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Thomas "Tom" Scavo is one of the protagonists and titular husbands of Desperate Housewives, as well as the husband of Lynette Scavo. The former high school nerd, trying to be "cool" dad, always took the "back seat" in parenting and therefore his marriage. Luckily his assertive wife can help with decision making. He's the father of six children, and when his first sons were born, he built up a career as a successful businessman. However, his career withered away and he decided to open a pizzeria during a midlife crisis. When the business failed, he tried to get back into the world of business, pulling him and his wife apart, to the point of separation. He then found love with a new woman, Jane. After a year of separation, he and Jane split and Tom and Lynette reconciled and continued their marriage.

As a husband, Tom commonly calls Lynette crazy when she disagrees with him. He intermittently supports her, but is never worried about getting into questionable situations.


Early life[]

Tom is the son of Rodney and Allison Scavo and the brother of Theresa and Peter Scavo. ("Your Fault", "Excited and Scared")

After beginning his professional career, he begins to work at an advertising company. One day, he meets a young woman and has a one-night stand with her. Nora became pregnant with a baby girl, Kayla, as a result of the encounter, who Tom did not raise, and kept hidden from Lynette for a long time. ("Remember, Part 1")

He has a passionate relationship with Annabel, a co-worker, but insists he is not the "marrying type". ("Fear No More")

Later, he meets and works with rising company executive Lynette Lindquist, with whom he begins a love affair. ("Women and Death"). He cheats on Annabel with Lynette, leading to their marriage.

In “Where do I belong” (E12/S7), it is revealed that twenty years ago, Tom and Lynette were engaged, and had broken up for one week. Over the weekend, Lynette left to clear her head, and went to visit her mother Stella Wingfield. Tom spent his weekend at Coney Island Beach Club, and ran into Lynette’s college best friend, Renee Perry while in the coed showers. Tom and Renee ended up spending the entire weekend together, and had sex, while keeping this secret from Lynette for twenty years.

Tom continues his relationship with Lynette and the two get married. In 1997, Tom bought the house for Lynette, who was already pregnant with twin boys, Preston, and Porter in Wisteria Lane. ("Women and Death", "Remember, Part 1")

One year later, Tom and Lynette welcomed another son, Parker, one boy and a girl, a couple of years later. When the twin boys were about to turn eighteen, Tom and Lynette became pregnant with twins. One of them died before birth, with baby girl Paige being the only survivor.

Season 1[]

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Tom 101
Tom comes home from work to his loving family. ("Pilot")

Tom, who works as Head of Sales, returns home for one night from a business trip in Frisco,Texas, after receiving six frazzled voicemails from Lynette. When he enter s the house holding his 3 sons who saw him while they were outside, Lynette is relieved to see him, as she greets him with their baby daughter, Penny. His sons ask him if he brought them a present so he reaches into his bag and pulls out a football. He tells them to play with it for a while, giving him and Lynette a chance to be alone. He and Lynette go upstairs to have sex. Lynette stops him as he's about to take his pants off and explains she was having some problems with swelling so her doctor took her off the pill, which means he's gonna have to put on a condom. Tom isn't keen on the idea, and tells her "What's the big deal? Let's risk it." When Lynette hears this, she punches him in the face, and he falls to her side. She then grabs a plush toy and hits him with it. ("Pilot")

Lynette 103
Tom understands what Lynette has to put up with being a lone parent. ("Pretty Little Picture")

Lynette is happy that Tom has finally returned home from work, but becomes angered over a photo taken a few months prior. When she asks him if he would come to a dinner party with her, he tells her that he is tired and would rather skip it. Lynette is obviously upset since this party is probably the only social dinner for a while as most of her time is spent with her children. She decides to go to the party without Tom, and he volunteers to stay home with the kids. To give Tom the experience of what it is like to be her, Lynette gives the kids sugar and snacks beforehand which gives Tom quite a night. When Lynette arrives home, he thanks her for giving them sugar as part of her revenge and admits that they are raising "little terrorists". The following day, Tom makes it up to Lynette by wearing a sombrero and makes mimosa which leads the two to dance. ("Pretty Little Picture")

Lynette 105
Tom tries to enroll his children to Barcliff Academy. ("Come In, Stranger")

Tom and Lynette find themselves in an awkward position when they audition to enroll their twins at Barcliff Elementary School, a prestigious private school, and are forced to make their children look good so as to get them accepted. Tom almost ruins the interview by revealing more about his kids than he ought to, and ultimately Lynette becomes too preoccupied that Porter and Preston won't be selected to join the school. Tom offers the suggestion that they be homeschooled, and his wife is reasonably not content with the idea. She ultimately suggests that a nice donation to the school might help them a lot, and she hints that they should sell Tom's recreation boat. The latter is not happy with this, but doesn't have many other options left. The Scavo kids are later enrolled at the school. ("Come In, Stranger")

Tom 107
Tom pitches ideas for work at a dinner party. ("Anything You Can Do")

Tom tells his wife that he plans to host a dinner party for his boss and associates in order to give them a pitch regarding a new campaign. Lynette reluctantly agrees to, counting on her children's ADD medication to help her make ends meet and cope with the heavy demands of the party. During the dinner party, a peppy Lynette steals Tom's spotlight by topping his ideas and really appealing to the senior partners, which frustrates her husband. Later, during an argument that is ended when Tom tells his wife that she is the perfect housewife and mother, Lynette's attention is caught when her neighbor Carlos' mother is tragically hit by a vehicle and left for dead on the street. ("Anything You Can Do")

Tom 109
Tom isn't keen on the idea of a nanny. ("Suspicious Minds")

Following his wife's addiction to ADD medication, Tom decides to take the kids off her hands for an afternoon so that she can have some time for herself, a measure that doesn't really resonate all that well with Lynette, seeing as how she will still have house chores to tend to. Lynette then suggests that they get a nanny, an idea Tom isn't exactly on board with, because of the money it costs. However, he budges, and Lynette hires a stay-in nanny. Later, Tom is asked to emcee the fashion show hosted by Gabrielle Solis, as a fund-raiser for the nursing staff of the Sacred Heart Memorial Hospital, and he seems to be having a great time doing it, handling himself quite well even when trampy Edie parades in a skimpy attire, and when Susan makes a dramatic appearance in a beautiful dress that's been ripped to shreds. ("Suspicious Minds")

Tom 111
Tom catches Claire in the nude. ("Move On")

Whilst in bed one night, Lynette tries to discuss their need for a new water heater, but Tom is too tired. When Tom heads downstairs to switch on the coffee maker for the morning, he catches Claire naked as she puts her clothes in the washer. He heads back up stairs, aroused, and he and Lynette make love. The next morning, Claire tells Lynette about her embarrassing encounter with Tom the night before, leading Lynette to realize Tom is attracted to Claire. Lynette asks Tom to admit that he finds Claire attractive. She suggests firing Claire as it’s clear he’s attracted to her and won’t admit it. Tom refuses to fire Claire and then admits she’s attractive, but he isn’t attracted to her, pleasing Lynette. The next day, Lynette notices Tom noticing Claire’s breasts and is uncomfortable that Tom saw them. Tom notices this and fires Claire to protect his wife. Later, Lynette searches for an unattractive nanny with experience. ("Move On")

Tom 113
Tom tells his father that he is keeping a secret from Lynette. ("Your Fault")

Tom's father, Rodney Scavo, comes for a visit to see the Scavo family. Lynette winds up walking in on him with a woman, Lois McDaniel, who is not his wife. When Rodney refuses to be ashamed for his actions, Lynette kicks him to the curb. His visit spurs a frank conversation between the Scavos' about commitment and fidelity. When Tom admits to Lynette that he knew about his father's affairs and isn't that bothered by it, she tosses him out, as she feels he wouldn't care if he had an affair himself. Later, Lynette tries to make things up with Tom, but also insists she'll leave Tom if he ever cheats on her. Tom confides in his father that he has a secret, one that Lynette doesn't know about, revealing that he may not be the perfect husband, but this is unknown by Lynette. ("Your Fault")

Tom 114
Tom convinces Lynette to make up with Karen. ("Love is in the Air")

Karen McCluskey, the resident elderly busybody, is annoyed when the Scavo boys steal her potted plant to give to their mother for Valentine's Day. Tom tries to dissuade his wife from starting a war with Mrs. McCluskey, but is unable to, especially when the curmudgeonly old lady runs over one of the kids' bicycles. Tom watches, frustratingly, as his wife retaliates by throwing an egg at her neighbor. Later, during their home-made romantic dinner, Lynette keeps discussing the problem with Mrs. McCluskey with Tom, who tells her she should cave in and apologize to Karen, because they shouldn't have enemies on the lane, and they might someday need something from her. Lynette obliges, reluctantly so, by sending her boys over to apologize to McCluskey. ("Love is in the Air")

Tom 115
Tom is upset that he didn't get the promotion at work. ("Impossible")

Tom becomes angered when the boss at work passes on a promotion which was intended for him but instead went to another co-worker. However at a company softball game, Tom's rival, Tim Douggan collapses and must undergo triple bypass surgery which means he will be in recovery thus interfering with his new job. Tom then receives the promotion which was actually to go to Douggan. Lynette is happy about Tom's accomplishment but when she learns that the job involves more traveling than his current position she begs him to reconsider. This leads Lynette to have a talk with the boss' wife, Janie Peterson, and tells her how Tom will be missing so much of his children's lives now. Janie feels pity on Lynette and the following day, Tom tells Lynette that the boss reconsidered. ("Impossible")

TBA ("The Ladies Who Lunch")

During a school play, Lynette befriends a deaf mother in attendance, Alisa Stevens. She and her husband, Dennis Stevens, are invited over to have dinner with the Scavos, and Lynette soon realizes that the Stevens' marriage is on the rocks and that Dennis has no problem saying bad things about his spouse, with the excuse that she can't hear him. Lynette is irritated by this, and Tom begs her not to do anything about it, so Lynette asks him to try and say something should Dennis be rude again, when they all play tennis. Things happen exactly as predicted, and when Tom fails to say something, Lynette tells Dennis off, saying that if he is unhappy about his marriage he should do something about it. This all backfires when Lynette is confronted at school by Alisa, with help of her daughter, who scolds her for basically telling Dennis to leave her. Lynette feels incredibly guilty over what happened, but Tom comforts her by saying that she meant well. ("There Won't Be Trumpets")

TBA ("Children Will Listen")

TBA ("Live Alone and Like It")

TBA ("Fear No More")

Tom 121
"You want fantasy? I give you fantasy." ("Sunday in the Park with George")

When Lynette realizes that she and Tom haven't had sex for ten days, their new record, she becomes worried that her marriage is on the rocks. When she tells Tom, he assures her they can have sex when he gets home from work. Annabel Foster picks Tom up from work one morning, Lynette realizes how beautiful she is and assumes Tom sees her as the "fantasy woman". Their plan to have sex fails when they're interrupted by the smell of Lynette's clothes and their four noisy children. This leads Lynette to buy a sexy French Maid outfit which she wears in hopes of seducing Tom when he gets home from work. However, this fails when he comes home late and finds her sleeping on the couch. The next morning, after being questioned about the outfit, Lynette tells Tom that Annabel is the "fantasy woman" when she, herself, is just the "reality". Tom assures Lynette that he still loves her. To prove this, when he returns home from work that night he surprises her by wearing a small animal print thong. They then finally have sex, breaking their longest streak without it. ("Sunday in the Park with George")

Season 2[]

Tom's stint as a stay-at-home-dad is not as successful as Lynette hopes. He leaves the house a mess for Lynette to clean, often letting the children run off and get into some sticky situations. When an opportunity comes up for Tom to go to work, the Scavo's hire a nanny, only to fire her when Tom becomes sexually atrracted to her. Tom returns to the workplace, sharing an employer with his wife for the second time. But when Lynette's boss asks Lynette to send instant messages to his wife to help him heat up his sex life, his wife finds out and threatens


Tom as a stay-at-home-dad.

she'll leave him unless he fires the person who sent the IMs. Since Lynette is too valuable to the company's success, he tells his wife it was Tom and decides to fire him instead. Tom decides to have a chat with Ed. Through a 'forensic accountant' Ed discovered that Tom has been falsifying expense reports. It ends up with Tom punching Ed in the face. Since the necessary grounds of dismissal have been met, double grounds in fact, Tom is fired. Tom slips off Atlantic City telling Lynette he has a job interview there, but Tom is found out to be meeting another woman after Lynette follows him and sees first hand what she believes to be them embracing. Although Lynette initially wants a separation, Tom explains his relationship to Nora and the separation is called off.

Season 3[]

It is later found out that this woman is Nora Huntington, a woman with whom he had a one night stand years before he had met Lynette. In the second season finale it is revealed that she had apparently conceived his child, a daughter named Kayla Huntington, from their one night stand. This is news to Tom as the one night stand took place about eleven years ago and Nora had never told him about her pregnancy. Tom later confesses to Lynette that he wishes to go into the business of pizza-making. Nora however consistently undermines him behind his back and tries to get Lynette to tell him to drop the idea. Her plan is to show support to Tom, to get him back from Lynette. Tom, however, does not fall for Nora and rejects her seduction. He tells Lynette about it, who threatens Nora never to speak to Tom again.

Tom and Lynette plan to battle for Kayla's custody, but before anything happens, Nora gets shot and dies during the hostage crisis in the local supermarket. Lynette promises the dying woman to take care of Kayla. He then goes on with his pizza place and together with Lynette's help get it ready for the grand opening although not without some troubles along the way. He then tries to celebrate his 9th wedding anniversary with Lynette but it turns into a disaster. Yet they still have anniversary sex when they realize that nothing is worse than the routine.


Tom rushes to Lynette after her being shot. ("Bang")

In the episode, "Dress Big" Lynette and Tom fight over the restaurant uniforms, and when Tom does not come home, Lynette leaves Gabrielle and Susan to babysit the children and goes to confront Tom, discovering him lying on the floor of the restauarant unconscious. Lynette is now in charge of the restaurant as Tom is unable to do so (his back being thrown out again and needing surgery).

Tom and Lynette's relationship continues to regress with the new manager, Rick, on the scene. He used to be a chef at his former job, which was working at a four-star restaurant. To deal with the stress of the job, he took cocaine, but kicked the habit. Because of his former cocaine addiction, Tom doesn't approve with Lynette decision to hire him.

He attempts to bring in new types of food and to change the menu at the pizza parlour. Despite Rick's cooking skills, Tom doesn't feel the need to change the menu. Lynette and Tom argue about this and despite Tom's decision, Lynette goes over his head and changes the menu. Kayla then finds a review of the pizzeria in the paper and reads the report on how they've become a much better place now they've changed the menu to Tom, who feels threatened and inferior by this. Lynette begins to have growing feelings for Rick and stays late at the restaurant every night. Tom and the kids come to the pizzeria to surprise her, where Kayla sees chemistry between Lynette and Rick. Kayla tells Tom she thinks Lynette likes Rick, and Tom suggests to Lynette he should come back to work and fire Rick, only to receive objections from Lynette. Tom becomes aware of the dangers of Lynette cheating.

After Lynette getting stuck with him in a freezer as a result of the pizzeria being robbed, the two cuddle close together. Tom confronts Rick after seeing a surveillance tape, in which Lynette and Rick were having dinner together before the pizzeria was robbed. Tom makes a speech about how although his marriage to Lynette is shaky, it is rock solid and Rick would never break it up. Tom asks Rick to quit, and he says he won't leave unless Lynette fires him personally, because "she doesn't want him gone". Rick and Lynette are alone in the restaurant and Rick talks about his lunch with Tom. He said he had feelings for her. He told her it was obvious she has feelings for him. This enraged Lynette and she fired him. After finding out Tom was returning to work, Lynette sobbed in her bathroom, obviously distraught over the loss of Rick.

Lynette and Tom’s marriage continues to decline and Lynette doesn't speak to Tom for five days. In an attempt to rebuild their marriage, Tom gets his old college friend and marriage councillor to try and speak to them without Lynette knowing, but she clocks on to Tom’s actions and becomes even more frustrated with him over his 'ambush therapy'. With Tom’s doctor informing him on his back recovery, Tom suggests to Lynette they have sex as it's the only way they can communicate unless they talk instead. Lynette agrees to sex and refuses to talk but becomes violent with Tom. In a moment of anger, Tom seizes Lynette and asks why she's mad at him, and she reveals it's because he had lunch with Rick and because she had to fire him. Lynette then shoves Tom back onto the bed, hurting his back. Toms back spasms and he moves suddenly causing Lynette to fall off the bed, banging her head on the side table. She goes to hospital for her injury and Tom finds out Lynette fell for Rick and misses him. The doctor performs a CAT scan on Lynette and finds swollen lymph nodes and suggests they do a biopsy as it could be Lymphoma.

Season 4[]

In the fourth series Lynette kicks Tom out of her chemotherapy for being too emotional, so Gabrielle attends her sessions with Lynette. Meanwhile, in the third episode "The Game" Tom attends Susan's small games party however Lynette remains at home because she is sick, Lynette's mother Stella secretly gets marijuana from Andrew and bakes it in some brownies she makes for Lynette so that it would ease Lynette's pain. It works and Lynette attends Susan's party high and she had brought the drugged brownies with her for everyone else to have. Stella arrives over and tells Tom why no one can have a brownie and Tom takes them off everyone before they can eat them but ends up accidentally pushing Gabrielle into new resident Adam Mayfair and spills wine all done him which causes a feud between Gabrielle and Adam's wife Katherine Mayfair. Tom later appears at the end of the episode when Lynette discovers the truth from him about what Stella did.

Tom is later thrilled a few episodes later when the doctor reveals Lynette's cancer has been completely cleared.


Scavo family reunited after the tornado

After Lynette and Tom thought Rick was gone for good, he opened a restaurant down the block. Tom tells Lynette that he was annoyed when Rick came to tell them about the grand opening of his restaurant and that he threw a brick into the restaurant, smashing the window. Then days later Rick's restaurant was up in flames, Lynette suspected Tom, but it was later revealed that Kayla convinced Porter and Preston to burn it down.

While Porter and Preston were facing their punishment Tom suggests therapy for the boys, but Lynette refuses. Then when Lynette finds out that it was Kayla's idea to set the fire, Lynette wants to take her for therapy, but this time, Tom refuses and gets annoyed that she is willing to take her step-daughter for therapy, but not her own sons. So Lynette goes behind Tom's back to take her to therapy, but Kayla threatens to call the police about what the boys did if she has to see the shrink.

Later in the season, Kayla starts to rebel against Lynette and she is trying to get Lynette sent away because she blames Lynette for her mother being shot. Kayla threatens to hurt Penny, so Lynette slaps Kayla in a shopping mall. Then, Lynette convinces Tom to get a therapist to watch Kayla's behaviour, she fakes to be the perfect child. After, Kayla pretends that Lynette burned her with a curling iron, and reports it to the police, Lynette is sent to jail and is not allowed within 50 ft of all her children. Lynette is so upset that she tells Tom to "Fix it now!" so he comes up with a plan to get Kayla to confess to everything, she does eventually crack and he recorded on his phone.

In the end, Tom makes a heart-breaking decision to sent Kayla to live with Nora's parents.

Time Jump[]

Midlife crisis
Tom's midlife crisis begins. ("Mirror, Mirror")

While working on some electrical equipment at the Pizzeria, Tom is given a large electric shock that knocks him unconscious. Lynette is called into hospital and she is horrified to learn about what had happened. They are told by the doctor that he was revived soon after and that they'd have to wait for thirty-six hours to see if there was any serious tissue damage. Later, Tom tells Lynette that he thought he was going to die in a Pizzeria, so he decides he wants to find more in his life; thus starting his mid-life crisis. To fill this void, Tom buys a Classic mint-condition Mustang. It was very expensive, and this then led to the Pizzeria's financial difficulties and downfall. ("Mirror, Mirror")

Lynette returns home one day to find Tom with a police officer. The officer tells Lynette that they've arrested one of her sons for taking a car for a "joyride". Assuming he's talking about Porter, she apologizes and insists that he doesn't listen to them, however, Tom stops her and explains that it's Preston who was arrested. ("Free")

Season 5[]

Lynette enters her restaurant to find her teenage twins Porter and Preston have set up an illegal casino, with drinks. She sends the twins’ friends home. She’s upset her boys have been doing this—for a month—and grounds them, even though homecoming is coming up. As Tom cleans his convertible, Lynette tells Tom to talk to the boys about their misbehavior. But later, as she’s listening in to Tom’s conversation with the twins, she hears Tom laughing and enjoying himself. When Lynette confronts Tom, she realizes he’s enjoying living vicariously through their escapades, since he was such a nerd in high school. Lynette’s not happy to learn Tom ungrounded the boys so they could go to Homecoming. With Tom standing next to her, Lynette tells Porter and Preston they can go to Homecoming—in Tom’s convertible, no less. Tom’s shocked by this, but Lynette hands the boys the keys to the car. Later, with the twins more than a half hour late coming home, Tom and Lynette talk. He needs to lay down the law because their kids are growing up and clearly haven’t learned what they need. The twins finally return home and Tom chews them out, grounds them,&nbsp and knocks off the side&nbsp mirror. He confides in Lynette he’s already bought a new mirror.

Lynette finds it difficult to strike a conversation with Porter, so Parker introduce her a social website named "Silverfizz" which allows online chatting. Then, Lynette created an alter ego "Sara J" who is a teenage girl to chat with Porter. Tom warns her to stop chatting with Porter before things gets out of hand. Lynette refuses to listen and she is ecstatic to learn Porter has an interest in poetry. Her plan soon backfires when Porter falls for her and sends her an erotic poem. Panicked, she decides to write a Dear John letter to Porter to end the relationship. The situation turned worse when she accidentally signed off the message as "Love, Mom". Porter learns his crush is actually his mother and is heartbroken.

Dave sees Tom’s cleaning out the garage. He invites Tom to watch a game on the TV in a few hours, but Tom’s


Tom and his "buddy" Dave.

stuck working in the garage. Lynette notes Tom has a huge pile of stuff from the garage he’s still keeping. She wants Tom to toss more stuff. Dave notes Tom’s bass and learns Tom used to jam. Dave plays the drums and would love to jam some time. Lynette finds Tom and Dave who are going to have a garage band with Orson and Mike. Tom thinks they

can even get a couple of gigs. Lynette reminds Tom that he’s running a restaurant and being a husband and dad. Tom says Lynette can’t decide for him and he plays his bass. Tom and Dave practice while Lynette realizes, after 3 hours, that this phase of Tom’s is not passing fast enough. When Penny almost broke the guitar, Lynette decided to use this for her own uses; she made sure the guitar got destroyed, even as Tom was horrified. Dave knocks on Lynette’s door. He comes in; he’s heard about the accident and has bought Tom a guitar. Lynette doesn’t want to accept it. Dave says he thinks Tom needs the fun. He suggests Tom’s having a midlife crisis as he’s thinking of the things he’ll never be able to do. Dave wants Lynette to give the bass to Tom. As Dave rides his bike past the Scavos, he sees Tom getting his new guitar from Lynette.

Tom and Dave audition a guy for their band; Tom’s enthusiastic about him, but Dave wants Mike in the band.

Mary Alice talks about a surprise party that went badly. We see Lynette splash a drink in Tom’s face, Susan watch Jackson kiss Katherine, Gabrielle get mad with Carlos, and Orson asking Bree for a divorce. Lynette checks for gray hairs in the mirror before going to the party. She calls for Penny, who’s sitting in Tom’s convertible. She goes out; Penny wonders if Tom’s dying, as she heard her brothers talking about it. Lynette thinks Tom’s going to live to a ripe old age. She flashes back… Lynette rushes into a hospital to learn Tom got a massive electrical shock at the restaurant but was revived. Was there any tissue damage, though? It will take 36 hours to find out. In another flashback, Tom wakes up in his hospital bed to find Lynette there. He tells her he thought he was going to die in a pizza place. He wants to find more in his life. In yet another flashback, Tom surprises Lynette with his new car! She’s skeptical but he’s keeping the car. She gets in for a ride. Back in the present, Tom comes home, late for the party. He reveals he wants to take the kids out of school for a year and go around the country in an RV, and he’s made plans to sell the pizzeria. Tom heads towards the party as Lynette stares at him in disbelief.

Lynette suspects Tom is cheating on her. Anne Schilling, a real estate agent who may have her eye on Porter.


Tom with the rest of his boy band.

There's a big fire at a club where the men's band is playing in a battle of the bands. One of the other bands competing is Cold Splash, played by real-life band Tokyo Police Club.

Porter is arrested for arson and Lynette sells Tom's heirloom baseball to a Japanese businessman to raise bail, but then Lynette needs to get it back before Tom learns what she's done.

Lynette and Tom are forced to sell the restaurant to pay for Porter's court-case and bail so Tom decides to be a stay-at-home-dad. Tom soon grows bored of his decision and realizes that he wants to go back to college when Preston is being shown around. Tom takes the test and passes but Lynette tells him that she is pregnant with twins the day he finds this out.

Season 6[]

The morning after Lynette finds out she is pregnant, Tom comes downstairs for breakfast. He asks Lynette what he smells and she says that it is her despair. He remarks that he thought it was waffles. Lynette then tells Tom that when their unborn twins finish high school Lynette and Tom will be in their 60's. She then goes on to say


The Scavos at Mike's wedding.

that Preston is moving out and that they can't keep having more twins every time one moves out and then storms off crying. Tom then mutters he can't handle Lynette's hormones for another 8 and a half months.

During an ultrasound, Lynette doesn't seem excited about seeing her babies. Tom asks her why this is and Lynette tells him that she doesn't love them. Tom gets angry at this and tells her that when she holds her babies in her arms she will love them the same as all her others.

The morning after Susan and Mike's wedding, Parker asks Lynette if she was getting sick earlier that morning. Lynette tells Parker that she did but lies and says that its is because she ate bad seafood the night before. Tom almost tells the kids the truth about Lynette's pregnancy but she tells him that she doesn't want anyone to know until after the first trimester. They are then interrupted by Karen McCluskey's screams and they all run outside.&nbsp After learning of Julie Mayer's attack, everyone discusses why anyone would want to hurt her. Tom, Carlos and Orson then become suspicious of the Bolens and decide that it is time that they get to know them. Later, when Angie and Nick are bringing food over to Mike and Susan's, the guys stop them and start questioning Nick. When Nick isn't able to answer their questions, Angie comes over and tells Nick that his mother is on the phone and the two walk away.

Tom is excited about becoming a dad again but Lynette tells him that she is not sure if she loves her unborn children. Tom then tells her that when she will hold them in her arms, she will love them with all her heart. These twins are Tom's sixth and seventh children. Tom was cheating in school because he was afraid of failing but he has since stopped. Lynette references that Tom had to drop out of college because Lynette was fired. Tom was the one who broke the news to Lynette that their unborn twin boy, Patrick didn't survive the surgery. However, after Lynette saved Gaby and Carlos' youngest daughter, Celia Solis, their friendship with mended and Tom got Lynette's job until if and when she decides to return. His son, Preston, returned from Europe with a fiance, Irina. Tom seems to like her but his wife, Lynette, believes she is just with him for his college fund.

Eddie Orlofsky moves in with the Scavo's, all of them unaware of Eddie's strangling crimes. He almost killed Julie Mayer, and killed a prostitute and a woman working at the coffee shop, and Irina. Lynette is unaware of this in the season finale Lynette figures out that it was Eddie who was strangling all of those girls. Lynette's water beaks and Eddie delivers Paige Scavo in his living room.

Season 7[]

He is diagnosed with Postpartum Depression. He is then prescribed marijuana as a cure for this which stuns Lynette. In the episode "Let Me Entertain You", Tom decides to hire his own mother as a nanny for the new baby. After a big argument, Lynette fires her mother-in-law, but Tom overrules her, telling her that she is going to stay. After Lynette and Allison's talk, Tom's mother shows symptoms of dementia to Penny, unknown to Lynette and Tom. Tom and Lynette finally discover Allison's dementia on Halloween, after she collapses outside Gabrielle Solis' house after going out to buy more candy, despite Tom telling her they had plenty. Allison is later admitted to a nursing home and Tom and Lynette agree to visit her there. Tom is deeply upset by his mother's illness. In episode 9 Susan walks in on Tom and Lynette having sex on the nursery floor and is in awe at Tom's huge penis; she then confronts Lynette about why she has never mentioned it before. A drunken Renee reveals to Susan she once slept with him putting Susan in uncomfortable situation. When Susan is injured in a riot, a guilty Renee tells Tom she should reveal the truth but Tom insists she keep it quiet. Renee finally confesses to Lynette, revealing the affair took place when she and Tom were engaged but having one of their regular "break-ups." Lynette is naturally upset but keeps it quiet and begins a series of pranks against Tom as payback. When Renee finds out what Lynette is doing, she tells Tom about it. Tom confront Lynette and tells that he wanted to tell her about Renee, but there was never a good time for that because he did not want to ruin the wonderful life they have together. Lynette then forgives Tom.

Tom finds himself getting a major promotion at a new company and enjoys the work. Lynette is concerned about his over-working but Tom tells her he feels more alive than ever. When Tom attends a conference, Lynette is upset that she's kept from the business talks and forced to attend spas and other projects with the other wives. She goes so far as to steal an ID from a woman only to find out she's the keynote speaker for a lecture. Back home, Tom snaps at Lynette that after so many years supporting her, it hurts that she can't do the same for him. Renee tells Lynette that she has to choose between her own wants or being a good wife. Tom then hires the duo to decorate his office like a Donald Trump-style boss but Lynette thinks that it is not right for him and goes a different way. Renee overrules her to give Tom the office he wants and Lynette yells at Tom over how he's changing but he retorts that he has to be this way in order to succeed and Lynette needs to stop thinking of him the way he's been at home the last several years.

When Tom decides to book a luxurious holiday for the family and announces it Lynette is annoyed because Tom knew she already made plans for the Scavo family vacation and confronts Tom about why he did not consult her about it first if he wanted to change up her plan. The two then pitch to the kids what they think is the best holiday which leads to yet another fight between them; this time however they insult each other. Lynette calls Tom a "Pompous Ass" while Tom labels Lynette as a "Raving Bitch" leaving them to decide that it is only them who need to spend a holiday together. The holiday turns out badly and the relationship deteriorates and becomes extremely awkward. When they return home Tom leads Lynette to believe that he will be spending a while in an apartment near to his work offices. Before Lynette attends a street dinner party, Penny reveals to her that Tom had left her a note. Lynette is surprised and finds that Tom's unpacked suitcase from the holiday is not in the bedroom, convincing her that Tom had left her. After revealing to Susan that she thought Tom had left her, Lynette walks into her house, finding Tom, chopping up salad ingredients. He tells Lynette that he had only gone to buy the ingredients. Lynette questions him why it had taken him two hours, leading Tom to reveal that he had left but came back when he considered that Lynette would have to lie about where Tom was to her friends at the dinner party. The two talk for a while and Lynette confesses that when she thought Tom had left, she felt relieved, leading the pair to finally decide to separate.

Season 8[]

Look... at the end, before I left, our problems looked... This big. So I went away. But now, I realize they, they only seemed that way because we were so close up against them. And, and, and they were blocking me from seeing how much I love you. Which is... I see that now. And I need to tell you that. Because you have to say these things while you still can.

Tom and Lynette are officially separating. For the past month, Tom has been staying in Bree's former office. Tom and Lynette have both agreed not to tell the kids about their separation which is why Tom has to rush home each morning so the kids won't notice that he is gone. One night, Lynette has a nightmare of a dark figure entering her room which she keeps on thinking is Alejandro, Gaby's evil stepfather. Lynette and Tom have a one night stand in Bree's office. The next morning they are both forced to run home before the kids notice. Tom says that they can get back together. Lynette says that they still need to separate though because they have lots of marital problems. Lynette reveals to Tom she only spent the night with Tom is because she had a nightmare. Tom angerly replies saying for him to get a nightlight. Tom then makes Lynette tell the kids about their separation.

Tom rents an apartment and him and Lynette start marriage counseling. Lynette gets the hint that Tom is dating someone. Lynette catches Tom with a young blonde girl named Chloe. It later turns out Tom isn't dating Chloe, he's dating Chloe's mother, Jane Carlson. When Lynette confronts Tom about this, Tom says he's been meaning to talk with a lawyer. Tom and Jane plan to go to Paris but Lynette stops Tom at the airport to tell him about the murder of Alejandro. Tom tells Jane to go alone and he'll meet her there in a couple of days. Lynette later gets Tom to go to Paris with her and see if Jane makes Tom happy. Tom and Jane return from Paris and go to Penny's birthday party. Lynette and Tom start fighting about Tom bringing Jane to family avents. Tom and Jane decide to move in together.

Tom is an usher at Mike's funeral. Tom brings Jane with him. Tom recalls the time when Lynette and Tom were separating when Mike told Tom that him and Lynette would be back together in know time. Mike told Tom that he and Lynette were made to be together but some people arent suppose to be. Lynette reminds Mike that he anf Susan got remarried though. Mike replies saying that he kicked himself everyday for letting it take to long. At the funeral, oblivious to Tom but Lynette tells Mrs. McCluskey that she plans to get Tom back.

While trying to get Tom back, he and Lynette start to bond over looking at old pictures from when they first married and before Preston, Porter, Parker, Penny, Kayla, and Paige came along. Tom and Lynette have this brief moment where they fall back in love but Lynette accidentally sets him on fire. When Tom gets home, he turns down sex from Jane hinting that he still loves his soon to be wife.

On Tom's birthday, Jane urges Tom to send over the divorce papers to Lynette. Tom tells Jane he'll do it when the time is right. When Lynette is making Tom a cake, Jane delivers Lynette her divorce papers behind Tom's back that have his signature on it. An angry Lynette throws green frosting all over Jane's white suit. Tom is confronted at a restaurant by Lynette. A sad and angry Lynette signs the divorce papers. Tom later breaks up with Jane after he realizes he's still in love with Lynette.

In part one of the series finale, after seeing Lynette with another man, Tom tells Lynette he's gonna file the divorce papers the next day. At the end of the episode, Tom and Lynette express their love for one another by running to each other and share a long meaningful kiss. In part two of the finale, Tom moves back in. When Katherine Mayfair returns to offer Lynette a job after her marriage with Tom fell apart, she is shocked to see Tom and Lynette are back together. Tom tells Lynette that if it makes her happy then she can accept the job in New York which she does.

Later life[]

Lynette and Tom Scavo left the lane four weeks later. They moved to New York, where Lynette learned the joy of being a CEO. She and Tom soon bought a penthouse overlooking Central Park, where years later she'd take her six grandchildren... and yell at them.
Mary Alice Young

Lynette officially accepts Katherine's job offer and four weeks later, she, Tom and the children pack up and move to New York to start their new life. Tom and Lynette soon buy a large, expensive penthouse which overlooks Central Park. He is shown to have six grandchildren. ("Finishing the Hat")


  • Tom is the only one of the big 8 characters (the others being Bree, Carlos, Gabrielle, Lynette, Mary Alice, Mike and Susan) who wasn't always a series regular.
  • In the four seasons that followed Kayla's departure from the series, Tom and his family (or anyone else, for that matter) didn't mention her on-screen a single time.
  • Tom is the only husband who hasn't been seduced by or slept with Edie Britt.

Behind Closed Doors[]

  • Despite the fact that Tom Scavo is one of the big 8 characters who remained regularly on the series from the pilot through the finale, actor Doug Savant was actually a recurring guest star in season 1. This happened because series creator Marc Cherry figured Tom would always be away on business trips, which was the driving factor for most of Lynette's stories in that season about being a stay-at-home mother with nearly no help. However, as the season went along and the character (and actor) became more popular, Tom started appearing more and, by season 2, Savant had joined the starring ensemble.


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