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Who are these women staring at us?

The unkempt man, shown in the episode "Is This What You Call Love?", is a skeezy-looking unnamed men who served as one of promiscuous Bree Van de Kamp's many sexual partners.


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The girls all notice Bree making out with an unfamiliar man.

Lynette Scavo, Gabrielle Solis and Susan Delfino are sitting on the former's front porch, discussing her love life, when they see Bree making out with an unfamiliar man (the unkempt man). They are all shocked to see her with another man, and Lynette wonders what happened with the blond guy from the week before. Susan tells them the guy she saw had dark hair and a sports car, and Gaby adds that the guy she saw drove a motorcycle. Bree then walks the man to his truck, and Susan asks her friends if they should be worried about her. Lynette tells then Bree's not their problem anymore, not after the way she treated them. Across the street, Bree and the man kiss goodbye, and he then notices the women staring at them from the other side of the road and asks who they are. Bree coldly says, "Nobody I know".