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The following are my favorite "starring" and "also starring" characters of the show (five recurring characters who were pretty much regulars also included), from best loved to, of course, least favorite. I'd like to point out, however, that all of these characters are dear to me. And whereas Susan has always been my favorite, the following three ladies have been ordered alphabetically because I love them equally, and the first three gentlemen have the same arrangement for the same reason.

Susan Delfino
Bree Van de Kamp
Edie Britt
Carlos Solis
Mike Delfino
Tom Scavo
Julie Mayer
Karen McCluskey
Betty Applewhite
Paul Young
Andrew Van de Kamp
Renee Perry
Kayla Scavo
Zach Young
Orson Hodge
Dylan Mayfair
Rex Van de Kamp
Penny Scavo
Ana Solis
Parker Scavo
Karl Mayer
Porter Scavo
Angie Bolen
Lee McDermott
Ian Hainsworth
John Rowland
Danny Bolen
Celia Solis
Dave Williams
MJ Delfino
Chuck Vance
George Williams
Bob Hunter
Austin McCann
Nick Bolen
Caleb Applewhite
Keith Watson
Ben Faulkner
Paige Scavo


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  2. Season 8
  3. Season 3
  4. Season 7
  5. Season 2
  6. Season 4
  7. Season 5
  8. Season 6

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