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I love him enough to let him hate me.
Edie Britt

Travers McLain is Edie Britt's son who lives with his father after Edie gave him full custody.


Early Life[]

Travers McLain is the son of Edie Britt and Charles McLain. Edie and Charles were newlyweds and they decided to have a child. Edie and Charles divorced shortly after and Edie gave Charles full custody because she wanted her son to have a normal life. Due to this, Travers resented his mother.

Season 1[]

When Martha ran into Susan at the supermarket, she mentioned that she was looking after Edie's son for the night because Edie was spending the night with a man.

It is assumed that this is Travers she was talking about because he is Edie's only known son.

That night, when Edie's house burned down, Travers was not seen with Martha Huber in the crowd of people, so it is assumed he was either with his mother or still in Martha's house. ("Pilot")

Season 3[]

Jake Cherry
Travers, when he was much younger ("Dress Big")

Travers comes to stay with Edie and he and Carlos instantly become good friends. ("My Husband, the Pig" to "Gossip")

Initially, Edie used Travers to get closer with Carlos but she soon feels that if Travers lived with her, Carlos would come and visit more and in the future, settle down with her.

Edie starts to fight Charles for Travers' custody, even threatening with suing for full custody, but Carlos feels it would be unfair to him to travel back and forth if he wants to see his mother and his father. Travers returns home with his father. ("Into the Woods")

Season 4[]

At the end of season 4, Travers receives a phone call from Edie saying that she'll be staying with him for a while. ("Mother Said")

Season 5[]

After Edie's death, Susan, Gaby, Bree, Lynette and Karen travel to Travers' prep school to give him Edie's ashes.

Travers refuses and heads off to class, but only after Karen tells him that Edie loved him and she was looking out for him because she knew she would be a bad mother.

Then, Travers becomes upset about Edie's death. He later thanks the women and tells them that they were Edie's closest friends and they should spread the ashes how they see fit.

The women then spread Edie's ashes over Wisteria Lane. ("Look Into Their Eyes and You See What They Know")


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