"Truly Content" is the 137th episode of Desperate Housewives.


The women of Wisteria Lane invite Beth over for a poker game wanting to know more about her marriage to Paul. Susan is less than pleased when she finds out that some her best and sexiest internet show moves are being copied by a competitor, and Gabrielle hires a private detective to look into an important matter, unbeknownst to Carlos. Meanwhile, Lynette is stunned when Tom's doctor prescribes him a rather unorthodox remedy for his depression, and Renee invites a reluctant Bree to go clubbing with her in order to engage in some local man-hunting.


Previously on Desperate Housewives

Susan showed a certain flair for her new job. Renee rented a house. Gaby learned the truth about her daughter being switched at birth. Paul Young continued to surprise everyone. And Tom came home with a mysterious affliction.
Mary Alice Young


Tom Scavo was depressed. And his wife had done everything she could to cheer him up...

We see Tom, seeming sad, sitting on his porch, the shot widens to reveal Lynette, standing at the door, watching him and wondering how to cheer him up.

She had made his favorite meals...

In the first in a series of minor flashbacks, Lynette presents Tom with his favorite dinner, however, he turns away from it, depressed.

She had told her funniest jokes...

We see Lynette laughing, having just told a joke to Tom, and him turning away from her, depressed.

She'd even worn her sexiest lingerie.

In the final flashback, Lynette slips off her robe to reveal lingerie beneath it, however, Tom turns away from her yet again still depressed.

But nothing worked. Finally, Lynette insisted that her husband go to the doctor...

Back on the porch, Lynette walks over to Tom and sits next to him, she then hands him a piece of paper telling him he needs to go in for a doctor's visit.

Unfortunately, what he came home with was a perscription... for trouble.

"Anti-anxiety medication?!" Lynette reads angrily after Tom arrives home from the doctor's office. "This is what he gave you?!" she asks, Tom tells her that the doctor said it will help. Lynette points out that he only spent twenty minutes with Tom and guesses that he wrote the perscription out with a pen that had the drug company's name on it. "I need this medicine!" Tom exclaims, "Well, then take it, but I gotta tell you, those medications scare the crap out of me." Lynette tells him, but he argues that he's got to do something as he is so tired of feeling the way he does. "But you've gone through rough patches before, you can come out of it!" Lynette says, Tom, getting upset, tells her that she doesn't know what it's like inside his head. He tries to vacate up teh stairs but she halts him, apologizing. "Remember when Susan kept having all those headaches? Who was that guy that she went to? Dr... Dr. Ross." Lynette suggests, Tom wonders how he will be any different and Lynette tells him that he tries to stay away from heavy medication and that Susan loved him. "And if he says I should be on this?" Tom asks, gesturing his perscription, "Then you have a second opinion. Whatever he says, I'll go with it." Lynette says. Tom accepts this and goes upstairs.

Later, Lynette is putting Paige down for a nap in the living room and Tom enters the house behind her. He seems less depressed and he tells Lynette that he saw Dr. Ross, "I'm so glad, did you like him?" Lynette asks, "Loved him." Tom replies. He goes on to say that he only perscribes stuff that is herbal and natural. "That is fantastic. So, what did he suggest?" Lynette wonders, Tom raises a small perscription pot and says, "Medical marijuana." Lynette seems less than happy.

Yes, Tom Scavo had been battling depression. But he was now facing a much bigger battle... with his wife.
Mary Alice Young

Act I

Happiness: it's something we all want. And so we search for it...

We see an overview of Wisteria Lane and then see Bob Hunter get out of his car with a shopping bag in his hand as he heads for his house.

Little girls find it in the taste of chocolate...

We see Celia Solis sitting on her porch whilst licking a chocolate ice cream.

Well dressed men discover it at the local mall...

We see Bob pull an item of clothing out of his shopping bag.

Teenage boys experience it when talking to a pretty girl...

Parker Scavo is outside his house, talking a pretty young woman.

And then there are housewives who can't be happy until they've leanred everything they can about the newest neighbor on the block.
Mary Alice Young

Bree, Lynette and Susan walk up to 4353 Wisteria Lane where they see Beth Young cleaning her window from the inside.

Beth answers her door to Susan, Lynette and Bree and she greets them, the latter of which is carrying a muffin basket and begins to speak, she tells Beth that they wanted to officially welcome her to the neighborhood, she then hands Beth the muffin basket and Beth is very thankful. Bree then introduces Lynette and Susan who both say that they just had to meet Beth. Immediately. "That's so sweet, you're my lanlady , right?" Beth asks, "Yes, but, I really want you to think of me as a friend... Are those pictures hung on the walls with nails or-?" Susan is cut off by Bree who invites beth to their weekly poker game. "Shoot. I don't know how to play poker." Beth tells them, "Don't worry, we'll teach you... Does that ficas plant have a saucer underneath because those are hardwood floors and-?" Susan is cut off again, this time by Lynette who tells Beth that while she's learning all about Texas Holdem, they'll learn all about her. "Aw. That sounds fun!" Beth happily exclaims. Paul walks dwon the stairs and stands behind Beth, she does not notice him but the other ladies do and begin to feel uncomfortable. "Oh, well, we should be going, we'll see you later." Bree says, the three ladies then leave and Beth closes the door behind them. She notices Paul now, "What do those women want?" he asks, "They invited me to play cards with them... but they were just being friendly." Beth explains, "On this street, never confuse being nosy with being friendly." Paul warns his wife. "They were digging for dirt." he assures her. "So... do you not want me to go?" Beth asks, "Oh, no, you will go, and give them all sorts of meaningless information, and hopefully, they'll start to think of you as a friend." Paul tells her as he unwraps a muffin from Bree's basket. Beth wonders why he wants her to be friends with them if he doesn't like them. "In time... it'll be useful." Paul says, before dropping the muffin back into the basket and walking away, leaving Beth confused.

Over at the hospital, Jack Pinkham hands Carlos a paper and Carlos asks for a pen, Jack wonders whether or not Carlos will read it first, "Why, did a nurse get drunk and swap it with a different document?!" Carlos asks, angrily, with Gaby sitting next to him, seeming extremely depressed. "By signing this, Mr. Solis, you are agreeing to take no legal action against the hospital, do you understand?" the board chairman asks, "And in return you will stop searching for the other family, do you understand?" Carlos asks, still angry. Carlos signs the papers and hands them to Gaby, she stares at them but does nothing, "Babe, we talked about this. We don't know how this other family will react and we need to protect Juanita." Carlos reminds her, Jack apologizes to Gaby and tells her that he can only imagine how she must be feeling, "You can't begin to imagine how I feel! The only person who could is the woman who has my daughter! If signing can spare her this pain then I will do it." Gaby tells him, angrily yet still sad, she signs the papers.

Bree looks displeased before she quickly exclaims, "I love it!" in a happy manor, upon seeing her newly deocrated dining room, "See, now I get the feeling you don't love it." Keith tells her. "Okay, I don't love it. It's just so... yellow." Bree says, Keith asks that she trust him as he believes it will be great and he then reminds her that when she's in the room, no one will be looking at the walls. "Well, you certainly know how to sell yellow." Bree tells him, they smile at each other and the doorbell rings, Bree excuses herself to go and answer it.

Bree opens the door to Renee, "I hear you're gettin' divorced." Renee says, "And good morning to you." Bree tells her as Renee walks into the house. "I'm getting divorced, too. So we both need guys... I'm thinking we should hang." Renee tells Bree, "I don't know how much Lynette has told you about me but I'm really not one for... 'hanging'." Bree explains, Renee tells Bree that one woman at a bar is sad but two women sitting at a bar is a girls' night out. "So, what do you say? You up for a little stud-hunting?" Renee asks, Bree tells her that it's a lovely offer but she thinks she will pass. "Oh, come on, we've gotta get back in the game, cut lose, let our hair down... that hair does come down, doesn't it?" Renee asks, noting Bree's tight bun. Bree says that that is not the way she likes to meet men but Renee asks how else she will meet them, "Sitting around your house?" Bree then sees Keith enter the room to place down a tool before he leaves, she tells Renee that she'd be surprised. Renee is shocked that Bree has met someone already, "Wow, a beautiful, classy woman who can get a man without leaving the house... I don't see us being friends." Renee says before leaving.

Susan is in fornt of her webcam for, saying that she has no idea how everything got so dirty as she vacuums with a hand-held vacuum, "Uh-oh, is that a piece of lint?" Susan fakely wonders, she then vacuums off her apron to reveal her skimpy, black lingerie beneath, she acts shocked. "I better sign off before I'm completely naked." she says in a seductive tone as she slowly walks towards the laptop, "See you tomorrow, boys." she says as she puts her breasts in the webcam's view and closes the laptop. There is a knock at her door but she tells them that she's busy, "Honey, it's Maxine!" Maxine calls through the door, at this, Susan rushes to open, she greets Maxine into her apartment and Maxine tells her that a star is born. Susan is very happy at this, "Did you watch?" she asks, "Oh, not only did I watch, I covelled." Maxine tells her, "Oh, I have to admit, I am sort of getting into it, that thing with the vacum... just came to me." Susan says, Maxine tells her that that's how it happens with the great ones. Maxine pulls a piece of paper out from her top and hands it to Susan, telling her that it's her bonus, Susan looks at it and is shocked, she asks what it's for, "Oh, it's just something I do for the girl who gets the most hits in a month." Maxine explains. Maxine says that Susan just upstaged Stacy Strauss which isn't an easy thing to do. Susan hugs Maxine, "Oh, Maxine, you're so good to me, you know, Mike and I are actually starting to save some money!" she exclaims. Maxine tells her to buy herself something nice as she deserves it, she then asks what Susna will be doing for tomorrow's show, "I'm gonna damp-mop in bikini briefs." Susan says, "Ooh, are you trying to make me cry?!" Maxine laughs, she then leaves.

Outside of 4354 Wisteria Lane, Keith is eating a sandwich that Bree made him and tells him that it's the best one he ever tasted, Bree goes over the detailed list of ingredients and says that cooking is a passion of hers, Keith then noitces the car pull up behind Bree, "Of course, it's not as much fun cooking for one so if you're free this weekend...?" Bree tries before a girl steps out of the car, "Babe, you gotta try this sandwhich." Keith tells the girl, he tells the girl that Bree is his boss and he tells Bree that the girl is Stephanie, his girlfriend. Bree is taken aback to discover that Keith has a girlfriend, "Of course you have a girlfriend who's... young and pretty." Bree says, Stephanie says that it's nice to meet her and then shakes Bree's hand, "I'm sorry, Bree, what were you about to ask me?" Keith asks, remembering that Bree had started a question before stephanie had pulled up. Bree says that it wasn't important and tells him to enjoy his sandwich before she walks away.

Movers are taking boxes off of a truck and putting them into 4362 Wisteria Lane as Renee supervises, Bree strolls up to Renee and says, "Let the stud-hunt begin." Renee smiles.

Act II

Gaby is staring up at a photograph on the wall of her and Juanita together, she is holding a bottle of wine and Bree walks through the hallway she is in with a tray of food, telling her that they have to get started. Bree notices that something is wrong with Gaby and asks her if she is okay, Gaby lies and says she is, "Let's play cards." she says, her and Bree then enter Gaby's living room where Susan, Renee and Lynette are listening to Beth Young, she is saying that her and her mother were pretty much alone when she was growing up and she only had toys as friends, "Of course, there were always mamma's boyfriends, but as soon as I would learn their names, mamma would kick them out and there would be a new toothbrush in the bathroom." Beth says, the others are silent and Beth asks them to let her know if she's sharing too much, "No, not at all." Susan tells her before going over to whisper to Lynette, "Keep pouring the chardonnay, she's cracking like an egg." The game continues and Gaby asks Beth how her and Paul met, "Oh, well, I don't wanna bore you." Beth tells them, Lynette assures her that they won't be bored and then pours her some more chardonnay. "Well, I saw his picture in the paper during his trial... and there was just something about those eyes that spoke to me." Beth explains, "What about the headline? 'Arrested For Murder', that didn't speak to you?" Susan asks, Beth admits that that gave her pause but she soon started corresponding with Paul and she realized what a wonderful man he is, "Bree, let's forget about hitting the clubs tomorrow night, clearly all the best men are on Death Row." Renee tells Bree, "Hey, you can't help who you fall in love with, right?" Beth says, "Paul's a real lady killer." she continues, she laughs but the rest of them are silent, "We always fogged up the plexi-glass with that one." Beth explains before sipping more wine. Bree tells her that it's good that she can laugh about it, "The thing is, in my heart, I always knew he was innocent. And I was right." Beth tells them, they, again, fall silent and begin to look around at one another, "Well he is?" Beth wonders, Lynette confirms it and tries to move on with the card game. Beth notices that something is up.

Later, over at 4355 Wisteria Lane, Lynette is cooking dinner and Tom walks into the kitchen with headphones around his neck and sungalsses on his head, he grabs multiple large bags of chips off of the refrigerator, Lynette asks him what he's doing and he tells her that he is preparing to take his medicine, pulling out his medical marijuana. "I hear that an increase in appetite is a possible side affect, so I'm taking the nessicary precautions." he tells her, she asks if that entails eating is own weight in cheese doodles, she tells her that he's never smoked pot before and wants to be prepared. "Headphones?" Lynette asks, he tells her that the music he's listening too helps to compliment the properties of, "Blueberry Bliss", Lynette tells him that he is loving this, "Tom, the college nerd gets to finally smoke pot and be cool." she says, "I was plenty cool in college, the only reason I didn't smoke back then is because I signed the abstinance pledge with my Dungeons and Dragons club." Tom explains, he asks her if she'd care to join him out beack behind the garage for a little, "Doobage", "Doobage?! That's what you're calling your medicine now?! Come on, you need to take this seriously!" she tells him, he assures her that he is but she points out that she never asked him to join her behind the garage to smoke pot. "Lynette, you said you would go with this!" he says, picking his chips up from the table, she tells him that she is going with it but she doesn't want the kids to see him high. He puts his sunglasses over his eyes and says that they'll never know. Tom leaves and Lynette seems annoyed, she picks up his pot of pot which he left behind and walks over to the stove. She takes the cap off of it and compares it with the oregano next to the saucepan, she carries both containers over to the sink and pours the marijuana down the drain, turing the tap on to make it go down faster, she then hurridly pours the oregano into the marijuana container and puts the cap back on.

Over at the apartment block, Susan and Mike are collecting their laundry from the laundry room and Mike asks her what she'd like to do on Saturday, Susan tells him that she was thinking of going to Chez Naomi, "Isn't our price range more... Chez Chicken Hut?" Mike asks, Susan tells him that it's their anniversary and they've been working really hard and deserve it. "Okay, but bring your big purse, because we're taking the dinner rolls home." Mike tells her before giving her a kiss and then leaving. The other woman in the laundry room takes notice of Susan, "So... Chez Naomi, huh? Expensive place." she says to Susan who replies by saying that she supposes it is. "Must be nice." the woman says, Susan asks her if they've met and then introduces herself, "Oh, I know who you are. I'm 1F, Stacy Strauss." Stacy reveals, Susan notes that she's one of Maxine's girls, Stacy confirms it, "Well, it's... mice to meet you. I guess we... kinda do the same thing." Susan tells her, Stacy advances on Susan, "Oh, sometimes we do exactly the same thing." Stacy says, Susan asks what that means and Stacy explains that she keeps an eye on the competition and tells Susan that she lifted one of her moves.Susan denies it, "You expect me to believe you just woke up one day and decided to put a feather duster in your mouth!" Stacy exclaims, Susan is surprised that Stacy does that too and Stacy slams her laundry basket down, yelling that it's her signature bit and that Susan stole it. "I swear, I don't watch the other girls perform." Susan assures her, "Okay, so i gues sit's just a coincedence, well, here's another coincedence, you're getting the big bonus check and I'm not!" Stacy yells, Susan tells her that that really isn't what someone would call a coincedence, "Alright, college, just keep the duster out of your mouth!" Stacy leaves, angrily, and tells Susan to watch her back.

Tom walks into the living room after having smoked his "pot" and Lynette asks him if everything's okay, "Oh yeah," he says, "I. Am. Wasted." he tells her, Lynette is quite surprised but plays along as though he actually did smoke marijuana as he thinks he had. "I am loosey in the sky-high." Tom says before sitting down, "Wow. So... this must be pretty intense for you." she says before rapidly flailing her hand in front of his face, "Whoah." he says as though high, "And don't forget, tomorrow we have to... trombone through the bannana patch." she tells him, he tells her that he smoked some really strong stuff and she replies with, "Snow shovel." he looks at her, "Exactly." he says, "So, I was just upstairs, watching Paige sleep, with her little fingers and little toes. I must have watched her for like, an hour. She's just so perfect and I am so lucky." he tells Lynette who is very happy to hear him say that he couldn't be happier than he is right now. "I'm just so happy it's working." she tells him as she hugs him, she then leaves.

Gaby and Susan are out clothes shopping and Susan pulls a dress off of the rack and asks Gaby what she thinks of it, "Do you think this says, 'Happy anninversary, Mike, I'll love you forever'?" Susan asks, "No, I think it says, 'Credit card declined'." Gaby tells her before reminding Susan that her and Mike are on a budget. Susan confirms it but tells Gaby that things have been starting to recently turn around, "I've been selling alot of my jewelry." Susan says, "Get out!" Gaby exclaims in shock, "...out there and keep selling." she finishes to avoid insulting Susan's awful jewelry. (see "Remember Paul?") Susan returns to the clothing rack and pulls out a lovely silk dress, saying that she's missed it's soft touch. Susan goes to the dressing room with the dress, leaving Gaby alone. "Mommy!" calls a little girl who comes up to Gabrielle and then realizes that she is not her mother, the girl's actual mother then walks up to them and Gaby mentions that she has a little girl too and sometimes they wonder off when they shouldn't. The mother and daughter begin to walk away, "Wait!" Gaby yells as she runs after them, "How old is she?" she asks, the woman tells Gaby that she's 8 and Gaby is shocked as her daughter is, too, 8 years old. The mother and daughter begin to walk away again and Gaby yells after them, "What hospital was she born in?! Was it Fairview Memorial?!" she asks. Gaby then looks around and sees many, many young girls that could, potentially, be her biological daughter.

"Standing there in the mall, it hit me, I can't spend the rest of my life wondering if every little girl I see is my daughter. Not knowing where she is, it's like my heart living outside of my body! I have to find her." Gaby tells Bob over at 4351 Wisteria Lane. Bob tells her that there's a private detective that he works with but 'Sanchez' is a pretty common name and it's not surprising that the hospital couldn't find them. "But I know something the hospital doesn't, when I was in labor, the other woman's mother came into my room by mistake and we got to talking. She lived in El Passo and she was so excited to have her granddaughter baptized at Santa-Maria's church." Gaby informs Bob. He pulls out a notebook and tells her that that's going to help and Gaby asks if he thinks he can find her, "We'll do our best. Carlos is onboard with this, right?" Bob asks, Gaby lies and says that he is.


Maxine is on the phone in her apartment and there si a knock on the door, Susan walks in and tells Maxine that she's there to collect her envelope for the week. "And don't listen to this conversation, it's about your Christmas gift, I'm buying all my girls steaks. You got a preferance?" Maxine asks, "Whatever meat you put in my stocking will be fine." Susan tells her, "That sounds dirty. Use that." Maxine tells her before returning to her phone conversation, Susan goes into the adjacent room to collect her weekly envelope. She looks at one of Maxine's computer monitors and sees Stacy Strauss's show, she see's her vacuum off her apron to reveal lingerie beneath it. "That's my bit. Maxine!" Susan calls, Maxine walks over, saying that she's on the phone with the meat guy, "But Stacy Strauss is stealing my vacum bit!" Susan exclaims, "Oh, my God! Well, if she's gonna do that, at least teach her how to work the nozzle." Maxine says before leaving. Susan looks back at the monitor and then to Maxine's extensive set of keys to each apartment in the building. Susan steals the key to 1F.

Renee knocks on Bree's door, Bree answers and tells Renee that she's ready to party, Renee tells her that she looks more like she's ready to tour the Reagan library, referencing her extremely unrevealing clothing, "This is a cocktail cardigan, look closelt, the buttons are shiny." Bree tells her, pointing to the buttons on her cardigan, "Where's your closet?" Renee asks before walking into the house.

Renee is looking through Bree's closet, moving through the many, many sweater sets, "I have never seen so many sweater sets, are you sure this is a closet and not a portal to the 1950s?" Renee asks, Bree argues that there is nothing wrong with her clothing, Renee explains that they are going to a hot young club full of hot young people and she needs to dress the part, "I happen to find it distasteful when mutton is dressed as lamb." Bree says, referencing Renee's low-cut dress. "Listen, when two girls go out clubbing there are two ways they can pair up, pretty girl, pretty girl, or pretty girl, grenade!" Renee tells her before asking which she wants to be. Bree accepts Renee's argument and goes to her closet, she pulls out a black dress and Renee tells her, "Now we're getting somewhere, love the plungy neck-line." she points out the large dip in the top of the dress, "That's the back!" Bree tells her, she then goes off to put the dress on.

Over at the club, Renee and Bree, who is now wearing the dress, are sitting at the bar, Renee tells Bree that the place is dead, which surprises Bree, who seems to think the place is quite croweded. "I forgot we're in the sticks." Renee says, before going on to say that everyone must have gotten home early to watch Night Line, Bree tries to tell Renee that that night's Night Line looks very interesting, "Hold on," Renee interrupts, "Fresh talent at the end of the bar." she says, Bree turns to where Renee was looking to see Keith sitting at the bar, seeming mopy and depressed. Bree mentions to renee that he's her contractor, "Well, call me a ifxer-upper." Renee says, Bree tries to tell her not to bother as he has a girlfriend, "If I don't see her, she doesn't exist." Renee explains before downing her drink and walking over to Keith. Bree lets out an audible laugh and the bar tender asks her what's so funny, "My girlfriend's about to make a fool of herself, she's hitting on that guy and I happen to know he has a very beautiful, very young girlfriend." Bree explains, the bar tender asks if she's talking about Keith, Bree confirms it and the bar tender goes on to say that Stephanie dumped him that afternoon which is why he's in the club, to drown his sorrows. Bree looks over at Renee and Keith and becomes worried.

Bree walks into the club's bathroom and walks over to one of the mirrors, she twists around and looks at her back, noticing the dip in the dress that Renee earlier referenced as, "the plungy neckline".

Bree walks out of the bathroom with her dress turned around so the dip gives her a rather large clevage, she also has her hair down, out of her bun. Keith walks into her, saying that he barely recognized her, "Keith, what a lovely surprise, I had no idea you were here." Bree says, playing coy, Keith says that he's leaving as he has work tomorrow and the boss is very strict, he's referencing Bree, "Good, I mean, yes, I'm... very strict." Bree jokingly says, she tells him she'll see him in the morning and walks back over to the Renee at teh bar who notices Bree's flip-of-the-dress and tells her that that's how she can, "bate the hook", "Oh, I won't need a ride, I'm going home with Keith." Renee tells her, Bree tells her that he just left but Renee explains that he's pulling the car around. "Now, do you think I should play the, 'I hate going into a dark house alone', or the more blatened, 'I'm not wearing underwear'... because I'm not?" Renee asks, Bree tells Renee that before she does anything hastey she should take into account that Keith just got dumped and is very fragile, "Okay, I'll be careful when I unwrap him." Renee smiles, she begins to walk off but Bree stops her, telling her she can't go home with Keith, Renee wonders if he's the guy that Bree likes but Bree forces herself to deny it, telling Renee that she's thinking about her, "You don't wanna come off as a slut." she tells her, Renee doesn't care and Renee continues to try and leave but Bree stops her again, "What about me?" she asks, "Oh, it's getting late... stay in the dim light and don't play hard-to-get." Renee tells her before leaving.

Act IV

It's night time on Wisteria Lane and we see a pair of legs standing on the lawn of 4354, the person they belong to is holding a golf club and staring at the pink house at the end of the street. The shot moves upwards to reveal it's Bree, still in her revealing, backwards dress, clearly feeling angry about Renee leaving the bar with Keith as it is the former's house she is staring at. Bree pulls out her cell phone and dials some numbers, she puts it to her ear and says, "Keith, hi, it's Bree, I don't know if you're in bed yet but I'm having a bit of an emergency. Oh, thank you, that's lovely." Bree hangs up the cell phone and throws it onto her lawn, she then lifts up the golf club and carries it leant on her shoulder, she walks over to one of her sprinklers, lines up the golf club and takes a swing, the top of the sprinkler comes flying off and water sprays from the top of it. Bree repeats this action on the rest of the sprinklers on her front lawn, causing water to spray out of a lot of the ground, she walks across teh ground and, again, stares at 4362 Wisteria Lane.

Later, Keith pciks up the top of one of her sprinklers and wonders who would have done something like that, "Far be it from me to understand the minds of hooligans." Bree tells him. She then apologizes for calling him out so late, "Ah, it's okay, I wasn't doing anything special." he tells her, this pleases Bree very much and she tells Keith that she would love to show her appreciation by making him dinner. He asks if she means a date, "Well... we don't have to put a label on it. Just two adults eating... food, together." she tells him, he tells her that calling it a date is quicker. "Well, I see no reason to argue. Shall we say... 8pm on Thursday?" Bree asks, Keith smiles.

The door to 1F opens and Stacy Strauss walks out of it, as she walks away, Susan appears from around the corner, and, making sure Stacy has gone, she sneakily walks up to her apartment. She grbas the key she stole and unlocks the door, going inside and making no one is watching her before she closes the door behind herself. Soon, Susan walks into Stacy's bedroom and sees her vacuum cleaner against the wall, she pulls a screwdriver out of her pocket and advances on it.

Back on Wisteria Lane, now the day time, Mrs. McCluskey is walking down the sidewalk, Beth, who is watering her plants, sees Karen and turns her hose off, "Hi!" she calls, Karen turns to her but continues walking. Beth then climbs over her fence and calls out for Karen who now stops, Beth, as she walks up to Karen, tells her that she was hoping she might see her at the girls' poker game, "Not anymore, you get caught with a couple of aces in your bra and your banned for life." McCluskey explains, "I couldn't help but notice they don't seem to like my husband very much." Beth says before asking Karen if she knows why that is, "Nope, nobody tells me anything." Karen says before quickly walking away, "Mrs. McCluskey, I really need to know!" Beth calls, Karen stops and turns to Beth, she tells her that they think Paul is a murderer, "But he was exonorated? Felicia Tilman framed him." Beth points out, "Yeah, for that crime." Karen says, Beth asks her what she means, "Before Felicia showed up around here, her sister, Martha, was murdered, and, all due respect, you're shacking up with suspect number one." Karen explains. Beth wonders if everybody thinks that and Karen nods, saying, "Felicia may be a few fingers short of a high-five, but if she's crazy, we all are."

Susan, dressed in slutty, pink, lingerie, sits at her desk and lifts her laptop screen, she pulls up a bag of popcorn and gets ready to watch, she hits something on her keyboard to see Stacy Strauss's show, she is waving a feather duster in front of the screen whilst drssed in an apron with lingerie beneath it, she soon moves on to vacuuming, Susan becomes very excited, Stacy says that she thinks she got something on her apron, however, when she lifts the vacuum, instead of it sucking the apron off, it blows dust into her face, Susan laughs as the dust keeps flowing and Stacy struggles to stop it, "Oh, I love this show." Susan says before turning Stacy's show off. She then begins filming her own show and speaks to the webcam, "Hello, boys. For those of you who might be switching over from... other channels, welcome. I have a very dirty appartment." she says slowly, she then walks over to her end table with her feather duster, bends over so that the web cam gets a good view of her rear, and begins dusting seductively There is a knock at her door, "Open up!" someone yells, Susan tells them that she's busy and in the next moment, Stacy, covered in dust, kicks the door open, Susan is startled and faces her, she cannot help but laugh at the state she is in. "I know you did it." Stacy angrily says, "Did what?" Susan asks, unconvincingly, saying that she doesn't know what she's talking about. "Oh, so you're not just a theif, you're a liar?!" Stacy asks as she advances on Susan, "Be careful how you talk to me, you gigantic freak." Susan tells her as the two girls begin to circle around each other, "Oh, I'm about to slap that cheap blush right off your face." Stacy tells her, "Is that supposed to scare me, man hands?" Susan asks, "I am gonna show you a whole new place to shove that feather duster." Stacy says as they stop circling and she advances on Susan some more, "Well, I'm sure, wherever it is, you copied the idea from watching me." Susan states. At this, Stacy shoves Susan, causing her to stumble backwards, a shocked Susan then pounces onto Stacy, grabbing her neck and wrapping her legs around her waist, the two girls fall to the floor and begin to scrap down there.

Maxine is seen watching the girls, she sees Susan on the floor pulling Stacy's hair, with Stacy being on top of her, trying to attack.

"I need those bonus checks!" Stacy yells as Susan has her pinned down on the couch, "So do I!" Susan yells as she sits on top of Stacy, holding down her arms to avoid attack, Stacy argues that she is trying to get out of the business she's in, "Oh, and you think I wanna spend the rest of my life dusting in my underwear?!" Susan exclaims. Maxine walks into the apartment, "Hey, hey, hey, you're off camera, roll left." she tells them, thinking that the catfight is for the show, Susan gets up off of Stacy and tells Maxine that she's very glad she arrived, she then closes the laptop, Maxine asks what she's doing, "She attacked me!" Susan cries, "Just because she broke into my appartment!" Stacy excalims, defending herself to Maxine, "Hang on. This isn't a bit?" Maxine asks, Susan tells her it isn't, saying that she wa sin the middle of her show and Stacy burts in there and started hitting her. Maxine asks Stacy if that's true, Stacy confirms it, "You know the rules. Strauss! You never ever interrupt a show!" Maxine yells before instructing Stacy to go back to her room, Stacy co-operates and leaves. "You alright, honey?" Maxine asks Susan, Susan says she is, Maxine begins to leave and says, "I gotta call tech-support, you girls had so many hits, it fried my routor." Susan laughs at this.

Bree is watering her plants and Renee walks up behind her, "So, a roming gang of hooligans destroyed your sprinklers?" Renee asks, Bree stands up to face her and tells her it's shameful, "You know what I think? I think this is the handy work of a lonely-desperate woman." Renee says as she walks towards Bree, "You left out, 'resourceful'." Bree informs her, smiling, "Nobody steals a man out of my bed." Renee says, "But, you know what? I've been looking for a new hobby and taking you down will be as good as any." Renee begins to walk away and Bree tells her that she thinks she'd be wise to stick to her original hobby of for going underwear. "Be seein' ya, Bree" Renee tells her, "Looking forward to it." They both turn away from each other and Renee leaves.

Act V

Susan is in her laundry room doing a load of whites and Stacy soon enters the room, "Maxine says I can't go back online until I apologize to you, so... I apologize." Stacy tells Susan, half-heartedly. "Wow, and I thought your acting was bad on website." Susan says, Stacy goes on to say that she really is sorry and shouldn't have stolen Susan's bit, Susan asks Stacy what was going through her mind and Stacy explains that she freaked out when she didn't get the bonus check. "See, my family's in Virginia, and I'm saving up to go back home." Stacy says, Susan tells her that she knows what that's like, Stacy goes on to say that even with that extra money she still doesn't have enough, "Really? Because when I broke into your appartment, I noticed that you have some awfully nice stuff. Flatscreen TV. Closet full of new clothes." Susan tells her, Stacy admits that she probably shouldn't have bought all of that but says that every once in a while she wants a little splurge. "Yeah, I get that." Susan agrees, Stacy says that by the end of the year she will definitely be out of there, Susan says that she will too. Stacy begins to walk away but Susan asks, "Hey, how long have you been doing this?" Stacy tells her that she's now going on six years, this very much worries Susan.

Susan walks into her apartment with her laundry basket in her arm to see Mike retrieving a beer from the refrigerator, she puts the basket on the counter and asks Mike if he'd be okay with just staying in for their anniversary, "Wait, no suit? No tie? No pretentious Euro-waiter listing specials that I can't undersatnd? Dang it, Susan, why?!" he asks, sarcastically. She laughs and he goes on to actually ask why she doesn't want to go to Chez Naomi, Susan tells him that she thinks they should save that money and stay focused on what they're trying to do. "We can have a fancy dinner and celebrate when we move back home." she tells him, they both drink to it.

Beth serves Paul dinner and tells him that she had a lovely time at the poker game a few days previously, Paul is surprised and asks her what the neighborhood is saying about him, "Well... for starters... alot of people seem to think you killed... whats her name? Martha... something?" she tells him, "Huber" Paul says before going to say that Felicia Tilman must have spread her poison pretty wide, Beth agrees, "I'm not a murderer, you know?" he assures her, "I know." she says as she brings the salad bowl over to the dinner table, "But I fell in love with you before I knew that so, even if you were, I'm always gonna be on your side." Beth says, smiling, she leans in close to him and tells him to remember that.

Carlos is sitting on the stairs of his porch seeming a little depressed, Tom Scavo walks up to him and greets him, Carlos exhales and returns the greeting depressedly, "Everything okay? You look a little..." Tom says, "It's been an intense couple of weeks." Carlos explains, "I'm sorry, buddy," Tom says as he walks over to Carlos and puts his hand on his shoulder, "What if I told you I could ease some of that stress?" Tom asks, "You not gonna offer me a back rub, are you?" Carlos asks, "Nope... mind rub." Tom says.

Carlos looks at Tom's container of "marijuana" and asks him if he got it from a doctor, Tom tells him it was a really cool doctor, Tom warn Carlos that the drug is very strong and tells him that he got high on it once, "I did not have you pegged as a stoner." Carlos says, "Dude, there is alot you don't know about me." Tom tells him as he finishes rolling up his "weed" in his filter, Carlos puts a bit in his mouth and spits it back out, he then breaks the news to Tom that it isn't pot - it's oregano. Tom is skeptical, saying that he bought it at a ligit dispensary, "Then someone must have switched it on you, because the only thing getting baked with that herb is lasagne." Carlos tells him, Tom wonders who would do that.

Lynette closes a bathroom cupboard to see Tom in the mirror, standing behind her, she turns around, "You!" he says, she tells him that he scared her, "I know what you did!" he exclaims, "Whatever do you mean?" Lynette asks, playing coy, he whips the marijuana container out of his pocket, "Oh,,, yeah, that was me." she admits, she walks into the bedroom and Tom angrily follows her, telling her that it isn't funny, "Tom, you thought you were getting stoned on a pizza topping, it's a little funny." she explains, he yells that his sense of betrayal is huge, "Well, why don't you snort some baking powder, you'll feel better." Lynette suggests. "I'm glad you're enjoying this. I'm glad you enjoy making a fool of me." he tells her before sitting on the bed, she assures him that that was not her intention and that she only throew out the pot because she didn't thing he needed it, "And, you know, I was right! You got happy all on your own!" Lynette points out, he asks her not to try and justify what she did by making it seem like some sort of master plan, Lynette tells Tom that it wasn't a master plan, however, she got very lucky as whilst he was high on oregano, he made a decision live in the moment. "You stood over our daughter's crib and you let go of the stress, and the fear, and you've focused on the good in your life." Lynette tells him before apologizing for tricking him. "You're evil. I should have expected it." Tom says, he then gets up and Lynette asks him where he's going, he tells her that he's going to go and watch their baby sleeping, "Then I gotta turn that bong I made back into a lamp." he leaves and Lynette smiles.

Act VI

Gaby is applying blusher in the mirror when her cell phone rings, she answers it to Bob and asks him if he has anything, he tells her that they've found them, "Oh, my God, what'd they say?" Gaby asks, "I haven't called them yet. Are you sure you still wanna do this?" Bob asks her, Gaby confirms that she does. "Gaby, you need to realize that once we call these people and we tell them what happened... it'll change your family forever." Bob explains, Gaby hesitates but eventually tells Bob to call them, she hangs up the phone. Gaby look sout into the hallway and sees Juanita playing there, "Juanita, come in here!" Gaby calls, Juanita's immediate reaction is to say that she didn't do it, Gaby says she knows and Juanita runs over to her mother. "I was putting on some make-up. Thought you might like some." Gaby tells her daughter, Juanita asks if she can wear the big, fake eye-lashes and Gaby allows it, she retrieves her blusher and applies it to Juanita's face. "Look how grown up you are." Gaby says before mentioning that before she knows it, Juanita will be going to college, having boyfriends, getting married, etc. "I'm not getting married, I don't wanna leave you and daddy. Ever." Juanita tells her mother as she applies more blusher to her face. Gaby asks Juanita if she knows how much she loves her, "To the moon and back." Juanita replies, "That's right." Gaby tells her before kissing Juanita on the forehead. "No matter what happens, I will always love you to the moon and back."

Carlos arrives home and Bob walks out of his house to tell Carlos that he needs to sit down with him and Gaby, Carlos wonders why, "I just called the family... got pretty intense." Bob explains. Carlos asks him what he's talking about, Bob is confused.

Back inside, Gaby and Juanita are holding a miniature fashion show, Gaby grabs a hair brush and speaks into it like a microphone, "And in a selection from Dior's fall line, the world's newest supermodel: Juanita!" Gaby exclaims, Juanita walks into the room wearing a dress as Gaby makes catwalk music, she tells her daughter to hold the world in contempt, Juanita pulls the look off perfectly and Gaby tells her that she now looks like a model. Juanita smiles and then welcomes Carlos into the room, Gaby does teh same but he is silent, she asks him what's wrong, "I just spoke to Bob." he explains. Gaby knows what's wrong and tells Juanita to leave, she does so. Carlos closes the door and asked her how she could have done this as they talked about the subject and agreed that the other family would not find out. "No, you agreed!" Gaby exclaims, "You rushed me into signing that piece of paper without even giving me a chance to think about what I was doing!" Carlos asks her if she understands what could happen, "She is our flesh and blood and she's out there! I need to know how she's doing! I need to know she's okay!" Gaby yells, "What if they want Juanita back?!" he yells, "They can take her from us! They can do that now!" Gaby assures him that they're not going to want to give up their own daughter, "We don't know that! We don't know anything about them! And you have no idea what you have started here!" Carlos tells her, Juanita calls out for Gaby, Gaby says she's coming, "If this ends badly, I will never forgive you!" Carlos warns his wife, "I mean it, Gabrielle." he assures her, "We're done." He says before leaving, making Gaby extremely worried.

Happiness: it's something everyone searches for...

Carlos angrily storms out of his house and goes across the street.

Some are sure they'll find it once they've moved back home...

Susan pulls up on the lane and steps out of her car, she looks out at the street she loves.

Some think they'll find it by making a new friend...

Bree is standing in her test kitchen, baking. She smiles.

Some hope to find it once they've defeated the competition...

Renee stands on her porch, looking out on the lane and sipping a martini.

Then there are those who stop searching for happiness because they look up one day to discover...

Tom Scavo sits on the porch with is family, they are all having a good time.

It was right there in front of them all the time.
Mary Alice Young



In its original broadcast, this episode was watched by 12.379 million viewers, which is a series low for a fall episode.



Renee: Well, a beautiful, classy woman who can get a man without leaving the house...I don't see us being friends.

Renee: So we both need guys, I'm thinking we should hang.

Renee: We gotta get back in the game. Cut loose. Let our hair down. That hair does come down, doesn't it?

Renee: Nobody steals a man out of my bed.


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