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"The Sun Won't Set" is the 31st episode of Desperate Housewives.


Previously on Desperate Housewives[]

Some reversed roles. Some were welcomed in. Some were shown the door. And some never got the chance to find out what they really wanted.
Mary Alice Young


Betty Applewhite was a gifted woman. Everyone had always said so, ever since she was a child. Her first piano teacher praised her dexterity. Her first college professor applauded her sense of rhythm. Her first symphony conductor hailed her dramatic flair. But Betty was no longer a concert pianist. She was now just a woman with a secret, one she was determined to keep by any means necessary.
Mary Alice Young

After the sudden break-in at Gaby's home, the neighbors are panicked when they suspect a thief in the area. Betty becomes suspicious of what the neighbors are thinking and decides to host a meeting for the neighborhood watch (created in Come In, Stranger). Things begin to get out of hand however when Karen McCluskey suggests they hire professional security. Betty manages to distract the group when she wins over the neighbors with a song on piano.

Yes. Betty Applewhite was a gifted woman. And the greatest of all her gifts was her timing.
Mary Alice Young


On her routine trip to visit Carlos in prison, Carlos reveals to her that he has been very depressed since learning the fate of their unborn child. He continues to tell her that shortly after Gabrielle told him the news, he began to become very violent (which includes tearing open his mattress and crying in front of the other inmates). After these episodes, Carlos goes on medication and seems heavily sedated when Gabrielle visits. When he becomes emotional once more, Gabrielle reminds the prison guards that it is probably time for another dosage. Shortly after her visit with Carlos, Gabrielle is visited by Hector Ramos, an ex-con who claims he was a friend of Carlos' while in prison. Hector informs Gabrielle that he will be watching the Solis premises to protect her from any unwanted intruders. Gabrielle tries to persuade him to leave, but all of her attempts fail until she bribes him. The two then leave for the bank, when Hector confesses that Carlos didn't hire him, and drives her to a deserted park. Freaking out, Gabrielle makes a run for it, but Hector tells her that Carlos actually hired him to help her with grief. A relieved Gabrielle moves towards Hector who tries to tell her to let go by releasing a red balloon into the air. Gabrielle confesses her true feelings, and releases the balloon.


As she cuts coupons from the morning paper, Bree notices a marriage announcement for her and George. Bree is upset, and visits George at the pharmacy where she explains her take on the situation. When George notices that Bree isn't wearing her engagement ring, he tells her to put it on. Bree refuses, saying that she feels uncomfortable wearing it, but George slides the ring onto her finger. The following afternoon, Bree is visited by George's ex-fiancé Leila Mitzman, who informs Bree that George is dangerous and extremely jealous. She claims George slapped her after seeing her speak to another guy, torched her car, and stalked her. Bree is initially offended and doesn't believe Leila. Yet, Bree can't explain why Leila would go to such lengths to make up these lies. When she asks George about it, he lies and tells Bree that Leila was obsessed with him and is a troubled lady, showing Bree pharmacy files that claim Leila was on Fluoxatine and Respiradon, antidepressants and antipsychotics. When Bree asks him why he even dated her in the first place, George eerily replies that in the beginning, people are blinded by the flaws, to which Bree is visibly shaken, and she takes off her engagement ring as she leaves. George is then seen changing the prescription file back to the actual patient's name, Ethel Hollings. While dining with George, Bree runs into Ty Grant. She introduces Ty to George as someone she used to date in college, but introduces George as just a "good friend," to which he interjects and says they're engaged. Irritated, Bree asks Ty if he'd like to dance. George, envious, demands Bree put on her engagement ring. When George begins to get angry and physical, Bree tells George the engagement is off and tells him to leave. George does, but not before he takes Ty's valet card, steals his car, and burns it.


Susan asks Mike if he will still be her date to Sophie and Morty's wedding, which takes place in a few days. Mike informs her that he will not be in attendance but has sent his apologies to her mother. Susan tries to persuade him to reconsider but Mike has his mind made up. Susan also shares with Mike the fact that she is writing an autobiography based on her life and about her father who was a merchant marine who was murdered in Hanoi during the 1960s. Mike tells Susan that merchant marines do not fight and that Hanoi was an enemy territory. Susan looks confused and proceeds to ask her mother at the rehearsal what actually happened to her father. Sophie hesitates to answer but Morty sticks around to tell her that she was the product of a one night stand. Susan gives a shock and disappointing expression but recognizes that Sophie was young and made a mistake. Little does she know that Sophie will reveal to her in front of friends and family that she had actually had an affair with a married man who was her boss and that he is her father. Susan leaves the wedding accompanied by Julie in anger and goes on a search to find her father who actually runs a business nearby.


Lynette worries that her twin sons, Porter and Preston will fall prey to a stranger if one approaches. Lynette decides to put the twins to the test when she asks Tom to talk to them about the dangers of being kidnapped. When Tom does the bare minimum, Lynette stages a mock-kidnapping involving Stu, her secretary from work to show up and drive away with Porter and Preston. With Lynette and Tom watching at a distance, Stu approaches the boys and bribes them with candy. They fall for this and jump into the car. Unexpectedly, Karen McCluskey sees the entire scene from her window and begins to use her taser on Stu. Lynette runs out of the house to help Stu and tries to shoo McCluskey away.


Matthew continues to search for Caleb but arrives once again with no sign. On yet another one of hunts for Caleb, instead of searching he joins Danielle on a park bench where the two talk. Finally, Caleb is discovered by Mike when Bongo sees someone suspicious lurking around who is trying to break into a car. Mike comes from behind and tackles him. Mrs. McCluskey asks if he needs a taser but Mike just asks that she call the police. As the police arrive, Caleb is placed in handcuffs while the entire neighborhood watches. Caleb looks befuddled as Betty raises a finger to her mouth, telling him to keep quiet.



Hector: You know, Carlos has your number. He says you're one tough cookie, so tough you don't know how to deal with your feelings. He's a perceptive man.
Gaby: He thought I was cheating with two gay guys. You sure you want to go with "perceptive"?

Gaby: You're not going to kill me?
Hector: I wasn't planning on it. Besides, if I was going to kill you, I wouldn't use a balloon. It'd take too long.

Episode Title[]

  • The episode's title, "The Sun Won't Set", is the Act II opening song of the Stephen Sondheim musical A Little Night Music.
  • French Title: L'Ex-Femme de sa vie (The Former Woman of His Life)
  • German Title: Der rote Ballon (The Red Balloon)
  • Italian Title: Il Sole Non Tramonterà (The Sun Won't Set)
  • Hungarian Title: Veszteségek (Misses)
  • Polish Title: Słońce nie zajdzie (The Sun Won't Set)


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