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An uncredited animal is a non-human performer who is shown in episodes of Desperate Housewives, typically as named pets owned by the series' human characters.

Uncredited animals are, therefore, not really "actors", and because animals never really played a vital part in the series, they're not credited. For most of those animals, their real names have never even been leaked in any sort of information related to the show.

The following characters have been portrayed by uncredited animals:

Character Description
Bongo Arguably the most notable pet of the series, Bongo the German Shepherd belonged to Mike Delfino when he first moved onto the lane, and initially became a foible in his relationship with neighbor Susan Mayer. Bongo's portrayer is, as of yet, unidentified, and the character disappeared with no explanation following season 2.
Mr. Whiskers Alberta Fromme's cat, who was left to be taken care of by Susan when Mrs. Fromme went on a vacation. The cat almost ran off following a breaking-and-entering crime taking place in his owner's house.
Baxter Ida Greenberg's cat, the first to be shown, who was almost hit by a newspaper by paper boy Danny Farrell. Baxter was also found and neutered by Karen McCluskey after he went amiss, and his disappearance from the series has also never been explained.
Scavo dog An unnamed dog purchased by Lynette Scavo to distract her son from asking questions of a sexual nature. The dog was given away because little Penny Scavo was allergic to its fur.
Toby Ida Greenberg's British Shorthair cat, who was her "family", and who was taken in by Mrs. McCluskey following Ida's demise during the tornado.
Roxy Portrayed by Roxy the Dog, Roxy was Carlos Solis' seeing-eye dog, who had a complicated relationship with his wife, as it would get on Roxy's nerves when she yelled at Carlos. Nonetheless, she tried to protect Gaby from the greedy Ellie Leonard.