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"The Story of Lucy and Jessie" is the 104th episode of Desperate Housewives.


Carlos and Gaby attend Bradley's funeral. Gaby doesn't want to stay because people are prying them for gossip about Bradley's death. Carlos refuses to leave early, since the other attendees are his co-workers and it's unlikely that any of them know Bradley had fired Carlos, given he was killed just eight hours later. This is more or less confirmed when, as if on cue, they are approached by Owen Johnson, the CEO. He informs them that Bradley called him before he died wanting to discuss Carlos's job performance, but he'd died by the time Johnson returned the call to follow up. Combined with the fact that Bradley had pushed for Carlos to get a large bonus (for Gaby's silence), he concludes that Bradley was recommending that Carlos get a promotion. Carlos and Gaby play along to save face, and Carlos is promoted to Bradley's old job as company president.

Lynette is having a hard time trying to land a job so she asks Gaby if she and put in a good word for her with Carlos, however; Gaby doesn't think it would be a good idea. Carlos hires his ex-roommate Lucy Blackburn and Gaby is fine with it at first but grows jealous so she demands Carlos hire Lynette. Through Lucy, Lynette figures out why Gaby hired her and as long as Lynette gets her $100,000 salary she will continue to be Gaby's spy.

Meanwhile, Edie goes to the local newspaper to dig up information on Dave's family and learns that Dave had a daughter that was killed in the same crash as his wife. Later, Edie asks Dave how he feels about children and he tells her that a "friend" of his had a daughter he loved who died in a car crash and part of him died with her and lives his life wondering what she would've looked like and how old she would've been, so Dave tells her he would never want a child as it wouldn't be worth it. Back at the newspaper, an intern finds an article revealing that Mike would not be charged in the deaths of Lila and Paige Dash but is told to wait until tomorrow to give it to Edie.

While talking to Gaby and Susan, Bree discovers they both have had things go missing and Gaby believes that it was Juanita. Bree instantly realizes that Orson has continued stealing. When Orson comes home, he finds that Bree has put all the stuff he stole on the table and demands to know why the stealing is still going on and thinks it would be a good idea to see a therapist. Bree tells Orson that he is no longer allowed to go into any of the neighbor's houses. Bree puts all the stuff he stole into her bag and makes an excuse to enter the neighbor's homes and secretly puts everything back, unfortunately she places Mrs. McCluskey's Mexican statue on Gaby's table and Gaby believes it was Juanita so she cancels her party and then Juanita accuses Bree, who deflects by suggesting that Gaby punish Juanita instead. As she is leaving Gaby's house, Bree sees Orson coming out of Bob and Lee's, and after she catches up to him she sees that he stole one of their mugs. At therapy, Orson lets the therapist know that the stealing is something that Bree cannot control and that makes him very happy.

Dave is all set for the camping trip but Mike tells him that Katherine won't be making it because she has to do her taxes. Mike tells him it would be a lot more fun without a woman there. Dave goes to see Katherine and tells her the reason he wanted her to go is because he doesn't have many friends and would like to know Katherine more, and she agrees to go along. When Katherine asks Dave if he really thinks she's made an impact on Mike's life, he assures her, "Absolutely, if anything happened to you, it would destroy him." At the end of the episode Dave, Katherine, and Mike drive off onto their camping trip.

Susan learns that Jessie will be evaluating her throughout the week so she invites Jessie over, hoping to get a good evaluation. During the evening, Jessie takes Susan's intentions the wrong way and gives Susan a kiss before leaving. Susan lets Jessie know that she was only doing that because she wanted a good evaluation. In the end, Susan tells her that she wants to be there for Jessie as a friend.


The title comes from the song of the same name from the Stephen Sondheim musical Follies.