speculation over the years on whether she is the main actress of the series or not.
  • The character was allegedly considered to be killed off during season 5, a claim series creator Marc Cherry downplays.[1]
  • Susan was the second housewife whose husband was murdered. The first was Bree's husband Rex who was murdered by George the pharmacist.
  • Susan was the third housewife to be widowed, the first being Bree Van de Kamp (her first husband Rex), and the second being Gabrielle Solis (her second husband Victor).
  • Susan was the first out of three housewives to be divorced, the second being Gabrielle Solis (her first husband Carlos), the third being Bree Van de Kamp (her second husband Orson).

Behind Closed Doors

While developing the series, Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry envisioned Susan as a girl-next-door type and chose her to convey this image. The character is a compendium of single mothers in Cherry's life "desperate to land a man." He also drew upon his own personal experiences while creating the character. Julia Louis-Dreyfus expressed interest in the role, but ABC executives felt she was not right for the part. Actors originally considered for the role include Courteney Cox, Calista Flockhart, Heather Locklear, Mary-Louise Parker, and Sela Ward. Cherry wrote the part with Parker in mind, but she rejected the offer, later explaining "it just didn't feel like I was gonna serve it as well as someone else might."

Teri Hatcher auditioned for the role in January 2004 and impressed Cherry immediately. After a second audition, Hatcher read for the role in front of network executives. Cherry praised her performance, saying "it was the best audition I've ever seen in network." Hatcher later commented, "I don't think they were hot to hire me for Susan... I was maybe on a B-list, certainly not an A-list." Despite her reservations, Hatcher was the third reported cast member to be cast in the series on February 18, 2004. The character has appeared on-screen in every episode of the series, one of only three characters to do so.

Although "unconfirmed", reports surfaced that an incident occurred on set during Season 5, causing the other actresses to dismiss Hatcher. Reports also stated that Hatcher would barely speak with actors and actresses during breaks and such. This "rumor" became highliighted once again after the series wrapped, when Hatcher was not involved in the buying of a gift for the crew members. Lastly, through twitter, actress Felicity Huffmann posted many photos detailing the final week of shooting. Hatcher did not appear in any of the photos.


Gallery of photographic stills released to promote the character.