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Teresa Pruitt used to be a nurse. For 33 years, she worked in the maternity ward at Fairview Memorial Hospital. She spent her days caring for newborn infants and looking after brand-new mothers. It was a job she had loved with all her heart. But that was many years ago. Now Teresa Pruitt was back at Fairview Memorial, but this time as a patient. A patient with a secret.
Mary Alice Young

Teresa Pruitt was a nurse at Fairview Memorial Hospital who was responsible for the baby switch of Juanita Solis and Grace Sanchez.

Season Six[]

She loved her job with all her heart, but one day it all changed. Few years later, Teresa came back at Fairview Hospital, but as a patient and dying, also with a secret. She was visit by the priest and she tell him she didn't retire from the hospital, quit because of guilt. He offers to take confession, but she said no because confessions are private and she want's the hospital know what she did, because they must make it right. Teresa passed away, but not before telling him her secret. The priest then proceeds to a hospital directors office. The director calls in the lawyers, Jack Pinkham one of whom states that he knew the family who has one of the kids she switched at birth.

Season Seven[]

In Remember Paul?, it was revealed that Teresa had a drinking problem and it was revealed the mix up children are Grace Sanchez and Juanita Solis.