Wiksteria Lane

Ty Grant is portrayed by John Bradley


Ty attended Lake Forest College with Bree and Rex. He is Bree's college fiance who she turned down for Rex. Ty is first mentioned when Bree is reminding Rex of when he proposed, in which time she was engaged to Ty.

In Season 2 we meet Ty in episode 8 - "The Sun Won't Set". Where Bree is dining with George and they are having an argument over Bree wearing her engagement ring. Ty comes over and him and Bree introduces him to George not telling him they were engaged. George then mentions that fact which leads to Bree asking Ty to dance to make George jealous and it works. George attempts to cut in on the dance, before trying to force the ring onto Bree's finger. Ty steps in to stop him and gets punched by George. Bree ends both the engagement and the relationship there and then. George returns to the table, takes Ty's parking slip from his jacket pocket, retrieves the car and then sets fire to it.