I go on one gay cruise and come home to find you engaged to a politician.

Vern is portrayed by Alec Mapa. Vern was Gabrielle Solis' personal shopper and gay friend during seasons two and three.


Season 2

Okay, you totally deserve to wear Dolce & Gabbana.

Vern finds Gabrielle Solis a blue dress for when her model friends come to visit her. Vern warns Gaby that the dress might be to tight due to her third month in pregnancy and a bump is forming. Gaby doesn't listen to Vern and she gets the dress anyways. ("Color and Light")

Season 3

Vern quits working for Gaby to host Beauty Peagants for young girls. Since Gaby's divorce to Carlos Solis is finalized, Vern convinces Gaby to work with him to help the girls. Gaby gives the girls bad tips by mistake and all the mothers shun her. Vern fires Gaby but she convinces him and the girls' mothers to give her another chance. ("Beautiful Girls")

Gabrielle convinces Vern to take a girl named Amy Pearce out of the pageant because Gabrielle doesn't think she has the gravitas to pull it off. Vern doesn't want to because her mother died a year ago and she suffered enough already, but eventually sees Gabrielle's point. They meet with Amy's father, Bill, to tell him they're taking Amy off. Gaby then tells Bill that Vern was the one who wanted Amy to be taken out and they end up keeping Amy. ("The Miracle Song")

A girl in Gaby and Vern's team in the Paegant named Cherry wins. Vern and Gaby are really happy but Gaby is not as thrilled when she finds out her admirer, Zach Young bribed the judges. ("Come Play Wiz Me")

After not appearing in several episodes, Vern comes back from a gay cruise and finds out Gaby is engaged to a politician named Victor Lang. When Gaby gets a parking ticket, Vern watches as Gaby gets in a fight with the officer. The following day, Gaby and Vern return and confront the officer since Gaby is engaged to the mayor. Vern witnesses as Gaby is taken down by the cops and arrested. ("Into the Woods")


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