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Umutsuz Ev Kadınları (Season 1)

Umutsuz Ev Kadınları is Turkish version of Desperate Housewives . The first release date was 2 October, 2011. Final episode released on 19 June, 2014.


Handan had a wonderful life, but one day she committed suicide. After her death, her friends discovered a blackmail note in her wardrobe reading: "İşlediğin Günahı biliyorum, Herkese anlatacağım" (I know your sin, I will tell everyone). The housewives decided to investigate, little did they know that their lives are about to get far more complicated.


played by Character Original character
Songül Öden Yasemin Anday Susan Mayer
Bennu Yıldırımlar Nermin Acar Bree Van de Kamp
Evrim Solmaz Zeliş Taşdelen Gabrielle Solis (1-80)
Deniz Uğur Gülşah Taşdelen Gabrielle Solis (80-154)
Ceyda Düvenci Elif Uzun Lynette Scavo
Özge Özder Emel Soylu (Bingöl) Edie Britt-Renee Perry
Tülay Günal Suzan Katherine Mayfair
Serhat Tutumluer Sinan Kalyoncu Mike Delfino
Cenk Ertan Kudret Taşdelen Carlos Solis
Levent Can Altay Acar Orson Hodge
Devrim Özder Akın Ömer Uzun Tom Scavo
Metin Büktel Cemil Günsu Paul Young
Melda Arat Handan Günsu Mary Alice Young
Erdal Bilginer Behçet Kılıç Rex Van de Kamp
İncilay Şahin Sevim Dönmez Martha Huber
Şenay Aksoy Suna  Felicia Tilman
İlker Kurt Kenan Ekinci Karl MayerIan Hainsworth
Seval Gökçe Macide Karen McCluskey
Hakan Eratik Sarp Ben Faulkner
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Yasemin (Susan)


Nermin (Bree)

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Elif (Lynette)


Zeliş (Gabriella 1-80)


Gülşah (Gabrielle 81-154)


Emel (Edie/Renee)


Suzan (Katherine)

Handan (Mary Alice)

Handan (Mary Alice)

International Publications
Country Channel Season Premiere Publication name
Turkey Kanal D / Fox October 2, 2011 Umutsuz Ev Kadınları
Northern Cyprus Kanal D / Fox October 2, 2011 Umutsuz Ev Kadınları
United Arab Emirates MBC Januray 13, 2012 نساء حائرات
Saudi Arabia MBC Januray 13, 2012 نساء حائرات
Egypt MBC Januray 13, 2012 نساء حائرات
Bahrain MBC Januray 13, 2012 نساء حائرات
Jordan MBC Januray 13, 2012 نساء حائرات
Macedonia Channel 5 April 28, 2012 Очајни домаќинки
Bulgaria NTV June 4, 2012 Другите отчаяни съпруги
Albania TV Klan September 2012 Shtepiake Te Deshperuara
Serbia Prava Sırp TV Januray 20, 2014 Domaćice sa Bosfora
Montenegro Prava TV February 2014 Domaćice sa Bosfora
Greece Star Chennel Januray 14, 2014 Γυναίκες σε απόγνωση 

Umutsuz Ev Kadınları have 154 episodes and 3 seasons.


Differences from desperate housewives

  • Bolen family was not on the Umutsuz Ev Kadınları.Only Angie was mentioned once without giving a name as the wife of Nick Bolen (Cem) when Julie was strangled.
  • Nick also did not appear much in Umutsuz Ev Kadınları,he just appeared in few episodes.
  • Julie was not pregnant.
  • Susan did not had sex with Karl when he was Edie's fiancee.Karl came drunk to Susan's house and passed out.So she had to let him stay in her house.
  • Susan's house wasn't insured when it was set on fire by Edie.Mike rebuilt her house.
  • Susan did not kill anybody when she burned Edie's house by dropping the candles accidentally.Because there was only Edie in the house.
  • Susan's kitchen did not blew up,but windows of her house shattered by Zach.
  • None of the characters had a detached house except Mary Alice,Edie and Gabrielle.The others lived in apartment blocks in the street.
  • Felicia (Suna) did not deceive police by placing fake evidences in Paul's house.
  • Susan did not move in the 6th season.Paul did not become Susan's tenant,he moved in another house in the street.
  • Felicia (Suna) arrested again because of her attack to Paul (Cemil)
  • Eddie just existed as a minor character,he just appeared a few times in Umutsuz Ev Kadınları.
  • Katherine was not lesbian.
  • Bree and George did not go steady.
  • Bree never became an alcoholic.
  • Gabrielle didn't like John , didn't have sex with him, and kept trying to avoid him.
  • Edie did not die. She survived and replaced Renee in Desperate Housewives.
  • Renee just existed as a minor character for one episode,and Edie took Renee's role.
  • Street didn't get damage because of a tornado,but Nermin (Bree)'s house got fire damage because Sylvia locked herself in Nermin's kitchen.She turned the gas valve on of the cooker and lighted a match.As another detail,Sylvia did not die,she survived but she never appeared in the series again.




Detective taking photos of Susan (Yasemin) and Karl (Kenan) while they were having a little argument.


Yasemin's House Is On Fire

Susan (Yasemin)'s house is on fire and she is shouting for help.





Remains of Susan (Yasemin)'s house after fire.



Edie and Susan confronted each other for first time after fire,Edie confessed Susan that she set her house on fire.



Edie and Susan fall in a decortaive pool while Edie was trying to take the recorder from Susan by force.


Elif (Lynette) is yelling at Nazan (Carolyn) after Nora's death during the 'Supermarket Raid'(3x07 DH,44th episode UEK)



Yavuz (Dave) starts the fire in the bar.