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"The People Will Hear" is the 178th episode of Desperate Housewives.


As her trial nears, Bree begins to fall for her attorney, Trip Weston, and the ladies are shocked about Gabrielle's nonchalant attitude as Bree continues to stand trial and take the fall for Carlos in the murder of Alejandro. Meanwhile, Susan becomes concerned when Julie doubts Porter's commitment to be a hands-on father to their unborn baby, and, as Tom gets closer to being transferred to India for his job - thanks to Lynette - she begins to have second thoughts and tries to convince his boss to rescind the move.


Previously on Desperate Housewives[]

Lynette found that dating Tom's boss...had it's advantages. Julie made a big decision about her baby, and the babies father made a commitment. Carlos and Gaby argued after Bree was arrested for murder. But Bree's attorney was confident...as well as convincing.
Mary Alice Young


Since Bree Van de Kamp was arrested, she had experienced a wide range of emotions. One moment she felt afraid, the next she was angry, and through it all, she felt ashamed. But now that her trial was approaching, she was beginning to feel...a little rattled.
8x21 - Bree angry
Bree is angry after her arrest.

Bree is sat in her living room, looking through files for her trial. She puts them down and begins to stir a cup of tea. We then see flashes of events during Bree's arrest. Firstly, we see Bree being put into the police car, looking terribly afraid. Then we see her at the police station, angrily taking off her jewelry and throwing it into a bag. And then we see Bree outside her house, reading a news article about her arrest, looking deeply ashamed in herself.

8x21 - Gaby Bree Susan Lynette
Gaby accidentally calls Ramon Sanchez "Alejandro".

Back in the present, Bree tries to drink her tea, but as she does so, her hand shakes. Lynette and Susan are sat in the room with Bree and Susan asks if Bree's okay when she sees her shaking. Bree explains the witness preparation is making her nervous, as Trip has been with Gaby a long time. Lynette assures Bree that Trip is just thorough, and with that, Gaby and Trip enter the living room. Bree states they took a while, so Trip explains they'll be asked lots of questions about the night Ramon disappeared. Trip then questions the three women to see if they have their stories straight, but when Gaby answers a question wrong, Bree is angry someone would think she's serve barbecue sauce at a dinner party. Gaby sarcastically says it's worse than being accused of killing "Alejandro". The wives notice Gaby call Ramon "Alejandro" and they get nervous. Trip asks who Alejandro is, so Gaby explains it's her gardener and she gets her Mexican's confused. Trip apparently shrugs it off and then says he has to leave. He and Bree share an intimate moment before leaving, which the girls notice. They express their frustration that she is still "going after" Trip, but Bree assures them she's focused on the case. However, she comes clean and tells the girls he's the best man she's met in ages, and he seems to like her in return. With that, the girls notice something outside. Bree looks outside and sees Trip getting into a convertible with a young blonde woman. She then turns back to the girls, with an insecure and jealous look on her face.

Yes, after Bree Van de Kamp was arrested, she felt a range of emotions. But the one thing she didn't expect to feel...was jealousy.
Mary Alice Young

Act I[]

At the Fairview Childbirth Center there are certain conversations you expect to hear; discussions about the magic of a changing body, the beauty of natural childbirth, or the importance of healthy nutrition. But Julie Mayer found herself having a conversation...that was rather unexpected.
Mary Alice Young
8x21 - Julie Porter Susan
Julie is mad at Porter for being late to their class.

At the Fairview Childbirth Center, Julie is sat with Susan, and they're surrounded by other pregnant women with their partners. One woman is sat with her partner and she calls herself a cow because of her weight. Then there is another woman who tells her mother she'll get medication during childbirth. And then there is a woman who is eating potato chips. Her partner tries to get one, but she snaps at him to stop him. Julie is laid on the floor while Susan massages her hand and expresses her shock about Bree being on trial for murder. Julie says it sucks, but talking about a murder while trying to relax also sucks. Susan apologizes and asks what she wants to visualize to relax. Julie replies "punching Porter" because he's late. Susan suggests practicing their breathing, Julie tells her it feels stupid, but Susan assures her it works when stressed. Suddenly, the coach at the center announces they're gonna play the birth DVD. Porter then show up, wearing ridiculous clothes from his job. He apologizes to Julie, but she is still angry. Porter explains he was working to get money for the baby, but Julie gets mad and tells him he need to stop being late for their appointments. Porter apologizes again and says he's ready to help. Everyone then starts to watch the DVD and when it shows the woman giving birth, Porter faints, frustrating Julie.

8x21 - Gaby Bree
Gaby tells Bree that she shouldn't be worried about the trial.

At Cumberly's, Bree is in a waiting room, waiting for Gaby to return with dresses. She's on the phone, trying to contact Trip, but she learns he's having dinner with the young blonde woman. As she hangs up, she looks disappointed. Gaby then returns with three dresses that "scream acquittal" for the trial. However, after closely examining all three, they both agree they could all be "bad luck". As Gaby searches for another dress, she notices Bree looking very upset. She asks her what's wrong, so Bree explains she's worried about her trial, which is in three days. Gaby assures Bree and says juries can sense when someone is innocent. She then says Trip is a brilliant lawyer, but Bree explains he may have been distracted lately. Gaby states he seems fine to her and then goes to get more dresses. As she leaves, she tells Bree she isn't worried at all.

8x21 - Porter Parker Preston Penny
Preston, Porter, Parker and Penny learn Tom is moving to India.

At 4355 Wisteria Lane, Tom has just told Lynette and his children that he will be moving to India. All the children are horrified. Penny asks how long he'll be gone, so he tells her a year. Penny gets upset because he'll miss her 8th Grade graduation. Lynette assures her children that they can still keep in contact with their father. She then tells them the year will go quickly. Penny hugs her father and tells him not to go. She then runs to her room, crying. Lynette asks her sons for a moment alone with Tom, so they leave. When the boys leave, Tom tells Lynette he doesn't know how they're gonna get through the situation. Lynette asks how Jane took the news, but all he says is "timing could have been better". Lynette says some time apart might do them good, and Tom agrees. Tom says it's gonna be weird being far away and that he'll miss Lynette. Lynette is touched and then tells Tom she is "so sorry". Unaware she caused this, Tom says there's nothing she can do about it. He then leaves the house, leaving Lynette full of guilt and regret.

Act II[]

8x21 - Bree accuses Lindsay
Bree accuses Lindsay, a private investigator, of being a hooker.

At the courthouse, Bree is sat, waiting for Trip. The blonde woman Trip was with walks past, and Bree recognizes her. She says hello, so the woman looks at Bree, confused. She asks the woman if she's looking for Trip, which she is. Bree explains he is meeting with the judge, so the woman decides to wait for him and she sits beside Bree on a bench. As they wait in silence, Bree glances at the woman and notices her cleavage almost falling out her blouse. She awkwardly asks the woman how she knows Trip, so she mysteriously says he "hires her". Bree immediately assumes she's a prostitute and asks the nature of her work. The woman tells her she cannot say, because discretion is important for her job. This only strengthens Bree's theories. Bree tells the woman "part of her discretion" is falling out of her blouse, shocking the woman. Bree tells the woman the court is Trip's workplace, so they should meet in her workplace, i.e. a street corner or motel. The woman gets angry and asks if she is being called a hooker; Bree confirms. They lady tells Bree to tell Trip she's off his case before walking away furiously. With that, Trip comes out of the court room and calls for "Lindsay", the woman who is walking away. She ignores him, so he tries to run after her, because she is his private investigator. However, Bree stops him and explains she will get Lindsay, as women can "misinterpret things".

8x21 - Renee Lee Lynette
Lee and Lynette don't like the bridesmaid dress Renee chose.

At 4355 Wisteria Lane, Lynette, Lee and Renee are in the kitchen, looking at the design for Lynette's bridesmaid dress. Lee and Lynette both hate it and stare at it, horrified. Renee asks what they think, so Lynette replies "nice". Lee reminds Lynette she'd have to wear it in public, so Renee intimidatingly asks if he has a problem with it. He sneakily tells her purple is a bold choice and it may pull focus from the bride. Renee shows Lee her wedding dress and then states not even "Santa Claus, in a thong, riding a Unicorn" wouldn't be able to pull focus from it. She then look as Lynette, who is stood quietly eating cookies, and asks if she's okay. Lynette explains it's about Tom leaving for India, so Lee assures her she'll be fine and her kids will learn to adjust. She then tells them that he said he'd miss her, suddenly interesting Renee. She asks what she'll do, but Lynette just laughs, saying she can't let him go to Mumbai. Lee takes the box of cookies off Lynette and says she will need to fit into the dress.

8x21 - Lindsay and Bree
Lindsay tells Bree that Trip is not interested in her romantically.

At a street in Fairview, Lindsay is crouched on the pavement behind a car with her camera at the ready. Bree walks down the street and calls out for her. She approaches her and says they got off on the wrong foot earlier, but Lindsay angrily tells her to keep walking. Bree stays still and says she deserves that, but Lindsay grabs Bree to the ground, explaining she's on surveillance. However, the person she was spying on closes his curtains after noticing Lindsay. She yells at Bree for ruining her job, so Bree simply apologizes. She then apologizes for being rude to Lindsay earlier and insists she was "off color". She explains that she shouldn't have called her a hooker, but Lindsay simply states that Bree likes Trip and she got jealous because she though they were together. Bree insists she isn't jealous of her and trip, but then nervously asks if she is with Trip. Lindsay scoffs the idea, explaining he is "like one-hundred". Lindsay explains she'll go back on Trip's case as it isn't all Bree's fault. Bree asks what she means, so she explains that he's a lawyer, so women get the wrong idea because he protects them and listens to them. As Lindsay walks away, Bree tells her she thinks there is "something" between her and Trip. Lindsay apologizes and tells Bree she knows Trip, and he's into his cases, not his clients. As Lindsay finally leaves, Bree stands there with a disappointed look on her face.

8x21 - Julie is worried
Julie is worried that Porter has lost interest in being a father.

At 4353 Wisteria Lane, Susan is giving Julie a back-massage as she tries to assure her daughter that Porter will be fine during the delivery and he'll cope with the blood. She tells her daughter that Mike felt the same way as Porter, but after MJ was born he was her rock. She then tells Julie about MJ taking his first steps, and after falling and getting hurt, she was upset, but Mike knew what to do. Julie goes to comfort her mother, who is beginning to cry. She explains she's okay, but says there's so many memories at their house. She then suddenly snaps out of her state and reminds Julie that she shouldn't be worried about Porter. Julie tells her mother that she thinks Porter isn't interested in being a father anymore. Susan asks Julie to cut him some slack as he was late to a class because of work, but she explains that he has been missing other things too. Julie tells her mother the plan was for Porter to help raise the baby so she could finish school, but expresses her worry for it falling apart.

Act III[]

8x21 - Lynette breaks up with Gregg
Lynette breaks up with Gregg after stopping him sending Tom to India.

It's night now on Wisteria Lane. Over at 4355 Wisteria Lane, Lynette and Gregg have just finished their meal together. Gregg tells her it was delicious and she's glad he liked it. She offers him some more wine and he accepts, saying she should know he likes more wine. Lynette awkwardly laughs, so Gregg asks if she's okay. She asks him for a favor; not to send Tom to Mumbai. She explains her kids are upset and Tom is becoming a wreck. With that, Gregg says "okay" and says he'll send McGinnis instead. Lynette burst out with a smile and she falls back onto her sofa, thanking him and saying she's grateful. Gregg begins to hit on Lynette and says there's one way she can show her gratitude. However, Lynette moves away awkwardly, confusing Gregg. She tells him she's not ready to have sex, and is unsure if she ever will be because there's someone else. Gregg stands up with a rage and asks if she just realized that, but she explains that she just realized she wants it to work. Gregg calls Lynette unbelievable for using him to get back at Tom and then dumping him. He then barges out of Lynette's house, screaming "unbelievable" at the top of his voice.

8x21 - Lynette angry
Lynette is angry at Gabrielle for not being worried about Bree.

It's late at night on Wisteria Lane. All the residents are in bed, however, some are having difficulty sleeping. At 4354 Wisteria Lane, Bree is laid in bed, and when she cannot get to sleep, she gets out and goes downstairs. At 4355 Wisteria Lane, Lynette is in her kitchen making a cup of coffee. And at 4353 Wisteria Lane, Susan is sat in her living room, watching a news report about Bree's trial. She suddenly gets out of her chair and heads outside. As she walks onto the lane, she meets up with Lynette; they both say they couldn't sleep. Lynette asks Susan if she remembers the last time they were out so late, so she tells her the night they buried Alejandro. They both notice Gaby approaching them, so they ask her if she's having trouble sleeping too. However, she calmly tells them she woke up for some water and saw them walking. She then asks why they're awake, so Lynette explains they can't sleep as Bree is going on trial the next day. Gaby assures them Bree will be fine. Susan explains that juries can make mistakes, so Gaby tells her it doesn't help to be negative. Susan tells the girls she's been considering telling the judge the truth, so Lynette explains she thought that too; this worries Gaby. Susan and Lynette scold Gaby for not considering telling the truth, but Gaby insists their plan will work. Lynette accuses Gaby of not caring if Bree is convicted, so Susan tries to calm the situation down. She and Lynette continue walking, leaving Gaby, who asks why they're mad at her. Lynette tells her it's because she isn't having any trouble sleeping.

8x21 - Bree and Trip
Bree and Trip relax the night before her trial begins.

Meanwhile, at 4354 Wisteria Lane, Bree is sat in her living room, polishing her silverware, when the front door knocks. She looks, confused, but Trip's voice suddenly calls out, telling her not to freak out. She answers the door and asks what he's doing, as it's the middle of the night. He says he had a feeling she'd be up and then he walks into the house. She asks if they need to discuss her case, but he explains they need to do the opposite. He then holds up a bag of donuts and the film Casablanca. Bree explains it's her favorite movie and asks if it's his too. He tells her he's more into Caddyshack, but says he had a feeling about Bree. As Trip starts the movie, Bree asks if they should be doing this the day before the trial. Trip insists it's best to just "forget about" the trial, as it would help. Bree reluctantly agrees, and then tells Trip she's glad he became part of her life. They then both take a donut to eat and prepare to watch the film. Bree turns to Trip and smiles at him warmly.

Act IV[]

8x21 - DA Stone
D.A. Stone argues that Bree is guilty of Ramon Sanchez's murder.

At the courthouse, Bree's trial begins as Judge Conti starts the case and allows opening statements from the prosecution and defense. D.A. Stone, the prosecution, stands up, and begins her statement. She asks how well people really know their neighbors, and explains the case will show they have secrets. Trip then answers D.A. Stones first question, and says people know their neighbors pretty well. He explains Bree's friends will explain that she is a woman of honesty, integrity and passion. D.A. Stone explains that Bree is an alcoholic and that she'd pick up strange men at bars, have sex with them, and not remember it. Trip jokingly explains if picking up people at a bar is a crime, then he himself is a criminal. D.A. Stone explains that Bree lured Ramon Sanchez into her house, seduced and then killed him. Trip insists there is no connection between Bree and Ramon. D.A. Stone explains it isn't a crime to pick up men at bars, but it is illegal to kill them. Trip admits Bree has made some questionable choices, but states it doesn't make her a killer; but it makes her human, like everyone. D.A. Stone finishes by saying Bree led a secret life, and like bodies, they don't always stay buried.

8x21 - Porter
Porter explains he's working as hard as he can to provide for Julie and his child.

Susan enters a fast-food restaurant, Big Top Burger, and is welcomed by a young girl working at the till. Susan explains she's looking for Porter, and asks if he's done yet. The girl explains that Porter is working the drive-through and tells her he'll finish at six, as he picked up another shift. The girl asks if she can get Susan something to eat, but Susan tells her she'll get something to go, pointing at the drive-through. A little while later, Susan pulls her car alongside a clown with a speaker in its mouth. Porter's voice comes from it, asking if he can help, but Susan tells him helping the mother of his child is a better idea. Susan asks why he's leaving Julie to do things alone. Frustrated, he explains he's working three jobs to provide for them. Susan tells him to tell Julie that, because she thinks he's losing interest. When other cars behind Susan get impatient, Susan drives up to Porter's window. Porter explains he has no qualifications so he won't do well in life, but Susan assures him he can go to college. However, Porter knows he'll have to work all the time to provide for his daughter. He tells Susan how he understands Julie sacrificed a lot to allow him to be in his daughters life, and then explains it was a bad deal for her.

8x21 - Gaby defends Bree
Gabrielle defends Bree's innocence against two strangers.

At a supermarket, Gabrielle is waiting in line to buy her groceries. Meanwhile, two women are stood behind her, gossiping about Bree as they read a news article about it. They call her a black widow, and then are shocked to read she slept with 15 men within two months, and was drunk the whole time. They both giggle when they jokingly say it's like college. Gabrielle overhears the women and is angered. She tells them they don't know what they're talking about. She asks if they even know Bree, so one woman explains she catered a party for her friend, and she seemed to have "shifty" eyes. The other woman reads the magazine and agrees that her eyes are "shifty". Gaby tells the women she knows Bree personally and that she's innocent. One woman explains the police don't arrest innocent people, leading the other to insist she must have done something. Gaby explains one article doesn't make her guilty, but one of the women tells her everyone thinks she killed Ramon. Gaby yells, insisting Bree would never kill anyone, and she'd die if she knew what people thought about her. The woman replies by saying she'll have to get used to it, as the jury will find her guilty and she'll go away for a long time.

8x21 - Susan offers to move with Julie
Susan offers to move with Julie so she can finish her degree.

At 4353 Wisteria Lane, Susan and Julie are laid on the floor, meditating together to create positive energy. Susan begins to describe Julie's college campus, but when she mentions her dissertation and PhD, Julie suddenly becomes unrelaxed and she glares up at the ceiling. Julie asks her mother what she's doing, as getting her PhD would never happen. However, Susan says she thinks it will happen. Julie asks how, so Susan explains she'll move back with Julie and help raise the baby; Julie is shocked. Susan explains she'll sell the house and she and MJ will move up with her so she can finish her degree. Julie asks what Porter will do, so Susan tells her he'll always be a part of the babies life, but he needs to fix his own first. Julie refuses the offer, telling Susan she loves Wisteria Lane, Susan agrees, but tells her not as much as she loves her. She then admits it'll be good for her too as there are too many bad memories. Julie is instantly touched, and she tells her mother it'd be awesome and then asks if she's really sure. Susan tells Julie she's sure, so they both hug happily. They then both lay back down to continue meditating.

8x21 - Tom defends Lynette
Tom defends Lynette when Gregg insults her.

At Tom's office, Tom is comforting a clearly worried McGinnis, who has been told he'd be leaving for India. He tells him it'll be fine, and if he doesn't like it, it'll only be a year. With that, Gregg enters, ready for work. Tom thanks Gregg for changing his mind, but Gregg scoffs, telling him to thank Lynette. Tom is surprised by this. Greg tells him Lynette is a real "piece of work" and he explains he doesn't know how Tom put up with her. Tom suddenly feels awkward, and tells Gregg he thought they were dating. Gregg explains she dumped him because she's in love with someone else. Tom gives a small smile, assuming it is him. Gregg loudly announces to his colleagues that Tom should have moved to India to escape "her crap". Hurt by the comments, Tom tries to shrug them off, but Gregg keeps insulting her. Tom gets angry, and tries to make him stop by getting on with the work. However, when Gregg calls Lynette a "first class bitch", Tom loses his temper and punches him across the face. Gregg glares at Tom and wishes the punch was worth it, because he's fired.

Act V[]

8x21 - Trip questions
Trip questions the defense's witnesses, Susan, Lynette and Gabrielle.

At the courthouse, Judge Conti asks Trip if his first witness is ready. He tells her they are ready, and then calls for Susan Delfino. Susan slowly enters the room and takes her seat at the stand. We then see a montage of Susan, Lynette and Gaby being questioned by Trip. He asks Susan how long she's known Bree, and she replied "nearly twenty years". Trip then asks Lynette if she knows Bree well, and she tells him they're like sisters and she's so honest. He then asks Gaby what happened on the "night in question", so she explains they had a progressive dinner party. Trip asks what that is, so she explains, and he says it sounds like a lot of fun. Susan tells him it's not fun when you cannot cook, so they skipped her house - humoring the judge. Trip asks Susan if they were with Bree the whole time, but she honestly replies "no". Trip asks where she went, and Lynette replies that she went to check on her entrée. Trip asks if Bree could have had time to kill Ramon while gone, but Lynette explains Bree was having sex with her boyfriend, Chuck. She then explains the whole neighborhood walked in on them, leading Trip to say it must have been awkward. Gaby tells him he clearly doesn't know Wisteria Lane. Trip asks what happened next, so Gaby tells him the party finished and the girls stayed late to help clean up. He asks how late they stayed, so she tells him about two in the morning. Trip then announces to the court that the coroner's report said the time of death was around ten and twelve at night. He then finishes by asking if there's no way Bree could have killed Ramon, and all three women say she could not have.

8x21 - Tom and Jane
Tom and Jane break up.

At Tom and Jane's apartment, Tom brings the last box containing his things at work from his car, telling Jane his assistant will pick up the rest as he's been banned from entering the building. Jane assures Tom she's trying to be supportive, but explains she's having a hard time understanding why he hit Gregg. Not wanting to tell the truth and hurt Jane, Tom simply tells her he never like him. Confused, Jane explains there are lots of people he doesn't like who he doesn't hit. Tom says he simply lost his temper, so Jane asks if it's because he's being transferred. He says no, so Jane asks if it's because he was dating Lynette. Tom is silent, horrifying Jane. She quietly asks if he is still in love with Lynette. He approaches Jane, but she steps away from him. He tries to explain Lynette has been an important part of his life, but Jane tells him she's heard that speech lots of times. She then demands him to answer the question, which he does, by simply saying "yes". Jane is mortified and then she begins to cry. She asks Tom if she was a "wall" to hide his love for Lynette from himself, but he insists that he cares for her too. Jane stops him in his tracks, telling him "no". She explains he cannot break someone's heart and say he still cares for them. As Jane walks out of the apartment in tears, she turns back to Tom and tells him she loved him. Tom just stands silently and sadly as she leaves.

8x21 - Bree suicide note
Bree reads out her suicide note to the court.

At the courthouse, Bree is on the stand being questioned by Trip. He shows her multiple photos of men and asks if she knows them. She tells the court she recognizes them as men she had slept with. Trip says he cannot understand how painful it must be to publicly humiliate herself. He then asks why she testified, as she didn't need to in this situation. She says she admits her transgressions. Trip asks if that includes killing Ramon Sanchez, but she insists to the court that she didn't. Trip indicates that he's finished questioning Bree, leading D.A. Stone to begin her questioning. She tells Bree what she just said seemed very heartfelt and asks if her conscience is clear. Bree tells her it is. D.A. Stone reveals she has come into possession of some new evidence. Trip objects, saying they haven't been shown it yet, but Judge Conti overrules his objection and allows Stone to continue. She hands Bree a note and asks if it looks familiar. Bree reads it and is horrified. She admits to writing the note that is held before her. D.A. Stone asks if it is a suicide note; Bree confirms this. Stone explains the letter was found in a hotel room Bree stayed in on the night of Detective Chuck Vance's death. Trip objects, stating Bree isn't on trial for Chuck Vance's murder. D.A. Stone asks Bree to read the letter, which she does after much worry and hesitation. The note reads: "I never thought I could feel such remorse. Such guilt. No one knows who I really am, I'm entirely alone. Living with this secret is too painful, I can't go on." When Bree is finished, Stone states it doesn't seem like she has a clear conscience and then closes her case.

8x21 - Bree
Bree insists she didn't kill Ramon.

After the trial has finished for the day, Bree bursts out of the room and hurries away from Trip, who is trying to keep up with her. She tells him she wants to be alone, but Trip won't allow it until she tells him what the suicide note was about. Bree tells him that she already explained about being in a very dark place with the drinking and her friends abandoning her. She again insists she never killed anybody. She tells Trip he has to believe her. He assures her he does and then tells her he hopes the jury does too. Bree looks at Trip with a very worried expression on her face.

8x21 - Lynette Lee
Tom assumes Lynette has moved on with another man.

At 4355 Wisteria Lane, Lee is sat on a chair, looking at Lynette, who is wearing the hideous bridesmaid dress Renee chose for her. After being told about Tom losing his job, Lee assures her it isn't her fault. However, Lynette points out that it's weird that after dumping his boss he got fired. She says the worst thing is that it's the same reason they broke up, her trying to control his life. Lee suddenly bursts out into laughter as he stares at her dress. Lynette sulkily tells Lee he sucks at being a gay friend. He apologizes and says he cannot take her seriously in the dress. Lynette admits the dress is bad and suggests accessorizing to make it look better, but Lee says it won't work. Lee tells Lynette to tell Renee she hates the dress. However, Lynette says she'll just hate the new one because it's "what she does" and it's what she did to Tom. She then ponders over the idea that she was never unhappy with Tom...but just unhappy. Lee says that she was at least right about the dress being bad, and then he offers to help her out of it. Lee turns Lynette around and unzips the dress from behind, the dress then falls down to the floor. Meanwhile, Tom has just arrived outside the house. He walks towards the door until he sees a man taking Lynette out of her dress. Unaware that it is Lee, he turns around, distraught over the fact his shot with Lynette has been ruined, and leaves to go back to his apartment.

Act VI[]

8x21 - Gaby
Gaby realizes what she is putting Bree through.

At 4349 Wisteria Lane, Gabrielle is in the kitchen, preparing dinner for her family. She hears Juanita and Celia arguing from the next room, so she yells at them to stop. Obviously they disobey their mother and they keep fighting. A scream is heard from one of the girls and then there is a smashing sound, alarming Gaby. She enters her living room and sees a pot statue laying on the floor in lots of little pieces. Juanita and Celia are both stood looking guiltily over it. Furious, Gaby asks who broke it, so Juanita blames Celia. Gaby yells at Celia as it belonged to her grandmother. As she takes the larger shards, Gaby tells Celia to sweep up the rest. As she leaves, Celia tells her mother it wasn't her fault as Juanita pushed her. When Gaby asks Juanita if that is true, she admits Celia wouldn't give her the TV remote. Gaby yells at Juanita for nearly allowing to take the blame for something she did, telling her it's horrible. She tells her breaking the statue is her fault so she should own up to it. Suddenly, as Gaby says that to her daughters, she realizes that is exactly what she's doing to Bree and she is suddenly full of guilt. Juanita notices the concerned look in her mother's eyes, so she apologizes, thinking she's sad about the statue. Gaby tells her it's okay and tells the girls to wash up for dinner while she fixes the mess.

8x21 - Bree Trip
Trip reveals that he knows Alejandro was Gabrielle's step-father.

Later on, at the courthouse, D.A. Stone is questioning a Coroner. He explains to the court that the fracture found on Ramon Sanchez's head seemed to come from a blunt object. Meanwhile, Lindsay quietly enters the courtroom and heads towards Trip Weston. Bree watches Lindsay as she passes Trip a blue folder and whispers something to him. Trip immediately stands up and reminds Judge Conti that he asked for a recess. She accepts. Moments later, outside the courtroom, Bree is looking at the files Lindsay gave Trip. It shows that Ramon used to be Gaby's step-father. Bree asks how he found out, so he explains he knew something was up when Gaby mentioned the name "Alejandro". Bree tells Trip that she wanted to tell him the truth, but explains she made a pact. Trip asks if she means her and Gaby, but Bree mentions there are more people involved...ones she cares about. Trip reminds her she could go to jail, worrying Bree. She asks if he thinks that'll happen, but he says he doesn't know. He tells her the jury knows she's hiding something, which she is. Trip says he wants to win the case for Bree and asks if there's a way to exonerate her. She admits there is a way, but she'd have to betray her friends to do so. Feeling like he's getting nowhere, Trip silently nods and then walks away from Bree. He stops for a moment and turns back to Bree, telling her he thinks it's time to tell the truth about Gaby.

8x21 - Bree Gaby
Bree fears being sent to prison for keeping the secret for Gaby and Carlos.

We see Bree sitting on a bench in the courthouse, outside the courtroom, looking very worried and nervous. We then see Susan looking towards Julie from the doorway, smiling, excited about starting a new life with her. Then we see Tom looking sadly at Jane as she packs her bag. She zips up her suitcase and then leaves the apartment, walking out of Tom's life forever. And then we see Lee giving a depressed Lynette some wine in her living room. Finally, we see Bree still sitting outside the courtroom, still looking nervous. Gaby quietly approaches her, holding a small bag. Bree asks what she's doing at the courthouse, so Gaby explains she finally found the perfect scarf. She pulls out a scarf, saying it's beautiful, elegant and dignified, just like Bree. Bree says she didn't need to do it, but Gaby says she did as she hasn't truly thanked her for what she's doing. She tells Bree she is a much better person than she could ever hope to be. They both hug tightly and comfortingly, Gaby tries to hold in her tears of gratitude, and Bree has a horrified, sickly look on her face, scared that she'll be sent to prison if she doesn't tell the truth.

Yes, recent events in the lives of my friends had stirred up intense emotions; excitement about starting a new chapter, guilt over causing another's pain, disappointment in a failure to change. Then there are those who are asked to put all emotion aside in order to make a cold hearted decision.
Mary Alice Young


Gabrielle: I'm always getting my Mexicans confused, which I'm allowed to do because I'm Mexican.

Susan: Killers don't wear aprons.

Bree: Well, part of your discretion is falling out of your blouse.



Bloopers and Continuity Errors[]

  • D.A. Stone states during the trial hearing that Detective Chuck Vance was killed on May 7, which makes no sense, considering how he died shortly before the Valentine's Day episode.
  • At the trial, Trip Weston says: "And the coroner's report said the time of death was between 10 pm and midnight." This is ridiculous. Time of death is determinded by rigor mortis and body temperature readings on very recently deceased bodies. The skeletal remains the coroner inspected had been buried directly in the dirt for months. From a skeleton, there is no conceivable way for anyone to determine the exact date—much less a two-hour time window—of death.


This episode was directed by executive producer David Warren, marking his 12th directing credit with the series, and written by executive story editor Brian Tanen, his 2nd writing credit (following "Who Can Say What's True?").


"The People Will Hear" was watched by 10.98 million viewers and held 2.7/7 rating between 18 and 49 years of age. The episode was competing against The Amazing Race season finale on CBS, which was watched by 9.40 million viewers and held a 2.7/7 rating, Celebrity Apprentice on NBC, which averaged 6.23 million viewers and held a 1.9/5 rating in the 18-49 demographic and the combination of Family Guy and American Dad! on Fox which averaged 5.23 million viewers for the hour, and had a 2.5/7 rating.


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