Wiksteria Lane

Umberto Rothwell is Edie Britt’s second husband. He and Edie moved to Wisteria Lane before the occurring of Season 1. He left Edie when he realised he was gay.


Early Life[]

At some point in his life, Umberto met the recently divorced Edie Britt. Umberto eventually married Edie and they moved to Wisteria Lane. The big move put a huge crimp on their marriage and Umberto went to the gym so much that Edie started to think she was unattractive. One day, Umberto fought with Edie so much that he revealed he thinks he was gay. Edie is furious and throws him out of the house. Two weeks later they are divorced Edie sleeps with her handyman Eli Scruggs. ("The Best Thing That Ever Could Have Happened")


  • Umberto’s Actor, Matt Cedeño appeared in Marc Cherry’s Devious Maids (2013-16), as Alejandro Rubio who was gay as well, making him one of the few Desperate Housewives castmember to appear in its spinoff.