Wiksteria Lane

Victor is a man who "helps" Martha Huber's lawn to surpass Bree Van de Kamp's lawn.


Victor is jogging and another man approaches him and passes him by because he is faster. Victor starts running faster hopping that he will him by. He arrives in Wisteria Lane. Victor approaches Martha and she asks him how he is today. He can't breathe and she asks him if he would like a slurp from her hose and he nods. She goes to bring him over the hose but he collapses. She tells him that she will call the ambulance right away. She puts Victor in a sidecar and brings him over to the Bree's lawn and throws him out on Bree's flowers. She hides the sidecar and then starts screaming for help. Bree comes out of the house and Martha tells her that Victor collapsed on her hydrangeas and tells her to call 911. Ambulance comes and picks Victor up but they completely devastate her lawn and flowers are ruined and grass destroyed. Bree looks upon all that in horror. ("Anything You Can Do")


  • It is unknown whether Victor lives in Wisteria Lane, or another residence.